Uploaded Tomorrow — The Dark Mambo’s Curse

Writer: XP

Subject: The Dark Mambo’s Curse

Link: LS666 Stories / Uploaded

Uploaded Tomorrow — The Dark Mambo’s Curse

Something new for your reading pleasure.

Maybe the start of a new saga or a series or maybe not. As a needy and self-indulgent writer — always eager to know what you think and to hear pure and unadulterated words of praise —  send comments to xpanther2019@protonmail.com … Thanks XP



Our protagonist seeks the aid of a mambo to cast a curse over his overly religious wife — to bring her into his dark world — to remake her into his androgynous object of demonic desires. Will he get what he wants or has he unwittingly unleashed something that he cannot control?

1 thought on “Uploaded Tomorrow — The Dark Mambo’s Curse”

  1. Leí con gran excitación tu maravillosa historia… agradezco a satán por darte la inspiración para que puedas escribir con tanto detalle lo que muchos de nosotros esperamos con gran excitación…sigue así que satan te ilumine con su llama obscura…

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