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Feature Title: Worshiping the demon
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Penny grunted as she shifted the heavy box across the attic. Her sister Yvette grunted in agreement as the pair pushed and dragged the box towards the steps. They had been sorting out the attic, of their new home for the last few days. The pair had moved into the house together two months ago. Two months during which they had cleaned, painted and decorated the house to make it liveable. It was not much, just a small two bed semi-detached house in a slightly dodge area. However, it was their’s and not too far from their family, friends, and work. Finally they had got round to sorting out the attic. Only to find it full of junk. Luckily one of their friends had offered the use of their car to take it all to the local skip for recycling. It had taken all weekend to just clear half of it. Now the sisters were moving the last bits closer to the stairs. To make it easier to bring it down next weekend.

Penny stretched looking round at the last few items resting against the far wall. Yvette smiled at the exaggerated sigh Penny gave. It was not obvious at a glance that the pair were sisters, they had very different appearances. Penny was the oldest at twenty two. She was short, a couple of inches under average height. She had short, stylish black hair and dark eyes. Her figure matched her size in that it was small, but not too small. Her breasts were not tiny, instead they matched her frame perfectly. Even if she would have preferred them to be bigger. They were nice, firm and round. She had a nice set of legs, and an ass many women would kill for. Yvette was three years younger, but actually looked older with her figure. She was taller than Penny by almost six inches. With long straw blonde hair and dark blue eyes. Her figure was fuller, with large globular breasts. She had a slight hour glass look about her. With wide hips and a fuller ass. Her legs were long and shapely. It was only in their faces that the fraternal similarity was obvious. Both had the same round faces, with the same small nose and full mouth. Each having the same slight elfin look to their eyes.

After the first day the pair had quickly figured the attic was very warm to work in. As a result they were wearing slightly skimpier clothing than would be normal for early spring. Penny was in a small cut off style pink sleeveless vest and a pair of tight denim shorts. Yvette was in a black play-suit with white hearts printed on it. Both had on simple pumps and ankle socks just to avoid stepping on anything too sharp.

“Only a few more things.” Penny said looking at her sister.

“Yeah, but that one bit of wood looks heavy.” Yvette said pointing to a large piece of wood resting against the back wall. It looked like it had once been the back of some large piece of furniture. Penny could still see the joints where it must have been attached. She had to agree that it did look heavy.

“I’m sure we can move it together.” She said, “come on lets get it over with. The rest looks light compared to it.” Now it was Yvette’s turn to sigh, but she nodded and the pair went over to the wood. It was heavy, but turned out to be not as bad as they thought. Between them they fairly easily moved it. As they headed back Penny noticed something on the wall behind where the piece of wood has stood. She took a closer look and found that it was actually a carving in the wall behind.

“What the hell is this?” She asked, pointing to the carving. Yvette looked up from where she was just lifting a small suitcase. She shrugged, and shook her head.

“Fuck knows.” She said, Penny took an even closer look. The carving was in a strange circular pattern, almost like a maze. Positioned around the design were strange, disturbing looking symbols. She reached up to run her hand over the nearest of the symbols. As she did her finger caught on the edge. Penny winced as the wood dug into her finger.

“Shit!” She muttered as she pulled her finger back. Blood dripped from the cut, she sucked on it muttering to herself.

“What you done?” Yvette asked.

“Cut my fucking finger.” Penny said around the digit in her mouth.

“That was silly.” Penny glared at her sister, and was about to respond with a suitable insult when Yvette gasped and pointed at the wall. Penny turned to look and froze in shock. The pattern was filling with blood. The few drops that had landed on the wall were now spreading around the design. Expanding well beyond the small amount that had been left. As the design filled with blood it began to shift, rotating slowly. Penny took a step back, blinking and shaking her head. At first she thought she was seeing things. Then the design began to rotate faster. By now the whole thing was filled in with the blood. It began to glow, first it was a deep blood red. Then it turned brighter and brighter. Until neither of them could actually look it was so bright. A few seconds later the glow died. Penny looked back to see that the wall where the design had been had vanished. Replaced by some sort of swirling vortex of what appeared to be flame and smoke. As she watched a figure appeared out of the swirling flame, stepping into the room. Penny’s eyes went wide in horror, she heard Yvette scream sharply beside her.

The creature that stood before them was something out of a horror film. It’s skin was jet black, looking like it was some sort of leather. It’s feet and hands ended in vicious looking claws that seemed to glint in the light. Out of it’s back stretch two huge black wings that it held open, filling the attic with them. The creature was all muscle, pronounced and firm. It’s arms bulging with the muscles. But it was the thing’s face that was the most frightening. It had no nose, instead the lower part of the face was taken up by it’s large mouth. A mouth filled with sharp, long teeth. There were no eye’s in the sockets where there should have been. Instead each socket was filled by a single deep red flame that seemed to burn into Penny as the thing looked at them. Penny took a second step back, about to flee for the stairs. Before she could the thing pushed it’s arms out towards the pair.

The skin on it’s forearms rippled, then exploded as tentacles shot out of it’s arms towards them. Both sisters were caught by the tentacles, lifted into the air. Wrapped in a tight embrace that they could not escape from. The tentacles wrapping around their arms, legs, body and necks. The thing looked at them for a moment. It’s gaze burning against them as it.

“Who summoned me.” It said in a voice like thunder. It seemed to echo around the attic, possessing them to respond.

“No one summoned you.” Penny said, then wished she had not as it turned to focus it’s stare at her.

“Someone opened the portal, blood was split.” It said in the same powerful, terrifying voice.

“It was an accident, I cut my finger on the wall.” Penny told it, the creature looked at her for a moment. It gave a sharp, dismissive snort.

“I was summoned, I will be worshiped.” It said, flicking it’s fingers. Penny felt the tentacles moving, pressing against her. Suddenly her vest was being ripped apart, her shorts torn off her. Then her bra and panties were destroyed as well as the tentacles writhed over her body. Beside her she could see the same thing happening to Yvette. In mere moments the pair were naked. Now the same tentacles rubbed against their naked flesh. Penny gasped at the feel of them against her. Rubbing over her small nipples, making them hard. Sliding along the skin of her thighs, then touching her pussy. Rubbing at her clitoris with seeming intimate knowledge of how she liked to be touched. Against her will she felt herself respond, gasping and moaning at the touch of these supernaturally knowledgeable tentacles. Next to her she heard Yvette murmuring, then moaning as the same thing happened to her.

As the thing touched them with it’s tentacles it smiled, licking it’s lips with a long thin tongue. Then that tongue shot out towards Penny, stretching from it’s mouth to reach her. Before she could even react it was licking inside her. She moaned as it licked perfectly at her. Moving inside her with absolute skill and knowledge of her needs. The thing gave a soft murmur as it licked inside her. As Penny watch she saw it’s cock growing hard. It grew bigger, and bigger, not seeming to stop. Until finally it was erect, hard, massive. Penny gasped in shock at the size. The thing was, as the old saying went, hung like a horse. Only it’s cock looked wrong some how. As if it was twisted around itself. Then the tongue inside her moved up to her clitoris.

“Oh fuck.” Penny gasped sharply at the feel of it licking at her. Again the creature’s tongue moved perfectly against her. Licking with just the right amount of pressure against her. Moving over her clit in the way she liked. Changing it’s movements just at the right moment to build up the fires growing inside her. “Oh, oh fuck, oh yes.” Penny groaned in pleasure as the thing brought her closer and closer to cumming. Only for it to holder her on the edge. With consummate skill it seemed to keep her just on the peak without tipping her over. Penny gasped, moaned, cried out in sharp passion. The tongue licked at her, just enough to hold her there.

“Please, oh please, yes, oh there, that’s it, oh that’s so.” With a squeal she felt it push her into her orgasm. Waves of passion flashed through her. Lightning shooting along her nerves. She bucked, jolting against the tentacles holding her still. Her body jerking as pleasure blasted through her. The thing’s tongue licking hard at her clit, adding to her orgasm. Penny cried out again and again as the pleasure overwhelmed her. The orgasm stretching on and on, longer than it seem possible for an orgasm to last. It was not a series of them, instead a single massive orgasm that lasted and lasted. Until her body reached the limit of endurance. Her skin was hot from the repeated stream of pleasure. She could feel sweat running down her back and legs. Finally the orgasm died, the tongue pulled back from her. Penny gasped hard for breath, if she had not been held up she would have collapsed to the floor. Her body felt like every bone had been removed.

The thing turned towards Yvette, pushing it’s tongue against her. Almost instantly Yvette began to cry out deeply. Penny knew from previous experience that Yvette was loud during sex. Her squeals of pleasure began to grow in volume and shrillness as the thing licked at her. She gasped hard, crying out in high pitch squeals of passion as ,like Penny it brought her to the edge of cumming. Penny hung from the tentacles, which were still rubbing at her, watching her sister as she was held on the edge.

“Oh my, fuck, oh please make me, oh please, please.” Yvette begged as the need to cum became overwhelming for her. Penny watched as the tongue licked hard at her sister. The sight aroused her in a way she knew it should not. She felt a flash of jealousy. Not that the tongue was no longer licking at her. Instead she wanted to be licking at her sister. The thought stunned her, she had never, ever felt like that before. She had always considered lesbianism to be wrong, for her at least. She could not remember ever feeling sexually interested in any woman before. Now she was thinking these thoughts about Yvette, her sister of all people. The idea should have repelled her, she knew that. Instead it just aroused her more. Yvette’s screams of passion as the creature stretched out her orgasm were loud, shrill. Each one filled with wild passion. Like Penny she bucked and jerked in the tentacles that held her. Then finally the thing pulled it’s tongue away from her. It shrank back to it’s mouth. Yvette’s squeals turned to gasps as she came down from the massive orgasm. The thing licked it’s lips in obvious delight.

“Umm, you two have such tasty cunts. I can’t wait to fuck them.” It said, pushing his groin out towards them as it spoke. Penny gasped at the almost carnal lust that flashed through her. As well as the sharp fear, there was no way she could take that massive cock inside her. Then she gasped again as the thing’s cock began to uncurl. It divided, opening into three cocks. Each thick and long, with large heads. The three cocks waved in the air for a moment. Before stretched towards Penny. She watched in open mouthed shock as they flew towards her. Three, how was she to take three thick cocks into her pussy. Just before they reached her the three split. One moving between her legs, the second moving under her to hover behind her ass, the third moving to in front of her face. Penny suddenly realised what it was about to do to her.

“Oh shit no, fuck me.” She gasped in amazed horror.

“Ok.” The thing said, and the three cocks thrust into her. Penny’s squeal as her pussy and ass were sharply penetrated was stifled as her mouth was filled with a thick cock. Pain, pleasure, disbelief, horror all flashed through her brain. Sensations instantly overwhelming her mind. She could feel each cock thrusting into her. Ramming hard inside her body. Never had she allowed a man to fuck her ass, now this thing was ramming in hard. Pain shot up her, but with it came inexplicable pleasure. Why she had ever kept herself from feeling this she did not know. The pleasure was added to by the thick hard cock ramming into her pussy. Pushing deep and fast into her. Stretching her wide as it entered her. She would have screamed in passion, but for the cock pushing down her throat. She should have gagged on it, it was pushing so far down her throat. Instead she was sucking hard on it, taking it each time it pushed into her.

“God, Penny.” Yvette screamed at the sight. Penny just moaned around the cock in her mouth. Her body reacting to the wild mix of sensations. Hard cock pounding at her, rocking her repeatedly. Thick, wide head’s stretching her ass and pussy. Pushing deeply into her, filling her to the utmost.

“Oh yes, yes.” The thing said. “Oh girl your cunt and ass are so good. So tight and wet around my cocks. Take them in you deep girl, deeper.” As it spoke it’s thrust harder into her, pushing further into her. It felt as if it was going to push right into her chest. The air was driven from her lungs. Penny drew in sharp breaths through her nose. Gasping loudly around the cock push down her throat. Heat spread rapidly from her groin. Each thrust into her body stoking that fire. The pain and pleasure from the way it was ramming up into her virginal ass mixed with the hard pleasure from it’s cock pounding into her pussy. The wild sensation of swallowing it’s cock into her mouth added to that pleasure. She could feel the tentacles writhing over her body. Brushing over her nipples and against her clit. Sending even more waves of pleasure through her.

The passion was too much. With a wild squeal she burst into an orgasm. Gasping and squealing as she came. Each thrust into her adding to that passion. Cocks pushed up into her pussy, deep into her ass. Far down her throat until she could hardly breath. That first orgasm was followed instantly by a second even stronger orgasm. A third followed straight after. Her throat became sore from the squeals of passion.

“Oh baby, cum for me again, and again girl.” It groaned as it pounded at her harder and harder. Driving it’s cock deeper into her. Now she was sure it had to be tearing into her. Instead only pleasure filled her. A fourth orgasm blasted her body, shaking her to her core. Her body shuddered, jerking hard in the tentacles. To Penny’s amazement a fifth orgasm blasted her. Now she felt exhausted from the constant assault of pleasure. Her body could not take much more of this.

She was covered in sweat, it dripped off her breasts, legs, back. She knew her hair was matted with sweat. Still the thing rammed into her, in and out. Hard, fast, deep, pounding into her pussy and ass simultaneously. Pushing into her mouth. Penny sucked hard on the cock in her mouth. Unable to do anything else, driven to take every thrust by a uncontrollable urge to satisfy this monstrous lover.

Without warning the three cocks came at the same moment. Cum simply exploded into her. Hot, hotter than normal cum. Pumping into her pussy and ass, down her throat. The sensation triggered a final massive orgasm. The cum simply kept on pumping into her. She gagged as it pumped down her throat. The cock pulled out, cum spurting onto her face. The other two did the same, pulling out of her. Cum flashed against her thighs and stomach, over her ass and back. Hot spurts splashing against her skin. Penny cried out in passion at the sensation of the cum hitting her. She arched her head back, eyes closed, mouth open to catch as much as she could.

She felt it landing on her cheeks, forehead, in her hair. Spurting against her stomach and back. Dripping down her legs, ass, neck. Landing on her breasts. The tentacles wiping it against her skin, rubbing it into her breasts and stomach, legs and ass. Finally the crazy, carnal shower ended. The last drops landing on her breasts, ass, on her tongue. She swallowed it down her throat. Hanging in the clutch of the tentacles, cum covering her so much it ran down her body. Never had she felt so dirty, so wild or so sexually fulfilled.

The thing watched her for a moment. It’s cock’s floating in mid air over her. Then they moved to hover over Yvette. She looked at them her eyes wide. Slowly shaking her head in disbelief and denial. Penny watched her sister, knowing how she was feeling and what was about to happen. The cocks moved towards Yvette. Hovering around her, one by her pussy, the other by her ass. The third above her face.

“No, no, you can’t.” Yvette gasped as she felt the three cocks moving against her. Then she gasped as she was entered. Penny looked on as the cocks thrust into her sister. Pushing into her pussy and ass, parting her lips and pushing down into her mouth. Yvette cried out, muffled squeals around the cock in her mouth. As Penny watched she again felt a twinge of jealousy. She wanted to be the one making love to Yvette at that moment. Instead she had to watch as the thing rammed it’s three cocks into her sisters body.

Yvette’s muffled cries soon turned shrill with passion. Penny watched as her sister took each cock deep into her. As she was fucked hard and deep. Each cock pushing into her deep. Thrusting up into her pussy and ass, pushing down her throat. Penny could hear Yvette sucking hard on that cock. Watched as her sister swallowed as much of it as she could into her mouth. Her body rocking with each thrust. Her legs shaking with each hard thrust. Her large breasts bouncing under the repeated pounding. Her head hung back, hair hanging down behind her as she swallowed the thick cock into her mouth. Her cries high pitched around the cock. Her eyes wide, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she gasped for breath. The thing was groaning softly as he fucked her with his three cocks.

“Oh baby, yes, so hot. So deep in your cunt and ass girl.” It moaned as it continued to fuck Yvette. Penny looked at it, seeing the look of sheer pleasure on it’s face. The thing was obviously enjoying her sister. Penny hoped, guessed, that it had equally enjoyed her. Yvette gave a shrill cry that pulled Penny’s attention back to her. She saw the way her sister’s arms and legs jerked and knew she was cumming. Just like Penny had. Penny watched as Yvette came again and again. Squealing around the cock in her mouth.

Her body jolting and writhing in the tentacles that held her up. The image aroused Penny, causing her to gasp softly as she watched her sister cumming. Penny watched breathless as Yvette had five orgasms one on top of another. Then the thing groaned sharply. She saw Yvette shudder as it came in her. Like Penny she choked on the cum in her mouth. The thing pulled out, pumping it’s cum onto Yvette’s face. It pulled out of her pussy and ass. Penny watched as she knew Yvette had watched her, as cum splashed over her sisters body. The thing moaned repeatedly as it came. Spurting white cum all over Yvette, until her body was covered in it. Yvette hung, gasping, reveling in the experience.

Finally the thing’s orgasm ended, the cum stopped splashing on Yvette. It’s cock’s retreated, sinking back into it. Curling back around themselves as they did. Then it lowered the two sisters to the floor. Fortunately close to something to hold onto. Penny’s legs felt so numb, so weak. She clung to the piece of wood next to her. She could see Yvette clinging to a box in equal desperation. The thing looked at them, it’s face content but still lustful.

“Umm, I’ve not been worshiped that well for such a long time.” It told them, Penny looked up at it.

“What are you, where did you come from?” She gasped.

“What I am has no translation in your world. Expect maybe to be called a demon, but even that is misleading. I live on another realm of existence, one where I am powerful and feared. I can enter this realm through portals like the one in your wall.” The thing gestured to the vortex behind it.

“Where did that come from?” Yvette asked.

“The people who first lived here worshiped me, they put the portal up. But it has not been opened for some time.”

“I’m not surprised, that was nearly sixty years ago.” Penny said.

“I have no knowledge of your time passing. However I will return at the same time in what you would call a week. I will require a sacrifice, if you do not have one I will take one of you. Do not attempt to run, for I will find you anywhere. Now I have had your worship I can find you.”

“A sacrifice!” Penny gasped, at the same time Yvette said.

“Next week.”

“Yes, next week and there needs to be a sacrifice for me.”

“What kind of sacrifice?” Penny asked.

“A person for me to take, one who’s life I will claim instead of yours.” The two sisters gasped in horror at the thought. “I will return, be sure of that.” The creature said as it stepped through the portal. As Penny watched the vortex slowed, fading until there was only the design on the wall. For a moment the two of them said nothing, did nothing. Then Yvette turned to look at Penny.

“Holy crap.” She said.

“Something tells me that there was nothing holy about that at all.” Penny replied.

“I know but fuck, that was so crazy but so good. It shouldn’t have felt so good.”

“Tell me about it, and was it me or did you too get very weird feeling.” Penny said carefully.

“Yeah, so it wasn’t just me who was jealous.” Penny nodded quickly.

“Yeah, when it was licking you out. I wanted to do that, and there’s no way I should have felt like that. “

“And while you were being fucked. I wanted to be the one making you cum like that. That was freaky, I mean I’ve never been interested in women at all. And we’re sisters.”

“I was freaked out too.” Penny admitted, “but for now I need to get clean. I’m starting to feel very icky covered in this stuff.” Yvette nodded, as the pair carefully head down the attic steps.

“Oh damn it.” Yvette suddenly said as she reached the bottom. “I liked that play suit, and now it’s gone.” Penny smiled in sympathy, she had liked the shorts. They had always looked good on her. The pair of them went into the bathroom to shower. Then they headed into their bedrooms. Penny stopped when she spotted something on the bed. All the clothing that the thing had destroyed was replaced in perfect order. She grabbed the shorts and top and quickly dashed out into the hall. Yvette was just coming out of her room holding her play suit. The pair looked at each other and laughed.

“At least you got your play suit back.” Penny said after a moment. Yvette nodded slowly.

“Now all we have to do is figure out what we’re going to do next week.” She replied, Penny sobered up quickly at the thought.

“We’ve got a week to figure that out. Let’s not worry about ti now. I’m so exhausted I just want to sit downstairs and watch tv for the rest of the night.” She said, Yvette agreed so that’s what they did.



Penny sat in the living room, Yvette close by. The pair looking at the blonde girl in the room with them. It had taken the sisters a couple of days to come up with any idea of how to deal with the upcoming dead line. The demon, monster, thing that had fucked them so hard the previous weekend in their attic had told them it would return this weekend. It had told them that they needed to have a sacrifice for it, or it would take one of them. Any idea of escape seemed impossible as the creature had told them it would find them where ever they went. By Thursday night the pair were beginning to panic. After all who could they get to be the sacrifice, which of their friends would they call on. It was Yvette who suddenly had the idea late Thursday evening.

“Julie.” She had suddenly said, Penny had looked at her in surprise. “You know the slut who I caught Dean fucking.”

Dean had been Yvette’s boyfriend for nearly two years. She had even moved into his flat. That had all ended the day she came home early to find him fucking the sixteen year old daughter of one of their neighbors. Yvette had split with Dean and moved back into their mom’s house. Which at the time that was getting very crowded. There was the sisters mom, her boyfriend and their baby that was on the way. Also their younger brother who was still at school. Penny was staying after her relationship had broken off. So when Penny had suggested to Yvette that the two of them brought a house together she had readily agreed.

“Julie, but how would we get in contact.” Penny had said, “won’t she be a little suspicious when you just call her.” Yvette had shook her head.

“No, she’s constantly trying to add me as a friend online. Keeps saying how she’s sorry and wants to make it up to me. Well I think this might just make it up to me for fucking my boyfriend.” Yvette had said,

Penny smiled and nodded. “I’ll just message her and get her to call me. Then we can arrange for her to come round and talk.”

Which is exactly what she had done, Julie had jumped at the chance to make amends. Which was why she was now sat in their living room with them.

The problem was that she was being very sincere about her apologies. She had explained that Dean had told her it was all but over with Yvette when they had started sleeping together. If she had known it was not then she would never had had sex with him. She seemed open, sincere and not lying about it. Penny was feeling a little uncertain about this whole idea. From the looks Yvette was giving her she could tell her sister felt the same way. Unfortunately it was too late to come up with any other suggestion. Instead Penny reluctantly started to follow the plan the pair had come up with to get Julie into the attic.

“Do you want to see what we’ve done with the place.” She said to the girl, Julie nodded quickly.

The sisters took her on a tour of the house. Explaining the work they had done on it as they did. Finally ending at the attic.

“You’ll never believe what we found up here when we sorted it out.” Penny said as she pulled the steps down. She let Julie go first, as she began to follow Yvette stopped her.

“Are we really going through with this?” She asked in a whisper, Penny shrugged.

“Do we have a choice, I hate this idea as much as you. But it’s either her or one of us, so.”

She lifted her hands to show that they really had no other option. Yvette nodded slowly and let Penny head upstairs. Penny led Julie over to the wall with the design on it. Julie was surprised to see it.

“What is that, why is it on your wall.”

Neither sister answered, instead the both stood on either side of the design. In unison they reached up to touch the edge of the design. As soon as they did it began to glow blood red. The two stepped back watching as the design began to spin, then change to form the vortex. Penny had no idea how she had known what to do, she was sure that Yvette did not either. Soon the swirling mass of fire and smoke appeared in the wall. Julie took a step backwards just as the creature stepped out into the attic. Julie’s eyes went wide and she began to back up towards the steps. The thing quickly reached out with it’s tentacles, wrapping them around the girl and holding her still. It looked at her with obvious delight.

Penny was not surprised the thing liked what he saw. Julie was actually quiet pretty. With bright blue eyes, a pretty face and long blonde hair. The fact that she had made an effort to look good tonight helped. She was wearing a nice blouse and a shortish skirt. Both Penny and Yvette had also worn nice looking clothing. Penny was in a tight, short dress that showed off her small firm figure nicely,and wearing her best pair of high heels. Her black hair was styled and she wore make up to accent her looks. Yvette had a low cut blouse over a short skirt and a pair of smart wedged sandals. Which showed off her ample cleavage and long shapely legs well. Her blonde hair was hanging down over her shoulders. Neither had spoke about dressing up, but both had done so. The creature glanced up at them and Penny saw the look of appreciation on it’s face. She felt a flush of delight run through her at the look it gave her.

The thing pulled Julie towards it. As it did it’s tentacles shredded her clothing so she was naked in front of it. She had a nice young figure Penny noticed, thin with small but firm breasts and long slender legs. It gripped her with it’s hands, pushing her to the floor. Turning her round to kneel on all fours facing away from it. As the sisters watched the thing knelt behind the girl. It looked up at them as it readied itself behind Julie.

“You can keep yourselves occupied while I take your sacrifice can’t you.” It said in it’s strong voice.

Penny found herself nodding, glancing over at Yvette who was doing the same. Then the thing thrust hard into Julie. The girl squealed loudly as she was penetrated by it’s massive cock. Penny watched in rapt fascination as it began to thrust in and out of the blonde. Julie’s face had been a mask of terror as the thing had pushed her down. Now it was changed into a wild look of lust and pleasure that made Penny wish for that feeling. Wished that it was her fucking Jenny. Then the thing growled at the sisters and Penny was released from the spell. She turned towards Yvette, the pair walking slowly towards each other. Penny knew exactly what the thing had meant, and now wanted it as well. She slipped her arms around Yvette as her sister did the same to her. They pressed their lips together hard, kissing each other deeply. Penny felt Yvette’s tongue push into her mouth, curled her tongue around it in a wild dance.

As they kissed the sisters were running their hand over each other’s bodies. Penny sliding her hand down Yvette’s back, and up to curl a hand around her large breast. Yvette did the same, before reaching round to pull Penny tight against her. Rubbing her groin against Penny’s. Penny matched her motion, then began to undo the buttons on Yvette’s blouse. Opening it to allow her to curl both hands around her sisters breasts. Penny had always had a slight jealousy that her little sister had bigger and better breasts than her. Now she was glad she had. They felt so firm and round under her fingers.

Yvette had not worn a bra under the blouse so Penny could rub her hands over the naked flesh of her smooth breasts. She softly ran her thumbs over Yvette’s hard nipples, making her sister hiss softly. Penny looked down at the breasts as she held them in her hands. Then lowered her mouth down to take one into it. Sucking softly on it, licking her tongue over the nipple. Yvette moaned, wrapping one arm around Penny’s neck. Penny sucked harder on the breast, drawing as much as she could into her mouth. Yvette moaned as she sucked hard on the breast, licking her tongue over the nipple rapidly.

She moved to the other breast, licking and sucking on that one as well. Taking her time over each one. Moving between them slowly, just enjoying the feel of them in her mouth. She had never thought sucking on a woman’s breasts could feel this good. Then she felt Yvette undoing the buttons on her dress. She pushed it open, sliding one hand under to rub at Penny’s breast through the silk bra she was wearing. Suddenly Penny’s breasts felt heavy, she wanted to feel Yvette’s mouth on them. She stood up, quickly sliding the dress off her.

Yvette reached both hands up to curl them around Penny’s breasts. Softly kneading them through the thin material of the bra. Penny heard repeated cries coming from Julie. She glanced towards her for a moment. The girl’s face was screwed up in passion. Her young body rocking with each hard thrust. The thing thrusting in and out of her. Penny could see that it was no where all inside of the girl. She could see most of it’s cock as it thrust in and out. Then thing’s gaze was moving from the girl it was fucking up to the two sisters. Penny could see how it was enjoying watching them touch each other.

Yvette reached round to undo Penny’s bra, pulling her attention back to her sister. Penny let her sister slip the bra off her. Yvette reached up to to cup Penny’s breasts, softly squeezing them. Her fingers pressing into the flesh. Then Yvette lent down to draw one breast into her mouth. Her mouth was the perfect pressure. Not too hard, not too soft. Her tongue curling in the right way around Penny’s nipples. Nipples that were now suddenly super sensitive. Heat flashed from her nipples straight to between her legs. Heat spreading out from her pussy. A pussy that now was beyond moist. She could feel the wetness soaking into her panties. Yvette moved from breast to breast, sucking on them. Drawing them out, licking each nipple over and over. Penny moaned deeply, now clinging to her sister to keep standing.

Then Yvette was pushing Penny to the floor. Penny let her, laying on the wooden floor as Yvette continued to kiss and lick her breasts. She felt her sister’s fingers sliding down her stomach. Her breathing was suddenly coming in fluttering gasps as she realized what Yvette was about to do. When she felt Yvette’s fingers sliding over her pussy Penny gave soft moan. Yvette rubbed at her through the damp material of Penny’s panties. She lifted her head to look down at Penny.

“God you’re so wet already.” She said to her, continuing to rub at Penny’s pussy.

“You made me wet.” Penny told her, Yvette kissed her hard on the mouth for a moment. Then lifted her head again.

“I want to taste you.” She said, Penny nodded, with a soft shiver of anticipation.

Yvette moved down, hooking her fingers under the panties and sliding them off. Then she pressed her lips against the side of Penny’s thigh. Moving down, placing soft kisses against the leg. Until she reached Penny’s pussy. She pressed her lips to it, softly running her tongue along it. Penny took a deep breath in, then let it out slowly as she felt Yvette’s fingers opening her. She gasped as she felt her sisters tongue sliding inside her. Licking at her, tasting her deeply. Penny half closed her eyes, just enjoying the sensations of Yvette’s tongue in her.

Her sister buried her face deep into Penny’s pussy. Pushing her tongue as far up into her as she could. Licking hard at Penny, murmuring in pleasure as she tasted her. Penny moaned softly, her head rocking from side to side at the feel. She felt heat spreading out from between her legs. Moving through her body. It was not the first time she had been licked out, but it had never felt this good before. It got better when Yvette moved up to Penny’s clitoris.

“Oh shit.” Penny gasped as she felt her sister’s tongue flicking over the sensitive bud of nerve. “Oh fuck.”

She groaned as Yvette licked at her hard. She seemed to sense exactly how to do it. Pressing her tongue in just the right place, using just the right speed and pressure. Penny moaned deeply, her body arching upwards as the heat turned molten with in her.

“Yvette, oh fuck me I’m going to… OHHHHH.”

Penny breathed the last sound as her body flashed into orgasm. She arched upwards, wrapping her fingers in Yvette’s long hair. Pushing her sisters face into her.

“Oh god, lick me harder.” She gasped as pleasure shot along every nerve. Yvette did, flicking her tongue against Penny’s clit in a rapid motion.

“Fuck, fuck, FUCK!” Penny screamed as her sister caused a second orgasm to follow the first.

Penny grunted, gasped, cried out as pleasure shot into every part of her body.

“Unn, oh god Yvette that’s soo good.” She said in a whisper as the orgasm slowly died down.

Yvette pushed herself up to kiss Penny hard. Probing into Penny’s mouth with her tongue. Penny could taste herself around Yvette’s lips. She realized that she wanted to taste her sister so bad. She twisted Yvette round onto her back. Reaching down to undo the skirt and push it off her.

“My turn to taste you now.” Penny said in a needy tone. She held off just long enough to give both of Yvette’s perfectly formed breasts a deep, long suck. Then moved down towards Yvette’s pussy. Yvette was breathing hard before she got close, already gasping. Penny ran her hands up Yvette’s thighs, parting them to let her get to her sisters pussy. Slowly she lowered her head down between Yvette’s thighs. To run her tongue along her, before burrowing into her. Pushing her tongue into her, opening her up with her fingers. The taste was sweet, but tangy, like honey on her tongue. She lapped at the juices. Savoring the flavor, drawing it out. Curling her tongue deep into her sister. Yvette’s cries quickly grew loud, shrill. Penny continued to lick at her, enjoying her taste.

Then she felt the tension, the need in Yvette’s body. Moving up she licked her tongue over the hard bud of Yvette’s clitoris. Her sister cried out sharply, writhing under her. Penny used her hands to hold her down as she licked at her.

“Penny, Penny oh yes baby yes.” Yvette cried out as Penny licked at her. Penny could feel her sister’s body’s needs. Knew when to go hard, when to go soft. Where to lick to make her scream in passion. And scream Yvette did, long wild cries of lust and desire. Penny licking at her hard, until she felt her sister tense up.

“Oh, oh baby cumming oh Penny cumming.” Yvette called out as her orgasm burst.

Penny licked hard at her, rapidly flicking her tongue against her sister. Yvette screamed in passion, her body bucking under Penny. The orgasm jolting every part of her. Then just as it began to die Yvette let out another scream as she erupted again. Penny was happy that she had managed to give her sister the same two orgasm Yvette had given her. Penny pushed herself up, watching as Yvette’s second orgasm ran it’s course. Seeing her sister jolting with each pulse of pleasure. As Yvette’s orgasm died she lay looking up at Penny. Her face flushed, eyes glinting with the same satisfaction and lust Penny was feeling. They stared at each other for several seconds. Both recovering slowly from the after effects of their love making.

A series of desperate squeals broke into Penny’s concentration. She turned, half seeing Yvette pushing herself up. The creature was still fucking Julie. Thrusting it’s cock in and out of her in a fast motion. The girl was squealing repeatedly, wild cries of passion as her body seemed to flash from one orgasm to the next. No rest between them. As Penny watched Julie came again, squealing at the pleasure. However there was a desperate edge to her cries. Penny could see her fighting for breath. Gulping in air between each thrust. Her body was covered with sweat, her hair matted by it. Her face screwed up with each orgasm, her eyes looked out with wild fear and desperation. Penny could tell just by looking at her that she was well beyond her endurance. She looked totally exhausted from the massive orgasms that continued to rock her body.

Behind her the thing kept up it’s constant thrusts. Grunting hard each time he entered Julie. Penny saw the look of animal desire on it’s face, along with something that sent a shiver down her spine. It was enjoying pushing Julie to the edge of collapse. The experience was adding to it’s pleasure. Then it gave a sharp groan, wrapped it’s claws tightly around Julie’s waist. With one hard thrust it rammed in. Doing the one thing Penny could not believe it could, pushing it’s whole cock into Julie. The girl gave a sharp scream, a mix of in-containable pleasure and unbelievable pain. Her eyes showed the terror she was feeling even as her face twisted with another massive orgasm.

Then her eyes suddenly turned totally white She arched back, her body stretching, distending. It expanded, becoming shapeless as she was filled by the thing’s cum. Penny could see the cum as it dripped out of Julie’s eyes, mouth, nose, ears. Suddenly beams of white light shot out from her eyes and mouth, so bright that Penny had to look away. Then the girl popped, bursting into a thousand pieces like a balloon. Penny flinched back but none of the pieces reached her. Instead they were draw towards the creature. Each one flashing bright red as it touched his skin, then vanishing. For several seconds the creature was a mass of bright red light. Then the lights faded and there was nothing left of the Julie. It was as if she had never been there.

The thing gave a long sigh of pleasure. It’s cock throbbing softly as it’s orgasm ended. It looked up at the two sisters with a smile. Then it gestured for them to come closer. Penny moved towards it with reluctance, she could see that Yvette was just as reluctant. The pair sank to their knees in front of it. Penny had no idea why she did it, just that it seemed right to do it. The thing looked down at them.

“Your sacrifice was acceptable to me. Now you may worship me.” It said as it moved towards Yvette.

Penny watched as the thing stood in front of her sister. As the previous time it’s cock twisted, uncurling into three separate cocks. All still thick and hard. As Penny watched the one seemed to pull back into it’s body. Until it was almost normal length, though it was as thick as before. The other two cocks slid along Yvette’s body. One along her back, the under sliding under her stomach. Until they were both hovering behind her, aiming towards her pussy and ass. The thing pulled Yvette’s head forwards towards the cock in front of her. She opened her mouth, letting him push her mouth right down onto it. Forcing it deep down her throat. A couple of seconds later the other two cocks rammed into her body. Yvette arched up, pulling her mouth of it’s cock.

“Oh fuck!” She gasped loudly as her ass and pussy were penetrated deeply and hard.

The thing allowed her a few seconds before pulling her face back down towards it’s cock. Again Yvette swallowed the cock, letting it push right down her throat. Penny could see the two cocks as they began to pound at Yvette. each one buried deep inside her sister’s body. Penny could see just how much of their length went in with each thrust. She remembered the last time, and was shocked that she must have taken that much in her. Yvette’s body rocked with the thrusts into her. Penny could hear her muffled squeals as the two cocks rammed into her pussy and ass at the same instant. Slamming deep inside before pulling out, then slamming back in. The thrusts growing faster and faster. Yvette was sucking hard on the cock in her mouth. Penny could hear the sound of her as she was made to swallow it. The cock was push right into Yvette’s mouth. Until her face pressed against the thing’s groin. How she could swallow it all Penny did not know. She did know that it would be her turn next, and she would swallow it as well.

Yvette’s body began to shudder as she flashed into her first orgasm. Penny heard the sharp rise in her squeals. Watched as her sister jolted with the orgasm. She wanted to feel it, wanted that orgasm for herself. As she watched Yvette erupted into a second orgasm. Her body shuddering under it’s effects. All the time the thing kept ramming it’s cocks into her body. Thrusting deep and hard into her pussy and ass. Forcing it’s other cock down her throat. Pounding her hard and fast. Penny waited and watched, as Yvette came again with equal power and strength. Soon Penny had lost count of the number of orgasms Yvette had enjoyed, but it had to be near five or six. Each one following straight after the other, each seeming to last longer and be stronger than normal orgasms.

“Oh yes, your cunt and ass are soo good. Keep sucking on my cock cos I’m close to cumming.” It said to Yvette as it kept pounding her body. Yvette sucked hard on him, Penny heard her moans of pleasure as she did. Penny was breathing hard, the sight of her sister being so fucked by this creature was turning her on. As was the idea that it would be her turn next. Then the creature groaned deeply, grunted and his face screwed into orgasmic pleasure. Yvette gave a sharp squeal as it came in her. A squeal that was cut off as her mouth was filled with cum. This time she did not pull back. Penny could see her swallowing hard to take all of his cum down her throat.

Soon however cum began to seep out of her ass as it kept on pumping into her. The cocks in her ass and pussy pulled out. As before pumping cum over her legs and back. Covering her in white splashes of the things sperm. Yvette continued to swallow, letting him cum right down her throat. Only pulling back to gasp for breath when she could not hold it for any longer. As she did the last of it’s cum splashed onto her face, neck and breasts. She moaned softly, reaching one hand up to rub the cum into her chest once it finished pumping it onto her. Penny realized she had been holding her breath and let it out in an explosive gasp. The sight had been so arousing she was already on the verge of an orgasm.

She watched as the thing moved towards her. It turned to move round her, rather than stand before her. Penny watched as it positioned itself behind her. For a moment fear flashed through her as it lifted her up, in exactly the same position as Julie had been. Then she saw that it’s cock had stayed in three parts. Two now pulled back to be close enough for it to fuck her. The other sliding out to hover in front of her face. Penny felt it as it moved it’s cocks against her pussy and ass. She reached up to the cock in front of her. Pulling it towards her mouth, sucking it into her mouth. Then the thing thrust hard into her. Penny squealed loudly as she felt her pussy and ass opening around the two hard thick cocks pushing into her. Each thrusting up deep inside her. Filling her totally, pushing her to the maximum ability to take them.

“Oh shit, fuck me so hard.” Penny gasped releasing the cock in her mouth. “Oh yes, harder, fuck my cunt and ass harder.” She said before it pushed it’s cock back into her mouth.

Sliding it right down her throat, until her mouth was filled by thick hard cock. She tasted Yvette’s juices on it. Sucking hard on it as the thing began to ram into her. Pounding it’s cocks hard into her as she had asked. Ramming in and out of her pussy and ass. Slamming as far into her as it could go. Her body stretching to accept the thick cocks into it. Her pussy filled totally, ass stretched wide and gaping around the cock in it. Pleasure and pain shot up her body. Mixing in her brain and turning to heat in her stomach. Heat that rapidly turned molten with in her. With a sharp cry Penny felt herself cumming, her body jolting as pleasure flashed through her. The two cocks in her pounding in and out, strengthening the feeling of pleasure. She sucked hard on the cock in her mouth, letting him fill her mouth totally with it. Rubbing her fingers along it as it pushed in and out of her mouth.

“Oh yes Penny, suck my cock girl. Take those cocks in your cunt and ass. Gonna ram you hard girl.” It said and increased the power of it’s thrusts. Slamming into her pussy and ass harder and faster. Penny’s squeal of feeling was audible around the cock in her mouth. Her body arched up under the pounding. The thing’s cock following to remain pushing down her throat. She gasped as she felt herself burst into a second orgasm. Just as strong as the first. She jolted under the pleasure as the orgasm flashed through her. Making her squeal around the cock in her mouth. The thing continued to pound at her. Pushing deep into her body.

As the orgasm faded Penny felt herself tipping into another one. Just as strong, taking her breath away as she came. Electric shocks shooting around her body. Her stomach felt like it was on fire from the heat of her orgasms. Her body rocking with the mix of her orgasms and the three cocks pounding her. By now her pussy and ass were totally used, and Penny knew it was not even close to being over. She felt the thing’s hands wrapped around her waist as it pulled her into it’s thrusts. Ramming itself harder, deeper into her. Penny grunted at the feel of it’s cocks thrusting into her. Pushing her pussy and ass to their limits and beyond.

Another orgasm hit her, seemingly even stronger than before. She could feel her body shaking under the sensual assault. Her legs felt like jelly, only his hands holding her up. She pressed her back into him, using him to stay upright. Her body lifting up with each hard thrust. The cock pushing down into her throat at the same time. She gasped, mewed with each thrust as her orgasm ran it’s course. This time it had not even finished properly when the next one hit. She reached down to claw at the thing’s legs, his skin felt as hard as stone. She dragged her fingers along it as she exploded into pieces with the orgasm. Her mind no long able to process the constant mix of pain and pleasure. Her body working on pure animal instinct.

She felt herself pushing back into his thrusts. Taking him deeper than she ever thought possible. Pushing her mouth down his cock until he was almost suffocating her. She heard the thing grunting behind her as it pounded her.

“Oh yes, yes girl. Fuck me back girl. Take my cocks deep into you. Push your ass and cunt onto me.” It moaned in it’s deeply scary voice.

Penny did, pushing down into the thrusts. Groaning deep in her throat at the increase in feeling. The next orgasm when it hit was so powerful it nearly made her black out. Her head span, vision blurred at the strength of the orgasm. The reaction her body was having to this thing fucking her like it was. The orgasm went on and on, going longer than any she had ever felt. Shocking her to her core at the was she was reacting to this act. Shuddering with each flash of feeling as it ran out from her groin.

Finally after what seemed like ages she felt herself coming out of it. Just then she heard the thing moan behind her, grunting hard. A second later cum filled her body, pumping into her pussy, ass and mouth. Penny swallowed hard, just like Yvette she wanted to take as much as she could. Her body began to scream for air as she continued to swallow the stream of cum pumping into her mouth. She could feel cum dripping out of her pussy and ass. Then the cocks inside her pulled out. Cum exploded up her front. Splashing over her stomach and breasts. Penny gasped and the cock in her mouth pulled back. Cum landed on her face and neck. She murmured in pleasure, reaching up to rub it over her skin. Feeling the repeated heat of it’s cum landing on her. Load after load pumping over her body. Until she was covered in the thick goo.

The three streams of cum died, the last few drops landing on her body. Penny could feel the thing’s gaze on her. She scooped up a handful of cum from her stomach. Lifting her head back she looked up into it’s eyes as she slowly dripped the cum into her mouth. Licking her fingers clean before swallowing it slowly, with deep relish. She felt the heat of it’s gaze, could see the desire in it’s eyes at her act. She felt a mouth on her breasts. Looking down she saw Yvette licking the cum from her. Reveling in the taste as much as Penny was. Then Yvette held some in her mouth. Lifting her head up to kiss Penny. Swapping the cum from her mouth into Penny’s, letting Penny swallow it as they kissed passionately.

“Umm I think you two are quiet possible the best worshipers I have had for a long time.” It said looking between them both.

Penny felt herself brighten at the words, beside her she sensed Yvette doing the same thing. Both of them prying themselves at the compliment. “And I can not wait until next time.” Neither of the sisters could either.

“Do all your kind have three cocks?” Penny asked, watching as the three curled back round each other.

“No, only the greater beings have this ability. The lesser beings only have one, but they still have large members. Maybe I will bring a couple for you next time. But I warn you, they can be nearly insatiable. If you let them they will keep fucking you again and again.” Penny looked over at Yvette, her sister nodded softly.

“I think we would like that.” Penny said to it. The thing looked at them and nodded.

“Very well, in one week I will bring two of my favored servants with me. While I have your sacrifice they can have you.” Penny felt a thrill of excitement shoot up her spine. No longer worried about the idea of sacrificing someone, only thinking of the pleasure she was going to get the next time. The thing moved back to the portal, stepping into it.

“Until next week.” It said to them as it stepped through and vanished into the swirling fire and smoke. Soon the vortex was gone and only the design remained on the wall. Penny looked over at her sister, who was covered in cum. She looked down at her body, at the cum slowly running over her breasts and stomach.

“What do you say we wash this stuff off each other.” Penny asked, from the flash in Yvette’s eyes she knew that they would do a lot more than that.


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