Feature Writer: Tantric Legion
Feature Title: Temple of the Serpent – The Corrupter
Uploaded: The Erotic Mind-Control

Temple of the Serpent – The Corrupter – Chapter 1

It was a beautiful summer day in the kingdom of Altara. In this Northern kingdom, nestled in a small temperate zone between the great deserts to the south and the perpetually frozen wastes to the north, the people were happy and had enjoyed generations free of the threat of war or evil. With this prosperity the heroes of legend and their dark enemies had become only stories and myths which faded with each year.

The fields were full of what promised to be another bountiful crop. With such harvests year after year no one in the kingdom, be they noble, merchant or peasant had any memory of being hungry. It was a kingdom overflowing with life.

It was into this ideal land that a handsome nobleman rode. Across deserts and dark forests, through the treacherous mountain passes, his journey had been long. Long but well worth it for he had at last reached his destination.

It was a small kingdom and though he had only ridden down from the mountains in the breaking light of dawn the nobleman reached the Crystal Castle before the afternoon was over. Word had passed ahead of the noble that a visitor from beyond the mountains had arrived. As there had never been a visitor within the memory of any living Altaran the crowds had gathered and the people of the kingdom watched him pass, their excited murmurs a sharp contrast to his silence.

Echoes of his horse’s hooves resonated off the stone walls of the castle as he rode across the grand draw-bridge. As he looked to the side the noble caught a glimpse of movement in the wide moat surrounding the castle just before he entered a long tunnel into the interior of the massive structure. At the end of the dark passage was a sunlit courtyard where at the end of a double line of flag bearing pike men a regally garbed man wearing a crown waited with his household. Finally when the handsome nobleman was before those waiting to greet him he drew up his mount. In a single graceful motion the noble dismounted his horse and passed the reins to a waiting retainer.

“Greetings your Majesty, my name is Duke Silvern, I bring greetings from King Arthos, ruler of Galancia.” The nobleman dropped to one knee and bowed his head down while lifting an ornate scroll. “Please accept this letter from my King. I come as an envoy to reopen the relationship between Altara and Galancia and to extend my King’s hand of friendship to the great King of Altara.”

“Galancia, We know of Galancia, the oldest chronicles speak of the long friendship between our kingdoms before our long isolation,” the King said. “It gladdens Our Heart to hear word once again from our brother kingdom. We welcome you and bid you to enjoy the hospitality which Our kingdom offers you. I am King William.”

The King gave a gesture to his side which encompassed the attractive girl standing there. “This is my youngest daughter, Princess Isadora.”

The princess curtsied before him and Silvern appreciated the brief glimpse of her developing charms. Bowing with a flourish Silvern gave the young beauty his most winning smile and spoke in warm tones. “It is an honor to meet you Princess, it is not often that a man may see such a beautiful sight in his life.”

The young princess giggled and blushed in a most appealing way. “T-Thank you milord, surely you exaggerate.”

“I never exaggerate, Princess.” Silvern looked back at the young woman with such intensity that she went quiet, unsure of how to react to his directness.

The King appeared not to notice this strange exchange and instead motioned Silvern to follow him through the palace’s grand doors and into a grand hall. “The Queen Anne, and the Princesses Christina and Natalie are out for the day on a ride. You shall meet them tonight at the dinner we shall hold in honor of your arrival. Now, I am sure that you are weary after your long journey.” With a quick gesture the king summoned a servant. “Mary shall show you to your chambers and bring you anything you require.”

At this dismissal Silvern bowed and followed the girl out of the hall and up a grand stair case.

He had the chance to appreciate the sheer size of the castle as they walked for some time before coming to a set of ornate doors.

“These are the grand guest chambers, milord. They are reserved for the use of foreign dignitaries and leaders. It may interest you to know that they have stood empty for nearly three centuries since our last visitors from beyond the mountains.”

Silvern notices that his bags had been removed from the horse and were already present and nodded his approval at the efficiency of the king’s household. “Excellent, I find myself fully taken care of.”

“Pleased to serve, Milord. If there is nothing else you require I will leave you to your rest.” Mary curtsied and began to turn as if to leave the chambers.

Silvern caught Mary by her left wrist and examined her up and down with a burning gaze.

“Yes, you will serve to relieve certain desires which have been unfulfilled during my long journey.”

“Let go! You’ll not be taking liberties with me!” Mary pulled at her wrist, trying unsuccessfully to extricate it from the man’s grasp.

“You shouldn’t struggle, most wenches would be delighted to be graced by my intentions.” Silvern caught the maids other hand as it swept in to slap him and held both here wrists in the air above her head while enjoying the way the young woman’s struggles made the curves beneath her dress tremble and bounce.

“You’d be lucky to have the whores of the thieves quarter look at you! The King doesn’t tolerate offensive behavior like yours from his guests, when I tell him you’ll be lucky to be turned out with your person intact!” Mary spat at Silvern’s face, momentarily enjoying the sight of it sliding down his cold, arrogant features.

Silvern slapped the maid and laughed as she fell to the ground. As she placed a hand against her stinging cheek and glared at the noble with hatred filled eyes he only laughed. With a contemptuous sneer he spoke “I’ll do whatever I want. No woman, much less a maid, may deny me.”

Terrified by the cruel gleam in Silvern’s eye Mary raced toward the chamber doors. Instead of pursuing her Silvern simply made a small gesture and warded the room from within and without. When Mary reached the doors and touched them glowing runes sprang to life and her slight body was flung back into the room by a burst of mystical energy.

As she lay stunned on the floor Silvern began to undress, carefully removing the layers of rich clothing while idly watching the unmoving girl. Once he finished and stood naked in the room he waited patiently. He had always felt that the best things were worth waiting for, the better to enjoy them in leisure rather than haste.

Silvern closed his eyes and with a momentary effort of his will allowed the changes that service to his master had wrought on him to be revealed. His skin grew smooth and finally shiny and gleamed in the light revealing that it was composed of fine reptilian scales. He opened his mouth and hissed in pleasure, letting out a sibilant sigh of relief as the façade of humanity he had worn for days was discarded and his true form unleashed. His eyes snapped open to reveal golden orbs with the black slits of a snake and a split black tongue shot out of his mouth and darted about as if tasting the air itself.

Mary opened her eyes and looked about sleepily as consciousness slowly returned to her. Once she realized her situation and looked upon Silvern’s transformed body all traces of drowsiness disappeared instantly. He was now taller but thinner than he had been and all hair had vanished from his body. Nonetheless despite their slenderness his limbs were obviously bound with muscle and looked anything but weak. What truly drew her attention though was the obscenity between his legs. Where a normal man had a penis, she had seen a few at a distance but never intimately as Mary had never been with a man, between Silvern’s legs was something quite different. What she saw was the body and head of a serpent extending from the nobleman’s groin and what’s more it was looking at her, as she watched it opened its mouth, revealing a set of sharp fangs and hissed audibly. Marie opened her own mouth and let out a piercing scream of absolute terror which Silvern answered with a vicious grin.

Silvern grasped the writhing rod and pumped his hand up and down it before shivering in obvious pleasure, “I serve my lord and he has seen fit to reward me for my loyalty by granting me powers far beyond any mere human. Yesss. Service to the Serpent is very rewarding. I have come here to build a new temple to glorify my master and to bring this entire land into his dark embrace. You have the good fortune of being the Serpent’s first convert in this land.” Silvern allowed the lust and contempt he felt for the girl to show openly on his face.

“You fight the inevitable. You are destined to become a slave and taste the pleasures of submission to the will of the Serpent God.” Silvern spat before grabbing the maid and slapping her. Picking up the weeping girl he tossed her onto the bed, his inhuman strength easily overpowering the servant.

As he climbed on top of her she closed her fists and began furiously punching and kicking at him but to no avail. Fending off her pathetic blows he raised a hand in warning and hissed with rage. “Enough! I’m not giving you any choice, you will submit to my master.” The anger in Silvern’s voice cowed Mary and she lay amid the sheets, trembling in fear and watching him with suffering eyes.

Her simple green and white dress proved no protection as Silvern ripped it away and discarded the shredded fabric. Her simple white cotton under things fared no better and Mary whimpered as her naked body was fully exposed to her rapist’s eyes. Silvern wore an evil smile as he stared down at the girl he was ready to possess.

When the noble nudged her legs open Mary complied, too fearful of the transformed man to put up any resistance. With a slow hiss of anticipation Silvern sank down between her quivering thighs and grabbed both her wrists. Pinning the lovely maid to the bed with her arms above her head Silvern poised himself inches from her entrance and slowly moved his body forward as she began struggling and screaming, too late to do any good. Silvern simply ignored her struggles, she was helpless against him and the walls of the chamber would absorb any screams before they could reach the ears of any potential rescuer. As it approached the heat of her sex the snake came alive and its tongue flicked out, tasting and exploring Mary’s outer lips. When the snake’s head reached the shrieking girl’s vagina it rubbed its snout up and down her slit before nosing into the small hole and sliding inside.

Once he felt the snake’s head enter the soft warmth of Mary’s cunt Silvern rammed himself forward. Anguish filled Mary’s face as Silvern cruelly thrust deep into her body. She had never known such pain and cried out her agony she was brutally impaled by the member.
The man above Mary drank in her pain and suffering. Recruiting new servants for his master was always pleasurable and he loved the way that her tight cunt wrapped his transformed cock in a warm embrace as he pumped himself deep into her. With inhuman strength and endurance he began thrusting harder and faster. Sensing that it was time Silvern began casting the spells of the conversion ceremony, preparing his victim for her new life.

Slowly his spells began to work their power over the maid. A circle of darkness seemed to draw itself up around the bed as his chanting began calling to the forces of darkness. Shadows moved and twisted on the edge of perception as spirits and forces which normally lay dormant were stirred into being once more by the defilement taking place on the chamber’s bed. Silvern experienced a rising euphoria as he felt the trickle of power flowing through him until like a dam giving away the dark energy began flowing into the vessel beneath him. Mary gasped as she felt the sudden flow of corruption pouring into her womb. She threw her head back and forth as the indefinable sensation of the ethereal force instantly affected her flesh. Silvern felt moisture welling up from deep within her as his thrusting penis aroused her traitorous body.

Silvern savored the rape, driving his cock viciously downwards into the young woman’s hot depths as he whispered dark incantations into her ear, the words burning themselves into her mind. He could feel the dark power flowing through him, dominating her will and binding her body and soul to his service. His dark taint was driving her body to the heights of ecstasy, its seductive corruption desecrating her and battering down the young woman’s mental defenses.
With a final moan of defeat Mary gave in to the unholy lust and the last crumbling walls around her soul came down. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the sensation of the writhing member stabbing deep into her sensitive belly as the ancient magic that Silvern commanded corrupted her being, sweeping away her innocence and remaking her as a dedicated slave of the temple.

But this was only the beginning of her transformation. With a ferocious hiss of pleasure Silvern rammed his cock through Mary’s cervix and directly into her uterus eliciting a squeal of pain from her pretty lips as her face twisted in a grimace of agony. Within her womb the snake came alive, slithering about and exploring every corner of her ripe belly. Below him Silvern felt Mary jump and writhe in response to the unfamiliar sensation. Finally the snake struck, sinking its fangs into the fleshy wall of her womb and pumping green venom into Mary’s bloodstream. Mary shrieked as the evil substance burned through her, corrupting and changing her young human flesh, making her into a true servant of the dark Serpent God.

Silvern resumed his thrusting as Mary transformed into one of His creatures. Now the Serpent’s own blood flowed through her veins. Mary’s eyes rolled up in her head as the incredible sensations of metamorphosis shot through her. When they rolled down again they were the eyes of a snake and they locked with Silvern’s own as she leaned forward and locked her mouth over his, pushing her now forked tongue forward and allowing her passion and lust to flood out as she humped her hips back along his rod. While they kissed, their tongues dancing and twisting about, darkness leeched from the roots of her hair until it was a gleaming mass of midnight black.

Her body was covered with scales so fine that they felt like silk. In the candle light they shimmered slightly as she moved. Her motions were now sinuous and seductive as she writhed about on the bed, reveling in the darkness filling her soul even as her master hovered above her and filled her young body over and over. The lovers coupled in dozens of positions as Silvern used the young woman as he wished, pouring hot slimy semen into every orifice until her body was covered with the oozing evidence of their coupling. Finally Mary collapsed limp, unable to keep up with Silvern’s inhuman stamina, and simply lay there helpless, shuddering as he brought her to one unwilling orgasm after another. Mary was barely conscious when he finally unleashed one final flood of hot seed into her body and climbed off, his lusts at least temporarily satiated.

Silvern sat at the desk reading a parchment covered with dark twisted characters when the girl finally regained consciousness. He betrayed no sign of awareness of her presence while she dressed herself in the miraculously repaired dress she found draped across the foot of the bed. As she dressed Mary smiled at the unfamiliar soreness of the sensitive areas of her body, her loins still burned with the dark lusts Silvern had instilled in her and she could still feel the mixed juices from their violent coupling oozing from her body. Mary crossed the chamber and stood waiting submissively for several minutes before her master deigned to recognize her presence.

“Go now, be watchful and diligent in your service. Report to me if you hear or see anything of interest. The Serpent knows well the value of information.” With a wave of his hand Silvern dismissed her from his presence and returned to his studies.

With a thought Mary banished the visible changes the serpent had made in her and was once more the youthful chamber maid. Shaking her head the darkness leeched out of the silky mass and it returned to the rich brown it had been before her fall. With a musical giggle she curtsied before her new master and scurried out of the chamber.


At dinner Silvern was a riveting and charismatic guest. Over the course of the sumptuous feast he displayed his swift wit and was always ready to compliment King William and his family for their gracious hospitality. Quickly he had developed a rapport with the King as they touched briefly on events outside the isolated world of the valley kingdom since its long isolation. Silvern also extended his charm to the immediate members of the King’s family. By time the meal was entering its third course the Queen and Princesses were thoroughly captivated by their guest. Behind his charming exterior Silvern was watching the gathering with cold and calculating eyes, watching the interplay of the King’s court, seeking out the inner workings of household politics and any information which would provide him with advantage.

Others were less easily charmed. The King’s chamberlain, a middle-aged man with suspicious beady eyes, had a sour expression of skepticism throughout the dinner. When his eyes passed over Silvern they narrowed and his face took on an expression of resentment and childlike petulance from jealousy at the attention the guest of honor was receiving. Silvern vowed to take care of the fat little man before the functionary’s petty machinations conflicted with his own plans.

Sitting to the left of the King’s family was the woman who might prove to be the greatest threat. Silvern took the utmost care to keep the least betrayal of his nature from revealing itself to the Priestess of the Goddess. Her beautiful face had a haughty aristocratic appearance and her graceful long-fingered hands had obviously never done a day of work in her life. She was a woman who was distanced from the people and inwardly considered herself superior to her flock but her eyes burned with fanaticism, a believer without mercy or moderation. Silvern suppressed a shudder, any priestess of the goddess was dangerous but their powers increased in proportion with their faith.

She was clad in white robes and her avid green eyes never stopped moving, constantly seeking out evil and immorality in the service of her Goddess. While she seemed automatically suspicious of Silvern he felt confident that this was nothing more than her natural reaction to any newcomer. He knew that if she had held the least inkling of what he truly was he would already be dead or confined to the dungeons undergoing the purifying rituals of the Goddess’s inquisition.

What most drew his attention was a graceful woman who entered the hall several minutes into the meal. She wore a cool and distant expression as she trod barefoot across the hall and seated herself. He noticed that while everyone treated the woman with great respect no one spoke to her. She was strikingly beautiful with an exotic angle to her feature and wore a simple but luxurious robe of silver silk. Her alabaster skin and long silver hair both appeared to be wet, as if she had just stepped out of the bath.

A nervous servant brought forth a tray with a selection of meats and the woman ate the delicately cut morsels with quiet efficiency. After the last of her meal had vanished she rose and silently left, all without saying a world or acknowledging the existence of any one of the multitude of fellow diners filled the great hall. What interested Silvern the most about the enigmatic woman was the glowing aura of supernatural power which surrounded her like a mystical flame. While invisible to the others present in the hall the enhanced perception granted to Silvern as a priest of the Serpent made her shine like a beacon to his eyes.


Mary walked down the service passage behind the great hall. The feast had come to an end as the food and stamina of its guests had run out and now the subdued murmurs of exhausted celebrants as they slowly rose from around the room and stumbled to their chambers to sleep replaced the bustle and energy of the feast. Mary ducked into the kitchens and looked about until she spotted what she was looking for. There, just finishing the cleaning up the kitchen’s work areas left in the aftermath of preparing course after course, was a short red-headed girl in a simple green dress.

Wendy had been a friend of Mary’s for years, they had spent their youth together in the village and had come to the palace to work at the same time. Both girls had stayed close as they grew accustomed to the difference between their small village and the larger, stranger world of the castle. Recently though Mary had found herself putting distance between herself and Wendy. In unguarded moments Mary had caught Wendy staring intensely at her in a way that had made the chamber maid feel extremely uncomfortable. Now the corrupted servant of the Serpent recognized that look for what it was. The young Wendy had fallen in love, or at least lust, with her friend Mary. This presented a certain… opportunity which the new Mary was wholly unready to turn down.

As these thoughts ran through her head Mary stared at Wendy with burning eyes, evaluating her young friend in an entirely new way. Wendy epitomized the very picture of cute innocence with her large bright green eyes, a permanently tousled mass of red hair, a tendency to blush without warning and a penchant for smiling shyly, revealing short glimpses of her perfect white teeth. Before being taken into the Serpent’s service Mary had known in a general way that her friend was pretty, looking younger than her years with a slender and fit body which was only now developing into full womanhood.

With a sigh Wendy finished wiping down the counter and dropped the cleaning rag into a bucket of soapy water with a sight of relief. Stretching briefly she wiped a fine sheen of sweet from her brow before catching a glimpse of Mary watching her from across the room.
Mary gave Wendy a bright smile, allowing her old warmth to fill her eyes. Her smile grew wider as she thought of taking advantage of her friend’s trust.

“I need your help in the storeroom, Wendy.”

Wendy nodded briefly and hung her apron before allowing Mary to lead her to the cellars. The two young women proceeded downwards, away from the frequented sections of the castle to the quiet sections where the stores were kept. It was only down in these seldom used passages that a true sense of the age and size of the palace grew obvious. The only light source came from the tapers carried by the girls and their weak illumination flickered and danced off the heavy stone walls and vaulted arches of the cellars. Finally the girls reached their destination, a stout oak door. Mary handed her burning taper to Wendy and grasped the door with both hands. With a grunt of effort she threw her full strength into opening the thick door.

With a creaking groan the door laboriously opened and Mary waved Wendy inside.

Confusion knotted Wendy’s brow as she watched Mary bolt the heavy wooden door behind them. “There. Now we’ll have the privacy we want.” Mary said confidently.

Wendy’s mouth formed a perfect O of surprise as Mary turned and reached behind her back, tugging the laces which secured her dress open and skinning out of it in one smooth motion. Mary stood motionlessly as the garment drifted down to the floor, allowing her shocked friend to examine her stunning body. She knew that her form had been tweaked here and there by the dark magic that had enslaved and transformed her, smoothing away human imperfections and making her irresistible to man or woman. Wendy gasped as Mary stepped out of her dress with a single confident stride, shrinking back from her nude friend the young woman’s green eyes were wide and questioning.

“I know that you want me. I’ve seen you looking. Come with me. Let us take pleasure from one another.” Locking her gaze with the girl’s Mary took her delicate hand in her own and gently led the stunned girl to the back of the storeroom. Mary slowly undressed the wide-eyed girl, revealing the kitchen wench’s young body. Wendy was a petite, fragile looking thing and she shivered as her body was exposed to the open air.

Mary cupped the side of Wendy’s cheek before slowly running her fingertips downward, lightly skimming over the smooth warm surface of the girl’s neck and chest. As her fingertips teasingly passed over the firm softness of the redhead’s breasts she felt a slight quiver.

Grasping the fleshy orb for a moment Mary could feel her friend’s heart pounding with nerves and excitement. This brought a smile to the chamber maid’s lips and she allowed her hand to slid down the soft skin of Wendy’s belly and found the soft rise of her pubic mound. Sliding her fingers through the nest of reddish curls Mary found the girl’s nether lips beneath. Cupping her hand over Wendy’s sex Mary rubbed firmly while wantonly pressing her body against her friend. Mary pulled the girl upwards and kissed her passionately, popping her tongue into the redhead’s mouth and playfully exploring it. Wendy shuddered as first a tingle and then a rush of sexual sensation shot through her, an electric feeling which unleashed a long pent up need in her.

Mary smiled as the first hints of moisture began to well up from within her friend’s body as short mews of pleasure escaped the redhead’s lips. Drawing back Mary watched a flush of pleasure redden Wendy’s cheeks as her eyes went hazy with pleasure. Sliding around behind the panting girl Mary pulled her down and backwards onto a pile of sacks, an impromptu bed to continue her fellow maid’s seduction. Wendy’s breasts were small but perfectly shaped, their creamy white skin covered with the same scattering of freckles which graced the young maid’s cute button nose and slender shoulders. Mary squeezed and massaged her pert breasts while teasing the hardening nipples at their tips. Wendy leaned back against Mary’s warm body and closed her eyes as she surrendered herself to the other girl’s hands. When her friend reached down between Wendy’s legs and slipped her delicate fingers inside the girl bit her lip and trembled in pleasure as Mary went to work.

For some time Mary touched her friend. Her skillful fingers were quickly covered in Wendy’s silky juices. While one hand was always busy manipulating her friend’s vagina her other would wander all over the girl’s young body, touching and caressing, stroking her in all the places that made Wendy moan and her body burn with desire. Occasionally she would switch hands, offering the young girl her honey covered fingers. Wendy moaned and lustfully sucked her own juices off Mary’s fingers as she luxuriated in the pleasure that bombarded her. “Oh it feels so good. Oh, yes.” Wendy panted as sexual pleasure flooded through her body.

Finally the time was right. With her right hand Mary stopped stroking Wendy’s cunt and spread the girl’s labia apart with two fingers, revealing the glistening pink inner folds of flesh. Opening her mouth wide Mary released her Lord’s gift from her body. With a hiss a thick black snake emerged from her throat and slithered down Wendy’s chest leaving a trail of slime behind it. Reaching her crotch it reared up and faced towards her spread vagina and then struck without warning. Mary’s eyes burned with vicious glee as the snake, still connected to her mouth, plunged deep into the young servant’s untouched quim.

“Oh by the Goddess no! Ugh!”

Wendy let out a surprised grunt at the sudden violation. With a single thrust the snake shoved itself almost six inches into her tiny virgin cunt. It had happened so fast that it took a moment before the pain of her brutally torn hymen reached the girl tearing a cry of anguish from her throat. “No, this isn’t happening. Please stop, oh no, don’t.”

Mary moaned in pleasure around the thick snake filling her throat. She could feel every inch of her friend’s young vagina as if the serpent where a part of her body. Driven by the urge to defile her friend further she drove it further into the girl. Because Wendy had already been aroused before it violated her she was well lubricated. Nonetheless the sheer tightness of her tiny cunt made it difficult for the snake to penetrate Wendy’s depths and with each surge of effort it moved only a few inches deeper. As it gathered itself and plunged deeper into her most intimate spot, filling and stretching the girl’s belly, Wendy moaned and cried out. Her pitiful begging was barely coherent over her screams and sobs of shock and pain.

Gradually her canal stretched to accommodate the invader and it began moving in and out with a steady rhythm, fucking the girl with deep thrusting strokes. As the pain faded away she realized that it was almost pleasurable, this sensation of being filled over and over would have been wonderful had she been willing. Then it began to move and twist, the serpents rough scales touching every inch and hidden corner to her vagina. With this a low moan of undeniably sexual pleasure escaped her lip and the girl’s hips bucked slightly as her body responded to the new stimulus.

Wendy stopped her protests, the fear at the sudden emergence of the snake from her friends mouth had been wiped away by the sensations as the serpent buried itself in her hot depths. As the snake twisted and writhed in her tight cunt, Wendy could only let out a series of small animal like grunts of ecstasy as hot bursts of sexual pleasure filled her and her body shook uncontrollably under the overwhelming pleasure.

The texture of the fat serpent embedded in her canal soon brought the red haired kitchen wench to a tremendous orgasm as her pussy clenched and quivered around the invader. Wendy sobbed in a mixture of ecstasy and terror as her friend raped her. Mary pumped the young girl’s cunt with the snake until the girl’s sweet young juices flowed out to pool on the floor.

Mary felt a rising pleasure within her own body as the Serpent rewarded her for serving him. Finally she hissed in satisfaction as the snake reared up and bit into the tender flesh of Wendy’s inner walls. When its teeth latched down it began to pump out a steady flow of venom into the girl’s body and she screamed in agony. As it did so Mary’s eyes rolled up in her head and she quivered with a rush of sexual pleasure greater than any orgasm, shaking in pleasure as the girl in her arms shook with pain.

Recovering from the climax Mary withdrew the serpent back into its hiding place and held the stricken girl tight as the venom coursed through her body. With an evil smile she began whispering the sibilant words of the same dark incantations which had made her the Serpent’s slave into Wendy’s ear. Mary caressed and stroked her friend’s youthful body while the combined magic and venom did its work.

In her mind’s eye Wendy saw the massive sinuous shape of the Serpent God, suddenly in the depths of the misty pit in which it dwelled his eyes met hers, demanding submission. With the dark chanting breaking down her will the girl felt herself open up to him and gave herself fully to the malevolent presence. Instantly his power filled her mind and body, shaping, changing, transforming until little remained of the girl she had been. Even as the ancient mind withdrew Wendy could feel the darkness of his presence lurking within her being and soul. Irrevocably she was now forever bound to the Serpent, her will forever ripped from her and replaced by obedience and servitude.

When she opened her eyes they were golden orbs with black slits, marking her service to her new master. With a hiss of pleasure she felt the change sweep through her body as the dark presence of the Serpent swept through it, altering it to suit his will. Her skin became pale and every tiny flaw faded away to be replaced by an unholy alabaster perfection while her red hair became the same silky black that Mary’s was. Fangs extended in her mouth and a legion of other alterations left her very far from human. Wendy closed her eyes again and felt the changes within her. As she did so an evil smile covered her face.

With languid grace she turned to Mary and kissed her deeply, allowing the wanton lusts which filled her being to emerge. The two corrupted girls hissed with pleasure as they gave themselves to the dark desires their new master had instilled in them.


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