IMPALEMENT GAME by Impaler49152 and re-visioned by Regis

Feature Writer: Impaler49152 / Re-visioned by Regis

Feature Title: Impalement Game

Published: 29.03.2023 / Previously published on Ravishu

Story Codes: Snuff, Impalement, Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Pole dancing provides a deadly delight

Impalement Game 

Four more wannabe porn models, who were two pair of twins, had been invited by a couple of real gentlemen to go with them to an off-shore porn production company’s private island, and with compliments about their incredible bodies and spirit, and willingness to take risks just for the kicks, the agreed to play the company’s most popular and totally infamous “Impalement Game.”

The four contestants were increasingly nervous for a good reason; at least one of them would end her short life during this perverted game for the entertainment of the thousands of paying viewers of the web live stream, as well as for the hundreds of people attending in person, along with wannabe young girls there for the chance to make it big.

The girls had just witnessed the lethal vaginal impalement of a cute blond eighteen-year-old. Watching the trapdoor underneath the petite girl opening right during her orgasm really got their blood pumping. It was a shocking but erotic sight, watching this extremely gorgeous young girl plunging onto the upright impalement pole inside her teenage pussy.

She managed to slow down sliding down the pole by pushing her feet against the metal pole, but soon her strength subsided and she lost the grip, causing her own body weight to push her downwards onto the invading shaft. The tip of the pole would slowly push through her cervix, uterus and belly.

She managed to stay alive for more than sixty second before the tip of the pole ripped through her lungs and pierced her heart. It was a grotesque sight, watching basically everyone in the studio either masturbating or having sex during the minute it took the poor girl to dance on the pole to her death.

Not only the male staff of cameramen gaffers and lighting guys, the producers and even the director were either stroking their cocks or violently fucking other female wannabe porn models, but also the few female staff members were shamelessly rubbing their sex organs, especially the loud orgasm screams emitted by the twenty-four-year-old female assistant director.

No one seemed to care that three young girls were obviously raped and violently beaten by a bunch of VIP guests who had paid to watch the filming of this show live in the studio. Four of the men, who looked like body guards, were holding a petite teen girl down, spreading her arms and legs, while a fifth guy raped her tight pussy with his large cock.

After he withdrew and shot his load over her belly, he grabbed his cigar and pushed the burning end against the screaming girl’s clit before he shoved the entire length of the burning cigar deep inside her young vagina. After her screams subsided, dozens of men lined up, to rape her burned cunt. 

the impaled girl of the demonstration of the shafts had been removed and the pole cleaned of her spilled blood and pee. With trembling legs, the four naked new contestants climbed onto the closed trapdoors. At this point all four girls regretted signing up for this perverted contest, but it was too late to back out now.

They knew that the mafia, who owned the production company and organized this show, wouldn’t let them go. They had a live streaming video violent porn show to produce, with many thousands of paying customers impatiently waiting. The only chance for any of the two sets of twins to survive this insidious game was by beating the other three girls in the perverted pole-masturbation contest.

As the director gave the sign, the show started. The four girls were asked to introduce themselves by the show master. One after the other was asked to step over the impalement pole and to insert the tip of the pole inside her vagina, while answering for the audience a couple of personal and deeply humiliating questions.

To the horror of the contestants, the trapdoors were made of dark, but slightly transparent plastic, so they could see the three-meter-deep pit underneath their feet, containing nothing but the upright poles in their crotches. The golden dildos on the tip of the pole were thick, but not thick enough to cause much friction when their entire body weight would push the girls onto them.

The surface of the dildo was a little rough, and the girls who listened to the advice and lubricated their vaginas were happy that they had done so. A dildo of this size and with this rough surface would have caused a great deal of pain otherwise. They had no intention of sliding down onto the shafts, but if they did, they wanted to have little discomfort.

Providing lubrication was no issue for the four girls taking such a high risk for so little payoff. It was all about showing their daring. All of them were extremely aroused and drooling from their fuck slits, just from the thought of what they were about to do. The cameramen were not shy to zoom in on their swollen and red clits and pussy lips.

When the show master explained the rules of the perverted game, the girls couldn’t really follow his words, they were simply too excited and nervous, each of them with a heart rate well over one-hundred sixty.

Two small pins on each side of the trapdoor were all that stopped them from plunging onto the long pole. 

Maria, the girl on the left, tried to relax herself, as she closed her eyes. She had heard that it helps to imagine your audience naked, when you’re performing on the stage. In this case this didn’t help much, since ninety-nine percent of her audience were in fact naked, visibly stroking their hard erect cocks or rubbing their inflamed pussies, masturbating while anticipating the game to start.

Suddenly she felt a slight vibration on the metal dildo inside her, as the electric motor slowly pushed the pole upwards a dozen centimeters. As a reflex, Maria and the other girls got up on their toes to raise their bodies as the dildos slid deep into them. Maria could feel a sense of panic starting inside of here, the dildo was now so deep inside her that it was now impossible for any of them to step off the pole. By this simple device, all four girls were locked in place for the duration.

The design was to stop girls from storming off the stage should they experience a panic attack. When Maria relaxed her toes to stand on her feet flat, the tip of the dildo was almost pushing against her cervix. A shiver went through her body when she thought about what would happen should the trapdoor open underneath her.

 Maria’s twin sister Eva on her right side actually enjoyed taking the large penis-like object inside her.

Ever since she was thirteen, she had started masturbating with oversized objects, and she was only fifteen when she convinced her twin sister to try out the naughty two-girl game called fisting other girls at school had told her about. Although it was a lesbian form of fucking, any girls could do it.

When Eva remembered all the kinky sex she had experienced in her short life, she unintentionally started moving up and down on the dildo between her legs. Of course, the cameramen didn’t fail to notice and showed her moving hips on the studio’s large video wall, that provided even those in the back a great view of the action.

Eva had to endure a couple of humiliating and nasty insults by the show master as a result, but they rolled off her back. She didn’t really care being called a horny slut on a world wide web stream with tens of thousands of viewers. The incredible feeling of the dildo moving inside her took care of that.

Maria wasn’t surprised to see her twin sister getting aroused even in this perilous situation in front of all those people. Eva had always been the slut of the family. Maria remembered the first time their wealthy Uncle Steven seduced the twins at his cabin in the forest. They had still been virgins when he convinced the girls to undress in front of him and to give him a nasty masturbation show.

The rich uncle promised to give two hundred and fifty dollars for the first girl to climax in front of him, a lot of money for a thirteen-year-old. Maria stood no chance against her twin sister, who had an orgasm only a minute after the perverted race had started. It was also Eva who was able to snatch the five-hundred-dollar prize for winning the blow job contest, when they each took twenty-second turns sucking on Uncle Steven’s hard cock.

That weekend, her twin sister Eva had also become a thirteen-year-old whore by selling her virginity to Uncle Steven for another eight hundred dollars. It was no wonder that they were now both standing here, naked on a trapdoor with an impalement pole deep inside their vaginas, desperate to win the twenty-five thousand dollars if they made it through this show alive.

Selling their gorgeous young bodies in a degenerate competition like this was the next logical step in their careers as despicable shameless teen whores. Their Uncle Steven had seen their true value, and was now in the audience to cheer them on. It was he who had told the gentlemen who had invited them here about his lovely and daring young twin nieces.

As the show master gave the signal, Maria snapped out of her daydream. She realized that the life and death contest had already begun. According to the rules, all four of the girls had to give an erotic masturbation show on the poles, and according to the rules, without using their hands, in front of the cameras with maybe hundreds of thousands of paying viewers, they had no idea how many.

When Maria looked to her left, she saw the other three girls were slowly moving their hips up and down, carefully riding the thick dildos inserted into their moist fuck holes. Eva had no shame pulling her cunt lips apart and cheating by using her fingers. She seemed to enjoy the fact that the cameraman zoomed in on her pussy as she exposed her swollen clit.

Maria could see that the dozens of men and women in the studio slowly started to work on their genitalia as well. Seeing all those men getting erections while watching her really turned Maria on, even though she couldn’t take credit for that alone. Most people in the audience probably focused on Eva, as she shamelessly played with her red and swollen clitoris like the horny teen slut she was.

All of the girls were cheating, as all of their hands were in play. The no-hands rule had been put in place to make the girls conscious they must not block the cameras’ view of their excited dildo-stuffed cunts, but none of them were blocking the cameras’ probing view of their most intimate fully displayed and cleanly shaved occupied sex organs.

Maria decided not to hold back any longer. She closed her eyes and rubbed herself furiously. in combination with the huge dildo inside of her, the fingers working on her labia brought her to the point where she could have easily climaxed already. But then she remembered the rules of this nasty competition and slowed down to stop herself from cumming too soon.

According to the rules, the four girls got constantly rated by the viewers who were watching the interactive streaming grossly obscene program. If Maria would climax while having the lowest score of the four girls, the trapdoor underneath her would open. The same would happen if the majority of the audience had the impression that her orgasm was fake. How could she be sure not have the lowest score at this point?

Suddenly the girl next to her announced her upcoming orgasm by yelling …

“I’m cumming …! Six … five …. four … three … two … one

 …. aaaagggggh!”

In anticipation of the trapdoor opening, everyone in the audience focused on the girl as the camera zoomed in to capture the start of her impending impalement. Everyone could see her labia twitching and even squirting out a little pussy juice. The question of fake or not had been answered. But was she the girl with the lowest score at the time? 

No, the light above her head went green, signalling that she had made it.

“That bitch made it,” Maria thought to herself … “That bitch is safe and just made twenty-five-thousand dollars just by climaxing on camera and in front of a room full of perverts!”

Since one girl was out, the chances of dying in this perverted game increased dramatically for the remaining three girls.

 Maria decided to go for it. She looked directly in the camera, imagining what the many thousands of viewers would think of her. She felt like the dirtiest slut on earth, masturbating in the face of death for a ridiculously small amount of money, everything considered. At that moment she felt like a filthy skank whore.

Then she remembered what she heard about the audience of this game show: the stream was being simultaneously shown on huge video walls in hundreds of underground clubs all over the world. Clubs in which wealthy men could have their most sadistic and perverted dreams come true, and regularly did.

These were clubs in which it was completely okay to grab the cute sixteen-year-old naked waitress who was serving champagne in only black stockings and spike heels, and to throw her on the table and thrust your cock in her exposed teenage pussy. Serving the guest’s cocks with her pussy was actually the best-case scenario for the little waitress slut.

She had heard that in some of these clubs they had large trained dogs that would, on command, mount a naked young waitress and engage in obscene bestial sex for the amusement of the guests, and that many of these dogs would also use their teeth on the girl they were fucking. A second dog, sometimes female, would rip the dangling breasts and bare belly of the girl being dog-fucked.

In some parts of the world, destroying a waitress’ cunt by hammering a large champagne bottle in her fuck hole until it would break so that the glass splinters would rip her sensitive sex organ to pieces, would be totally okay. The club would just add the price for the girl on the guest’s tap. In many parts of the world, the champagne bottle would be more expensive than the disposable teen waitress.

Maria’s thoughts were running wild as she imagined all the sexual monstrosities that girls like her would have to endure right in this moment, while horny men would watch her performance on the pole. Then she remembered the day when she discovered all that ultra-violent torture and even snuff porn on Uncle Steven’s laptop.

She would never forget that Tuesday night, when she masturbated six hours straight to hundreds of torture and snuff videos; most of them filmed at a Ukrainian civil war camp, where paramilitaries systematically raped, tortured and killed hundreds of gorgeous young women and even teen girls.

That night Maria had learned what kind of erotic kick the display of sexual violence and death could cause. She didn’t know any of the girls, they were just sex objects to her, and she’d thoroughly enjoyed seeing the brutalized naked young girls being mercilessly killed like animals by the our-of-control men.

After watching scenes of desperate seventeen-year-olds giving blow jobs while kneeling over gas burners pointed at their crotches, Maria lost interest in watching regular porn on main stream porn sites. Instead of the regular stripping, blowjob, fuck, and cum shots to the face, her favorite porn movies now where more like: bound, stripped, forced blowjob, pussy/ass rape, cum shot, clit removal and finally pussy shot with an AK-47 that blew the entire groin area apart.

Suddenly she heard loud high-pitched screams from the audience. As if they had read her mind, a couple of VIP guests were in the process of abusing a petite wannabe porn model, a junior high girl who came here to suck the cocks of some porn producers, hoping to find a well-paid job in the industry. But why would they hire her, if they could just shoot a quick torture porn scene using their cell phones.

Maria watched as the five men pinned the helpless girl down in order to insert various oversized objects in her exposed pussy while squeezing and pulling on her breasts. Finally, they turned one of the chairs around, and forced the screaming girl’s spread cunt onto one of the four dirty chair legs. Then they pushed her downwards and basically impaled her vagina onto this piece of furniture.

These men were getting themselves into the mood. 

Watching the pretty girl getting pushed downward the chair leg, Eva couldn’t hold back any longer. With a loud orgasm scream she came to a long and intense orgasm. Maria knew that she had to hurry, if she wanted to win this game.

If a girl lost the game, all the other remaining girls would get impaled as well. The only way to win was to orgasm while you didn’t have the lowest score. 

Eva didn’t have the lowest score. Her light went green and she had made it. Before Maria even realized it, her chances of dying today went up to 50:50 as the last remaining girl announced her upcoming orgasm.

“Six … five …. four … three … two …”

Maria suddenly understood she had to climax as well, if she wanted to win. Furiously rubbing her clit she announced …

“Wait, I’m cumming now too! six … five …four … three …”

Meanwhile the other girl led out a loud groan, as her vagina squirted all over the stage. 

As Maria’s Orgasm kicked in she saw the red light illuminating over the girls head; she’s had the lowest score at that time! With a loud clicking noise, the bolts of her trapdoor were removed, the door opened and the screaming young cunt dropped onto the shaft in her vagina.

Maria’s orgasm was so intense that she didn’t understand that according to the rules, her trapdoor would now open as well, since she hadn’t produced an orgasm before the end of the game. With her entire sex organ shivering and twitching in the delight of her climax, she felt the floor underneath her disappear.

At first the sudden pressure against her cervix even felt really good. But as her body weight pressed her against the thin tip of the dildo, the pain kicked in. She opened her eyes in horror, seeing the men and women in the audience either frenetically stroking their sex organs, raping some wannabe porn models or simply cheering and clapping their hands.

Maria tried to get a grip by pushing her feet against the metal pole. In preparation for this game she had learned that it was stupid to extend your agony by slowing down your impalement like that. But the crowd loved the sight of the two girls trying to in such futile desperation to save themselves.

As Maria saw blood running down her legs and down the pole, the real panic kicked in. She could feel the golden dildo as far inside her as her stomach now. At this point, no one could have saved her. The muscles in her legs finally gave up and she finally came to the conclusion that she would die now.

As she started feeling light headed, she turned her head to her twin sister Eva one last time. Maria wasn’t even surprised to see her sister furiously rubbing her clit and moving up and down the pole as she watched her sister die in front of her. The last thing Maria heard were Eva’s orgasm screams. What a slut, she thought. At that point everything went black around her.


After clearing the two impaled young female carcasses and the two survivors from the shafts, they were left with the girl-cum and piss on them, and the foot platforms were restored with the supporting pins in place, the audience had a half-hour break. When they had all enjoyed fresh drinks and resumed their viewing position, they were addressed by the master of ceremonies.

“We have one more opportunity for you to place bets on an event on the girl-impaling shafts, and in addition to the two girls who survived the previous event, here are two more volunteers from the audience. These two have agreed to participate believing they have a chance to survive this game as well

“The two surviving girls from the previous round and another pair of nude girls in their mid-teens were brought onto the stage, and knowing the drill, all four of them stepped forward, mounted their hairless cunts on the unclean dildos, and placed their hands on their hips and smirked at the audience, as the plastic cocks slid further up into them, which prevented them from being able to dismount.

“This event differs from the last one, in that all four of these charming young ladies are going to slide the entire way onto their pole, so there is no competition as such, but instead you will have the chance to wager on which of them will first empty her bladder, which will first empty her colon, and which will be the last to expire.”

The naked young serving girls in their spike heels moved through the audience, taking bets. The off-stage control room, staffed with women to take bets from the many thousands watching the live streaming broadcast manned the consoles of automatic wagering machines, recording the bets of viewers, each of which had registered their credit cards, which had all been validated.

“You can watch these naked youngsters squirm for six more minutes, and then all betting is ended, because it will be time for them to all perform together!” the MC announced.

One by one the girls on the stout dildos began to squirm and scream, discovering the impossibility of their situation. They were trapped, and about to die.

“Damn, this is fucking hot!” one of the men in front proclaimed.

He pulled out his erection and began pumping firmly on it, encouraging it to do what men’s cocks to under such circumstances, and spit out jets of hot semen. His promptly did, and a serving girl quickly got to her knees to take his liquid offering into her mouth before too much of the precious essence was spilled.

The child took the broad head of his penis into her mouth to capture his spunk, and although some of it hit her eyes and nose, he continued to pump his erupting cock into her throat. The audience was delighted with the sight of her desperately swallowing as the man continued to ejaculate, shooting his sperm directly into her stomach.

Consumed by his passion, the man grabbed the girl’s ears and held her face firmly on his huge disgorging penis, which now fully filled her throat. The audience encouraged him to continue, and he gave the child a powerful face fuck, preventing her from gasping for air. As he fucked her face she was suffocating, and he had no intention of giving her any relieve.

He continued the rapid, deep fucking action into the naked kneeling young girl’s face and throat, long after her body slumped, and she was clearly dead by the time his lust was satiated, and he pulled his sagging penis from her throat and face. It was still dribbling, showing the depth of the impressive production of his testicles.

Eva suddenly screamed as the fact that she had no chance to survive at last sinking in. With reckless abandon she kicked her legs up, and now swung from the impaling artificial penis buried deep in her cunt, which now bore all of her weight. The head of the dildo slammed against her uterus, pressing firmly against her cervix, which within several seconds failed, and admitted the plastic cock into her uterus.

The foot supports simultaneously dropped, to put the same pressure on the inner gonads of the other three girls, to even out the event for the sake of the gamblers. Eva’s move had brought wagering to a stop, and now all four of the girls deep inner sex organs carried their weight, and brought forth screams to match those of Eva. The cacophony of horror delighted the audience of wealthy gamblers.

This was not going to take long, but the interior of every girl differs in ways that would make the progress of the dildo through her, driven by her own weight, not quite the same, and that would mean differing times of it killing her. Each would find its own path, determined by a number of factors, including how and when she moved her legs and twisted her torso in her excruciating agony.

Eva set the tone by screaming, kicking and twisting in a frenzy of movement that got the other girls matching her. The audience was screaming out their support for their favorites, and the entire island casino was in bedlam. To add to the action, the operator of the hydraulic shafts that supported the girls raised them up.

These rigid shafts were longer than anyone imagined. Now the nude teen performers were elevated to a level where there wildly kicking feet were eight feet above the floor level, ensuring everyone had a terrific view of the astounding action, without referring to the wall-sized television screens behind them.

Because she had got a slight head start, Eva’s dildo was deeper into her by a bit than those of the other girls, but judging by how far they had each dropped onto the invading shafts, it was clear the naked and hysterically screaming teens were making good progress toward their inevitable deaths.

The invasive dildos were now fully buried inside them, with the less stout but very strong shafts beneath working their way in, following the lead set by the dildos. The devout impalement fans all had their hands to their genitals, the men and women wildly masturbating at the greatly stimulating sight they were enjoying.

When it was clear from the limits to her movements that the largest of the teens had taken the dildo up between her lungs, she raised her legs and let go a solid stream of amber pee from her gaping shaft-stuffed cunt. Within thirty seconds the second released a stream of piss, and in less than a minute, the third followed suit.

Eva was somehow the last to empty her bladder, but she let go what was easily the largest load of girl-piss. Before her spray diminished, the first to have peed raised her knees, and her rectum began to open, as she pushed out a stout turd. The audience knew that the release of fecal matter was the sign of an imminent death.

Sure enough, the girl’s body slumped, but her head tilted back, and as she continued to sink, the point of the pink dildo began to emerge from her gaping mouth, having completed its full transit of her torso. The second girl soon shit, and without her head back, the dildo was taking quite a different route.

A handler climbed onto a ladder he propped up beside her, and he climbed up to place a broad leather belt around her waist, covered with heavy lead weights. The man moved away, taking the ladder with him, and with the additional weight the girl continued her slide, until the dildo broke through the top of her skull, spreading her hair.

Great gobs of semen flew from the ejaculating penises of members of the audience, but they were not close enough to spurt their cum on the naked teen girls riding the shafts. Instead, it spattered onto the floor, and the room took on the dank funky smell of a brothel. Some of the men and most of the women were urinating from excitement, adding to the atmosphere of the place.

Eva turned her head to see the third girl throw her head back and the dildo in her come out through her gaping mouth. She screamed once more, and then, throwing her own head back so that her blonde hair flew in an arc behind her, she slid further down, and the dildo first filled her throat, and then emerged from between her wide-spread lips.

The audience went berserk. Thais was the best such show they had ever witnessed, with a total of seven incredible kills, and no survivors. It was seldom that naked young cunts got to walk away from such a show, and this remarkable example of total control over eager young naked cunts was no exception.

The manager knew if the young girls thought they had a chance, they would take incredible risks without asking. With the audience still so wound up, she realized she was going to have to give them more, so she instructed one of the handlers to take a chain saw on stage, lower the bodies to be easily reachable, and to demolish them, spilling their gore.

This proved to be the perfect ending to an amazing evening of highly destructive entertainment. As he worked, blood and chunks of girl-meat were thrown from the rapidly spinning chain, with the result of giving some of the audience unintended souvenirs of their night of sin, the perfect way to complete an outstanding show.


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