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Immaculate Corruption 1

Mary hastily packed her things and set out for the town where Elizabeth was. It was a week journey and she needed to see her cousin as soon as possible to tell her the good news that Gabriel had just delivered to her. Unbeknownst to Mary however, was that she was not alone that night, for the Devil himself has ears all over Nazareth. Sliding around on his belly the serpent had heard the whole conversation and Lucifer knew he had to do something about this so called “Messiah”.

Sitting on his throne in Hell, that was his domain, he started pondering on ways to do this. He knew straight up death was not an option as God would surely have his angels watching over her all the time who would sweep in at a moments notice to handle any terrible situations. There had to be another way and then he remembered so long ago how he was able to corrupt Eve, the first woman, right underneath the nose of God. Surely he could do the same to Mary, gradually little by little. While the end game was known, the death of the Messiah, he wondered whether that was necessary. Demon seed is very potent and if he could catch Mary before the baby was too far along and fill her than perhaps the corruption would work and thus would actually be born, the Antichrist.

“BELIAL!” “MEPHISTOPH!” Roared the Demon King impatiently wondering where his two most trusted lieutenants were.

“Yes my lord,” spoke Belial who had just entered the throne room. “What is it that I can do to serve you?”

“Where is Mephistoph, we have much work to do and not a lot of time to do it in.”

“Here my lord, I apologize for the tardiness I was enjoying punishing some poor souls,” spoke Mephistoph.

Both he and Belial were arch-demons, there at the time of Lucifer’s falling from grace and the two men trusted above all else.

“I have just received word of our “Father,” placing a child in the bosom of a woman from Nazareth. “Something must be done.” Hissed Lucifer.

“My Lord, how is it possible for us to do anything as long as she is under his protection. Surely you don’t mean for us to go to war against the angels?”

Belial was visibly taken aback at just the sheer notion of it. Make no mistake, it was not cowardice that struck him, just the thought of it being the dumbest thing they would have ever tried to accomplish.

“No I’m thinking of more devious methods. As long as she remains pure there is nothing we can do. However, what if that purity was to fade and she was to fall from favor with God? Than surely we would have no problems correct?”

They both nodded in agreement and so the three of them sat around the throne room devising ways in which they could corrupt the incorruptible.

Mary’s cousin Elizabeth, 6 months pregnant in her own right, had been told by an angel about her cousins conception and as such decided to get her house in order for when she would visit. Working out back to clear the weeds from the yard was taking a toll on her body and was not as easy as she remembered it to be. Bowing her head Elizabeth gave a quick prayer

“Lord, give me the strength to make this home suitable for the mother of your son.”

She felt a renewed vigor as the child in her womb seemed to jump at the idea of being visited by the Son of Man.

“Elizabeth, what on earth are you doing out here working in this heat while with child?”

Elizabeth turned her head to see the face of Sarah, one of the neighbor girls.

“Surely your husband can handle this, you need to get off your feet.”

“Zechariah is laying in bed, not being able to speak has hurt his preaching ability and he feels laying around may fix the problem.” Replied Elizabeth not realizing that she was starting to harbor ill feelings toward her husband in that moment.

“My, my such a devoted wife to that man.” Sarah remarked, which took Elizabeth back never before hearing that tone from this young lady before. “Come inside and let me help you rest your muscles a bit, all this housework surely cannot be good for you.”

Had Elizabeth not known this girl the request would seem odd, but Sarah was known for being a very thoughtful person as well as having a good use for her hands.

As they stepped inside the house Sarah directed Elizabeth to have a seat and she herself knelt beside her. Taking her feet she began to knead small circles around the heel which instantly relaxed Elizabeth and made her forget for a moment about the housework that needed to be done. Slowly Sarah began moving up the foot, to the toes, than the ankle, and finally started massaging the calf. Elizabeth was becoming more and more relaxed from this while simultaneously wondering what was going on. She had never been like this in her entire life, why now? What would possess her to feel this good.

As if sensing her uneasy feelings Sarah stopped with the massage and stood to face the back of Elizabeth. It was there that her hands next found there target on the shoulders at which point Elizabeth was once again on cloud nine.

“You are so tense Elizabeth, its a wonder you are able to work at all with these feelings. Surely priestly duties could not be so hard that he would not help with the housework?”

Elizabeth, still in a state of relaxation from the massage only nodded but in her heart the first stain appeared, giving her the uneasy feeling that Sarah was right, and that Zechariah was just being lazy instead of a good husband.

As Sarah finished with the massage she kissed Elizabeth on the forehead and softly whispered, “Same time tomorrow?” To which the first cousin of Mary could only nod in agreement.

As Sarah exited the building she looked back at Elizabeth with a wry smile and something burned in her eyes that frightened the pregnant lady and froze her in her tracks. The normal brown eyes seemed to be on fire and there was something enchanting about them as well. As she shook the thoughts out of her head she felt the baby kick again as if it too sensed something was not right about this situation.

Mary had been on the road for 3 days so far with her betrothed Joseph and they were making good time. As they were walking down the road they came upon another traveler and bid him good day. He was a taller gentleman with a lean build and nice chiseled features, all of which did nothing for Mary. She had been told by the angel that she needed to remain pure for the Son of Man and that as long as she maintained that purity no harm would come to her.

“Good day my fellow travelers.” Greeted the man as he saw them, “My name is Aaron and I am headed on my way to Jerusalem, where are you two headed?”

“Greetings Aaron I am Joseph and this is my betrothed Mary and we are also heading to Jerusalem.”

“What a great fortune this is, surely it will be more enjoyable for us to travel together. I have the money for the finest inns along the way, perks of my trading business. How does that sound to you too?”

Mary and Joseph looked at each other and agreed that it would be not only more enjoyable with another person but also safer.

“I agree Aaron that is a wonderful idea.”

They walked on for a few more hours until the sun started to set and they saw an inn in the clearing.

“Come, let us rest for the night so that we may start off early the next day.”

All agreed and they decided to rest for the night. After Aaron paid the innkeeper for the two rooms they picked up their belongings and headed off. As they reached Mary and Josephs room Aaron shook Joseph’s hand and wished him a good night. He then took Mary’s hand in a gentler fashion and looked into her eyes for a brief second, during which Mary could swear that she saw what looked to be eyes of fire. That was more than enough to get her to scurry into the room leaving Joseph with a bewildered look on his face at her actions.

“Mary, what are you doing that is no way to treat the man that paid for this lodging.” Questioned Joseph, who was more than upset that he had to make this trip in the first place.

“Joseph his eyes, did they not look like fire to you?”

“FIRE? That seems a little impossible Mary.”

This took Mary back a bit for she had never heard Joseph talk to her like this before. Surely the angel would explain to Joseph just as he did to Mary why she was with child when she herself was still a virgin. As Mary pondered on these thoughts she decided to take a bath, but even then was still perplexed by the fiery eyes of their companion.

The day before Mary was to visit Elizabeth was still trying to make the home look livable again. She had been enjoying her massages from Sarah although she felt like they were getting a little out of hand. It appeared that they always start innocent enough but seem to get a little more daring every day. The first day with was the calf, than it slowly became the thigh, and just yesterday it was even higher! Not only that, but the shoulder massages kept drifting lower and lower as well. The thing that scared Elizabeth was not that she was getting massaged by a woman, but that she herself was doing nothing to prevent the lewder acts from happening. In fact she was almost encouraging them to an extent.

When Elizabeth saw Sarah walking towards the door, she got a little red in the cheek. The baby inside of her, she was convinced, was aware of what was going on and would kick incessantly whenever Sarah was around. The feeling of the massages however was so good that they would always trump the warning from the baby.

“Hi Elizabeth, are you ready for another foot massage?” Sarah asked with the gleam in her eye from whatever mischievous thing she was planning.

“Oh, Sarah these massages have done wonders for my tension however, I fear they are getting a little out of hand.”

“Remember Elizabeth, you may stop me at anytime.”

With that Elizabeth settled back into her chair and awaited the tender touch of Sarah’s hands.

Sarah worked her way around Elizabeth’s foot again and slowly made her way up the calf, to the thigh. The breathing of Elizabeth had become quickened and Sarah knew there was not much more resistance in her. The cousin of Mary would soon fall and would be a great ally in the corruption of the incorruptible. Sarah’s hands traced up Elizabeth’s thigh slowly kneading away the little knots of pain. Ever creeping the hands continued to move up, all the while the breath of Elizabeth increasing. As her hands reached Elizabeth’s hips they slowing moved over her pregnant belly until Sarah let her hand drop and brush over the vaginal area of Elizabeth which caused the older lady’s eyes to pop open for a moment and try and distinguish what just happened.

Sarah got up once again to face the back of Elizabeth and knew the moment was right. Elizabeth closed her eyes once again as Sarah’s hands gently kneaded the knots away and moved down her arms. Sarah’s head got close to the neck and breathed warmly which in turn almost made Elizabeth melt. Elizabeth was entranced in what seemed like a dream but almost to real. She was imagining all the things Sarah would do to her even though she knew the thoughts were wrong she didn’t seem to care. Zechariah would never treat her like this, so caring and loving.

Sarah’s hands must have instinctively heard the conversation in Elizabeth’s mind cause the immediately moved for the breasts of the older lady. Moving them around Sarah slowly began to kiss the neck of Elizabeth which caused the cousin of Mary to lean her head back more, as if to welcome the kisses. The hands moved underneath the clothes and began to pull at the nipples, feeling them stiffen with every tug. Sarah deftly moved one hand lower while keeping the nipple play with the other one. The loose hand came to rest just above the clit of Elizabeth who at this point had not a care in the world.

“Tell me Elizabeth, does Zechariah make you feel this good?”

“MMMMMM No, I’ve never felt like this.”

“Pity, as beautiful as your body is it should be caressed more often.”

Before Elizabeth could respond Sarah’s tongue had made its way into her open mouth and the sensation was mind blowing. Elizabeth opened her eyes to see the woman that made her forget all about whatever it was she was trying to care about. As Sarah’s handed started to rub Elizabeth’s clit, the charade was starting to show through. The feet of the instigator had become hoof like while a tail had started to sprout from the backside. Elizabeth came instantly from the clitoral stimulation. Something she had not experienced ever, not even from her so called “husband”. This wetness made Sarah’s hand which resembled something far more rough and male like to enter with one finger for now as to not arise too much suspicion.

Elizabeth, lost in a euphoric bliss now, started tugging at her own clothes with her free hand until she felt it. The once smooth hand of Sarah that was caressing her breast now had a more rough man like feel. Opening her eyes she was shocked to see that the face looking back at her was no longer a youthful woman, but instead the fiery eyes of a demon. At once the kicking from the baby was brought back into focus and Elizabeth realized the folly that her life choices were starting to look like.

“Why Elizabeth?” Hissed Belial, “Why did you break the kiss?”


Belial had started to furiously fuck the cunt and clit of Elizabeth with his hand and her impending orgasm was ruining any chance she had to sound righteous and pure. Grabbing her hand he moved it to his cock which was now standing at a full twelve inches. Elizabeth tried to move away but something was keeping her hand firmly place on his cock. Something was controlling her, she thought, there is no way she would be willingly stroking this demons cock. As Elizabeth felt another orgasm preparing to rip through her she looked down and was instantly filled with despair. It turns out the demon had stopped finger fucking her a while ago and had instead replaced it with her hand which has moving in and out. This one, unlike the cock hand, Elizabeth knew she had been doing she was just trying to shut the event out of her mind.


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