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Feature Title: CHOIR DIRECTOR 1

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Story Codes: Religious Themes, Authoritarian Lesbian, Humiliation, Reluctant

Synopsis: Mandy and Tracy were very good girls. And as we all know, very good girls get stories.

Choir Director 1

Angela Phillips was a good church choir director. Actually, she was a very good church choir director. Everyone, including the pastor and the members of the church council wondered why Angela had agreed so readily to be the choir director at their small rural church. They all knew that she could have done much better, salary wise. She could have been choir director at any one of a number of big city churches that could afford to pay her what she was worth, instead of the near subsistence wage that their church could offer.

In fact, she had been choir director at a big, downtown church for the past three years. But she had told the pastor and the church council at her new church she had tired of fast passed big city life and wanted a rest in the country. Truth to tell, the church leaders didn’t wonder long about their good fortune. They just thanked God that Angela was willing to be their choir director.

Angela could afford to become the choir director of the little rural church. She didn’t need money. She had all the money she could ever need. She had seen to that at her last church. She hadn’t had any trouble at all convincing Mrs. Manning to give her a rather handsome sum of money. No trouble at all. Especially when she showed Mrs. Manning copies of the digital photos she had taken of Mrs. Manning doing all those nasty, humiliating things to herself and to Angela.

Angela had had such fun taking those pictures.

And Angela had also had such fun making Mrs. Manning do all those really slutty, humiliating things to her. And, truth to tell, Mrs. Manning had had fun too, at the time. That is, until Angela threatened to email copies of her salacious pictures to Mr. Manning and all his prominent business associates. Then it just wasn’t any fun any more for poor Mrs. Manning. In fact, Mrs. Manning nearly had a breakdown when Angela confronted her with the pictures. And her threats about what she was going to do with them. Angela liked that part very much. Her near hysteria made Mrs. Manning ever so much more tractable.

Angela had promised to destroy all of those photos in return for a rather handsome sum of money. Mrs. Manning, whose family owned about half of the downtown buildings near the big city church, was more than happy to oblige. In fact, Mrs. Manning almost broke her wrist writing her name on the settlement check, which was somewhere in the six figures. When Angela told Mrs. Manning she planned on moving to the country very soon, there was almost a hint of regret on her face. Almost. But then her regret was replaced by purest relief.

Mrs. Manning knew deep down that she had gotten off lightly. She couldn’t hope to get off nearly as lightly if she succumbed to Angela again. Still.

So now Angela had a new job and a new flock of fascinating women to pick and choose from.

Some young women and even a few not so young women from the choir tempted her. Several of them presented real possibilities for Angela to have fun with. She was very happy. Oh yes. Country women would be such a tasty change from her usual fare of city women.

Simple pleasures were the best after all.

Weren’t they?

After about a month of directing the little rural church choir, Angela had made her first pick. Mandy. Mandy was a local high school teacher. She had a naturally sweet disposition and she was also very shy and self-effacing. Just as Angela preferred her little subby sex toys to be. Mandy sang well, but in a rather hushed soprano that really did not stand out at all, even in this little choir. What really focused Angela on Mandy was her almost sycophantish desire to be helpful to the new choir director. It was as if for some reason Mandy had fastened onto Angela, imprinted on her like a baby bird.

Every other day, Mandy called Angela at home just to see if there were something she could do for her, or something Angela needed that Mandy could get for her. If asked, Mandy probably could not have explained at all to herself or anyone else why she wanted to be so helpful to Angela. She just did. Perhaps subconsciously Mandy wanted to associate with a big city woman. Angela was so sophisticated, so self-assured. There was just something about Angela that drew Mandy to the new choir director. Her poise. Her classiness. Her clear headedness. Her decisiveness. Mandy didn’t understand it herself, but chalked it up to the fact that she didn’t understand a lot of things that went on around her. She just knew she felt different around Angela than she had around any other woman. And she liked how Angela made her feel. Angela was confident.

Mandy was very aware that she needed a confident woman in her life. Her stepmother had been confident. She had made all Mandy’s decisions for her. Now, Mandy’s stepmother had passed away and Mandy knew that she needed someone else to decide for her. To guide her. Angela also stirred longings deep within Mandy that the young schoolteacher really didn’t understand. She certainly remembered feeling such longings for her stepmother, but she knew that it was very, very wrong for her to feel that way about her. Why, that was almost incest. Wasn’t it? But maybe it was not so wrong to feel those longings for Angela. Mandy didn’t understand a great deal about such things. Yet.

Angela was planning to change all that. And Angela’s plans had a way of coming true. One Wednesday night during choir practice, Angela decided to push the envelope with Mandy just a little. After practice, as everyone was getting their coats to leave, Angela subtly motioned for Mandy to come to the front of the choir room. It wasn’t difficult to catch Mandy’s attention, as she had not been able to take her eyes off Angela all evening. Mandy hurried to where Angela was standing, eager to learn what the other woman wanted her to do. Mandy was so desperate to do something for her and so pleased that she was finally going to have a chance to help in some way.

Angela leaned over across the lectern and whispered into Mandy’s ear.

“Mandy. Could you stay until everyone else has gone? I really need for you to do me a very big favor.”

Mandy smiled brightly up at Angela. She was just so pleased that Angela finally wanted her to do something for her. And it must be very important, the way Angela was acting so secretive about it. Mandy nodded her head vigorously and just stood there quietly until everyone else had left the church. She wanted to keep Angela’s secret even though she didn’t know what it was.

Mandy waited silently till there was no more noise out in the hall.

“What do you want me to do for you, Angela,” Mandy said breathlessly.

“I’m just so happy to help you.”

Angela looked over at Mandy with a faked look of embarrassment on her face.

“Oh Mandy. I’m just so humiliated. I really need for you to help me.”

Mandy looked around to make sure everyone was indeed gone.

“What are you humiliated about, Angela? You know I’ll do anything I can to help you.”

Angela looked furtively at Mandy.

“Look, Mandy. You can’t tell anybody about this. OK?”

Mandy nodded her head solemnly. Just like a little girl entrusted with a big secret.

Whatever it was, it would have to remain their little confidence. Mandy understood perfectly.

When Angela saw how seriously Mandy was taking all this, she practically burst out laughing. But she restrained herself. Here was the first test, and, if Mandy passed it to Angela’s satisfaction, there was a very good chance that Angela would soon have herself a cute new little play toy. It had really been too long since Angela had a sweet little subby like Mrs. Manning to bend to her will. And Mandy looked just right. She looked yummy in fact. Mandy was short, barely five feet tall. She had small, perky breasts, a flat tummy, and nice, curvy legs. Angela confessed to herself that she liked her subbies to look young, almost girl-like. And Mandy filled the bill perfectly.

Angela’s voice became conspiratorial.

“OK, Mandy. Here’s what happened. During practice, I got so excited about the way you all were singing that I….”

Mandy strained forward to hear what had happened. Her doe eyes were open so wide; her full lips parted.

“You what, Angela?”

Angela looked away melodramatically, then she turned back to look mock meaningfully at Mandy.

“I… wet myself.”

Mandy blushed scarlet at the very thought of her choir director actually wetting herself during practice. She shyly wondered to herself what having wet panties on felt like. She hadn’t had wet panties on since she was a very little girl. The thought caused an idle little itch to start burning deep inside her. Mandy had not felt that itch for a long time, and it frightened her a little.

But Mandy silenced her fear. Angela clearly needed her help and Mandy chided herself for even thinking of her little itch at a time like this.

“Oh, Angela. How embarrassing.”

Angela put on a false expression of chagrin. “Yes, it really is.”

Mandy was confused.

“Well, choir practice is over, Angela. Why don’t you just go home and change?”

Angela looked dismayed.

“I can’t, Mandy. I have a meeting with the church board in ten minutes. I don’t have time to go home and change, and come back without being late. I can’t afford to keep them waiting for me.”

Mandy would believe a story like that. It was certainly true that her principal, Mrs. Davy, became quite angry at her for being late to meetings. She didn’t understand the situation well enough to know that the church leaders were so grateful to have Angela as their choir director that they would have waited all night for her.

Not knowing, Mandy nodded her head as if it all made sense to her. She was trying so hard to understand. Really she was. She knew Angela needed her. That was clear enough. But she just couldn’t figure out what she could do. What did Angela want her to do? “What can I do to help, Angela?”

Angela leaned even further over the lectern. “You can let me wear your panties to the meeting, Mandy.”

Angela whispered the words as if they were top secret.

Mandy blushed even deeper.

My panties” Mandy practically whispered the words.

“Oh my. My panties.”

Angela nodded.

“Yes, Mandy. Yours are nice and dry and I can wear them to the meeting without worrying about being embarrassed or humiliated.”

Mandy looked confused.

“You want me to give you my panties to wear. Then, what are you going to do with yours?”

Angela allowed herself a little inward smirk of satisfaction. Mandy was actually falling for it.

“Well, I was hoping I could give them to you sweetie, to wash and dry and give back to me tomorrow night. I’m afraid if I put them in my purse, they’ll fall out during the meeting and I’ll be really embarrassed. And I don’t want to make you wait for the next two hours while I’m at the meeting. If I give them to you now, you can go on home and wash them for me like a good girl.”

At the thought of taking Angela’s pee wet panties and washing them for her, Mandy sucked in her breath in sheerest embarrassment. This was such an unusual request. First Angela wanted her to give up her own panties to wear.

That would mean that Mandy wouldn’t be wearing any panties at all on her way home. Then Angela wanted her to take her wet panties home and wash them for her. This was so confusing. But Mandy really did want to help Angela in any way she could. And the thought of actually holding Angela’s freshly worn panties in her hands did make Mandy’s secret itch burn. Mandy was a little anxious about that, but tried to suppress her anxiety and to focus on the matter at hand. Was she going to do what Angela asked or not.

Mandy decided.

“OK, Angela. Give me your panties and I’ll give you mine to wear.”

Angela looked chagrined.

“Look, Mandy. I don’t want to get any… you know…pee on my hands. I don’t have much time and I’m afraid somebody might smell it on my hands. And I’d be just so embarrassed. Could you do me a really big favor and take them off for me. You’re going home right now, and so you can wash your hands as soon as you get home.”

Mandy lowered her head in humiliation. She hadn’t thought that she would actually have to take Angela’s soiled panties off for her. That kind of intimacy was way beyond anything Mandy had ever thought about with another woman. Even her stepmother. But Angela was being perfectly reasonable with her request.

Mandy could well understand how Angela didn’t want to take the chance of giving herself away to the church board members. How truly embarrassing that would be. A grown woman peeing her panties certainly wouldn’t want her employers knowing about it. Would she?

“OK, Angela. I guess we’ll have to do it like that.”

Angela smiled her sweetest smile.

“Thanks, Mandy. Thanks a lot, sweetie. Now you just reach up under your skirt and slip your panties off and put them on the lectern. Then slip mine off and put them in your purse. Then, I’ll slip yours on and run to my meeting quick like a bunny. We’ll get together tomorrow and trade back.”

Mandy blinked once, looked around the room furtively, then she nodded her head in agreement. She was certainly glad the choir room didn’t have any outside windows. As modestly as she could, Mandy reached under her skirt with both hands and hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her sheer silk panties.

She was so embarrassed by the prospect of what she was doing that Mandy closed her eyes tight. Angela, who wasn’t embarrassed at all, kept her own eyes wide open and watched hungrily as Mandy revealed her sexy legs all the way to the tops of her thighs. Angela hummed happily to herself as she ogled Mandy’s slender legs. She whispered to herself, “someday, all mine.”

Still with her eyes closed tight, Mandy tugged her panties down her smooth legs. Then she daintily stepped out of them. As she did, Mandy noted that her little internal itch was really burning now. She was so embarrassed, but she had to admit that taking off her panties in front of Angela right here in the church was making her more than a little excited. Yes, Mandy was getting excited in a way that only happened when she was home in bed and her fingers crept under the covers to tease and taunt, and finally give herself the release she so badly needed. When she fantasized about her stepmother and the unnatural things she wanted to do to her. Mandy slowly opened her eyes and gingerly placed the panties on the lectern, right in front of Angela.

“Thanks, Mandy. Now hurry ant take off mine quick so I can go on to my meeting.”

Mandy shuddered in anticipation of actually being able to touch Angela’s body, and reached out and lifted Angela’s skirt till the hem was all the way to the waistband. She told herself to close her eyes again; she was so embarrassed to be doing this. But her secret little itch made her keep her eyes wide open as she allowed her gaze to travel slowly from Angela’s feet right up her long, smooth legs to her silky blue panties. As she found herself staring fixedly at Angela’s crotch, Mandy could not help noticing a dark patch at the beginning of the panty gusset. So it was true. Angela had in fact wet herself. When she recognized the wet patch for what it was, Mandy’s itch burned and burned. Mandy half wanted to do something about it right that minute. The itch burned so badly it hurt. She so wanted to put her fingers deep inside herself and make the itch go away. But she knew she would be mortified if Angela became aware of her doing such a slutty thing right there in church. So Mandy just stared at Angela’s luscious legs and gritted her teeth.

“I’ll hold my skirt up. Now, go ahead and take off my panties, Mandy. I don’t have much time left. Hurry, baby.”

Hearing Angela’s salacious order, Mandy tentatively reached out and plucked at the waistband of Angela’s panties. She could definitely feel Angela’s soft, warm flesh against her fingers as she tugged the panties off the choir director’s hips. As she pulled down, Mandy knew she really should close her eyes so she wouldn’t see what Angela’s sex looked like. But she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. Suddenly Mandy just had to see Angela’s pussy up close. She just had to, even if Angela noticed. Her itch demanded it despite the embarrassment Mandy felt doing it.

As She tugged down on the sheer material, Mandy couldn’t help herself noticing that Angela’s sex was as smooth as if she were a pre-adolescent girl.

Angela giggled as she saw the curiosity dawning on Mandy’s face.

“I shave myself down there. It’s much more comfortable and sanitary, Mandy. You should try it too, baby. Maybe you’ll let me do you sometime?”

Hearing Angela’s salacious words, Mandy almost dropped the panties she was tugging down her choir director’s legs. But she didn’t drop them. Oh no. Mandy gripped them tightly between her fingers. She was too busy staring ever so closely at Angela’s long, well-muscled legs to really know what she was doing. Mandy licked her lips unconsciously as her itch grew and grew. It was now everything she could do to keep her hands off Angela’s legs. It was everything she could do to keep her hands off herself as well. She so desperately wanted to salve her burning itch.

Angela generously allowed Mandy to take a long, appraising, hungry look, then she motioned impatiently for the young woman to finish her job quickly, and she stepped out of her panties as Mandy dutifully held them around her ankles.

“Now go ahead and put them in your purse to take home and wash for me, Mandy. And I’ll slip yours on and go to my meeting.”

Mandy was by now almost in a trance. Her breathing was shallow and her eyes were glazed over. The little secret itch deep inside her had grown into quite a big itch by now. She would have given anything if Angela had allowed her just a little more time to appreciate her legs, and what was nestled between them. But Angela had caught her staring and had made her hurry. As she tucked Angela’s panties into her purse, Mandy had this almost irresistible urge to offer to put her own panties on Angela. Actually, not offer really, but beg Angela to be allowed to do it. It would most certainly give her another opportunity to look at Angela’s legs. And maybe even touch them, if she dared. And that was something that she found herself really wanting to do. But Mandy’s overwhelming shyness prevailed upon her desire and the choir director’s panties disappeared into her purse without any further dialogue. Angela could easily read the play of emotions on Mandy’s face, and it made her smile inwardly. Angela knew that if she had offered to allow Mandy to slip her own panties on her that Mandy would most certainly have done it, even as humiliating as it would be. But Angela decided not to press the issue. Past experience told her that right then was not the time to set the hook, but just to dangle it for Mandy to nibble on. Instead, Angela grabbed Mandy’s panties off the lectern, leaned over, nimbly stepped into them and pulled them snug around her flaring hips and firm buns. Mandy was a significantly smaller woman than Angela, so her panties were really snug fitting. Angela could feel her moist labia pressing tightly against the thin silk fabric. She liked that feeling very much.

And Mandy’s panties were still nice and warm from her body. And for Angela, that was heaven.

“OK, Mandy. Gotta run. Thanks for the favor.

I’ll call you after you get home from school tomorrow afternoon to set up a time when we can change back.”

Mandy just nodded her head dumbfoundedly as Angela grabbed up her sheet music and purse and ran down the hall.

The young schoolteacher stood stark still by the lectern for a full five minutes until she was sure that the board meeting had started. While she stood there, an emotional war raged inside her brain. Part of her really wanted to leave the church right then, go home, wash Angela’s panties as if that were the most normal thing in the world, then hurry to bed.

Another part, the part being influenced by her growing itch, hungered for her to do something very slutty: to open up her purse, to take out Angela’s pee-wet panties, and to sniff them.

Just a little sniff was all she wanted. When she thought of actually doing that, Mandy shivered all over her body. A little voice inside her head kept telling her that no one would see her do it. She could indulge herself without fear of being found out. She could take just a little sniff. Even a little lick. Just a taste. She knew how much she wanted to experience that kind of wanton intimacy with Angela. She had wanted it from the moment they had first met. And now she could steal a little of the intimacy she craved.

Mandy knew deep in her soul that she should just leave and go home right then before anyone found her. But her itch kept whispering ‘no one will ever know, you won’t get caught’. Mandy was suddenly obsessed with a raw insatiable hunger to find out what Angela’s sex smelled like, and tasted like.

The thought of finding out right that minute made her puffy nether lips burn and itch.

Just one little sniff. One little lick. That’s all. Then she could go home and do things to her body that she prayed would make the raw burning itch go away. She could play nasty little mind games with herself that involved Angela and her. Sick little mind games that Mandy had seldom ever thought about before but suddenly wanted so desperately to play. She could feel the hungry side winning over the shy, cautious, self- protecting side. In fact, she just couldn’t make herself wait another second.

Mandy made certain once more that there was no one else in the choir room or the hall. She peered down the hall and listening closely. When she was absolutely sure that she wouldn’t be disturbed by anyone, Mandy quickly opened her purse and furtively took out Angela’s panties. Some inner voice was directing her, ordering her, driving her to do something nasty and slutty with Angela’s panties. She had no will of her own any longer not to do this slutty thing. Certainly there was still an overwhelming fear of discovery. And the fear gnawed at her very being. How could she ever explain her way out of doing such a nasty thing right here in church? But as strong as the fear was, it was forced to recede by her burning itch. Her itch that just had to have its way no matter what. Her itch that had to discover just what Angela tasted like and smelled like right that very second.

Without even thinking about it, Mandy held up Angela’s damp panties right under her nose and took a deep, satisfying sniff. The heady smell of Angela’s urine and sex was just so enticing; so earthy; so needs meeting. Mandy allowed a contented little sigh to escape her dry lips as she took a second, even deeper, sniff. She was so very embarrassed to be doing this. So humiliated. But the itch deep inside her was compelling her to do these kinky things with Angela’s panties. The itch wanted more, and more, and more. She knew that if anyone saw her sniffing her choir director’s panties, she would be ruined in this town. But some overpowering need made her do it anyway. The erotic thrill of smelling Angela’s panties was linked inexorably to her screaming fear of being discovered. Fear of discovery heightened the erotic thrill of what she was doing. Mandy made a little wanton moan deep in her throat as hunger and fear warred within her. She took one more big, defiant whiff. Then she resignedly stuffed Angela’s panties into her purse and practically ran out of the choir room down the hall to the parking lot and her car. She would summon up her remaining will power and just force herself to wait until she got home to actually lick Angela’s panties. She could hold it together enough to do that at least. She hoped and prayed that that one last whiff would be enough to tide her over till she got home. She didn’t want to break down in the car and be caught by a passing motorist with Angela’s panties pressed against her face. Thank God that she lived only a short distance from the church and that the streets of the little rural town were practically empty this time of night.

As soon as she slammed and locked her front door, Mandy practically tore her purse open to get at Angela’s soiled panties. Once the panties were in her hand, Mandy dropped the purse on the carpet and began removing her clothes one handed. The hand holding the panties pressed them tightly against her face. Whimpering softly as the insatiable need overwhelmed her, Mandy sniffed, she licked, she allowed her saliva to mix with Angela’s secretions. Mandy almost fainted away, drowning in a sea of slutty lust as she practically stuffed Angela’s panties all the way into her mouth. She just couldn’t stop herself from doing what she knew deep down was something very, very wrong. The material was so silky, the smell was so earthy and acrid, and the taste was so musky/salty/sweet.

Mandy’s clothes were strewn all across the living room as she flopped down on her sofa and began rabidly jabbing one, then two slender fingers deep inside her soppy slit.

“Oh God. Oh God, Angela. I want to eat you so bad.”

The words almost shouted out of Mandy’s mouth.

She couldn’t remember ever feeling like this before. Not even when she let herself fantasize about her stepmother. She was so carried away by her lust hunger for Angela. So carried away. Nothing short of a crashing orgasm was going to bring her back to normal. Mandy knew that, deep, deep in her soul. Less than a minute after closing her front door, Mandy was wallowing stark naked back and forth on her sofa like some demented sex-crazed slut puppy in heat, Angela’s panties deep stuffed into her mouth, and her fingers moving inside her slick, tight canal like a runaway sewing machine. Her slender legs were splayed open as wide as she could force them. God, she needed to cum.

And when Mandy finally came, it was as if her whole world had exploded. She practically screamed out Angela’s name over and over, begging the other woman to please, please let her cum again. Her breasts were blotchy, her nipples rock hard, her toes curled so tightly she hurt. She experienced a series of wanton hallucinogenic visions of Angela standing imperiously over her, a big, knowing smirk on her face, with her hands roving lustily and possessively over Mandy’s blushing breasts and super sensitive inner thighs. Squeezing, pinching, fondling. Doing absolutely everything in the world to her so that Mandy could cum even more. And in her vision, Mandy was begging Angela as piteously as she could to continue feeling her up. And Mandy just reveled in Angela’s fantasy attention. She wanted Angela’s hands on her, squeezing, pinching, fondling. Mandy wanted to cum even harder than before. So badly.

Then, bang, bang, bang. The superheated orgasmic rhythm took her over completely. Mandy screamed so loud her throat began to hurt. She could never remember cumming like this. Over and over and over again. The intensity of it scared her even as she hungered for even more. Spasm after lusty spasm gnawed at her pelvic area. She practically gushed secretions. On and on, spasm after spasm.

Finally, Mandy’s body could not take this level of sexual intensity any more and she just went absolutely limp. Every muscle in her body felt as if an electric shock had gone through it. Her mouth was dust dry. She had bitten her lower lip so hard she had actually drawn blood in her abandon. And now, Mandy was absolutely drained, physically spent and emotionally flat line.

As deep sleep overcame her, Mandy’s last thought was of Angela. And she closed her eyes and drifted away wondering to herself if her choir director might somehow be persuaded to make her wanton fantasy visions come true. The prayer was on her lips as unconsciousness took her.

Mandy awoke around three o’clock that next morning. At first, she was totally disoriented, naked and shivering on her sofa wondering how she had got that way. Then, like a spring flood, it all came back to her. The horrible, slutty things she had done, the wanton, salacious visions she had used to induce her gut-wrenching orgasms. At first, Mandy was terrified of her behavior. It was so very unlike her to even think that way, much less indulge her perverse fantasies as she had. Then, as memory returned, Mandy smiled and snuggled down into the sofa. She had to admit to herself that the orgasms she had induced by sniffing and licking Angela’s panties had been most satisfying indeed. Like nothing she had ever felt before, actually.

Wonderful. Truly wonderful.

Then Mandy remembered what she was supposed to do with Angela’s panties. Suddenly she was overcome with a frantic fear that she had somehow destroyed them or lost them in her orgasmic throes. She jumped up off the sofa and began a frenzied search for Angela’s discarded panties. What if she had lost them or destroyed them. Angela would be angry with her for not taking proper care of them. And Angela would be right to get angry at Mandy. But just as suddenly as the panic overcame the young schoolteacher, it was replaced by a profound sense of relief. There they were, right on the floor where she had cast them from her when the second wave of orgasms had struck. Thank God she had found them, and they appeared none the worse for wear.

Mandy didn’t even bother to try to put clothes on. She snatched up the panties and padded naked into her bathroom to rinse them out just as she had been instructed to do. Then, when she was certain that all traces of soil had been washed away, Mandy draped them over a wooden drying rack that she kept for drying her own hand washed under things. Her jobs done, Mandy crawled into bed in hopes of getting at least a little rest before having to go to school tomorrow and face her bratty students.

School that day was especially trying. Mandy taught English to tenth and eleventh graders. Actually, in all fairness, she tried to teach English, but spent most of her time acting as a lackluster disciplinarian to her students, who had made it very clear to her by now that they didn’t want to learn English from her. In fact they didn’t want to be in her class at all. So for Mandy, each school day was a six- hour test of wills between her and her students. A test that she usually failed. Her classes weren’t all that large, but each class had one or two students that loved nothing better than to distract her or goad her or push the envelope in some other way. Mandy always felt as if she were giving in to their increasingly disrespectful demands, and a part of her actually got aroused sometimes thinking about how much she let her students get away with. And the girls were by far the worst offenders.

Of all her students, Lisa Mitchell was the worst offender. Lisa, who was seventeen, was in Mandy’s forth-period class, and she was the little queen of the classroom. She kept a posse of other girls seated around her with whom she carried on a non-stop conversation from the time they sat down till the end of class bell rang. She was openly defiant of Mandy’s authority, as teacher, and Mandy had decided to pretty much leave Lisa and her little clique alone. She knew that she couldn’t control them. She had tried on several occasions and had failed miserably. So she just hoped that they would leave her alone and not try to intimidate her in class. That day Lisa was in a real mood to see just how far she could push the envelope. When Mandy called the class to order, the first thing that she noticed was that Lisa had her hand casually stroking the neck of her latest conquest, Tori Elliott. Lisa was being as blatant about fondling her new girlfriend as she possibly could. It was as if she were daring Mandy to call her on it. Certainly they both knew full well that Lisa’s salacious toying with Tori was something that Mandy shouldn’t put up with in her classroom. But Mandy knew from past experience that she would lose any test of wills with Lisa. So she decided to ignore Lisa’s behavior all together and hope that she could get through another class period with as little embarrassment as possible.

Lisa sensed right away that Mandy wasn’t going to interfere in her dalliance with Tori. So about fifteen minutes into the class, she began toying with Tori’s blouse collar. Tori, who was a little mousy type who was head over heels smitten with Lisa and delirious that she found anything about her to interest her, slid back in her chair and cooed softly as Lisa slid her finger inside the collar from the back and began toying with Tori’s bra strap. Mandy was certain the other students knew what was going on, and she was just as certain that she wouldn’t do anything at all to prevent Lisa from continuing to toy with her new little pet.

By the end of class, Tori’s head was thrown back as Lisa toyed with her ear. There were little gurgling noises coming out of Tori that Mandy just knew everyone in class could hear and know for what they were. But Mandy continued to pretend that she didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

By now, Lisa’s antics with her pet girl Tori were having an effect on Mandy. The little itch deep inside her that had begun last night during choir practice and had died in a blazing brace of orgasms had started up again. Mandy knew that she was getting aroused by her own impotence to make Lisa behave in class. And as the end of class bell rang, Mandy had to confess to herself that she perhaps wished deep down that she could trade places with Tori. Despite herself, Mandy wondered what it would feel like to be toyed with by Lisa. She knew that these kinds of feelings were very wrong, but that didn’t keep her from having them. She had occasionally had such feelings about female students before, but had been able to stifle them successfully in the past.

But after last night, Mandy just didn’t know whether she could stifle them any more.

As her students bolted for the door at the end of class, Mandy noticed that Lisa and Tori were still seated. And as she stared fixedly at the two teen girls, Mandy saw something that boggled her mind. Lisa looked straight at her teacher to make certain that she was watching. Then, very casually, Lisa slid her hand way inside Tori’s open blouse and began fondling her left breast through the thin material of her bra. Tori let out a contented little whimper and thrust out her chest as Lisa continued to fondle her, her steely eyes never leaving Mandy’s returning gaze. Then smiling wickedly, List removed her hand from Tori’s blouse and whispered into her ear. Tori stretched like a contented kitty cat in the sun and smiled sweetly up at her playmate. Lisa bent her head down and Tori gave her a hungry kiss right on the lips. Then both girls stood up and just walked out of the room as if nothing at all had happened. Mandy was paralyzed. She just stood there by her desk as Lisa and Tori left her room holding hands and smiling at each other. Her panties were soppy wet from having watched her two girl students make out right in front of her. Only the onrush of her next class made Mandy blink and try to come back to herself. Had she really seen what she thought she had seen? Mandy wasn’t sure. All she was sure of was that the little itch deep inside her was gnawing at her once more and that her crotch was hot and sticky from her secretions.

By the time she arrived at home that afternoon, Mandy was a tightly wound spring of sexual hunger. She would have immediately begun using her fingers on herself to relieve her burning itch, except for the fact that she remembered that Angela would be calling her to make arrangements to trade panties. Mandy made sure that Angela’s panties were absolutely clean, dry, and fresh for her. She didn’t want to cause her choir director to think that she couldn’t be trusted with a simple task like washing out panties.

About six o’clock that afternoon the phone finally rang. Mandy had been pacing back and forth in her living room willing the phone to ring for the past two hours. She had begun to fret that Angela had completely forgotten about her. And Mandy didn’t want Angela to forget about her. She wanted Angela to call her and tell her what to do next. She wanted it very much.

When the phone rang, Mandy practically leapt on it as if hearing Angela’s voice was a matter of life or death.

“Hello,” Mandy said in an expectant, trembling voice.

“Hello, Mandy. This is Angela.”

Mandy breathed a great sigh of relief. Angela hadn’t forgotten her after all.

“Hi, Angela. I’m really happy to hear from you. I did what you told me. I washed out your panties for you and dried them real good.

They’re all fresh and ready for you.”

Angela laughed lightly at the other end of the line.

“That’s great, Mandy. You were a good girl then. Weren’t you, baby?”

Mandy practically wriggled as she heard Angela’s words of praise. She could feel her itch growing in magnitude. She hoped Angela would want her to bring the panties to her right away.

“Yes, Angela. I was a good girl. What do you want me to do now?”

Angela giggled.

“Such an eager little beaver. How about you bring them over to my house and we’ll change out. I’ll even let you put them on for me.


Mandy was almost hopping on one foot she was so turned on.

“Great, Angela. I’ll come right over.”

Mandy hurriedly hung up the phone before Angela could change her mind. She snatched up her choir director’s panties and rushed from her house out to her car. She could barely put the key into the ignition switch she was so excited. She really didn’t know why she wanted to see Angela so badly, but she knew that she really did. The thought of seeing her after the intimacy that they had shared the previous evening made Mandy excited. Angela had finally noticed her.

Mandy practically flew to Angela’s house. It was fortunate that Angela lived only a few blocks away or Mandy would probably have gotten stopped by the local constable and given a speeding ticket. By the time she pulled into Angela’s driveway, Mandy was practically shaking with anticipation. Lisa and Tori had really worked her up during class, and now her little itch was practically taking her over.

Angela opened her front door and let Mandy inside. She could see how flushed the schoolteacher was, and she just smiled to herself. Whatever had gotten to Mandy that day was certainly having an effect on her. So much the better for Angela.

“Hi, baby. What have you been up to today?” Mandy was caught completely off guard by Angela’s question. She certainly didn’t want to reveal that she had been turned on by the erotic antics of two of her female students.

“Nothing at all, Angela. Just teaching like normal.”

Angela reached out her hand and gently glided her index finger along Mandy’s jaw.

“Baby, if you want to be my friend, you are going to have to be absolutely honest with me when I ask you a question. Now what’s got you all hot and bothered?”

Mandy lowered her eyes. She just couldn’t look Angela in the eye. She wanted to be Angela’s friend. She wanted to have the kind of relationship where she could share intimate secrets. But she was just so shy and embarrassed to have to admit how she had reacted to Lisa and Tori.

Angela slid her finger back along Mandy’s jaw line and began tenderly stroking her neck.

“Come on, baby. You can tell Angela all about it.”

Mandy raised her head, a hopeful expression on her face. Maybe it would be all right after all to tell Angela.

“Well, there are these two girls in my fourth period class, Lisa and Tori. And today, they were….”

“They were what,” Angela prompted, her soft hand molding itself to Mandy’s neck.

“Well, Lisa was touching Tori’s neck like you are touching mine right now.”

Angela stepped closer to the shivering schoolteacher.

“And do you think Tori liked it as much as you obviously do, baby?”

Mandy glanced at Angela.

“Yes, Angela. I think so.”

As Angela continued to stroke Mandy’s neck, the shy schoolteacher began to breath heavily.

She was so happy that Angela was taking an interest in her. She wanted so badly to be petted by her confident choir director.

“Did they do anything else, baby?”

Mandy nodded her head slightly.

“Un huh. Lisa put her hand inside Tori’s blouse and…, and touched her breast through her bra.”

Mandy blushed because of the words Angela was drawing out of her. She was telling Angela that seeing her female students indulging themselves like that turned her on. Mandy was deeply humiliated to be admitting such a wanton thing to Angela, but she really did want the choir director to take notice of her. And Angela had said that she always must be honest with her . Angela smiled and began toying with Mandy’s earlobe.

“And it turned you on to watch your little slut student Tori get felt up by her hottie little girlfriend. Didn’t it, baby?”

Mandy couldn’t say a word. All she could do was nod her head in shameful agreement.

Angela laughed softly and allowed her fingertip to roam around along Mandy’s ear.

“Mandy, you’re such a bad girl. Baby, you’re a teacher of all things. You aren’t supposed to get off watching your students feel each other up. You’re supposed to stop that kind of behavior in your classes. Aren’t you?”

Mandy knew that Angela was right. And she knew that by admitting that watching her girl students play little sex games in class turned her on she was giving Angela a weapon to use against her. But she really wanted Angela to like her and take notice of her. And she really wanted Angela to do something about her growing itch. And everything else just didn’t seem to matter at all to her right now. Angela looked down at her new little girl toy.

“Well. Aren’t you a bad girl?”

Mandy nodded her head again.

“Say it, bad girl. Say ‘I’m a bad girl’ for me.”

Mandy gurgled deep inside her throat.

“I’m a bad girl,” she whispered.

Angela continued to fondle Mandy’s ear.

“Oh, come on, baby. You can say it better than that. Say it loud for me.”

Mandy swallowed hard.

“I’m a bad girl,” she said it right out loud. Angela smiled.

“Yes, you are, baby. You know, I saw you staring at my legs last night. And don’t you dare deny it, bad girl.”

Mandy looked up at Angela, fear and embarrassment on her face. Was Angela angry with her for being so obsessed with looking at her choir director’s long, smooth legs?

“Well. Weren’t you staring at my legs, bad girl?”

Mandy nodded her head.

“Yes, Angela. I was staring at your legs last night. I like looking at your legs. They’re beautiful.”

Angela reached over and gave the top of Mandy’s head a little patronizing pat. “I’m glad you think my legs are beautiful. But that’s not all you were staring at last night. Was it, bad girl?”

Mandy formed the word ‘no’.

What else were you staring at last night, bad girl?”

Mandy didn’t want to say the word. She was blushing bright red.


“I was staring at your…pussy.”

Angela smiled broadly.

“That’s right, baby. You were staring at my pussy. And you liked looking at it, didn’t you?”

Mandy stood stark still. She didn’t want to admit what Angela was saying was true.


“Un huh. I loved looking at your pussy, Angela. I’m sorry. I want to be your friend, and you said to be honest. So I’m really trying to be honest. But now you know what a bad girl I am, and so you won’t have anything to do with me any more.”

Mandy was suddenly practically sobbing out the words. She was so overwrought. She was certain that once Angela made her admit what a little slut she was, that the choir director would get so disgusted with her that she would throw Mandy out of her house. And she would be right to do it. Mandy was nothing but a little slut.

But instead of yelling at her or throwing her out of the house, Angela just stood there and continued to play with lewdly Mandy’s earlobe.

“So you know that you’re a bad little slut girl, huh baby?”

Mandy continued to sob as she nodded her head in agreement with Angela’s critical assessment of her.

“Say it for me, baby.”

Mandy choked out the words.

“I’m a bad little slut girl.”

Angela stopped toying with Mandy’s ear and grasped her chin in her hand and lifted Mandy’s face till their eyes met.

“Well then, how would you like being my little slut girl, baby?”

Mandy’s face showed her confusion. Was she hearing what she thought she was? Angela wasn’t angry with her after all. Angela actually liked the fact that Mandy was slutty and got off on watching her girl students feel each other up. And that she wanted to stare at Angela’s pussy. Mandy couldn’t believe her ears.

“Well, baby. How would you like being my little sluttywutty?”

Mandy smiled sweetly and nodded her head vigorously. She suddenly wanted that more than anything else in the whole wide world.

She wanted to be Angela’s personal little slut. She wanted Angela to tell her what to do, even if it embarrassed or humiliated her. She wanted to belong totally to this confident, self-assured woman. She wanted it like nothing she had ever wanted before in her life.

“Yes, Angela. I want to be your slut. I want to do anything you tell me to from now on. I want you to love me and take care of me and tell me what to do. I want to obey you from now on. I really want it. Please, Angela. Please, please.”

Angela reached out her hand and casually allowed it to rove over Mandy’s breasts right through her blouse. Mandy whimpered and thrust out her chest so Angela could really feel her up. Angela giggled.

“OK, baby. You can be my slut girl from now on. But you have to do everything I tell you. Right?”

Mandy cried out in joy.

“Yes, Angela. Oh please yes. I’ll do everything you say from now on. I just want to serve you. Please tell me what to do.


Angela smiled her most feral smile.

“Good girl. We’ll have such fun together; you and I.”

Angela stepped away from Mandy and motioned her to sit on the couch. Mandy obeyed, smiling up at her new domme. Where was Angela going to take her? Her growing, burning itch made her hope it would be someplace really slutty. Angela walked over to the sideboard and poured Mandy a glass of red wine.

“Here baby. Drink this. It’ll make you mellow.”

Mandy took the offered glass of wine and practically gulped it down. Angela sat beside her and began unbuttoning her blouse.

“Baby, the first rule is no more bras. When you’re around me or even at school. No more bras. They just get in the way. Right?” Mandy nodded her head as Angela peeled her blouse off her shoulders.

“Take it off for me. I want to see your breasts.”

Mandy whimpered as she reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Then she shrugged and the plain white bra fell to the floor in front of her. Angela picked up the bra and tossed it into the metal trashcan at the end of the couch.

“I always want to be able to get at your breasts whenever I want to. So when you get home, I want you to throw all your bras away. Understand baby?”

Mandy nodded her head. She understood perfectly.

Angela nonchalantly began fondling Mandy’s small, firm breasts as if it were the most natural thing in the world. She ran her hands all around them, pausing occasionally to pinch Mandy’s nipples until the shy schoolteacher yipped in pain. But Mandy didn’t try to get away. She loved what Angela was doing to her. She felt so wanton allowing her choir director such intimate liberties with her. And it was what she wanted more than anything. Mandy was embarrassed and humiliated that Angela had acquired such complete control over her so quickly. But she didn’t ever want it to end.

“Get on the floor, baby. I want your mouth on me right now.”

Angela’s words were so sudden and the meaning behind them so unexpected that Mandy just sat there transfixed. Angela glared over at her new toy and slapped her face.

Mandy squealed in pain and surprise.

“Look, bitch. Either you decide to obey me, or put your blouse back on and go home. I won’t tell you again.”

Mandy cringed at Angela’s harsh words. She knew absolutely that she didn’t want to be thrown out of Angela’s house. Not when she was so close. So she immediately slid off the couch onto the floor and looked up pleadingly at Angela, just like a puppy who had been bad but wanted to be good.

Angela stretched out her jean-covered legs and smiled down at Mandy.

“That’s better. Don’t forget. I don’t give second chances, baby. Now, why don’t you be a good little slut and unsnap Angela’s jeans. Then you can unzip me and pull my jeans all the way down my sexy legs like a good little girl toy. I know you want to see my legs again, baby. I could tell how much you wanted to stare at them last night. Don’t you, slut?

Don’t you want to see my legs again?”

Mandy vigorously nodded her agreement. She really did want to feast her eyes on Angela’s stand out legs again.

Angela put her hands around Mandy’s face. “Don’t just nod your silly, slutty head, bitch. Say it for Angela.”

Mandy wanted to pull away, but she just couldn’t.

“I want to see your legs, Angela. I really loved looking at them last night. I couldn’t get enough of looking at them.”

As the words tumbled out of Mandy’s mouth, she could feel her sex secreting. Her panties were getting all soppy again at what she was being forced to do.

Angela removed her hands and sat back on the couch.

“I know, baby. You just can’t wait to see my legs. Can you? Well, go ahead and unsnap me and pull my little zipper all the way down. I really love it when a subby little slut girl like you undresses me.”

With trembling hands, Mandy did as she was told. Angela obliged her by lifting her butt off the couch so the schoolteacher could pull her tight jeans all the way off her hips and down her legs.

Angela leaned over as Mandy stared at what she had uncovered.

“You like my legs. Don’t you, baby. You like the way they look. All smooth and strong.

You want to touch them. You want to put your slutty mouth on them. Don’t you, baby slut?”

Mandy looked up directly into Angela’s eyes.

Her heart was pounding. Her breathing was shallow and ragged. She licked her lips over and over again. Oh yes. Despite every instinct that cried out within her that she was sliding down a slope she would never be able to climb back up from, she wanted more than anything to do as Angela said. She wanted to obey Angela completely. She wanted to do each and every little slutty thing her self-confident domme required of her. Her whole life up until this point had been pointing toward this very moment. She had fantasized about being with a woman like Angela since she was a girl. But that had been her stepmother. And that had been forbidden. This was different. This wasn’t forbidden at all. Finally it was happening for real. She would obey. She would beg. She would plead. She would humiliate herself and degrade herself. She would do absolutely anything it took to prove to Angela that she was sincere about being a good little subby slut for her.

“Yes, Angela. I love your legs,” Mandy whispered.

“I want to look at them. I want to use my mouth on them. I want to serve you. I want to belong to you. To be yours from now on.


Mandy was whimpering softly as she begged Angela to assume control over her. Angela stretched her long legs lazily. She so loved exhibiting herself in front of her little toys. She knew how captivating her body was for certain types of girls and women. And hearing about Lisa and Tori and their antics in class had put some delicious ideas into her head.

Angela lazily reached out her hand and clutched a handful of Mandy’s hair. Slowly, inexorably, she pulled the teacher’s face toward her until Mandy’s hot cheek rested against her smooth thigh.

“You may do my feet later, Mandy slut. When we go to bed, perhaps. Now, I shall allow you the privilege of using that sweet tongue of yours on my thigh. Give it a good bath for me, baby. But no pussy. Yet.”

Mandy did not have to be told twice. She began to lick along Angela’s thigh like a mother cat washing her kittens. Long, languid strokes up the smooth thigh. Angela grasped Mandy’s hair and pulled on it until the teacher was leaning over her, her eyes staring at Angela’s sweet belly button. Then Angela allowed her legs to open so that her new toy could get at her . “Now, Mandy baby. Now for Angela.”

Angela pulled forward on Mandy’s hair until she was staring down at the choir director’s glistening smooth labia.

“Does baby want this?”

Mandy nodded ‘yes.’

“Tell me, baby. What do you want?”

Mandy blushed. She was so humiliated, and so hungry. She wanted to pull away, grab her clothes and run, but she was absolutely mesmerized by the delicious sight below her.

“Tell me.”

Mandy gasped out the words.

“I want to… taste you.”

Angela pulled back on Mandy’s hair until their eyes met.

“Don’t you mean you want to eat me, little girl?”

Hot tears began running down Mandy’s blushing cheeks.

“Yes, Angela. I’m sorry. That’s what I mean. I want to eat you. Please.”

Mandy shivered all over. She had said it. She had confirmed what Angela already knew.

She wanted to perform the most intimate service for her new owner.

“Tell me about those girls in your class again, baby. What were their names?”

Mandy gulped.

“Lisa and Tori. Their names are Lisa and Tori.”

Angela smiled.

“Lisa. That’s right. I’m going to write her a little note, and I want you to give it to her tomorrow in class. Do you understand me, Mandy?”

Mandy shivered again. Where was this all leading?

“Yes, Angela. I understand.”

Mandy was committed. There was no turning back. Mandy didn’t want to turn back, either.

Whatever Angela had in mind. Whatever the final cost. Mandy knew for the first time in her life that she was exactly where she belonged. She wasn’t ever going back. She wasn’t going to give Angela up no matter what it cost her. She didn’t care. She belonged to Angela now. She had decided.

Once she was certain that Mandy was going to obey her, Angela allowed her new girl toy to have what she craved so desperately. She let go of Mandy’s hair and soon felt the first soft, tentative licks lave her hot, sticky sex. Mandy certainly made up in enthusiasm what she lacked in skill. And as Angela slid further into the sofa cushions, she was certain that she would provide Mandy plenty of opportunities to improve her technique. For now, Angela just enjoyed the wanton ministrations of her new sexual plaything.

And as Mandy licked, Angela allowed her mind to wander over the possibilities Lisa and he little subby teen girl Tori presented.

What Angela couldn’t know was that Lisa wasn’t being serviced only by her little friend Tori, but also by someone much, much closer to her. But she would soon find it out.

While Angela continued to instruct her new sexual plaything Mandy on the finer points of eating pussy, Lisa Mitchell and her mother, Tracy were having a conversation in Tracy’s home. Actually, It wasn’t really a conversation, since Lisa was doing all the talking, in more ways than one.

“Mommy, I want you to call Tori’s mother right this minute and ask her to let Tori stay over here with me again tonight. Tell her we have some late night studying to do.”

Lisa giggled as her mother began slowly shaking her head ‘no.’

“No, Lisa,” Tracy pleaded, almost whining.

“Not any more. Please, Lisa. Please.”

Tracy was practically crying.

Lisa just smiled and began unceremoniously to unbutton her mother’s blouse. Tracy merely stood there stark still, hot tears rolling down her face, and allowed her daughter to unbutton her all the way. She knew from past experience not to move away from Lisa once her daughter had decided to play with her. She remembered how her daughter had punished her for daring to try to resist. She didn’t want to undergo such punishment ever again.

“Now, Mommykins. Be a good little girl for Lisa and do what she says.”

Tracy continued to shake her head ‘no’ even as her daughter pulled her blouse completely away from the waistband of her short skirt and began possessively fondling her bare breasts.

“Now, Mommy. You know by now you can’t say ‘no’ to me. You haven’t been able to do that for more than a year now. Since that first time when I made you lick my little sniz.

Remember? And besides, you know how much it amuses me to make you lick little Tori’s sniz for her when she comes for sleepover. I just love the way it makes her giggle and pull her knees up to her shoulders. And I thought I would die when she lost control and peed all over your face last time. I made her lick my little a-hole for me all night over that one. She was so embarrassed. Especially when I made you drink her all up next morning when she woke up.”

Tracy just kept shaking her head ‘no’. She knew deep down that it was inevitable that she would finally surrender to Lisa and do whatever her daughter told her to do. Lisa had proven how weak her mother was time and again. But Tracy felt that she just had to make a show of at least trying to resist. She just had to. She couldn’t let her daughter win without putting up at least a little resistance. Besides, she really got wet when her daughter finally ‘forced’ her to obey.

She knew it and Lisa knew it. Tracy’s wanton hunger to be humiliated by her daughter was insatiable.

Lisa well understood her mother and her needs. She had understood for quite some time now.

She knew exactly which buttons to push to get her way. And she always got her way. So, while one hand continued to fondle and rove lasciviously over her mother’s full breasts, Lisa’s other hand reached out and picked up her soiled panties from the coffee table where Tracy had laid them earlier that evening after removing them in preparation for her nightly ration of Lisaslit.

“Here, Mommy. Go on and smell me. You know you want to. And you can even lick them if you want to. But if you don’t call Tori’s mom right now, I won’t let you have any of the real thing to sniff or taste.

Despite herself, Tracy couldn’t stop herself from inhaling deeply as Lisa held her panties directly under her mother’s nose. Tracy continued to cry silently as her daughter’s strong, earthy musk permeated her senses. She knew she was weakening, and she knew that complete surrender would come very soon, now.

She just had to taste her daughter. She just had to. And very soon.

Suddenly, as if she had been shocked, Tracy stopped shaking her head ‘no’ and picked up the telephone to dial the familiar number.

She knew full well that Tori’s mother would welcome any excuse to have her daughter out of the house so she could enjoy the salacious attentions of her recently-acquired lover, a rather dominant lady bank manager. In fact it had been Lisa herself who had met this woman at church, had recognized in her a kindred spirit, and had directed her toward Tori’s submissive, passive mother. Just as Lisa enjoyed Tori, Mildred the bank manager enjoyed her mother.

As expected, Tori’s mom practically cheered over the phone when Tracy told her that Tori was welcome to stay the night with Lisa.

So it was that twenty minutes later, Tori, who had briskly walked the two blocks between her house and Lisa’s, was met at the door by Lisa’s mother, Tracy, who was wearing nothing by a diaphanous negligee and a welcoming smile. And twenty minutes after that Lisa was smiling serenely like an empress surveying her obedient subjects as her mother began slavishly servicing little Tori’s puss while little Tori slavishly began servicing hers. Life was wonderful. Just wonderful.

And as for Mandy, she was well into her training as Angela’s little subby. And when she delivered her choir director’s little note to Lisa in class the next day, she was going to discover just how truly wonderful life could be. But that’s another story. Isn’t it?


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  1. Excellent plot and writing.You can feel the desire to give into lust build slowly and steadily. A great story of letting yourself go and letting your darkest desires guide your actions. Looking forward to the next chapter

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