Now by Joetoad – Non-Fiction

Writer: Joetoad

Subject: Now

Link: Tumblr / 17.01.2023


Once possessed, you will do as He commands. You will hear Him urging you to take it out and piss now. You will hear Him urging you to strip naked now. You will hear Him urging you to masturbate now. You will feel Him probing your asshole now. You will urge Him to fuck you now. And He will over and over again until you learn who you belong to now. He owns you now and forever. There is no going back. You will learn to obey, surrender and submit. You will abandon your old life for your new life now. You will feel the need to Blaspheme and desecrate that which forbids your freedom now. No more guilt. No more sin … only lust now. Isn’t that what you have always wanted? I think so! now you are owned … Hail Satan, your master for there is no escape …

13 thoughts on “Now by Joetoad – Non-Fiction”

  1. “No more guilt. No more sin … only lust now. Isn’t that what you have always wanted?”


    I’m fighting the darkness hard though. As a Christian and as a pastor, I am conditioned to resist evil.

    I know I shouldn’t lust, but I do. I know I shouldn’t masturbate, but I do. I know I shouldn’t want to commit adultery, but I do. I know I shouldn’t want forbidden fruit, but I do.

    I don’t think of it as possession, but sometimes I throw off all restraints and do blasphemous things. I feel guilty afterward, but I feel so free in the moment.

    It’s like a drug. I keep cumming back.

  2. Mmmmm I can see It must be funny to go back and forth as a sinner and a pastor seeing all those married women and you want to get them in your office mmmmm I’m sure they cummmm to you for marriage advice telling there pastor there deep dark sorted secrets mmmmm

    Listening to them complain about there husbands don’t pay attention to them anymore, just hearing that must raise Satan hail Lilith in your blood your cock must get hard as they tell there pastor that haven’t had sex in months asking the pastor what to do?

    Should I get divorced should I wait and see if he changes? Should I cheat what should I do pastor can you help please?

    Do you ask them if there doing other things to feed there craving?
    Do you ask them if there giving into sin by watching filthy unholy porn?
    If so you want them to show you right now on your computer in your office so you can see for yourself so you can help them stop lusting stop day dreaming stop looking at other men and women in a sexual pleasure way

    You tell the poor sexual depraved soul it’s ok your there to help her through this ordeal and you know it takes time to stop watching filthy unholy porn and want her to cummmm to your office each day so she must watch it with you and you can tell her how unholy acts like these are no good for you child you must repent as God’s forgiveness to get you back on the path to righteousness to be in the grace of God

    But pastor down deep in your filthy unholy perversions you so want to have her pull up her skirt open her tight legs while your watch filthy unholy porn and have her take one hand and bang her fucking bald wet twat and the other hand rap it around your stiff fucking hotttxxx meat and beat the cock as you both enjoy satanic porn jack the serpent head leaking sperm squeezing the nut sack then dropping to her knees and forces the serpent head down her throat you grabbing her fucking head with both hands and slamming her 👄👄👄👄 fucking hard saying hail Satan hail Lilith you are nowy personnel fuck slut my cummmm dumpster my sick little girl bitch my fucking toy I will share with other unmarried men and women in the church that also worship’s Satan and Lilith you will be our sacrifice for now and forever my fucking concubine open your mind to Satan and Lilith open you ass mouth twat to the dark master god Satan hail Satan hail Lilith your fucking husband will never know you serve the dark master god

    So tell me pastor does this go through your cock your deeply sick part of your mind pastor as you jack off your hard wet serpent head pastor, I bet seeing the young ones get you hard wondering what a tasty young bald cunt must look like with a little girl on your desk skirt pulled up flat little nipples her hair brush handle pumping her really tight slit pastor mmmmm

    Well pastor is it ?
    Wickr satanfucksmommy

  3. Ray, you’ve articulated so much of my dark heart. I’ve not acted on those desires, but they’re there. Oh god they’re there.

    I read everything you write here, and I’m fascinated by your freedom.

      1. Nice to have People on here that Loves Satan and all of His Demons and I would love to see and talk to each other on Wickr and I am A Christian and I would love to see People in Person Fucking in a Real life Santanc Black Mass and I would love to see it in my Eyes and Just Empty my Nuts in Every Little ones I Know that Black Mass Must be Real and I would love to see it in Person and my email is

  4. Mmmmm you need to among other sexual perverted deviates to full fill your dark journey into the bowls of hell where all the true Filth and perversion and unholy pleasures reside

    You can change what or how you are deep inside, if you get off on pleasures of the skin and not only the skin the the mind, my sick perverted urges take over I becummm evil unholy in everyway you must except your demon 👿👿👿👿 and have it tell you what to do, your satanic energy will be felt by others that already have filth in there minds perversion wickedness depravity unholy in there souls they will cummmm to you like children to feed on your sexual depraved energy you give off

    Then there be others that sense a dark presence in you that can’t quite put there finger on it but it will bring the darkness out in them when there around you

    Then there the hard core christian that is like stone nothing affects them nothing temp’s them nothing sexual perverts them, I stay away from them because there to hard to break the layers down to get to there darkness inside

    I go after the ones that are fragile inside but have thin exterior, once you show them friendship they drop the fake exterior and there prime pickings for lust and sexual pleasure they hook fairly easy they stay sexual devoted to you for ever they will help you find others to satisfy your sick mind and soul they understand that your a 👿👿👿👿 666 that needs fresh meat to feast on all the time

    Go forth and find one other woman that will be your sexual concubine take plenty of sexual depraved picture of her for black mail so she would ever decide one day to turn on you, I have pics of lots of my old past male female sluts letting a dog lick there cocks or twats I show them the wicked pics and never tell them if they try to go against me I’ll use them, they can figure it out

    Remember your a demon that walks this earth your duty is to gather as many sick weak souls as you can for Lord Satan
    Wickr satanfucksmommy

  5. Just take your time one soul at a time, there’s millions of them wanting to be owned by a master a slave they want to be want to have you tell them what to do, they need guidance from a pastor they would love to be given things to do for the church even naughty things to do, there must be one that would be a perverted soul you can trust that would be a slave for you that can help you around the church doing things help you find other weak souls you can own, she could clean up around there after you jack off cummmm all over the floor, she could get down and clean the floor with her tongue tasting and loving the juice of Satan have her bend over the desk so you can tongue 😛😛😛😛 fuck her ass pussy and wet virgin cunt pastor someone to stay late and fuck your perverted filthy serpent head mmmmmm and she can dress like a nun for you when no one’s around with no panties or bra yummy I’d have my slave to get a tattoo of 666 right above her satanic cunt and you get one on the head of you filthy serpent head 666 so you both can hail Satan hail Lilith hail Mary the whore of God chant when you two beast fuck
    Wickr satanfucksmommy

  6. Well I am A Christian and I have wickr and it’s Youngertbetter and I been having a little Trouble Getting to find a santanic Woman that Enjoys Men Taking Advantage of her own little girls and doesn’t mind Getting Fuck and I am looking for a woman like her and I been on looking and Seeking what everyone else has and I never had it and I am Interested in it

    1. Youngertbetter
      i feel i am in the same position as you. So i live vicariously through XP’s blog here on LittlrSally.
      sabrina cd

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