Calling Lucifer by Destiny1961/Serinity

Writer: Destiny1961/Serinity

Subject: Calling Lucifer

Link: Email LS666 / 29.03.2023

Calling Lucifer

What a wild twist as I sit and find myself calling … Lucifer.

As someone who has been at war with himself and his inner child of the darkness I think back to reading a book about spiritual warfare. It has a special page that gave all the names in which the devil was known. It also made reference to Lucifer who is and was the most beautiful of angels. Known as the light bearer it seemed natural that he could bring enlightenment. Maybe, just maybe it is he who I need to seek I thought and then a new vision as I sat to try and call on him. I close my eyes and guess am in a sort of state of trance as it comes to me.

I ask if it is possible to be female or a third gender as my body has more feminine feelings lately. I have picked up to pace so to speak with stronger hormones but cannot shake wanting to transition but not to full female but trans. As I kind of sing his enn I feel something. Then at the foot of my bed is like a light.

While the room is still in darkness this ball of light grows and sprouts wings and then becomes a man. Not a man but male angel,the most beautiful one I could only imagine. While I do not think of men in that way he is handsome and looking at me in that way as a husband looks at his wife on their wedding night.

I look at him as he asks if I believe, but even as he does not ask in what I know and answer yes. He tells me there is a new world out there where I can be what it is I seek as we will be natural in the new world. He then calls me, but not by my birth name as he calls me — Serinity.

” I know you, Serinity.” he says, “It’s time to be brave. It’s time for you to be with your new family. The spirit of the four angels of prostitution are within you now …”

I had never thought of them as four angels, yet it is written that they are the four fallen angels — I lay stunned for a few minutes — as I look at his perfect body and face. Yes! And between Lucifer’s legs, his huge cock hangs low. I shiver with femininity …

“I am here,” Lucifer says, “To make you mine. Do you want to be Lucifer’s lover? … My concubine and my bride of the abyss …”

It’s like the, “Song of the Siren,” hypnotizing me … Calling to me …

I slide down and off the bed in front of him as he takes my hands. He lifts my shirt off and my shorts fall to the floor. I stand naked in front of him and my body tingles.

“This is our night my dear,” Lucifer announces, “As you can become a woman with just the word.”

But as Lucifer whispers in my ear, “It’s like that beautiful song.”

I start to fade as Lucifer takes me in his arms.

“The world is warped,” Lucifer tells me, “Sodomy is the most beautiful act of love for a woman, like you, Serinity — I will take you — not as a transgender, but as a real woman.”

I swoon.

Lucifer asks, “Will you give yourself to become new for my world?”

“Take me,” I answer and Lucifer kisses me, not just in lust, but as a man and his wife and his lover.

Lucifer’s tongue is very long as it goes down my throat, but not gagging me and he then slides down and begins to lick and suck on my little breasts. Lucifer tells me they will grow as well, as I start to fade. I feel Lucifer’s cock start to grow as it is between my thighs sliding in and out … as I get excited.

Lucifer starts to go down on me as I feel my body start to lift and be laid on my bed, but he does not touch me. Lucifer then starts to go down my body and wraps his tongue around my cock as if a clit and then looks up at me as my hands are on his head.

I hold Lucifer’s head as I moan as he takes me in his mouth, but at the same time his long tongue is between my cheeks and licking my hole. Lucifer reaches up to massage my breasts as they tingle and it is like he touches my inside as I explode in his mouth.

I lay there a little limp as he slides his mouth from me and lifts my legs. Lucifer then slides his tongue up inside my anal vagina as it gets it all wet inside. I almost explode again Lucifer’s is tongue fucking me. He then kneels between my legs as his wings spread and he starts to hum and I feel his mind telling me I am like a butterfly, as he lays on me and wraps his wings around me like a cocoon.

I feel the warmth of Lucifer’s body on mine as he tells me it is time and I feel his massive cock enter me.

“Let go of Michael,” Lucifer says as he takes me slowly, “And all that he is.”

Lucifer is now making love to me.

“My seed will bring new life — but you must let go of your old life.”

He then kisses me, as Lucifer is now pounding into me, and entering my special place. Lucifer kisses me and I feel all the masculine energy start to leave me.

“You are mine!” Lucifer says.

I feel Lucifer explode inside me. Lucifer hold me as he stays inside me until I fall asleep wrapped inside Lucifer’s cocoon. I have these beautiful dreams of spirits and demons and angels around me — as I am Serinity — and then when I wake, I am laying in a sort of wedding bed and I am new.


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