Satan is my Sugar Daddy – Non-Fiction

Writer: Satanist1963

Subject: Satan is my Sugar Daddy

Link: Tumblr / 27.02.2022

Satan is my Sugar Daddy

You must be waking up now next to your husband, although you probably desire what he, with his catholic morals, does not know how to give you. Because you like me to kiss you on the mouth, dropping my saliva on your tongue before devouring it, and to spit on your clit before licking it and passing your first communion medal through those pussy lips.

I’m going to stay awake at dawn while you wake up missing me, and that bothers me, makes me angry, because I should be the one to wake you up. Then you will go to mass, and I want you to masturbate and shit on God beforehand to prepare yourself so that the blasphemy you will commit when you go to take communion in sin will be even more delicious. I shit on fucking God, Baby. Repeat after me: I don’t believe in God anymore. Jesus is a bastard. I’m free to do with my body as I please.

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