JENNA’S VISITOR by MrDawnFluffles

Feature Writer: MrDawnFluffles

Feature Title: JENNA’S VISITOR

Published: 26.07.2023

Story Codes: Monsters, Orgasm Denial

Synopsis: Jenna finds a strange artifact in her new basement

Author’s Notes: Hey everyone! MrDawnFluffles here! This is another story inspired by LoveWolf AE’s work. Enjoy!

Jenna’s Visitor

I took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of the pines. Oh, it’s sooo damn good to get away from the city. The commute’ll be hell, but nothing beats the fresh forest air.

I pulled my suitcase out of the car and dragged it up the steps. Tossing open the door, I was greeted by a wave of dust cascading out of the cottage I’d just bought. I wandered in and threw my belongings onto various surfaces. The house had already been furnished, so I hadn’t brought a bunch of tables and beds and such. Unfortunately, that meant that everything was covered in a thick layer of dust.

I got to work cleaning. I started by sweeping the stray leaves that had miraculously made their way inside and progressed to shooing out the rat family living in the basement. After having cleaned the entire house, I wiped the sweat from my brow and perched the broom against the wall.

The rotting wood gave way with a sickening squelch, revealing a small cubby beyond. It was too dark to see, so I fetched a flashlight from upstairs before heading back in. I pried the wood further to reveal a hallway with a large… vault door at the end?

The metal door shone my light back at me. I pulled some more of the wood away and stepped into the hall. Made of solid steel, the door had a big bolt lock on the front. A nearly rotten note was taped to the metal.


The rest of it was illegible.

I rolled my shoulders and pocketed the note. It’s my house. Surely the previous owner’s sex dungeon can’t be that bad…

Something in my gut gave me just enough pause that when I reached for the door, I stopped and stepped away. Maybe in the morning, I told myself while heading back upstairs.

I grabbed a saran-wrapped sandwich from my bag and finished unpacking. The house was already feeling like home as I decorated with a few of my knick-knacks. With my coat on the rack, I felt safe, though thoughts of the door still lingered in the back of my mind.

I shook the curiosity from my thoughts. “Ok, Jenna. You can investigate that in the morning. One thing at a time. For now, take a shower.” I pulled off my sweaty underwear and hopped into the shower, but as I stood there, the cold air causing my nipples to harden and my skin to prickle, no water came from the showerhead.

“Are you telling me the water isn’t working, either?”

I shook my head. Really should’ve gotten an inspection. But I couldn’t say no when he cut the price in half after I promised I wouldn’t.

I wiped off as much of the sweat as I could, but I was still fairly drenched. I went back into the basement, but there didn’t seem to be any sign of a water tank.

Maybe that’s what’s behind the door.

As the long shadows of the moon cascaded down the stairs into the murky basement, now even darker than before, my gut warned me to leave. Urgently.

“Maybe I’ll check it out in the morning. I’m not that sweaty…”

I hurried up the stairs and pulled myself into bed. The frame sagged from old age, but my new sheets gave it a bit of a revival.

I shut my eyes and waited for morning to come.

But try as I might, I lay awake, my mind fixated on the door.

I pulled on some slippers and threw on a jacket which did nothing to cover my ass or breasts but gave me enough courage to brave going down into the basement again.

Newfound courage overwhelmed the urge to run, and I placed both hands on the metal lock. I gritted my teeth as it squealed, twisting ever so slightly before I heard it click. As I stepped back, new sweat breaking out across my brow, the door swung open.

It glided along its hinge like it had been installed yesterday and was oiled three times since. Beyond was a pitch-black expanse. I shone the light into the black and found myself staring into a huge dirt cellar.

Well, it’s not a boiler room.

I stepped inside, a centipede scurrying out of my way. I shone the light around, disappointment slowly growing. “Could’ve at least been a torture dungeon or something. Fuckin’ weird.”

As I explored the less-than-exciting room, I tripped over a rock. I pushed myself to my feet, squatting over it, my bare ass aimed at the ground, and dug my fingernails into it. Please be literally anything interesting.

As I dug out the rock, I found it covered a latch, which I yanked open to find a small hole with a box inside. The box had a similar note. All it said was, “LAST CHANCE.”

I shrugged and grabbed it. Closing the hatch, I left the door open, not wanting to exert myself any further. I put the grimy box down in the sink, realizing again that the water didn’t work.

I plopped it, grime and all, onto the kitchen table. “Let’s see, little box, what you have to offer.”

I opened it and winced, but all I saw was a necklace. It was decorated with ornately carved black gemstones. I tried it on without so much as a second thought. Why would the previous owner leave something like this?

I eyed my mostly naked form in the bathroom mirror. I stuck out my ass and squeezed my boobs together, the gemstones cold on my skin. It really compliments my hair.

Returning to my bedroom, I tossed my slippers into one corner, and let my jacket hang from a bedpost.

I lay in bed, tossing and turning for a while. Why can’t I sleep?

After a few more minutes, the answer came. I realized my pussy was extremely warm. I grabbed my phone and snapped a selfie. “First time masturbating in the new bed!” I said to myself, laughing as I reached down. It was late, so I worked quickly. I slipped a finger into my pussy, only then realizing that I was soaking. My hand came back, nearly covered in my fluids, which I quickly sucked up and got back to work. I stuck one finger in my ass and two in my pussy while I palmed my clit.

My new bed sheets grew ever wetter as I slowly grew closer to cumming, tiny moans escaping my lips. After thirty seconds of intense fingering, I felt myself come to the edge. I braced myself, the wave about to crash over me…

But nothing came. Even as I continued to ram my fingers into myself, I couldn’t get over the edge.

I continued, a little annoyed at my body’s defiance, but still, I couldn’t cum. I hung just on the edge, inching never closer to orgasm until my alarm went off.

I checked my phone. Time to get up already? No wonder my arms are tired.

I pulled myself out of bed and groggily pulled on some clothes. The necklace still hung beautifully around my neck, and that instilled in me the strength to continue my day, despite the burning in my loins.

I made some breakfast and devoured it before heading out of the house. After grabbing my map, I went deep into the woods, following what appeared to be paths. I tried to make sense of the geography of the wilds, but after a few minutes, I was helplessly lost.

The morning light shone down through the dewy air, and I took a seat on a log. Even that slight pressure against my ass was enough to send my hand into a frenzy, trying desperately to pull the orgasm out of me. I felt the urge build, and build, and build, but never release.

I slammed my fist against the tree.

“The fuck is wrong with me?”

My words echoed through the trees, scattering a handful of birds. With a sigh, I stood and patted the brush from my ass.

As I continued my trek, enormous cocks clouded my thoughts. My nipples hardened as I imagined the huge dicks plowing me, invading my pussy, or my ass. I was willing to let anything slide to cum at this point.

Wow, have my limits disappeared. I guess that’s what not being able to cum’ll do to you. Holy shit, did that happen fast, though.

I examined the map again and picked a path essentially at random. There wasn’t much point in using strategy, I was so lost. I made my way past trees that looked familiar, and rocks that didn’t; through brush and clearings until I finally stood at the edge of a small cliff that overlooked a vast lake. I could see a few islands eyeing me from the distance, and the opposing shore stared back at me. The water was still, no sign of life.

Reexamining the map yielded few results. Well, I know it’s not Echo Lake, that’s got a hotel, nor is it Lake Panet, too quiet. Where the hell am I?

I plopped myself down on the cold stone, the grooves in the rock agitating my incredibly sensitive ass. I grabbed some of the stray stones and tossed them into the lake below.

I watched as some birds passed overhead, casting their shadows along the still water below me.


I heard a voice whisper from behind me. I whirled around, but there was no one there. “Hello?”

There was no reply. Must have imagined it. This horniness is really getting to me.

I dusted myself off once more and stood. I stowed the useless map away and headed back into the forest, pussy juice dripping down my legs.

As I walked through the woods, I came to a split that looked familiar. Is that a path over there?

I wandered over to it, and sure enough, there was a path. How did I miss this? It’s like right next to where I was.

I wandered down the path, and after only a few minutes, I emerged between a pair of branches and onto my front lawn. How? I was only like ten minutes away, I guess?

I shook my head. Weird.

I headed inside and grabbed a dildo from my bag, which I brought downstairs and into the room where I’d found the necklace. “If he didn’t use it as a sex dungeon, maybe I will.”

I stuck the dildo to the floor and tossed my shorts and panties to one side. I squatted over it, needing no lube.

I slammed myself down on the rubber cock over and over, flicking my clit with each bob, desperately trying to draw out the orgasm that was stuck deep within me. But it was like a sneeze that never came. I fucked myself until my legs were sore from bouncing, then switched to lying on my back and fucking myself that way.

But still, I couldn’t cum.

Finally, I tossed the dildo away. “Fuck!”

I collapsed onto my back, my insides and outsides sore from the brutal pounding I’d just given myself.

I took a moment to catch my breath, rubbing the necklace absentmindedly. What the fuck is wrong with me?

As I wondered, I realized the necklace was warm in my palm. I rushed upstairs, still bottomless, and looked in the mirror. The black gems glowed, the energy radiating visibly on my skin. I quickly pulled the necklace off and headed back into the basement. It fucking cursed me. Shit, shit, shit.

I grabbed the box from the counter where I’d left it and shoved the evil gems back in it. I quickly buried it in the hole again and resealed the door.

Finally, I felt safe. The nerves that had been plaguing me for the past day finally took a breath, and a wave of exhaustion poured over me. I nearly fell to the ground, but managed to climb upstairs and collapse on the couch with the last of my strength.

I awoke later, the sun already asleep. I checked my phone. 23:07.

I yawned and stretched, feeling a lot more relaxed. My loins still yearned, but I repressed the feeling and grabbed another saran-wrapped sandwich. It was a tad stale, but still tasty enough.

With a full belly, I plopped myself back onto the couch. I sighed my stress away and shut my eyes again, only to be startled onto the floor by a bang from downstairs. I pulled myself up, grabbing a broom and wielding it like a spear, before descending the stairs. My nerves were prickling again, shouting for me to just return to the city, but I kept going.

As my bare feet stepped onto the icy soil of the basement, I cast a glance around, sweeping the light from my phone into the dingy room.

Everything seemed out of place until… Shit. Fuck fuck fuck.

The door that I was certain I had sealed hung ajar. I turned on my heel and dashed upstairs, feeling the hairs on my neck rise further with each step.


I shut the door to the basement. Okay, I definitely heard that. Fucking cursed necklace voodoo shit.

I ran over to the kitchen and grabbed a knife, brandishing it against the darkness that surrounded me. A breeze flowed through the room, raising the hairs on my arms.

A shape darted past the window. I yelped, but caught myself before I fell into despair. I dashed to the window and looked out, but the rain that had started falling obscured everything but the present oppressive blackness.

My nerves were on full alert as I backed away from the window, right into something. A hand fell over my shoulder, and I whirled around, only to be met with a swirling black mass.

I dropped the knife and tried to run, but its hand stopped me from taking a single step.

Fear not, my child…

Its words echoed like the wind, whistling through the cabin. I shrieked and pulled away, evading its grasp.

I grabbed the knife from the floor, my face contorted in terror. “Stay back… you monster!”

It extended a shadowy tendril that coalesced into a black palm, five fingers sprouting from the mass. In its clutches was the necklace. Take it. You look so beautiful when you wear my pendant.

I charged forward, knife in front of me, but as I met the mass, it swirled into mist and disappeared, reforming a few feet away. The only part of it that wasn’t black was six glowing white slits in its face that never blinked.

I caught my breath as I realized it hadn’t hurt me. “What do you want?”

The necklace formed again from the mist. Wear my necklace.


Its hand reached out again, leaving the necklace dangling in the air. “What the fuck? Tell me why.”

A low whistle cleared the room, and its form coalesced before fading away again.

I want to be whole again. I was trapped… only to be free when the necklace is fully powered. Please…

“Is that it?”

Yes… please… I want to be whole.

I stepped forward and grabbed the necklace, tossing it on. “Why can’t I cum while wearing this?”

It stores sexual energy… It’s almost full. You’ve been quite busy.

“Yeah. Do I need to fuck myself until you’re whole again?”

It moved in a motion that looked like nodding.

“Alright. Stay here. I need to go get my dildo.”

Its hand extended, and my dildo appeared, still dripping with my juices.

“Of course. Why not barter with a demon, Jenna? You’ve had bright ideas before.”

It looked at me. “Well… uhh, turn around, please?”

It sighed, obliging. I put the dildo back in my pussy, once again feeling like I couldn’t take a full breath.

As I fucked myself, the necklace glowed brighter and grew warmer until it was steaming. It never got too hot to handle, but my sweat evaporated from beneath it.

“Good… it’s almost ready…”

With a last thrust, my mind so all-encompassingly horny, the black gems shattered, leaving nothing behind.

I tossed the dildo to the side and went over. The shadow was twitching, its form pulsing with every passing second. After a few moments, the mist began to harden into flesh. It was black, looking nearly rotten, but its form stayed. With a thud, it landed beside me.

I could see its back muscles, feel its presence. “Oh, shit.”

It turned around, its cock forming last, into a massive third leg of black meat. “Oh… shit…”

“Thank you for freeing me, Jenna… of…” It trailed off. “Regardless of your lineage, you have done a great service to this world.” It stood a good few feet over me, its six eyes staring into my soul from beneath a huge crown of antlers.

It stepped closer. “I could give you a reward if you would like.”

I nodded, my eyes still locked below its waist.

“You are beautiful, Jenna. The most beautiful woman I have seen in many lifetimes of your people.”

Its cock grew, twitching as it began to stand upright.

“You have the most wonderful eyes.”

Its touch on my skin felt like leather, but my pussy cried so desperately for release that I fell to my knees.

“Do you want me?”

I moaned a needy “yes.”

“Then stand, my concubine of mortal flesh.”

With a wave of its hand, it had me gliding across the room, past the couch, to the basement. I barely even registered it as the cool air erected my nipples and clit.

I floated into the vault, and the creature let me fall to the floor. I landed in a bed. “Welcome, my dear Jenna, to my world.”

I looked around. This tiny room was exactly the size of the vault, but furnished delicately. It had several bookcases full of tomes, a bed with a wide canopy, and dozens of beautiful furs.

“It’s breathtaking.”

“Indeed. They locked me away for millennia, so I furnished my living quarters with what trinkets fell out of the mortal world.”

Its cock was fully erect. “Now, let’s give you your reward.”

The shadow crouched down, its oddly handsome face nearing my sopping vagina. I whined, my needs so desperate I could barely stay conscious past the desire to breed.

Then, as a tongue snaked out from its mouth and rubbed along my vagina, an electric shock shot through my body.

The tongue flicked across my vagina, sending sparks arcing through my skin, and waves of pleasure emanated from my groin. I moaned with each thrash of its whip-like tongue.

“Come, my dear. Feel your reward.”

It placed its thick slab of meat on my stomach, the spikes along its cock grating my skin and tickling my clit as it rubbed itself between my thighs.

It pulled back, lining itself up with my slit. “Please…” I moaned breathlessly.

“There is no need to beg. Enjoy your reward.”

The head of its cock split my sopping pussy with ease, my juices granting the penis instant entry. The shadow barely had to push as it glided into me, the spikes scratching my insides until its cock hit my cervix. “Deeper,” I said.

“You’re too shallow,” it said. “No matter.”

It pushed, and pushed, and my cervix yawned open, allowing the head of the shadow’s cock to enter my womb. “I welcomed you into my sanctum, and now I am resting in yours.”

My eyes met the shadows’. “Now, we fuck.”

It pulled its cock out, my cervix tightening and closing as it did, before slamming back in. It fucked me hard, its gigantic balls slapping my ass, leaving two red marks. I moaned, desperately begging the creature to rut me harder as it fucked me, venturing in and out of my womb with abandon.

I could feel my orgasm building, but it wasn’t quite ready yet. I reached up and stroked the shadow’s jawline before wrapping my hand around its neck and pulling it in for a kiss.

Its tongue explored my throat while its cock ravaged my pussy. I sucked on its thick appendages from both ends, clenching my vagina tighter than I ever had, trying to milk this beast. As I stared into its six eyes, for once I felt seen. More than any partner I’d had before.

I drooled its spit all over me, and I could see the lust growing in its eyes. It pulled out of my pussy, leaving me to gape our juices over its bed, before delving into my asshole.

I yelped as the sharp spikes tore at my colon, but after a few moments, we settled back into a rhythm.

“Give it to me,” I screamed between thrusts.

It continued to brutalize my asshole, the bruises on my buttcheeks growing with every thrust. Finally, it slowed down and left itself inside me. “Give me a moment.”

I took the opportunity to catch my breath as its hands and groin began to glow. “What?”

I saw a nub emerge from the flesh above its cock, slowly growing and shaping into a second penis.

With its first cock still in my asshole, it lined up its second with my pussy and delved back into me, this time hammering me from both sides.

The pleasure was unbearable and my thoughts lost coherence as it plowed me. I babbled and giggled with each jolt of pain or ecstasy.

“You’re ruining the mood. Here, let me just…” The glow reappeared, this time from its face, where another cock emerged, replacing its mouth.

It battered down my throat like a ram, preventing my gag reflex from doing anything but milking it. With each thrust of its hips, it would pull out of my mouth, and then it would slam its face into mine and pull out below.

I could do nothing but sit back and relish the pure pleasure, as all of my holes were devastated by this single entity. I could feel its desperation growing, and it was having a hard time controlling itself.

It fucked me for another few minutes before thrusting all the way in from both ends. I could feel its cocks meet somewhere inside me, and finally, it came.

Like a fire hydrant, all three of the cocks exploded outwards with cum, filling my stomach to the brim. I could feel it trying to leak out of my holes, but the three rods of meat kept it trapped within me.

As it continued to fill me, my own orgasm rocked my very soul. I shook and squealed through its cock, no doubt coaxing more cum into my body, before finally falling to the ground.

My hands stroked my stomach, the cum beneath the surface gurgling and roiling within.

Slowly, the shadow pulled out, and with the single pop, a flood filled the room, its cum flowing out of me from all directions. I tried to hold my mouth closed, but my gag reflex forced the cum out of my nose.

I lay in a pool of delectable black cum for a few minutes before passing out.

I awoke sometime later in my own bed; the sun shining through the curtains. My holes were still incredibly sore, and I could feel cum leaking from everywhere possible, but I was home, and my mind was clear.

I moaned, remembering the amazing night. I could feel something growing within me. “Shit. I was so horny I forgot to take birth control.”

I rubbed my stomach, urging more of the shadow’s cum out of me, but I was still fairly bloated. But I forced myself to my feet and headed into the living room. I took my time, dripping cum down the hallway, waddling like I was in my third trimester. The sun cast a light through the window, and I noticed a box sitting on the table.

On top of it was a note. “Thank you, my dear Jenna. I was imprisoned for so long… and now I am free to taste the fruits of life once more. If you could find it within your heart to help my brethren, I’m sure they would be just as grateful. And if you ever want to see me again, just yearn, and I will be there, lover.” I placed the letter gingerly to one side and opened the box. Inside were dozens, if not hundreds, of dazzling bits of jewelry of all shapes and sizes.

“Oh, this will be fun.”


3 thoughts on “JENNA’S VISITOR by MrDawnFluffles”

  1. Oh, my SinfulGoodness; you have taken my breath away, panting over the last lines of your story. Please keep us all apprised of Jenna’s sojourns along the DarkPath.
    Hail Satan Hail Lilith

  2. Oh, my Sinful Goodness; you have taken my breath away, panting over the last lines of your story. Please keep us all apprised of Jenna’s sojourns along the Dark Path.
    Hail Satan Hail Lilith

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