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Hail Everyone
Happy All Hallow’s Eve — I have now uploaded the first 3 chapters of a new story called The Nun (based upon the 2018 movie of the same name) — Below is a synopsis — please check it out TODAY  — as you know, I am a hungry writer who thrives on encouragement and would appreciate your positive feedback …

The Nun

AUTHORS NOTES: Loosely based upon the popular horror 2018 flick, The Nun, which rides on the critical acclaim of The Conjuring. It stars the hot little Taissa Farmiga as a novitiate — who inspired this version of The Nun story, which, I hope you’ll enjoy.

SYNOPSIS OF THE NUN: Once upon a time in post-war Romania, a young nun, at a cloistered abbey takes her own life. The Vatican sends a troubled exorcist, Father Burke and a young nun, to investigate. The Vatican officials hope that they will shed light on Sister Victoria’s unaccountable suicide. Father Burke and the idealistic novitiate, Sister Irene, who is on the threshold of her final vows, visit Saint Cartha’s monastery. Before long, intense sexual encounters with the supernatural, will bring the pair of unsuspecting investigators face-to-face with true evil — embodied in the shape of a malevolent nun. Undoubtedly, there’s many dark secrets behind the abbey’s thick stone walls surrounding a seductive dark force that craves sexual perversity and corruption. Will Father Burke and Sister Irene fall prey to demonic evil?  Will this be a happy Disney-like ending or will the Devil get his dues?

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  1. Quodos to the author of a wonderfully written and really dark story. Along with other readers, I am eagerly waiting for the conclusion.

    1. Hail Ranulf – Chapters 4 – 6 are being concluded this week – thank you for the kind encouragement – writing can be a lonely process – so deeply appreciate your enthusiasm to keep me going

      1. Hail XP, thank you. You write so well, and produce work that is Dark, Evil, and sexually satisfying. My enthusiasm is certain to be shared by all your readers.

        1. Hail Ranulf – it is because of readers like you that push me to explore more. Some say that over the 15 years that I have been posting Erotic Horror stories, that my stories have been getting darker and more evil – but I see it differently.

          From my very first story “Under My Bed” – it seemed to me that the kind of stories that I wanted to read, were simply not there (at that time) but now there are a plethora of excellent Writers dedicated to the evil themes that I love – and in a way, the blog is a curation of such material to share with others, who also enjoy dark and perverse themes.

          Currently, I am revisiting a story I wrote a few years back called “Tower” (in the Evil Tarot series) that was about a misunderstood film director called Stephanie Koon – in my sequel, I want to explore the production of her satanic stuff movie called “Death of a princess”.

          At the same time, I have another story called “Justice” (that will be also part of the Evil Tarot series) – that is somewhat based on one of my favorite stories – The Devil’s Advocate – which was made into a film in 1997 starring Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino – and though I love the film, I am also guided by the original book and the screen play.

          These projects – like “The Nun” take time and a lot of dedication – and in COVID, it has been challenging to get the “me time” to work these stories out – so once again, I thank you for encouraging me – is an every day challenge – but I am happy to say that October saw the highest visitor ratings since I started back in 2017. Hail LVST

          1. Hail XP,

            Thank you for taking the time to update us on your current plans. I have the ONA Sinister Tarot, and I use the Waite Tarot for dark divination, so I can appreciate that the major arcana as a source for some really perverse and dark stories.

            The Devil’s Advocat is one of my favourite films and I look forward to reading Justice. Snuff is one of the themes that I love. I particularly enjoy your descriptions of snuff acts in other stories and so the Tower is really anticipated.

            I have just finished reading Parts 1 and 2 of the Forbidden Garden, an early work, and I did wonder how you could top that. I know that you have, but the Garden does bear out that what you wrote about your work not getting drker and more evil. It was from the start.

            Please keep up writing your excellent stories so that your many fans can escape our current situation, and escape to a wonderful word of perverson, evil, darkness and death.
            Hail LVST indeed!

          2. Hail Ranulf

            The imagery of the ONA Sinister Tarot is beautiful — I do not have this Tarot myself, but am interesting in acquiring one for myself. Like you, I used the Waite Tarot as my starting point — I am not sure if I have any power in this regard, but I have found my readings to not be so far from actuality. Tell me more about how you have used them for dark divination — this is something I am very interested in.

            Thank you for expressing an interest in my work-in-progress. “Tower” was written some years ago — and the working title would naturally be “Tower 2” — but I have not yet decided upon that. I am glad that you enjoyed Forbidden Garden. Sharon Garcia is based on a woman that I observed on a subway train in NY once — she was gorgeous and I imagined what her world could be like and it inspired this story.

            Lately, I am fascinated by the notion of satanic rites that use abortion as a form of human sacrifice — but there is so little information about it and I feel like I am writing blindly — but enjoying these thoughts none-the-less.

            HAIL LVST

  2. Hail XP,

    I believe that all the illustrations from the Sinister Tarot are available online, and you could create a set from them. Mine are simply printed onto stiff card. My diviniation is simple, perhaps childish. Using only the major arcana, I sort the cards by three times six, ask a question whilst tapping them with my left hand giving the horned sign, and then cut a card from the middle, top and bottom of the pack. The middle represents the present, the top the future and the bottom, the power or motivation behnd the two other cards. I use this method for sinister purposes only and I have found that it works well, at least for me.

    Forbidden Garden is a gem, and I wonder if you have Part 3 somewhere. There is a very well described torture and Satanic abortion section in the story, and I am happy to see that you are returning to this dark and delicious subject. With you fertile and inventive imagination, I am sure that you will produce some very stimulating work!

    1. Hail Ranulf

      Thanks for this — for more detailed assessments, I have been using the 10 card Celtic Cross for my main readings. I think I will try the three card approach using your technique and see what happens … I have a few interestingly dark challenges ahead that could use some of Satan’s help …

      Unfortunately there is only 2 parts to Forbidden Garden — but let me reread and see where I could take it — there is however a queue on stories — as I am focused on getting PLEASURE HAS NO BOUNDARIES 8 completed; followed by JUSTICE and TOWER 2 (working title only) — but thank you for reminding me about this story as I do love the protagonist “Sharon” … there is something wonderful about small petite women (maybe because I’m a short guy — haha)

      HAIL LVST — XP

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