Confession by Hoku Lani – Non-Fiction

Writer: Hoku Lani

Subject: Confession

Link: MEWE / 23.03.2023


I received the following confession and thought it is worthy of sharing.

“When I was a boy, I had to endure going to church. At some point I developed such wicked thoughts of me being a plaything for the youth minister and his wife. Totally fueled my masturbatory awakenings.
 Even goodness rises out of a bad situation.”

3 thoughts on “Confession by Hoku Lani – Non-Fiction”

  1. When I was a boy… I was always bored having to go and sit in church.. preferring to live in my oft wicked sexual fantasies and fetishes sometimes wanting to be anothers plaything.. n plaything with others.. Porn has always played a major part in my life… n never let me down… lately having developed a stronger desire in my adoration to .. Hail Lilith🖤❣❤

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