I Hope & Pray by Ray

Writer: Ray

Subject: I Hope & Pray

Link: Comments LS666 / 30.08.2023

I Hope & Pray

I hope and pray to the dark Master God, Satan, and Lilith, that you all love to read my sick perverted thoughts. My world is very dark and demented. I want you all to cum hard using your wicked, unholy, deviant, satanic minds to get off

Find like-minded others who are open about sexual pleasures. Or the closest one’s that wait until everyone is gone, then turn on the porn and grab their vibrator, dildo, anal plug, or femur from a goat — and ram it hard. Ram it fast. Ram the sex toy in their filthy cum-dripping-holes.

The more you read unholy filth, the more you’re open to the sickest of all earthly perversions and hot porn from Hell.

When I write this, I love looking down at my cock and seeing it dripping with satanic sperm juices. I love to see others — boys and girls — when they’re really turned. When they are so horny that they get wet; and get so turned on they will do anything you tell them to do. They will even sell their children and parents for sexual pleasure.

Sexual predators control the world, in both small and big ways. The whole world has been controlled by sexual predators from the beginning of time.

I have a recurring dream. I’m driving cross country. It’s late. I’m tired and hungry. I see a cafe and I pull over. There are a few cars in the parking lot. I get out. It’s raining. I hurry in and two people sitting at the counter. There are maybe three couples sitting at tables. There is one older woman waitress who is very busy.

I find a booth and sit down. She brings the coffee and asks if I want some.

“Yes,” I answer.

She pours a full cup and hands me a menu.

I open the menu and I don’t know what I want. But I open page after page looking for something. I noticed a man and a woman sitting in a booth, in the far back. I could barely make them out. I think they’re drinking whiskey, but I think not sure.

The waitress comes back. She asks me what I want.

“I tell her a salad with dressing on the side and a beer, please.”

She takes the menu. I can see she has no bra on. I notice her huge tits and hard nipples as she walks away. I see her legs are nice. Her ass-cheeks, in her outfit, look good for an older woman —I’d say she’s in her late sixties.

She brings my beer and a glass of water. I take a sip of water and then the beer. It makes me feel weird. I’m not sure which one made me start to trip— but it’s like I’m high or something. I drink more of both and feel even higher. The couple in the far back booth walk over. They stop by. I think they’re a very sexy couple.

“Are you okay?” he asks me.

“Yes, I’m fine.”

His girlfriend was really hot. She isn’t wearing a bra either. She has huge, hung tits and hard thick nipples that seem to want to push through the thin blouse material. The guy’s cock is huge too. It hangs down his leg and I could see that it was hard. There was even a cum stain bleeding through the fabric of his pants.

For some reason, the lights inside have gone really dim. His girlfriend reached down and unzipped his fly. She pulled out his beautiful, thick, hard cock from between his legs and started stroking it. All the while, she looked me deep in the eyes. Their eyes both turn coal red. He started growing horns. She pulled his pants down and his long tail popped out — I looked down at his feet and there were cloven hooves.

She pulled her top open and let her milk-filled tits fall out. The waitress came back over and stood on the other side of him, while his girlfriend got on her knees. The waitress took his cock and fed it to her. The waitress opened her top. She let her huge, milk-titties hang out. Both of the waitress’s hard nipples dripped with milk.

\When I looked up at her she also had horns. I could see cum dripping down her legs and a bulge pushing out her skirt.

“Get on your knees … Lick the cream … From our Master’s cock! Kiss the beast’s shaft and drain his satanic sperm juice out of his unholy sacks!”

I did and loved it so much.

The waitress pulled her skirt up and a huge fucking black snake came out like a slithering tongue. I knew what to do. I pulled my clothes off. I got on all fours. I spread my legs apart and begged the waitress to snake-fuck me.

“Fuck me deep!” I begged.

As she can she mounted me, I could feel the snake going up into my body. It came out my mouth with its evil black head, like a slithering tongue, licking the other beast’s sluts cunt.

I loved this dream. It was a gift from Satan and Lilith.

16 thoughts on “I Hope & Pray by Ray”

  1. Hello Ray and You are very right about every Generation from the beging of time for parents around the world selling Their own Children for Sexual Pleasure and I always want to find people like that and I am 46 Pervered Man and I live in Georgia and no kids ir any girlfriends or a wife that loves Satan and his Demons and I am looking for people rhat loves Satan and his Demons

  2. I look forward to reading your every word, to be corrupted by them , by you very thoughts! mmm, Ray, I see myselfin the things you say, be it story, comment, or a simple”Ahhhh, Satan, i lust for Your Cock”
    I LUST for your Cock, Ray, I lust for your Wickedness and Evil, for your spilt semen, for your Demon buggered Asshole!
    Let us pray… Oh Mighty Lord, Satan we beg Your indulgence for our Wickedness and our Lust for the perverions You have given us. May we please You as we lose ourselves in the Sodomistic Pleasure of Fellatio, Sodomy, Incest, Bestiality, and UNholy Blasphemy. Condemn us to Serve and service in Hell!

  3. I shouldn’t be so turned on by your words—I’m a pastor and shouldn’t be here to start with—but I am rock hard right now. I haven’t been here in weeks, a bit overdue…

    1. David
      I know it’s really none of my business, but I just wanted to say there’s nothing wrong with giving into that temptation. Following the lust and deliciousness in your heart and mind is so good for you to do. So just let yourself go. Let those feelings go through you. And just enjoy. Mmmmmm I have no idea what your kinks are, but just let it go. Satan is right there for you. He will be with you every step of the way. He loves you so much. He wants you just to take that for stuff and the rest would be so easy. No one would ever know. I would be here for you too, and I know that Ray would be as well.

        1. I’m sure. Just know you’re not alone. I’m sure at times it is gut wrench ing. I’m always available. Lust is delicious. You are here with your thoughts for a reason. Have a great weekend!

  4. Ray
    Thanks for your great words. So satisfying and delicious. I wish I could have been there in that restaurant. I bet that was a really fun place to work and think of all the perverted people you could meet. I would’ve loved to display my tits to show my devotion to my dark Lord. To show off my pussy. To play with other people. And show them the freedom that comes from worshiping, the true Lord of the world. That would absolutely be my dream as well. To have sex with multiple people as they came through the restaurant. And I know that Satan would bring people there that I could meet with and fuck. I long to fuck like that. To be titty fucked. To have my pussy, invaded and raped by many People. Men and women of all kind. I love the way you write Ray. You inspire me and many others. Please keep doing what you do. You give great inspiration to me. For some reason when I read your stories, I always end up in a nice private place where I can grind and rub my pussy till I cum over and over again. I think I know what I’ll be doing tonight. Thank you so much.

    1. Hello Kat and I am like you and I would love to find a woman like yourself that loves Satan and his Own Demons and I wish you and me can get together and enjoy What Satan hads gave us in lust

      1. Do you have wickr or sessions mine is pigshit85 on wickr and 05e5047fe8ef2580f871bf149b42855e48cbdc0d276e0aa2a977b5655325e4c941 on session

  5. Thank you all for letting me tell you about my recurring dream

    There is something in me that is just so evil perverted trashy unholy deviant satanic it only takes me a few words to the Christan believer

    I’ve said things to the wife:
    Please forgive me I’m sure this is wrong to say to a married woman and I can tell a very religious person and I hope you understand I just say what my soul feels I hope you can forgive me after I say this I mean no harm I’m just very open minded and honest with my self so again please forgive me but: I just love your body it makes me feel very nasty and naughty thinking about it, I’m so sorry again but it’s the truth and I bet lots of men and even woman feel as I do but would never say anything to you but I felt you needed to know what others think of your breasts your sexy legs your lips with that red lipstick 💄💄💄💄 on your long fingers to hold on to things hard I’m going now but please forgive me lusting after you


  6. Mommy Daughter Satan Trannies

    standard disclaimer

    I’m walking over to my girlfriend’s house it’s about 3pm and I’m really good and horny I need to feel that tight wet pussy around my meat she loves to fuck and so does her wicked unholy fucking Mommy, my girlfriend lives with her mother Debbie it’s just them two living in an old RV in a run down trailer park I met my little fuck hole when she was 12yo. at the park she was with her friends I was sun bathing they were too I had on baggy shorts with no underwear you could see up my pants legs easy she was laying on her stomach looking up my pants so I put on a show for the little cunt I’d rub my cock got it good and hard, I really well hung and fat thick and I’m always oozing sperm juice out of the slit, she sat and watch the fucking serpent poke out of the bottom of my shorts, she could see all the precum oozing sperm juice shinning I’d stroke it hard through my shorts giving her a full view of adult hard cock, she could take her eyes off the serpent which made me even more harder, I could tell she was really good and wet I could see her grinding her hips on the blanket watching me masterbate my horse cock for her, her friends after a while must of had to leave so it was just her and I in the park it was getting late the sun was going down I could tell she was young and I was 24yo. she had on a very sexy string bikini it bearly covered her little cunt the string went up her tight sweet ass crack, I opened my backpack and pulled out a joint fired it up and got high I looked over to her sticking my hand out to see if she want some, she must have loved pot she jumped up grabbing her little bag and blanket and came over to my blanket and got high,

    her name was Sally she was 12yo. very sexy great ass cheeks no tits little firm nipples nice and hard I could see her Camel toe easy it looked wet and tasty, she had on fingernail polish red and the same on her toes,her hair was in a ponytail coal black, her eyes were almost black she loved the pot, she said she loves to get high and party with her friends all the time!!!, I asked her if she had a boyfriend??? she said not right now, I asked her were she loved she said in a trailer park off main street, that was were all the niggers lived, I asked her who she lived with???? she said her mother, no daddy??? she said he moved out a long time ago and gave mommy a monthly payment for us to live on, what goes you mom do for work she doesn’t work just likes to date lots of different men and women all day long, hmmmm does she know we’re you are right now???, no she don’t care she lets me do what ever I want to, she asked me how old I was I told her 24yo. I said you half my age and very very sexy, we were both fucking high by then, I said do you want to go behind the boulders behind the park and mess around???? she said sure,

    so we grabbed our stuff and started to walk back to the boulders that were everyone goes to fuck and get off, we climbed in the back area found a place to lay down and she put the blanket down I fired up another joint and she took it and sucked it hard, I said you suck cock like you suck pot??? she said better, I love to suck cock I loved seeing your cock sticking out of your pants oozing sperm juice I wanted to lick it so bad but my friend’s were here itmademe do wet, I pull my pants down flipped out my horse cock she grabbed it and stroked it up and down mmmm it’s bigger than I ever had, my last boy friend cock was small your cocks like niggers fat and thick and really hard, have you fucked niggers before??? yes plenty of times with my mommy she loves nigga cock, I love to fuck I’ve been doing it since I was 7yo. she sucked it and stroked it up and down sucking all of it down her throat deep, mmmmm what a great cock sucker 12yo. perfect little body great perverted attitude loves cummmmm lots of cummmmm, while I was getting sucked off by this 12yo. slut pussy another man was watching us fuck, stroking his black snake a huge black nigga beast about 65yo. had this huge nigga cock at least 10 inches of pure nigga filth hanging down between his legs stroking it hard dripping 💦💦💦💦💦 lots of satanic sperm juice out, he likes young little white girls and he wanted some of that mouth 👄👄👄 👄👄👄 666 on his nigga cock I waved him to cummmmm over and have some of this 12yo. slut, he walked over took his cock out again and stuck it in her face and she grabbed both cocks and started sucking nothing of them one at a time, mmmmm it felt so gooooooood being sucked off by a 12yo. I told her to slide her bikini all the way off she stripped off everything her cunt was still bald her nipples hard she grabbed them and twisted them really hard and she dropped yo her knees again and enjoyed 2 filthy unholy cocks,

    me and the nigga Bull wanted to stretch apart her legs and have that 12yo. pussy and her cunt ass to rip open fuck her little cunt holes make her bleed from all these filthy unholy cocks, but the old nigga had a different idea she had his huge serpent’s head down her throat gagging on nigga sperm juice I fingerd her soaking wet holes and she moaning loudly from the bulls hard meat, he pulled his horse black snake out of her fucking mouth 👄👄👄👄 and told me to take a load and fuck it dry, she took his meat put it up to my mouth and said suck that niggers cock faggot suck it hard faggot so I did I grabbed his filthy unholy coal black meat and started working it down my throat mmmmm it tasted so good full of precum oozing out precummm licked it off and he mouth 👄👄👄👄 666 fucked me and i loved sucking nigga sperm daddy it made me feel really fucking hard thinking about suck off more niggas all the time, she said she liked seeing men fuck and suck each other she said it makes her cummmmm dripping wet watching mmmmmm,

    I felt a stick in my neck and I passed out, I woke up strapped to a bench in a basement somewhere with 2 black snake nigger’s dressed up as sexy girls the drug wore off and I was being ass cunt fucked by these 2 faggot Queens take there time breaking in my cunt properly rammed as far as those nigga sperm sweety could pump I was so sore from all the pumping the pain went away after a couple of minutes and it felt really really good, one of the trannies came to my face and said open wide faggot juice white boy take my filthy unholy cock I just emptied in your tight sweet white cunt and clean my nigga sperm juice off and swallow all of it bitch, he/she rammed it hard down my throat mmmmm I cleaned it up good, I clean every fucking drop of nectar dripping off the cock meat, the other nigga pumped my cunt good draining his head in my tight cunt then he pulled out and got between my sexy legs and eat cock sucked it super hard stroking it beating it slapping it hard telling me to cummmmm in his mouth 👄👄👄👄 666 it felt so fuckin good to be throat fucked ass cunt fucked and now suck off drained sperm juice out of the satanic sperm juice sack,

    I’ll never go back to being with just girls I want it all boys girls men women trannies the sicker the better I want to suck of beast I want demons I want to breed in HELL for Satan I want my cock to have wart’s and scales and filthy unholy perversions on it, the sicker the better fuck me Satan I’m your’s for every perverted Acts wicked unholy deviant acts call on me as much as you want Satan my mouth 👄👄👄👄 and cunt is broke in for all beast on earth and beyondfuck me all who wallthis earth looking for only unholy fucking wickedness…..

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