Metamorphosis by Destiny1961 – Non-Fiction

Writer: Destiny1961

Subject: Metamorphosis

Link: Email LS666 / 21.03.2022


I lay here in a state of confusion.

I feel it is time to trance and let my alter-ego out. The past few weeks I have felt a sort of, metamorphosis? I think about how hypnosis can make someone change,but than adding the satanic to it and magick. Even the Bible talks about shape shifting and such. I picture of all things, the Hulk and how through anger he morphs.

What if something like lust could change what used to be a christian male into a feminine or shemale fuck hole for Satan. I have literally felt myself go from man into some sort of lustful feminine alter and in need of penetration. This become more weird as I have found a hypnosis subliminal called penetration zombie.

The idea is to turn into someone who needs penetration to get this state of euphoria. I may have shrugged it off, but then realized the one time I felt this. It was my first BBC and dressed as my alter. It was tough to get him in but something would not give up, and when he penetrated me it was like a bit of pain and then euphoria. I remember after the first load I needed more, like a drug. It got to a point I was almost mindless and just a fuck-toy.

With each load I became lost in it. I remember when it was all over lying there for about an hour like I was wasted on drugs and maybe wasn’t even human. The past few weeks between using hypnosis and trying my little rituals I have felt more and more of me being, shall I say, reprogrammed?

But instead of feeling like a sissy with a clitty and all that, it is more like a TV or even shemale. It may not be big but it is not a clitty, it is a she-cock or still penis. It does actually feel like it has gotten a little bigger since have asked the demons to help. I also got this thought as I cum quickly.

The spirits seemed to tell me it is because I am not to enjoy sex from a top position but am to use it simply to inseminate others. My joy will come from being penetrated and seeded. I have talked to others who are into divination who have told me not to use drugs of any sort while performing rituals as it can open me up to something unknown.

I also do not have the full proper set up and yet have gotten through. I have found myself using poppers and now even thinking about drugs I haven’t done in years and ones I never tried as well. I started out wanting to feel more feminine and be able to enjoy something with a man or men as such.

I talked with someone who considered themself a sort of wizard or dark priest as I mentioned about the new feelings. I told him I am feeling more like a sort of fuck toy and that I do not look at a man in a feminine sense but more of a hard cock to use. He asked if I still did poppers while doing the rituals and said they may be pissed as I am taking them for granted.

He said they may have started by helping me become feminine as in itself would be against what God called me for, but now they are going to take control and use me in a way as punishment. I thought about an old friend who was simply put, a whore.

She said it started as she wanted to just enjoy sex as she was not the most attractive but she became more attractive and the trade off was lying down sexually with many. She told me it would start with a simple word or action then she felt something guide her til she was sucking and fucking.

As the past few weeks have gone by my urges have gotten stronger and have gotten back into hormones and find myself almost needing to use my toys. But as I sit here and turn myself over to my subconscious I get this vision and unsure and would love any thoughts on it. I have beard Baphomet is real and others say just a symbol ,but I have called out to it as it is the essence of duality and being a Gemini I feel part of me.

The last time I did my ritual, and mind you this is before work, I started to call out and look in my mirror. Though warned felt this urge to grab the poppers. I did them and then found myself guided to put on my lingerie as if Serinity would be summoning. I found her ,instead of asking for clarity she summoned Satan and Baphomet.

I saw weird things and felt my sissy tranny breasts tingle and the next thing I felt was needing my toy. But not my smaller one, the thicker one. I sat it on the sink behind me and poured a drop of body wash on the head.

I turned to look back in the mirror and saw something as I told it this does not fit in me. Then she took over and found us saying that if this was what they wanted then they needed to make it fit. As I found myself backing up I remembered this happening once before and the I was lowering on it.

I felt the head pop into me as I sat there looking across into the mirror. I had to get on my toes to reach the head and in the mirror was this figure in lingerie and sitting on a thick phallus as if I was being taught a lesson. I sat as it stretched my hole and could not get up. It was only a few inches in but like someone showing me they were in control. It was like my male self looking at the female one in the mirror.

I finally slid off as it was close to time for work and felt something tell me I will get clarity soon. It also told me to stop guessing what is and what isn’t as it is all real and I chose this. I lay here in bed as each day it is like I lose more of myself and she is taking over, but being guided. I feel my now slightly bigger breasts and tingles between my legs. I find myself looking at hypnosis and listening to subliminals to do with Baphomet, Satan and possession.

I have come with terms with my shadow side or alter and she has become real, yes have split personalities now. She decided to take over and I start to fall into a half trance. I have been trying to learn astral projection and opening my third eye as well. I see this doorway and walk through. The room is set up for some sort of ceremony or ritual and looks like a sort of church. There is an altar with a huge Baphomet statue there on his throne and one inverted cross and one crucifix.

The crucifix is meant to represent when Satan won and so on. In the middle is a round mattress with bindings and a pentagram on it. There are people kneeling all around it but all either male or shemale as the phallus seems to be the important part. In front is a spot marked Serinity and they call me forward.

The guide helps me off with my clothing and explains it is time for the next step. I go to the front and kneel and as they chant I feel Serinity start to come alive,but we are now alive at the same time. There is no priest or anyone guiding as they simply chant. I look up at the huge statue and hear her voice.

Serinity tells me give the mind and spirit and the body and soul will follow. The room starts to fill with a foggy type thick smoke and I know the smell. The guide hands me a bong and I take a hit and instantly realize how strong it is. I feel faint as he stands in front of me with his cock hanging. He knows she is getting aroused and tells me to give her control. He says we are about to become new.

\I feel something draw me so I tell her I am hers and quickly it feels like I am inside looking out. We stand and walk to the alter and to the statue and sit in its lap. I feel the scepter or what ever it is between its legs rubbing my penis as I get an erection. I see something start to leak from its nipples, but this is but a statue, right? I lean to lick and the breasts feel warm and I find myself sucking one.

It’s like honey with the strength of the strongest liquor.

I then find myself kissing the goat as it is like it is blowing smoke into my mouth. I am getting high as I feel what seems to be two snakes starting to wrap around me.I am pulled tight to its bosom and feel a pinch. It is like two needles going into my nipples and filling them as I moan from the pain.

One snake takes the head of my penis in its mouth and drains me as the other slithers up my asshole.I feel it start to expand and become thick as it stretches my hole, while the other now slithers up my body and into my mouth, straight down my throat. As soon as my breasts are filled I feel it start to suck me in, but not physically.

My male spirit is drawn inside the statue and I am looking through its eyes like in a cage. I am now looking at my body being changed as it stares at me. I see into its eyes as there is darkness. I can see around the room as demon spirits seem to be coming out of the others. One comes up and gives my body its hand and her spirit leaves the body.

She looks back and tells me we start with the spirit and then the body. I watch as my feminine spirit lays on the mattress. She lays with head over the edge and tells me I will join her soon and opens her mouth. I watch as these creatures are now taking her mouth and ass,but they are demon spirits.

Each time one gets off I feel it as it is now like that statue and I are becoming one. I watch as the demonic orgy goes on and my body sit limp on the lap of Baphomet.She takes demon after demon inside her and its like they have control of their orgasms as some pound for a long time while others simply enter shoot and pull out.

I see my limp body starting to take more of a feminine form with larger breasts and a huge ass, one that the guys would say is made for pounding. My penis now larger and twitching as it stands erect, as if in need. Then I see as all the demons reenter the bodies they came from except the guide, as it approaches and seems to slide inside with me.

It tells me it will all soon be clear as I am no longer my own but am to belong to the darkness as I wished. It is like being hypnotized as it tells me I will no longer have to think but simply enjoy the pleasures of lust for my master and new God. Then I am told we must reenter the body but accept Serinity as the new one and it is clear I must or be stuck inside this cage.

I look down at the demoness spirit of her as she stares up at me and I agree. I am told as the guide pulls me from my prison to put me back in the body I once knew and tells me I will take her,then she sill take me and I will be her.

I turn to face her as the snakes recoil and needles pull from my nipples and get these feelings of a lustful shemale demoness. As I cup and massage my new breasts I tingle and my mind starts to go blank, I stroke my new bigger she-cock and precum leaks from it. The more the lust builds the more I go blank with pure lust.I stand slightly as I wobble like I am high.

I am filled with lust as I look at my own spirit lying there calling to me and I walk and stand above her face. I lean over as slide into her mouth as I take her into mine. But is this what it feels like with a succubus, as she is just a spirit or demon and not flesh? I feel her wrap her legs around my head as she fills me with a weird tangy juice and the mind goes more blank still and I let loose and fill her mouth.

I stand back up as am being guided and told to take the next step. She lays in the pentagram and uses her body to form it as I get into position and sit on her she-cock. I feel it enter me and she holds me and within seconds is filling me. My mind almost gone as I want her so badly. But it is not me but another demon spirit inside that guides me.

I slide off and she rolls over and is inside the pentagram with her open hole there for the taking. This is weird as I look and feel the lust for it is me laying there in different form. I slide down and lay on top of her as my body mirrors hers and enter her. It is like her asshole grabs my cock and starts to drain it as it is like my body has just become attached to hers. I feel nothing but lust as I seem to slide into her body as she tells me we are one.

She then tells me I belong to her now and we belong to those around us. But she tells me there is one final step to surrender. I am on my belly as I feel something and see those in the room who were kneeling now forming some sort of line as if to use me. I feel someone on top of me and he shoves deep inside me and shoots a long hot load as I notice the statue start to glow. I now feel an insatiable urge like never before.

We roll over and lay our head of the edge as one of the followers slides his cock down my throat and a shemale one lifts my legs and shoves into my hole. Again it is like they control their orgasms as the one pounding me has stamina and yet a few take my mouth and one at a time they go down my throat and shoot. There are ones shooting loads on my fave and body as well , as I am becoming a sticky messy slut — Each time I want more — This goes on with some shooting quick while others pound my holes.

I am now laying there and I am her as all I can feel is the lust for more. My hole gaped and oozing and jaws sore and body drenched as I lay in a pool of semen. Tits and she-cock being sucked on also as I am ready to go nuts. All shapes and sizes and as I look up at the glowing statue I hear a voice.

It is raspy as it calls me a good girl, speaking to Serinity inside. He has the body and face of Baphomet, goat parts and all and tells her he has her reward. I see his cock is huge and yet instead of being scared I list for it. We spread our legs and he lays his hit body on top of our messy one and gives me a long hard kiss and as his tongue is down my throat I feel him rip into me.

Each time he pounds it hurts and yet I want it more and harder like a sex crazed whore. He pounds hard and deep and then shoots for what seems a lifetime. I now am her and feel my new body and there are no thoughts other then sexual lust. He pulls out and says we are now his and no longer will question anything. As he pulls out a stream shoots on my body and I lick what I can. He tells me to enjoy what I have wanted and as they dance around me I look down at our new tits and my half limp she-cock and see the semen oozing out of me on a cum soaked bed made for lust.

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  1. I am sooo happy for you!!! I enjoyed getting high, dressing like a fucking slut; &, masturbating, while worshipping Satan, today. Satan really got me off; & I enjoyed licking the cum from my fingers; as well as the ass cream from my ass; after I took the thick shaft of the plunger all the way to the coils; while stroking the crotch ofy very slippery panties, expressing my DEEP and sincerest love for Satan; &, experiencing an awesome orgasm.

    Falling DEEPER & DEEPER & DEEPER in love with Satan, FOREVER,


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