Blaspheme The Bible by Guardianwolff-666 – Non-Fiction

Writer: Guardianwolff-666

Subject: Blaspheme The Bible

Link: Tumblr / 25.03.2023

Blaspheme The Bible

The Christian Bible lied to you all your  life. Now it’s time to renounce your Christian values in away that will naturally make your cock hard. It will because for once your body will respond to a desire that is taboo, but it is oh so right. The lies of the Bible has fucked you over time and time again.

When it says, “No man comes to the father but by me,” what he it is really saying is God is going to fuck you like the sheep you are. When a guy messaged me, he let me know he was a Christian feeling the pull to come to Satan and wanted to know how he could get closer to Satan.

I first told him straight out that if his Christian values mean anything to him then get off Tumblr, stop looking at porn and never masturbate again. He reiterated that he liked the things he was seeing and they made his cock hard. Of course they made his cock hard but from time and time again, the Bible has told men that anyone with lust in his heart  cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. He kept reiterating that he liked the things he was feeling when he looked at satanic images. Then I told him he will have to rethink everything he has ever learned about the Bible, Jesus, Christianity, and Satan.

  1. The Bible, Jesus, and Christianity were about controlling the masses and gaining political power. In today’s society, it is taking rights away from gays, women, gays in military, equal rights by telling you how you should think and feel about everything in your life.
  2. Satan is about freedom and the ability to think for your self. To question authority. To do what is natural and stop thinking about a god that created natural things and tells you not to experience them. Your cock was made to be touched, erected, sucked, to sodomize, to breed, and feel pleasure. Christianity says this is wrong to do. Fuck that. That is not a loving God that puts those things in you and says you are not to experience them. That is a hypocrite. Satan says man was created to feel these things. So place your cock in the Bible and call upon Satan to make your cock hard.

Tasa Reme Laris Satan, Ave Satanas.

Repeat this six times. Call upon Asmodeus, the lust demon and call out his enns.

Ayer Avage Aloren Asmodeus Akin.”

You will feel your cock hardening in a way you have never experienced before. Feel the lust burn within. Feel the desire for cock and it will change you forever.

Hail — Bringer of Light — Hear the truth and decide for yourself.

I deny God because Lord Satan is my God. I deny Jesus because he is a bastard and nothing else. I deny the Spirit of God, who is supposed to be holy, but in truth is a liar. I renounce the angels and archangels. I renounce everything that is holy and good. I renounce all gods. And I declare that Satan Lucifer is the Lord of this world. I declare that Satan Lucifer is the god of the earth. I declare that Satan Lucifer is my master and God. I believe that there is only one true, real God who is worthy enough for us to worship, and that is Satan. If you believe this too, please re-blog this — thank you! Fuck Allah, Fuck Christ, only the great powerful Satan is our way, our truth, our freedom and our hellish life. Come and surrender your life to him so that he can transform your minus into his plus.


Lucifer Satan is almighty God. The imposter and psychotic Jehovah is a demented floundering entity that is absurd and disturbed. Satan will over time slowly, but surely, distort him. His so-called kingdom and his fucking Holy Spirit. Satan will take the Christ as prisoner in hell to be stripped of everything including his sacred heart and left for the demons to rape, pillage, sodomize and abuse for all eternity. Hail Satan’s certain victory.


Blasphemy with knowledge hurts God immensely, do it often. Hail Satan.

3 thoughts on “Blaspheme The Bible by Guardianwolff-666 – Non-Fiction”

  1. “Blasphemy with knowledge hurts God immensely.”
    Beautifully put Corrupter Whore.
    That fills me with Lust, has me drooling right at this very moment and makes my cock rock hard.
    I commit blasphemy daily – 2, 4, 5, 10 times daily.
    Blasphemy builds a wall between the blasphemer and god/Jesus/Holy spirit, rendering them powerless over the blasphemer.
    As a loyal servant of Satan, I’m going to blasphemy right now and I hope it hurts God terribly, bringing him to his knees and begging Satan to make the pain go away.
    Satan of course will laugh in the bitch’s face and intensify the pain a thousandfold.
    Praise my beloved Satan, the Real Ruler of the Universe.

    1. Hail SatanWorshipper — as both loyal servants of Satan … our destinies are entwined … thank you for the support … XP

      1. Sorry for the delayed response, but thank YOU XP for this site. I’m sure it takes a lot of work to maintain it.
        As opposed to most of the people i interact with on Instagram and my other social media accounts, Little Sally is for SERIOUS Satanists.

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