Former Priests Of Christ – Non-Fiction

Writer: Polishpiggay

Subject: Former Priests Of Christ

Link: Tumblr / 25.03.2023

Former Priests Of Christ

Our Lord Satan considered the Catholic priest worthy of himself the moment he found him, chose him, and drew him to himself; among Satan’s worshipers there are many former priests of Christ and the church; Satan takes away his consecrated priests from Christ to make them his priests; these Satan — chosen priests — can perform the highest acts of blasphemy … on these former priests Satan is very dependent … the very fact that they left Christ is unique — Satan appreciates it!

Once they were loved by Christ, now they are Satan’s chosen ones, once they were loved by Christ, now they are loved by Satan once Christ was in them, now Satan is in them… these ex-priests by the very fact of rejection and resignation of Christ, denial and betrayal of Christ, by the very fact of blaspheming and hating Christ, they are especially loved by Satan! Because they currently love Satan and proclaim Satan as their Lord and God forever — now they are especially loved by Satan!

These priests — like no one else — have become just like Satan, the antichrist … hell, demons and Satan most want to conquer the hearts of former priests … Satan is most interested in possessing, conquering and taking over hearts and minds, souls and spirit, body, feelings and the will of the priests of Christ … priests are the chosen ones of Satan, demons and hell. 

3 thoughts on “Former Priests Of Christ – Non-Fiction”

  1. Hail Polishpiggay!

    Tatiana and I fucking loved your god-damned description of the Satanic harvest of fucking Catholic priests by our god-damned Father Satan!

    The same could be fucking written about god-damned former Evangelical christians like me.

    Thank God Satan, He fucking sent my Satanic Wife into my fucking useless life; she fucking saved me from the fear of damnation by the cock-sucking christian god; and brought me into the brilliant fucking black flame of our Lord Master Satan!

    Praise god-damned God Satan Almighty for offering me, a former fucking slave, His matchless god-damned freedom!

  2. Ahhhhh, the Betrayal of all once held Sacred is the Great Blessing from our Lord God Satan. To Blaspheme in His Blessed Name, in the abject desire to serve only Him, yet retaining the symbols of the religion cast aside, to use them in Furtherance of one’s commitment to Satan’s Church is the Bestial Cummunion so long overdue the priests and nuns, and their fucktoy altar boys
    Let us lick this Cockslit offered us by Satan, savouring the taste of perversion and depravity! Drink deeply of the fallen priest’s semen as his surrender to Satan is rendered irreversible.

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