Hail The True God – Non-Fiction

Writer: Beast-666-Blogs

Subject: Hail The True God

Link: Tumblr / 02.11.2022

Hail The True God

Within this flame I call on Lucifer. Within the light of this flame, I call the light bearer. Within this flame, I call the Morningstar. Within the blackness of night, I call the illumination of this darkness. Within my heart, a black flames resides where in I call the sacred name of Lucifer. Within my mind, I visualise the manifestation of the king . Within this flame, I visualise the flames of hell. Hail the true God and father Lucifer.

4 thoughts on “Hail The True God – Non-Fiction”

  1. It’s such an amazing feeling; being DEEPLY in love with Satan; knowing that my FOREVER is being WITH HIM, as His personal super sexy SLUT; &, worshipping Him, non-stop: Fuck YES!!!

    I love You Satan! My soul, my body & my heart are YOUR POSSESSIONS, FOREVER!!!


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