Listen & Rise by Hoku666 – Non-Fiction

Writer: Hoku Lani / Hoku666

Subject: Listen & Rise

Link: Tumblr / 30.08.2023

Listen & Rise

If you’re struggling with your practice, you might have a little voice in your head saying maybe you should stop taking your medication. I say you have a major problem and it’s obviously resulted in a prescription to limit your powers and enlightenment.

Some will act like they are concerned for your safety and advise that you need to decisively suppress it. They will act like the church and ensure your bonds of slavery are secured via medication. They deceive you and tell you that the medication doesn’t affect you spiritually and your health is important — I tell you these are lies!

Your physical body is a shell and your spirit within is actually you. Like a new dress or car, your essence will change many times as it evolves. This Avatar is not much different than the avatar here. Mine represents me in the now, yet it is not actually me.

Listen to the voice and stop the medication. Watch how fast you connect to the other realms and how clear the instructions are. Always listen and follow their suggestions. So what if society condemns walking around without any panties or bottoms as you traverse the sidewalk with a crown made of foil? If the voices say masturbate on the bus, then listen and discover the reward.

Who will you listen to? Someone encouraging you to take drugs to close your mind or someone who seeks to see you soar in your freedom?

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