The story of Herodias and John Baptist by DominusAquensis – Non-Fiction

Writer: DominusAquensis

Subject: The story of Herodias and John Baptist

Link: Email LS666 / 02.12.2022

Author Notes: Praise Mother Lilith, for she gives power to her daughters over life and death! Hail Lilith! Hail Queen Of Harlots! Hail The Great Whore Of Babylon!

The story of Herodias and John Baptist

Let us meditate about how much the picture of Herodias with the head of John Baptist on the silver platter explains to us about this daughter of Lilith!

John Baptist was imprisoned by Herodes Antipas because he criticized the double adultery Antipas committed by marrying his sister-in-law Herodias:

She was first married to her uncle Herodes Boethos, who fathered their daughter Salome with her. She will play a decisive role later. Since Herodias husband (Herod without land) had not been considered in the inheritance of his father, King Herod named The Great, it is generally assumed that the ambitious woman left him in order to pursue a relationship with his half-brother Antipas. In order to make the marriage with Herodias possible, the latter disowned his wife, who was a daughter of the Nabataean king Aretas (however this should have far-reaching consequences for Antipas some time later).

Because Antipas feared, that John’s criticism would incite the people against him, he had him imprisoned.

According to legend, Herodias now was a lustful, lascivious and luscious wife, a real daughter of The Queen Of Harlots, fascinated and aroused by the wild and animal-like ascetic who so fearlessly and disrespectfully faced her powerful husband, first of the king’s heirs.

So she went into the prison to see him.

When she recognized that the ascetic, steeled by his lifestyle, was still a potent, strong giant, even in the dirt of the prison and without clothes, she got horny and wet between her thighs and wished that this beast would mount her immediately and fuck her until she would loose consciousness.

So she promised him rich robes, gold and jewels, even a place as a counselor at her husband’s right hand, if only he would right away satisfy her horny whore-cunt and thought by herself that this would make him accepting her relationship with Antipas.

But instead she only heard a harsh, “Begone whore,” and immediately she left the prison, raging, filled with anger and fury that her unsatisfied lust was spurned. Furious at the rejection, insulted at not getting her way, she decided to have him killed to restore her hurt sense of honor.

But as much as she begged her husband to kill the Baptist, whatever reason she put forward, even the lie that he had tried to rape her in prison (a story she knew from Gen. 39:7-18 and she hoped Antipas would get angry about it like Potiphar), all this was to no avail, because he did not dare to kill John for fear of a revolt of the people, since even many of his soldiers were followers of this prophet.

But one day it happened that her daughter Salome danced before her stepfather and his guests and all of them got aroused by the way the young girl danced before them. So the King summoned her and granted her a wish, no matter what it would be, up to the halfth of his kingdom, should be hers if she wanted. So he swore to God in front of all the guests.

Though the young girl didn’t know what to wish and so she went and asked her mother about what to do.
Now the hour of revenge had come for Herodias.

“You shall not ask for anything other than that the head of John the Baptist be served to you on a silver platter!”

And speaking these words her cunt began to tickle and her juices started to flow like a torrent! Thus Salome spoke to her stepfather and because of his oath and the present guests, he finally had no other chance than to grant the wish to her and there is rumor, as Salome reached her mother the platter, Herodias climaxed and spread her juices all over the head. Then she rubbed his face between her thighs and after she emptied her bladder, she uttered a devilish laughter, took the head by the ears and kissed his almost cold lips.


  1. Although, or maybe because John would have been beheaded either way, he should have never refused to fuck Herodias, on behalf the chance that Antipas probably would have agreed to take Salome instead if he found out (her mother surely would have offered her daughter to her husband to save her head);
  2. Salome must have been very young considering the youth of her mother. So as her dancing aroused her spectators so much, she must have been a lustful, lascivious and luscious girl too, a whore like her mother despite of her age;
  3. Never quarrel with a daughter of Lilith, when you can’t be sure to loose your head in the struggle.

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