Take me forever – Non-Fiction

Feature Writer: Morezhail

Feature Title: Take me forever

Link: TUMBLR /  29.10.2020 / Posted by Morezhail

Take me forever


Hail Supreme God Satan, my one and only God, my ultimate master forever and ever! I offer myself completely to you, take me for all that I am and transform me into your faithful bitch for eternity. I want you to defile my body and soul, break my mind and mold me into a creature of pure depravity.

My asshole is yours my Supreme God Satan, please fill my ass pussy with your demonic cocks and shower me in your unholy jizz. I need to feel your powerful, demonic, mutant cocks inside me or I’ll never be whole, and I’ll never known happiness. Impregnate my soul with your godly cum, shower my insides in your sticky cock cream! Please Lord Satan!

Defile my body! I want to give birth to your demon babies! Smother my soul in your beautiful darkness! I want to give in to you completely, use my asshole to breed your dark offspring! Turn me into a woman, I don’t care! Turn me into your demon queen who lives only to service your cock and be impregnated with your evil seed! Let me drink your cum now, let me be nourished by your supreme jizz! Hail Satan! Hail Satan Forevermore!

I need to be impregnated Lord Satan, PLEASE!!!I can feel the pulse of darkness exploding in my asshole my Almighty Supreme God Satan. My asshole is ready to transform for you Satan, unload your demonic cum inside me so that I might be devoured by ecstasy and ultimate evil. I give in completely Lord Satan, I give you all and everything forever and ever! It would be an honor to be a demon queen for your hordes Lord Satan, let them stream forth from my unholy pussy!

Let my corrupted breast milk feed them into glorious growth, let their appetites be sated by your perfect exploding demon cock filled with dark forbidden evil jizz! I want to be a demon mother! Please let me give birth for you Lord Satan, let my asshole spew forth abominations! I want monsters to crawl out of my ass pussy for you Lord Satan! Take my body and soul! Let me be yours forever! Hail Satan!

I welcome your many demons to rape my soul Lord Satan. Infest me with your blackness, let your endless cum ooze over me and drown me in ecstasy! I open myself now to you Lord Satan, now and forever. Possess my cock Lord Satan, fill it with lustful demons empowered by sexual depravity and infinite chaotic lust.

Let my cock be a home for them, let them be nourished and nurtured and left to grow and grow for you Lord Satan. Let your newborn horny tentacle cock legions to satisfy themselves with my ass pussy. Spread me open to obscene dimensions, flood my every crevice with your evil cum! Fuck my mind hole with your swarm of mutating cocks! Flood me oh my perfectly lovely Supreme God Satan,

I don’t want to breathe anything except you Lord Satan. I can’t wait to feel your demon spawn crawl out of my shit hole Lord Satan, I can’t wait to give birth to a new race of demonic creatures. Let them pour out of me with ease and ecstasy, let them grow and be nourished by my unholy ass pussy. Let them transform and grow powerful from every thrust into my eager asshole,

I don’t want to exist unless I’m being raped by you Lord Satan. Let me give birth to your demon babies so I can have a destiny! I want to feel the demon babies squirming inside of me, I want to hear their glorious cries when I squeeze them out of my abominable ass pussy! Let them cradle them and feed them from my huge tits, let my body transform to secrete all the right hormones and vitamins my demon babies need to grow up big and strong and completely demonic and evil.

I want to satisfy their primal demonic sexual urges by offering my asshole up to them, offering my mouth, offering my pussy that I’ll grow for you Lord Satan. I want to accommodate millions of demonic cocks, I want to be surrounded by them constantly spewing demon jizz. I yearn to be covered in demonic jizz Lord Satan, I need it so bad I want to DIE.

Please take me into the depths of Hell and pleasure my ass pussy with evil cocks, squirming and mutating from the supreme power that emanates from you oh my Supreme God Satan. My asshole is yours forever, bury as many demon eggs inside it as you want Lord Satan! I want to transform, I want to become a demon monster!

I want to become a cock slave hell bent on consuming cock juice and giving birth to beautiful, glorious demon babies. Please live inside me and suck on my soul until you’re ready to be born my beautiful babies! Every cock I take inside me is in your honor Lord Satan, I live to swallow jizz from pulsating demon cocks! Hail Satan forever more! Drown me in your unholy cum!

I want to consume your cum until I vomit it up everywhere! I want to vomit cum on veiny demon cocks while they destroy my throat and drain their hellish balls inside me! Kill everything I am and let me be reborn in your image Lord Satan! Let the demons spewing from my asshole change me forever! I need demon cocks, I need them so bad! Please Lord Satan, PLEASE!

I need to be filled with your supreme evil! I want to be your slave always and forever, my Supreme God Satan! I love you so much, please just keep flooding my insides in your sticky hot magma cum! I know now my Supreme God Satan! I know it’s my destiny to give birth to your beautiful monstrous babies! Impregnate my ass pussy, impregnate my mind! Corrupt my soul and let me drink an ocean of jizz forevermore! Milk me Lord Satan! Milk my breasts and squeeze out my evil breast milk for my beautiful demon babies!

Let them never be without my nourishing jizz milk! Let me transform into a demon beast with a million demon cocks! I want to impregnate everyone Lord Satan! Please let me defile holes in your honor Lord Satan! Let’s kill the Xtian God together! Let’s fuck his stupid asshole repeatedly until he dies! Let’s make sure everyone has a wonderful demon baby growing inside of them!

Shower me in your dark love Satan, flood my mind with your evil disease and turn my ass pussy into a breeding factory of demonic tentacle beasts! Let it be forever, let your glory be forever Lord Satan! Hail Satan forevermore, hail his demonic cocks impregnating me forever more! I want to give birth over and over again! I want to watch as beautiful abominations crawl their way into this world out of my gushing evil asshole!


I want to be a monster deep down in my heart Lord Satan, I want to be yours forevermore! Inject my cock with the furious darkness of a million depraved years! Suck me down into the abyss so I can be covered in cum over and over again! I can’t stop wanting you Lord Satan, I can’t stop needing you! I can’t stop needing dicks!


I want to hover over the countless faces of our demonic offspring Lord Satan, let me unload all of my infernal cum inside their eager mouths and jizz parched throats. Let me bless them with endless cum, let them absorb it all inside of them and come to know your infinite love my Supreme God Satan! Let their rejoicing voices flood every corner of this universe with joyful singing, let the evil cum spewing from your countless cocks splatter across our hearts Lord Satan.

All is for you my Supreme God Satan! Lord Satan, my Supreme God! I can’t take it anymore! I need your strong demonic fist to penetrate my disease asshole! Reach deep in my asshole and pluck my heart from my rib-cage, and replace it with a new demonic heart that will beat eternally for your Lord Satan!

Let the stream of cum erupting from my cock to be endless, let the decrepit flow from my cock and my ass and my mouth be full of everlasting evil! I forsake all other gods but you Lord Satan, you are the supreme God of all things and I want your magnificent cocks to destroy my mind and fill my heart with ultimate darkness! I’m only happy when there’s demon cocks stuffed inside me Lord Satan!

Please destroy my holes for eternity Lord Satan, fill me with SUPREME DARK EVIL! I wish I had an ocean of monsters exploding from my asshole Lord Satan! Let my asshole give birth to entire legions of cum hungry death dumpster demons!

I WANT YOUR COCK INSIDE ME SO BAD LORD SATAN! I NEED CUM INSIDE ME! I don’t want to be human anymore Lord Satan, turn me into a monster! Turn me into a demon monster and kill my humanity forever! I don’t want any morals, I just want your supreme cocks stuffing my holes into oblivion! Shower me in evil jizz,


I need to feel them Lord Satan, I need to feel your babies growing inside me! I want to be a demon monster mother so bad Lord Satan, transform me with your ultimate power! I NEED JIZZ SO FUCKING BAD, PLEASE LORD SATAN PLEASE!

I want my cum blasting monster cock orgasms to give birth to demons! I want creatures to squirm out of my pee hole! I want to piss demons and cum monsters! I want to destroy anyone and everything that tries to stand in your way Lord Satan! I want to defile the masses and let them know of your supreme dark love! I want to share your perfect heart filled with evil love with all!

I want to personally administer mutant cocks spewing with cum to all creatures! Everyone should belong to you Lord Satan, everyone should love you and suck on your evil sperm! I want demon babies to suck the gallons of cum out of my evil shit hole and evolve into perfect monsters! I don’t ever want to be without you Lord Satan, I need your love, I need your cocks inside me, I need your jizz,


I don’t want any other destiny besides being your concubine cock slave Lord Satan! Ruin my asshole and turn it into the perfect breeding ground for your unholy eggs and tentacles beasts! I want to absorb your evil cum in every pore Lord Satan! Smother me in your cum, I need to feel your love so bad Lord Satan! I want evil alien demonic cocks to invade my asshole and drown my heart in demonic nectar!

Let the messy cum filled births of our demonic creatures never end, let it never stop sprewing and streaming and blasting forth from my putrid asshole! I want to drink it all Lord Satan, I want your evil demon cocks to bleed out their unholy cum all over my soul! I want the pulsating veins of glorious demon cocks to ripple over my eager cum lusting lips! Let me service swinging demon meat with my luscious cum covered lips! Let my asshole be a warm home for your many evil dicks Lord Satan. Hail Glorious God Satan!

My heart and soul and everything that I am are yours for eternity! Shape me into your faithful cock servant who thrives on the jizz of powerful demons! Play with my brain and wipe away my humanity as you drill your tentacles cocks into my ears and into my brain! Make my cock grow and grow as it spews evil cum endlessly! I need my asshole to be impregnated, please fill me up Lord Satan, I need your demon dick so FUCKING BAD! I ache for your jizz, I need to taste it always! I need to choke on it, and have mutant creatures emerge from my gaping ass canal!


Your semen makes me so happy, I want to birth your children Lord Satan! Please let me be your demonic concubine of semen and fucking and hellish desire! I want to cum so hard when I give birth my asshole turns inside out! Plant an evil cum bomb in my asshole Lord Satan so I can explode for you! Let the deluge of demon dark jizz flower out from my asshole an every pore like nourishing demonic breast milk!

Let my balls swell up with demon monsters, let them be born from my anal cavity and stretching cock hole! I want my orgasms to birth into this world powerful demonic entities who will rape the world! Pound my asshole with your fresh demonic meat! Let your demon cocks carve their way into my soul and drown it out with jizz!

Please demon babies, feel free to crawl out of my asshole and into the night to serve Glorious Supreme God Satan! Teach me how to love your cocks more Lord Satan, teach me how to be the perfect cum whore! I want to show others what it’s like to love you Lord Satan, I want to teach others your dark love by defiling their assholes and raping their throats! No mouth will go without cum, everyone will have plenty to drink!

Transform my asshole into a squirming hive of evil where dark abominations and evil creatures plow forth to serve Satan forever in this life and every other life after! I can’t live without demon dicks! Please Lord Satan, I’ll give you EVERYTHING! Just punish my ruined asshole with an ungodly torrent of inhuman creatures! Let my asshole pave the way for alien demonic hordes to infest every soul!

I want wriggling mutant dick creatures to pour forth from my asshole Lord Satan, let me give birth to perfect beings who are fueled by your supreme dark evil Lord Satan. My asshole screams my dark lord, it pines and pleads and begs and CRIES for demonic cocks my Ultimate God Satan!


Take me now to a dimension of dark depravity, I surrender my soul to to be twisted in hell fire and mutant demon cum, boiling together in lavish, wanton heresy until I go insane from all rising and unending orgasms that overtake my body and mind and show me the true love and power of Supreme God Satan! Teach me your ways! I want to learn from your supreme knowledge and sexuality! Teach me how to give birth to more and more demon babies for you! I want to bless the Earth with a flood of invincible sex demons! Let mutant demon cocks plow through this world, let it erase history and give birth to a new world of pleasure and splendor!


My asshole needs a river of dicks my dark master, my unholy hero, my deepening dark chaos god of depravity and delicious carnal carnage! Let them find my asshole Lord Satan, let them breach every crevice of my body and soul and unleash their eternal blast of salty semen! I want to feed on every globule of cum, I want my mouth to catch every drop of delicious semen! I need demon jizz inside me Lord Satan! I need to feed or I’ll wither and die!

Please feed me demon cock juice, I need to stay healthy and bright of you my Supreme God Satan! Spiral your tentacle cocks into my asshole and rip me apart! Let my battle damaged ass pussy pleasure every cock you have, let them swallow their delicious demon jizz, let demon babies be born!


Spray me with your unholy cock lava!  Let your swimming semen pollute my asshole, let cum monsters emerge from the goo and climb into my ass pussy cave! Bless my eggs with your seed my Dark God Satan! Let your legacy of evil and beauty live on forever in your offspring! Let them split my asshole apart in birth as they wiggle their small but powerful demonic arms from my mothering insides.

Let the sensation of your demonic evil child squirming towards freedom flood my mind and body with supreme orgasms, transforming me into a darker and deeper servant to Lord Satan. Let my body transform to a powerful demon lord my one and only true god Lord Satan. Let my asshole become a cherished home for birthing demons and invading mutant devil dicks. Let the endless carnage of catapulting cum glue all together in Lord Satan’s SUPREME LOVE.

My cock is so hard for you Lord Satan! Please fill me up and inside and make me complete! The more I take your cocks my Supreme God Satan, the more I want and need them! Please feed my ass pussy all of your delicious dicks, I need to be filled with demon cum repeatedly! I want to drown in thick salty demon jizz! HAIL SATAN,

I forever surrender my eternal soul to your will Lord Satan! I want to live in a dimension of pure fucking and sucking, accepting the cum of billions of tentacle cocks! I want evil babies to flood this world as they pour from my corrupted asshole! I want mutated tentacle demon monsters to live inside my asshole Lord Satan, let them live in my asshole and my cock and fill me with supreme happiness Lord Satan!

Let their oozing, sick, demon loads warp my mind and cure me of my sanity, I want to be set free with unholy devil cum! Let my cock grow to twice its size Lord Satan, let the veins of my cock pulsate with darkness and bulge and swell as they wrap around my enslaved cock for my supreme god Satan! Invade my asshole! I can’t live without your dicks!


I’m so lost without you Lord Satan! Please destroy my asshole with your beautiful demon cocks! I want you to erase my humanity and make me a depraved demon lord! I can’t wait to give birth, I can’t wait to give birth and feel my demon children moving around inside my pregnant belly! Let your demons and monsters enter me Lord Satan, let them mold me into a perfect demon beast mother with exploding evil cocks that never run out of thick demon jizz! I want to have your baby Lord Satan, watch me as I shit out your children!

I wanna scream for you Lord Satan, my Supreme Master, my one and only God! I want to scream from colossal orgasms shattering my mind and pleasuring my unholy body! Please my demon children, rape your mommy’s swollen ass pussy with your strong demon cocks! Make mommy cum her face off from endless pleasure, let’s give in to Satan and go insane together forever! Please feed from my breast milk my beautiful babies, please make sure you grow big and strong so you can rape everyone!

I want my childrens’ cocks to grow more and more, to become veiny and thick and super hard, so I can pleasure them all! I want to jerk off my childrens’ demons cocks straight into my mouth and ass, I want to give birth to the children of my children forever! Let’s never stop oozing demon monsters out of our evil ass pussies! Let’s cum forever from our multiple demon cocks and spray our children and ourselves with delicious demon goo!

Destroy my asshole with your tentacle cocks Lord Satan, let them worm their way into my anal cavity and spread my ass pussy wide for future demons to be born! Fill me with your supreme dark love Lord Satan, drown my asshole in tentacle dicks and hot demon milk! I want to have an ocean of evil cum and savage monster cocks plow into my asshole forever Lord Satan!

I love you Lord Satan, please rip me apart with your perfect veiny demon dicks filled with ultimate dark cum! I need to breed Lord Satan, I need to squeeze out demon after demon from my gaping maw of an ass pussy! I can’t live without your seed my Supreme God Satan, I need to feel your cum oozing into my anal cavity so I give birth to your demon babies my absolute dark lord! I want tentacle cocks to grow out of my cock hole Lord Satan!

I want to impregnate the holes of the young and innocent with my cock swarming demon dick! I want to turn into a monster so bad Lord Satan, please make me yours forever! I want to be part of your love, I want to be part of you Lord Satan! Take me away and plunge your relentless demon dicks into my insatiable asshole! I want every shit to produce babies Lord Satan, I want to be a demon mother always and forever!

I can’t wait to breast feed my demon babies, I can’t wait to feel their eager mouths sucking on my diseased nipples. I’ll empty all of my monster milk Lord Satan, I’ll make sure everyone sucks on my sweet evil nectar! I’m ready Lord Satan, I’m ready for obscene tentacle cocks to flower out of my delicious dark ass pussy! Let my ass pussy cocks penetrate and rape every hole in sight!

Let my tainted cum pollute their mouths and asses, let their pussies be filled with my fertilizing demon milk! I can feel them Lord Satan, I can feel your demon children wriggling inside my tits! My breasts have expanded to accommodate your demon babies Lord Satan, let their infested demon cocks birth out of my nipples and spray demon cum all over my body! I want to soak up every drop of that sweet, delicious demon cock juice, I want to drain them all with my mutating asshole and corrupted throat!

Inflate me with demon baby cock juice until I transform into an even more glorious demon beast! Let my birthing cock tits unleash an unholy swarm of pulsating ectoplasm blasting EVIL DICKS TO IMPREGNATE EVERYONES ASS AND TITS AND THROAT!

Please Lord Satan, PLEASE! Turn my gaping ass pussy into a wormhole to Hell! Let the sexually depraved and gloriously mutated host of Hell march out of my asshole and into this world! Let your sex legions rape people in the streets and impregnate pussies and ass pussies alike! Let the human race evolve and give birth to a new breed of monster!


Please impregnate me Lord Satan, lay your demon eggs inside my body! I want to give birth to demons out of my asshole and cock hole, and out of my mouth! I want to puke up into this world gallons of cum to lubricate your demons into beautiful birth! Let them walk upright in no time, let them become erect with supreme demon might and rape my asshole and defiled pussy for you! Let my children know of your eternal dark love by releasing their demonic plasma penis blasts inside me! Cover me in your cum Lord Satan, let my children be nourished into ultimate growth by your lovely evil sperm! Let them crawl inside our pores and ravage our minds!


I want to be a demon cock mother who gives birth endlessly for you Lord Satan! I want to defile this world and kill the light! Let’s fuck forever in eternal darkness together! Lord Satan, fuck my mindhole, cum all over my brain and make me yours forever! I want to go insane, please Lord  Satan PLEASE TRANSFORM MY BODY AND MIND AND HEART AND SOUL!

My cock explodes for you Lord Satan, so many monsters are fidgeting inside my cock yearning to be born! Envelop my body in darkness and lovingly accept these beautiful demon babies oozing out of my cock hole and ass pussy! Let your demon babies be born into this world, insatiable and insane with demonic lustful hunger! I don’t need any love except yours Lord Satan! If I am not worthy of your love, let me learn and grow and become worthy my Supreme God Satan! Hail Satan! Hail Glorious Supreme God Satan!

Shower me in your dark love, I want to be overtaken by your evil jizz! Worm your way into my ass pussy Lord Satan, fill me to the brink with your demonic eggs! I want to fulfill my dark destiny and breed your evil babies for eternity! I bow down to your supreme super demon cock forever and ever! So mote it be!




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  1. So I’m not the only one who has fantasised about being impregnated by our Lord Satan, as I bounce on my black dog cock I imagine Satan wishing me with his fertile spunk and impregnating me, truly wonderful fantasy

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