Surrender. Worship. Obey. by Evilgodfucker1 – Non-Fiction

Writer: Evilgodfucker1

Subject: Surrender. Worship. Obey.

Link: Tumblr / 26.11.2022

Surrender. Worship. Obey.

Let the dark master claim you. Let the beast transform you. Let depravity rule you. Let  lust guide you.  — Darksoul 1895 

I have done all of these things and Satan has rewarded me greatly. I am now His demon on this earth who collects Souls and guides other to become totally one with Him. I am a total pervert and am filled with lust and I let it lead me to sin, pleasure and evil. Whatever Satan tells me to do, I will do it without question — Are you ready to surrender, obey and allow the Beast to transform you? Will you let lust and depravity rule and guide you?  If you can answer, “Yes,”  to all of these then contact me at  Hail Satan!

9 thoughts on “Surrender. Worship. Obey. by Evilgodfucker1 – Non-Fiction”

    1. Yes, sadly, disabled.

      Probably struggling with back & forth decision on a full commitment to Satan. It can be very difficult; because of things we have been taught/exposed to; prior to wanting to commit to Satan.
      I have fallen DEEP in love with Him; &, that has SEALED the commitment of my body, heart & soul to Him; because my love for Satan is VERY REAL; &, it is FOREVER!


  1. I HAVE COMPLETELY surrendered to HIM. I am HIS possession. I worship & obey HIM; DIRECTLY, not vicariously. I enjoy a PERSONAL relationship with Him. I am HIS SLUT. I bow & worship Satan, ONLY! I will follow NO ONE ELSE. Others have attempted, to dominate. me, by USING Satan; in order for me to fulfill THEIR fantasies. I am not weak minded. I submit to Satan, ONLY. I obey Him, DIRECTLY. There are no “go betweens”: I am a very PRIVILEGED SLUT!


  2. Oh FUCK! I want that fucking sexy sexy snake DEEP in my fucking hungry ass: uhmmmmm Fuck YES!


    1. Jim, I tried to email him but keep getting bounceback
      Do you know if his email has changed?

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