Feature Writer: Chuppagal
Feature Title: I will do anything to belong (7)
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Story Codes: Dark Fantasy , Anal, Cannibalism, Incest, Necrophilia, Rape, Snuff


Daddy and Mommy woke up in what they thought was their room. It was a replica Ned had made and while drugged they had been moved in the night.

I wondered if Mommy knew she had been fucked by 5 men while out of it. I had used my tiny fists to fuck her dried up cunt as well. Ned thought it would be good for the movie if we had a shot of me eating my Mother’s cunt and I couldn’t resist fisting her as well. She was drugged but with a cock fucking her face hard and deep it would be hard to tell. Daddy’s bottom would probably be a bit sore as well.

“I made you breakfast in bed” I said as I laid down the plates of steak, eggs and chips. My Mother was an overweight business woman who loved to eat so she was soon tucking in.

“Hmmm what funny tasting steak – is it pork dear? She asked as Heather’s upper thigh went down her gullet.”

“Yes mommy – do you like it”

She kept eating so I took that as a yes. Daddy ate more slowly but he ate and I could feel my cunt twitching with excitement as he swallowed human flesh.

Can I get into bed with you Mummy and Daddy – we haven’t had a family hug for a long time and I really miss it.

Daddy was about to object but he looked at me and held the covers up so I could get in. I slid over his body so I could get in the middle. Mommy was too busy eating to care.

“Cuddle me please.” Daddy slid down so he and I were spooning. Mommy looked at me strangely and then continued eating.

I pushed my bottom against Daddy’s cock and pulled up my skirt. “Cuddle me Daddy” I demanded and I slid my hands between my legs and grabbed his hard cock. I guided it to my cunt and pushed back sliding it in. Daddy gasped but pushed hard so he was as deep inside me as his man cock could get.

Mommy noticed the bed was moving,

“What are you two up to – you are rocking the breakfast tray. Kelly do you still like to be tickled – I thought you would be too old for that – most thirteen year olds don’t get in bed with their parents.”

“ Mommy dear – I am fourteen and no Daddy is not tickling me – “

Daddy slowed down his thrusting but the pervert didn’t withdraw. I wonder how much it was turning him on knowing he was fucking his child right next to his wife and she was awake!!

I played the dutiful daughter.

“Mommy and Daddy I made a film at school for you to watch – I thought you might like to know what I do all day. Mommy hand me the remote”.

Continuing to eat Mommy handed me the remote. I pushed play and there was me in school uniform entering the Principal’s Office. Ned had surveillance everywhere we thought we might get some good sick footage and I did have to go to school some days.

I walked over to the Principals desk and sat down. The camera then focused on the Principal who was sitting in his chair and had his cock in his hand. Mommy almost chocked on Heather’s thigh.

“What the hell – Kelly what is he doing – darling…. Oh shit I can’t watch turn it off.”

The camera had moved back to me and I had removed my clothing and was fucking myself with a huge dildo – forcing all 12 inches into my tiny cunt.

My Daddy’s cock was moving faster. My Mother was crying and trying to find the remote – the principal had moved over and was fucking my face with his cock.

“Oh Kelly – oh – oh no – say something darling – what is that pervert doing to you –“
Daddy was racing to finish.

“Oh Mommy he has been making me do that for ages, Daddy said it was OK – why are you upset?”

Mommy then looked at us and before even lifting the covers I could tell by the horrified look on her face she knew her husband was fucking me – her little girl – in her bed right next to her. What she said next shocked me though.

“You promised you wouldn’t do it to her – you promised.”

Daddy didn’t stop. He pulled off the covers so she could see he was impaled in my tiny body.

“She’s older honey and she started it – oh god I’m coming – oh honey she is the hottest little cunt I have ever fucked don’t make me give her up too. It’s only fucking honey, nothing else I promise.”

Daddy pleaded as he filled my cunt with his seed. Seems he isn’t worried about pregnancy these days.

His words confused me. Mommy just stared at us and then started sobbing.

“You promised – not this one – you promised”

“What are you talking about Mum?”

“Your sister – he – he – oh you sick bastard – you promised not this one” Now I was confused – I had no sister.

Mommy started talking and in some way I wished this was not a film.

“We had a baby girl and called her Kelly but it wasn’t you dear. Your Dad has a ‘problem’ and one day I came in to find him – oh god – I can’t say it – he had his thing inside the baby’s – the baby’s – oh god – he was fucking our baby’s bottom and he – he killed her.”

Mommy sobbed – I felt sick and confused but Daddy had another erection and was pushing it into my ass. I really was his daughter.

“We went away and had you quickly and then told everyone you were small for your age. “

“So how old am I?”

I asked as Daddy dry fucked my ass.

“You are nearly 12.”

“ Oh my god so I have been having sex since I was nine.”

I tried to take it all in. Daddy kept fucking and Mommy was crying. The video was still on and the office was now full of male staff members who were gang-banging me. At least now I knew why I was flat chested.

Daddy came and then pushed me to my mother. ‘You make it sound like it was all my fault – you introduced me to kids – I didn’t know there were dangers – you sick bitch.”

Mommy looked at me with shame.

“It’s true – I was sexually active when I was your age and I always had a fascination with children. We would bring kids home or I would play with boys I babysat. I loved to watch kids having sex and loved fingering little girls and I eventually told your father how perverted I was and he got into it too. I just thought he would realize how dangerous a man’s cock was to small kids.”

I was laughing,

“ You sick perverts – no wonder I am perverted.”

They both looked at me strangely. I had an idea.

“Suck my cunt mom – drink your husband’s cum.”
Mommy was still crying but I could tell the sight of my young cunt offered up to her was tempting.

“Come on love – no one will know and we used to love having little girls to play with – now Kelly wants us to play with her – you know how much it turns me on watching you with little girls and our daughter is a class one slut – she fucks anything so please love – fuck her for me? It can just be sex?”

Mommy smiled at Daddy and then lowered her lips tentatively. I knew Ned would be tugging on his cock watching this as would all the other’s behind the cameras.

Mommy’s tongue caressed my young clit. I shuddered. She did it again as Daddy removed her nightie revealing her fat body. She licked as my clit and cunt and I could feel my juices running – she was good – I felt myself cumming – wow that was a first – I usually needed pain. She kept going and my orgasms were almost unbearable but she would not let up.

She slid a finger into my cunt and feeling no resistance slid in two more. She smiled as she licked as she withdrew her fingers and I felt her hand sliding into me. She had realized quickly her daughter was a fist fucker and before too long she was fucking her child with her fat fist.

Now she was sucking on my nipples and smothering me with her huge fat body. I felt for her tits and pulled the nipple roughly around to my mouth. It was massive. I licked gently and then I bit down. She squealed but then looked up and smiled.

“Like mother like daughter” She said as he started fisting me harder and biting my body.

I returned the pressure with my teeth and hands and before too long our incestuous encounter led to both of us having massive orgasms.

We collapsed – our bodies scratched and bruised form our rough play. I suddenly loved my mother and wondered if I should continue with my plan but I knew if I didn’t give Ned a snuff film – my own life would be in danger – this was live to internet and big money had been paid.

As mommy and I laid back Daddy wanted to fuck me again.

“So you fucked my sister to death Daddy – did you enjoy it?” Daddy looked shocked.

“Did you enjoy watching the life leave her body as you came in her little body?”

“Yes – I hate to admit it but I did – I am so ashamed but I – I I fucked her more even when I knew she was dead – it turned me on – I am so ashamed.”

“ Is that why you gave me to your boss – to fuck me to death – were they going to let you have my body to fuck?”

Daddy was crying “ Yes I I wanted to fuck a dead body again and more – and I wanted to make my boss happy – I thought – I had no idea you would survive.”

I gave a signal and a small girl walked into the “bedroom” she looked about 5 and had on a baby doll nighty.

“Would you like to fuck her Daddy – she is little.” The girl had been told she would be in a film with a fake incest scene – her rape would make the punter’s happy.

Daddy’s cock went hard. Mommy watched as the child climbed onto the bed.

“Where is she from – Kelly?”

“No where mom – no one will miss her – do you want to play or watch.”

I was getting to realize my parents might be worse than me.

Mommy didn’t answer. She pulled the child to her fat naked body and began to tongue kiss her. The child was shocked but handled it. While Mom held her – Daddy and I removed her nighty revealing her small body.

Daddy started kissing her back while I pulled her legs apart and began fingering her small cunt. She began to cry and squealed as I forced my finger into her virgin cunt. I finger fucked her cruelly – enjoying her pain. Mom continued kissing her while Dad kissed and bit her back. With her body between my parents and my finger fucking her dry cunt – she was trapped. Mom laid down so the child was on all fours and held open her bottom cheeks. Daddy moved down and began licking her ass while I forced two fingers into her virgin cunt.

The child was sobbing and you could smell her fear. Mom forced the girl’s head down to her massive nipple and told her to suck. The girl refused and mom slapped her. Was this really my mother?

The girl sucked and then bit down hard as my father pushed his tongue into her ass.

“Oh yes honey – bite mommy hard.”

Mom’s cunt was gushing so I used my little fist to fuck her while still fingering the child. Daddy moved his cock into position and we all laughed at the girl’s pain as he forced his cock into her dry virgin ass. What a family! She continued screaming as he fucked her but I could tell by the way her cunt had relaxed she was losing consciousness. I signaled for Dad to stop – too soon for what I wanted.

She came too and we caressed her while she sobbed. I gave her a drink of whisky to help her deal with the pain and then I licked her sore ass. She stopped crying and I smiled at her. I wanted her to trust me. I put her back on all fours and told her if she licked Mom’s cunt – Daddy wouldn’t hurt her so much. She looked disgusted but the touch of Dad’s cock against her ass made her lean forward and start licking. Mom gave her instructions and I got under her so I could play with her cunt while Dad fucked her.

Once again he entered her with force and blood poured from her small body. I licked it up and came violently from the taste and the thought of the meal to come.

Dad fucked her hard until she once again feinted. While she was out to it we turned her over and when she woke Dad forced his cock into her virgin cunt forcing her to scream in agony as her cherry was popped. Dad fucked her harder than I had ever seen him fuck. He wanted to kill her I was sure. Good made my job easy.

“Choke her Daddy” I egged him on.

He placed his huge hands around her small throat. She struggled as much as she could. Her face was full of pain and fear. I was being fisted by my mother as I watched the girl being fucked and chocked to death.

My orgasms were evidence I was a sicko and the thought of eating her flesh pushed me over the edge. I felt my teeth sing into the flesh of her upper thigh and realized I was tasting her blood and flesh while my father continued his assault. My mother was on her other side and whether he wanted it or not Ned was getting a film of a sick feeding frenzy as my mother and I ripped the girl’s flesh from her live body while my father fucked her small cunt. He had decided not to choke her as he was enjoying her agony as she was eaten alive.

My Dad looked at my mother’s blood covered face and smiled – they had obviously done this before. He pushed harder and as he came he kissed my blood and flesh covered mouth. We watched the girls’s eyes as she saw us smiling above her covered in her blood. Her fear become emptiness as life left her form and I experienced the most intense orgasm of my life knowing my family and I finally had something in common.

We all kissed and began enjoying the blood and flesh of the girl. We ate and smeared the blood on our bodies. Remember Mom and Dad thought we were alone at home – only I knew we were live to air on the internet to the filthy rich and would eventually be a series of movies.

Dad made me suck his cock. He wanted to fuck her body – so once hard he once again fucked his “girl”, Mom masturbating while watching.

“So how many times have you guys done this?” I asked.

“Well your sister was an accident – but we decided to enjoy her once she was dead and to dispose of the body we ate it and discovered that turned us on too. We did it a couple more times with homeless kids we found but after you were born I wanted to keep you safe so I forbid your father from this type of thing – you have just woken us up again – we are sick Kelly – but you seem to enjoy it as well so as long as we keep it as a family secret?”

I smiled.

“Just between us then” I said as I bit into the girl’s lifeless flesh. I had to move fast now as I knew Ned had sold the girl to others so couldn’t be too greedy.

“Daddy let me ride your cock” I teased as I smeared blood and flesh over my body.

Daddy laid on his back and I slid onto his cock. I was pleased he was so turned on by this sickness or my plan would not work.

I rode harder and harder and held a large piece of flesh at my father’s mouth. As I forced it into his mouth he fucked me harder and when he realized I was planning to force it down his throat while I help his nose closed he fucked even harder. My mother watched fascinated as I fucked my father’s chocking body. I fucked harder and forced my hand so far into his mouth,

My mother masturbated as his eyes popped and then the life force left him. I think it was my fist that eventually chocked the life from him. I laid down on his body and cried while my mother licked my body clean.

She continued licking until we were once again locked together biting and scratching each other to orgasm.

The wall moved and Mom looked up shocked as she saw the mob of people watching our ‘private’ party and she looked at me and laughed as she realized what had just happened.

We moved away as the next ‘actors’ came in to deal with the bodies. Dad and the girl would star in several necrophilia films before being cannibalized.

Ned was already fucking the girl for all he was worth and I knew he would want to do Dad as well.

“Well you really are my daughter.” Mom just smiled.

“aren’t you upset about dad?” I asked?

“No – he liked men more than me – as you probably know – and hearing how he sold you to be raped and murdered – well he got his.”

“So why am I still alive.” She asked.

I pondered this.

“I love you Mom and now I know you stayed away from me to protect me – didn’t work – but I understand. I seduced Dad but he never showed me any love – he just loved to fuck my ass.”

“Well I am pleased I am a live and pleased we are alike but you know that this lifestyle means you will not live long. You may already be HIV positive and God knows what else – and even without that risk – your man will tire of you – you will be the victim one day Kelly.”

“I know Mum – Heather is already dead – I had to or die myself, but Mum I enjoyed it – especially eating her – and so did you. “

“I thought I had tasted that before – well let’s try to stay useful as long as we can and enjoy it while it lasts – there is no going back now for either of us.”

As she said this the gang-bangers moved in and I watched as my mother was filmed being fucked in every hole over and over and then made to drink piss and eat shit before she was taken to the stable. There is a big market in fat women as well as kids.

Ned came over covered in blood and flesh.

“I like your Dad” He laughed. “And yes your mother can work for me and live with us – you two will make me rich – now come and help me finish dinner evil one and get ready to be fucked and abused all night. Maybe your mother can join us. Your home is with me now my little girl– you belong to me.”

I smiled. I finally belonged.



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