Hail Lilith by Abn-Iiblis – Non-Fiction

Writer: Abn Iiblis

Subject: Hail Lilith

Copyrights: Ψ Infernal Doors Ψ ©

Link: MEWE / 15.01.2023

Hail Lilith

Queen of Hell, Mistress if the Night First woman. Who can not be tamed. She who refused subservience, eternal symbol of feminine power. Ancient, wise, and powerful. Ruler of your own destiny, your own agency.

Hail Lilith, Queen of Hell, Mistress of Night. Embrace me. Accept my devotions. Guide me, wise Lilith. Through chaos, through war; bless me with your knowledge. Teach me to walk in darkness, in Hell. And find ecstasy there.

Hail Lilith, Queen of Hell, Mistress of Night. War Goddess, Sacred Demon, Wise Ruler of Hell; honor be to thy name. I honor thee, and I honor thy name: Lilith.

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