Demonic Enlightenment by Hoku Lani – Non-Fiction

Writer: Hoku Lani

Subject: Demonic Enlightenment

Link: MEWE / 01.10.2023

Demonic Enlightenment

The Dark Web is that place on the Internet where you find anything and everything that might otherwise be forbidden, such as cybercrime, drugs, and other shady matters.

But there are also brilliant applications that can be used for productive aims such as deciphering a seventeenth century letter from Satan to a nun.

There is a legend that dates back to the seventeenth century, about an Italian nun who claimed to have written a number of letters during an episode of demonic possession.

While I am not Italian, but Hawaiian, I can confirm that my very own demonic possession greatly assists my blog posts.

Sister Maria had joined the Benedictine convent when she was fifteen. She was well-known and liked by the other sisters and the abbess who often encouraged her to sleep with them.

And then, one August day in 1676 when Sister Maria was thirty-one years old, she was found on the floor of her quarters, her face covered in ink and the letters clutched in her hands.

When she woke up, the nun claimed that she was possessed by Satan, who made her sign the letters but she resisted and wrote only “Ohimé” (oh me), for which she was later blessed.

They have confirmed that the letter says “God thinks he can free mortals … this system works for no one.” It also speaks about God and Zoroaster as inventions of the people; of the River Styx, saying, “Perhaps now, Styx is certain.”


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