Satanic Energy by Ray – Non-Fiction

Writer: Ray / Wickr — satanfucksmommy

Subject: Satanic Energy

Link: LS666 / Comments / 28.02.2023 / Now by JoeToad

Satanic Energy

You need to among other sexual perverted deviates to fulfill your dark journey into the bowls of hell where all the true filth and perversion and unholy pleasures reside. You can change what or how you are deep inside, if you get off on pleasures of the skin; and not only the skin the mind — my sick perverted urges take over I become evil, unholy in every way — you must except your demon and have it tell you what to do.

Your satanic energy will be felt by others; that already have filth in there minds, perversion, wickedness, unholy depravity in their souls they will come to you to feed, on the sexual depraved energy you give off. Then there will be others, that sense a dark presence in you, that can’t quite put there finger on it, but it will bring the darkness out in them, when they are around you.

Then there the hard core Christians — like stone nothing affects them — nothing tempts them, nothing sexual perverts them. I stay away from them, because they are to hard to break the layers down, to get to their darkness inside.

I go after the ones, that are fragile inside, but have thin exterior. Once you show them friendship, they drop the fake exterior, and they’re prime pickings for lust and sexual pleasure. They hook fairly easy. They stay sexual devoted to you forever. They will help you find others to satisfy your sick mind and soul. They understand that your demonic 666 that needs fresh meat to feast on all the time.

Go forth and find other women that will be your sexual concubines. Take plenty of sexual depraved pictures of them for black mail, so they would ever decide one day to turn on you, I have photos of lots of my old past male and female sluts — letting a dog lick their cocks or twats — I show them the wicked photos and never tell them, if they try to go against me I’ll use them, they can figure it out for themselves.

Remember you’re a demon that walks this earth. It is your duty is to gather as many sick, weak souls, as you can for Lord Satan.

31 thoughts on “Satanic Energy by Ray – Non-Fiction”

        1. Hail Toni … I have missed our long conversations over MEWE … I hope you are well and thriving … love XP

          1. Yes I’m still a perverted bitch for our lord . Hail Satan

    1. Toni my perversions know no bounds I was born of a mother who likes to see me abused by her sexual perverted Satan friends they forced me to worship Satan and do sick unholy acts to feed there pleasures and I soon became there sex toy both they all loved my holes and my little cocklett

      I learned at a young age that perverted adult’s need little boys like me to get off on and abuse and I found I also loved to be abused in return Satan gave me the body perverts lusted for long blonde hair with curls blue eyes and soft skin and nice wet 👄👄👄👄👄 lips for pleasure

      I thank Satan and Lilith for all my perversions like
      sexual exhibitionism (exposure of genitals to strangers),
      voyeurism (observing private activities of unaware victims), and frotteurism touching others without consent
      Transvestism little boys dressing as little girls wearing pretty dresses with no pantys so when I bend over you can see my soft ass pussy and my little cocklett

      And of course the wicked taste of precum from hard cocks and licking the clit hole of needy older women
      That love looking down the body seeing a little Satan boy feasting on there holes toni

  1. This is fiction only or is it?

    I was at the park the other day in my van just hanging out watching the play area as I pulled in it’s a great spot to watch children playing on the swing and merry go round and the sand box my windows are tinted so I can watch them and stroke my unholy cock hoping to catch a little glimpse of some pantys or just Lucky bald tight pussy

    There was only one little girl playing on the swing about 4yo or 5 little pink dress swing back and forth facing my van, perfect place to see as she swings forward her little pink dress blows up and her sweet bald slit in full view her legs and tight together but you and see it as she rocks back and forth yummmmm my pedo cock is out and I’m pouring cock lube on it as I watch this sexual prize 🏆🏆🏆

    As I stroke watching wanting to see more of her I wonder if anyone else was around watching her and I didn’t see anyone not even her parents which I thought was odd hmmm I was thinking this must be a police setup so I stopped pleasuring my unholy cock and went to leave them I saw her mommy walking out of the bathroom heading towards her little daughter mommy was very young nice tight body no tits pink dress kind of like her daughters she get over to her daughter and I see walking out of the bathroom a big buck nigger must have in his 60s cummmming out and head the other way in the park, mommy was on the park bench her little daughter was still swinging and mommy was talking to someone on her phone, so I just stayed there with my fucking hard cock out stroking thinking about mommy in the bathroom sucking and fuck the nigger and how much mommy must love being used by the old black bull as she talked on the phone see had her hand between her legs rubbing her wet filthy box and she hangs up and I see another black bull walking this way this time she takes her daughter with her into the bathroom and buck follows her in there , there in there for a long time my mind is wondering if the little girl is just a look out for mommy or is she being used by mommy and the buck cocked nigger hmmm I wish I could watch them or hear them shit this sucks I want to see mommy servicing the buck and the little girl with her mouth 👄👄👄👄 on mommy’s nipples sucking as the nigger breeds mommy long and dripping hard, hail Satan as I drop cummm all over my van seat waiting for them to cummm out hoping mommy just getting warmed up and her daughter is the special prize yummies

    1. Toni, I’m Jon, male , christian, 50’s. I have been called sexually by Lord Satan for sometime now and am ready to surrender to His will for me. Please help me and guide me to come under His will that I may become a blasphemy for Him to use. my e-mail is Please be intouch with me.


  2. They were in there for about an hour I’d bet first the buck came out slowly looking around then took off out of the park the same way he came in a couple minutes later mommy and daughter came out they walked back over to the park bench and she was on her phone and the sexy little girl was walking towards the swing I just couldn’t stop watching her thinking how fucking 🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥 she is and wondering what her mommy made her do in the bathroom with the hung black nigger and at what age did her mommy decide to teach her how to pleasure mommy and other men mmmmm I was hoping at toddler mommy opening her little legs and taking her slithering tongue and opening the tight folds and licking the little child clit mmmmm then lifting her slightly up to tongue fuck her tight sweet ass pussy mmmmm mommy knows best especially mommy who fucks wicked nigger cocks

    Anyway I was stoking watching the little slut swinging wanting to grab her and see just what she has learned from mommy I wondered how tight see is after the buck played with her mmmmm, a car pulled up next toy van and a young girl got out and the little child slut ran over to her saying mommy I missed you, mommy picked her up and kissed her and held her and walked over to the other girl who I thought was mommy wow, so who is this girl her sister a friend? Who is it shit

    The real mommy sat on bench with this girl and talked for a while and I with I could hear them but they were to far away for me to listen the little slut ran back to the swing while they say there talking a older black buck came into view walking his huge dog walking towards the two girls he sat down next to them and they must have known him the two girls were petting the big dog one reached under his stomach the real Mommy I guess and started stroking where his cock is the other girl was kissing the black man and had her hand in his lap rubbing his big nigger cock while mommy was milking the dog’s cock nice and hard mommy got that dog cock so thick it look like a red rocket with all the veins on it you could see Mommy must have been used to doing that she got him really good and hard and the three of them got up leaving the little girl outside the little slut and the three of them went into the bathroom while the little girl sat outside and played on the swing hail Satan hail Lilith you know that Mommy must have went in there and enjoyed herself fucking that dog cock letting that dog breed her pussy and breed her mouth while the other little slut enjoyed fucking the black nigger hail Satan hail Lilith usually they’re in there for quite a while I got out of the van and I walked over to the little girl but I was careful looking around so nobody was there before I got out of the van I looked real good and I walked over to the little girl and started talking to her and asking her who those people were and she told me that what that one of them was a mommy and the other one is her babysitter and I asked the little girl if they come here all the time and she said yes she told me that she likes coming to the park and meeting all the people that her babysitter knows I asked her if she likes playing with the black men and she said yes I asked her if they like playing with her and she said yes I asked her where her Daddy was and she said she doesn’t have one I asked her if she’d like to come sit in my van with me for just a little bit she thought about it I said I have some candy if you’d like some? She said only for a little while then I have to get back I’m waiting for my mommy and the babysitter so I walked her over to the van we climbed in and that’s when I pulled my cock out I have an old dirty mattress in the back I laid her down pulled up her little dress and tongue fucked her little cunt I turned her over and tongue fucked her little ass pussy I sucked on her little nipples I took my cock and ran it up and down her little cunt I jacked off on her ass and shot cum all over her what a horny fucking little slut I put my cock in her mouth she grabbed it with both hands and put it in her mouth 👄👄👄👄👄 she knew exactly how to suck cock put one hand on the bottom of my balls the other one on the cock and opening her little mouth put her lips around the head stroking the cock up and down while licking all the cream off I couldn’t help but blow another load in her mouth and she never took her mouth away she just sucked it all down I couldn’t wait to finger fuck this little slut I laid her back down took my finger and slid it up her fucking little hole hail Satan hail Lilith what a fucking hot little piece of pussy no wonder those niggers like playing with her we must have been in the van for a half an hour I got my cock head inside of her little fucking hole and pumped another load in her you could see her pussy had already been opened up earlier must have been from the nigger his big fat purple nigger head cock must have stretched her little pussy lips out I wonder how far he went into her I wonder how far he pounded that little twat she’s a hot little fuck I asked her where she lived she told me so this way I can go to her house and pick her up anytime I want to and pound that little tight pussy my cock loves this little bitch it loves shooting cum all over her and loves being in her mouth I’d like to stick it in her ass pussy I bet she’d love it I bet she’d look so hot as I pounded her little ass with my fucking pervert cock

    We finished playing I could tell I got her off a couple times this little bitch knows how to fuck and she knows how to cum hail Satan hail Lilith I can’t wait to fuck her again she went back over to the swings you could tell she had come dripping down her legs I waited and mommy and her friend the babysitter came out of the bathroom with the nigger and the big dog following them the nigger took off with the dog and Mommy the little slut and the babysitter all climbed in her car and took off I can’t wait till I get to see them again hail Satan hail Lilith hail perversion hail wickedness hail unholyness

    1. Thank you Toni I’m glad you and others worship the dark master god Satan and you get unholy pleasure from reading my sick perversions, there are millions of us out there hiding in plain sight that look normal but like me down deep in that sick unholy spot in your mind and soul sexual enjoys hearing about children little girls and boys who have satanic blood in them like me like my mommy my babysitter did and her husband who love to finger fuck my little boy pussy and suck me hard making my little cocklett stick out stiff I’d stand on his lap he’d turn me around and tongue fuck my pussy he would be naked his huge fucking cock had sweet cream dripping 💦💦💦 out of the serpent slit id get to lick and suck and stroke and lick and suck holding both of his balls full of prick milk for me to drink if I was a good little boy feasting on the thickness the veined beast hoping he would let me drink from the serpent’s slit swallowing all the adult sperm and if he stayed fucking hard put the head of the serpent in my pussy and pump pump pump my tight little boi cunt listening to him grunt holding my hips calling me a wicked unholy sinner of Satan a little cock sucking whore I could feel it getting bigger stretching my pussy open wider him smacking my back as he grunted more then holding me tight as his piston pumped up my pussy really deep and it hurt all that cock in my little pussy all the time his wife sitting on the couch watching with my mommy finger 🤘🤘🤘 fucking each other sucking there thick hard mommy nipples chanting to Satan telling him to cummmmm fucking hard up my cunt mmmmm I miss those days Toni, I know other girls and boys are enjoying what happened to me all the time right now somewhere in the world this minute with there mommy and daddy and Satan showing them how to fuck and pleasure mommy and daddy with there naked hotttxxx sexy young body’s
      Hail Satan
      Hail Lilith
      Hail xp
      Hail toni

    2. Hail wet Toni a satanic fucking whore I bet a juicy wet fuck hole a perverted child of Satan Hail toni

  3. Fuck Ray, your perversions are my fantasies. I thank Satan for people like you who help us imagine these Satanic perversions. If only in real life Keep writing and inspiring us. Hail Satan

  4. Thanks Jim

    I dated this wicked woman who feed my perversions she’d spend the night with me have dinner watch some TV we’d go to bed and no big deal, but in the morning that’s when my perversions would start she’d make coffee for us and we’d get on the internet looking for satanic porn we had favorites we’d watch one with nun’s fucking there cunts with crucifixes or ones with nuns banging a dog cock or ones where nuns were both sucking on a priest’s cock we like nuns fucking and while we watched it she would be sitting in the chair and I had my hard cock out milking head of it she had big tits and hard nipples and I take my fucking cock while we both enjoyed watching nuns fuck and I stick my cock in her mouth and she grab it and suck on it and jerk on it and suck on it and slap it against her face while I squeezed her fucking nipples we do that in the morning for a couple hours she gets so fucking horny she’d get up I’d sit down and then she’d sit on my cock and we watch satanic porn then after I shot a load of come up inside of her fucking unholy fucking cunt she’d go over and sit on the couch spread her legs apart and let my dog lick all the cum out of her hole we do this every morning sometimes I’d stay at her house she lived with her brother he was way younger he was in his twenties when we stayed at her place we had the same ritual every morning I take my dog along she had a huge bedroom we do it in there her little brother caught us one day me feeding his sister cock he walked in on us saw my fucking cock pumping his sister’s mouth we didn’t even stop he just stood there and watched watch me face fuck his own sister while his sister had her legs spread apart and my dog was licking her filthy hole I had my hands behind her head forcing my cock deeper into her mouth down her throat while my balls slapped against her face and my dog giving her a fucking orgasm her little brother was sort of a sweet boy he had a nice little ass on him long hair he look like he might be gay or at least bisexual one morning his his sister my girlfriend had to go somewhere she was going to be gone for a couple hours we didn’t get to play and I was in her room I was watching porn jacking my fucking serpent cock off he came and knocked on the door I heard him knocking I told him to come on in he did I just kept stroking he could see I was watching satanic porn it was a picture of a nun fucking a crucifix pounding her wet juicy cunt with it he walked back out the door in about 10 minutes later he came in wearing his sister’s high heels nylons his little cock hanging out his long hair pulled back into a ponytail he looked really fucking sexy he had really soft sweet ass cheeks he came in walked over to the computer where I was watching filthy unholy porn and he asked if he could sit down I slid my chair back open my legs up and he sat between my legs watching porn with me while I squeeze his little nipples and reached around and grab his little cock and stroked it and stroked it and stroked it and started kissing him on the neck he had soft skin he tasted so good I could feel the precum oozing out of his cock I love the taste of it I took some and put it up to his lips he suck my fingers dry then I took some and sucked on it he kept pushing back with his little sweet soft baby like ass pussy against my fucking huge cock just like his sister loves to do I took some cock stroking oil rubbed it on the bottom of his little pussy put some more on my cock on my serpent and slit it right up his pussy he loved being fucked by a hard cock while I squeezed his little nipples and kissed him on the neck what a horny little fuck he looks so good and those nylons and those heels in this little chocolate bouncing up and down I love sucking on him once I got through fucking him I turned him around he stood up and I took that little chocolate cock sucked on it licked on it sucked on his balls turned him around I had him bend over the table with his legs spread apart and his little cock hanging down and I had my dog clean his little pussy out about that time his sister came home walked in saw him dressed up as a little bitch fagot boy slut with his sweet little pussy hanging open and my dog licking his fucking pussy out she came over to me opened her dress up so I could lick her wet hole while I was licking her cunt I could taste all that wicked juice dripping from her hole she took her hand and rubbed it up and down her little brother’s ass and slit a finger up his cunt my cock got hard again she wanted to watch me fuck her little boy brother she wanted to see my cock go in his pussy she got his little ass ready and he came back and sat on my lap sliding that fucking huge serpent up his pussy hail Satan hell Lilith hail all the whores in hell hail filth and perversions Hale young little boys with nice tight little soft wet pussies

    1. Mmmmm I’d love to be your little slave boy Toni open your legs and let me lick the unholy nectar dripping from your filthy hole let me lick like a dog beast at the wicked juice flowing out of the darkest of satanic perversions while I suck the hole I’ll finger your ass cunt Toni make mommy cummmmm hard on her little boy’s face mommy cummmmm fucking hard mommy grind that slut slit grab my skull and face fuck me mommy cummmmm fucking hard mommy grind fell my little finger 🤘🤘🤘🤘 bup mommy ass cunt mommy cummmmm hard mommy grind you whore cummmmm for Satan mommy cummmmm

  5. Ray I love how you were used like all young ones need to be.
    young ones are born to serve and please Satans greatest slaves.
    Hopefully you and those like us inspiring others will please put glorious master.

  6. I’d so love to lick up and down your unholy slit tongue fuck your ass pussy bring a little friend with me maybe about a six year old and both of us serve you all day long

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