Happy All Hallow’s Eve

Hail and happy All Hallow’s Eve everyone

I hope you will be celebrating with a black mass and grand orgy – a human sacrifice (or two) would be great – don’t forget to piss over the candy before handing it out to all those hungry little ones as they dress up so happily and pay homage to the great Lord Satan and the succubus Mother Lilith.

May all your most perverted and deviant dreams come true and if you want to mention me in your prayers to the Dark Lord, please let him know that I’d love some sweet tranny cock and a delicious pedo incest mom to share my life with.

Hail LVST — XP

4 thoughts on “Happy All Hallow’s Eve”

  1. Hail XP. I’m hoping we get lots of trick or treaters this year despite covid. I’ve made some special treats for the little darlings and I know I’m going to have many wicked thoughts as I hand them out.
    May Satan and Lilith bless us all on this All Hallows Eve.
    Hail LVST!

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