Passage #2 Shed Your Cloak by Walofneptune – Non-Fiction

Writer: Walofneptune / Lord Immorteb Nachtmahr

Subject: Passage #2 Shed Your Cloak

Link: Tumblr / 22.09.2023

Passage #2 Shed Your Cloak

The Wal of Neptune Freedom passage, there is no more liberating way other than to free yourself. Any mental roadblocks you may have or be weary of is the wall you must dismantle to truly be free. As children of Asmodeous, we believe in our own pleasure and taboo needs, the religious walls that were put in place by society and religion have left us yearning for more from life, thus we must push down any obstacles that stop us from being who we are created to be free.

Every part of your body, mind, and soul is magical, what more liberating than to slap the religious prison guards in the face with lust? They themselves cannot control their urges which is why they feel shame every time they feel any sort of luscious sin. Free yourself by letting go, shedding the cloak of shame and self-consciousness, you are all beautiful Satanic creatures and you shall relish in the lust that our Dark Lord praises. Hail Satan! Hail Asmodeous! Hail Lilith!

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