Feature Writer: SERUM114 / SerumStories@gmail.com

Feature Title: HAILEY’S ORDEAL

Published: 02.01.2011

Story Codes: Abduction, Rape, NC, Young, Anal, BDSM

Hailey’s Ordeal

The man wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with the unconscious girl, so he put her naked body in his standup shower and turned on the water. He washed up the blood off the floor with a few towels and threw them in a pile to burn. He examined the girl’s clothes lying in the corner. Her panties were plain white and had old menstrual blood stains and were slightly damp with piss. The man thought for a moment, and decided to keep them. He threw the rest of her clothes in the burn pile. With everything cleaned up, he gathered the towels and clothes and headed to his garage. He had a large blue trash can just inside his garage. He threw the stuff in and headed to his car. He popped the trunk. Inside his trunk were a large plastic tarp and the girl’s purse. He disposed of the tarp, and took the purse inside. He walked to the bathroom, turned off the shower and sat on the toilet to rummage through the girls purse. He quickly found the girl’s student ID, and discovered she had turned seventeen the week before.

“Happy birthday…” he squinted at the driver’s license, “Kari Reinhardt.” He put the ID on the counter. He looked back in the purse, and pulled out a wad of bills and shoved them in his pocket without counting them. There was nothing else worth keeping, so he threw the bag aside. He turned his attention to the girl. She was moaning slightly, and barely breathing. He picked her up and carried her down the hall to a well-lit, sparse room. He strapped the naked and bruised girl to a hospital bed, inserted an IV, and started her on a saline drip. From the bedside cabinet, he pulled out a pre-measured dosage of a strong sedative, and administered it. He left the room, and locked the door behind him.

The next morning he returned. He walked over to the girl, whose eyes were now open. She looked at the man as her eyes welled with tears.

“Who are you?”

‘shh.” He walked to the side of her bed. She was still very weak from the sedative. It was then the girl noticed the other man standing in the doorway. He was a short, stocky, well dressed Indian man. The girl’s captor spoke to the short man. ‘she’s seventeen years old.” The Indian man approached the girl, took out a cigarette and lit it. He took a few drags before he spoke.

‘she looks younger.” The captor nodded. “that’s good, I guess.” The short man spoke with a strong Indian accent. He looked the girl up and down, methodically checking for faults. “What’s wrong with her nose?”

“It’s broke.” The short man nodded. “It’ll heal fine. Just give it a couple weeks.”

“You should have been more careful. My people like them fresh.” The Indian man reached out, stroked the girl’s leg and asked, “Are you a virgin?” The girl hesitated before answering, not sure if she should lie. She told the truth.

“Yes.” The short man examined the girl for a few more moments before asking her, “What’s your name?”

“It’s”Keri. Who are you?” The Indian man quickly answered back.

“I”ll ask the questions.” He turned to her captor. “I guess she”ll do. Will you give her the sedative?”

“How long do you want her out?” The man asked, as he opened the cabinet.

“About 4 hours.” The man nodded, and loaded a syringe.

The girl lied on the bed, and was administered the sedative through the IV. The Indian man spoke to her captor, watching the girl fall unconscious, “I left the money on your kitchen table.” The short man unstrapped the girl and carried her out of the room. “take care.” The man nodded. A month later, the girl was sold to a wealthy Turkish business man.

Satisfied with this sale, the man was in no hurry to find his next victim. Three weeks later he decided it was time. It was a Saturday, and he woke early to check his usual spots. He would start the day with a jog through the park.

He had always been a jogger, and had never thought about hunting while running. That all changed on a cool fall Thursday morning seven years prior. The man was on his fifth and final mile of his morning jog when he spotted her about one hundred and fifty yards ahead. She was young; he guessed eleven or twelve years old. Over her small shoulders, she carried a large, overstuffed backpack. Her tiny frame, juxtaposed with her hulking bag made her seem even more vulnerable to the leering man. They were both heading in the same direction, so he slowed his pace to think. His car was not far off. “Could I?” He thought as he closed in on the little girl. He made up his mind and picked up his pace. “Good morning, young lady.” he said in his most gentlemanly voice as he passed her by.

“Good morning.” She replied with a meek smile. The man jogged on. About 25 yards past the girl, he pretended to twist his ankle. The man hobbled over to a tree and leaned against it, moaning deceitfully. The young girl approached with a concerned look.

“Are you okay?” She asked as she stopped near the man.

“I’m fine, I just …” The man winced from a fictitious sharp pain as he placed his foot down, “I just twisted my ankle.” The girl stood looking at him for a few moments. “Could you do me a favor?” He frowned at the girl, seemingly in great pain. “My car’s right over there.” He gestured toward his car. “Could you help me?”

The girl thought for a few moments. Lucky for the man, he did not look like the popular stereotype of a child predator. He was handsome, always well groomed, drove a luxury sedan, was well spoken and could be quite charming. He could tell the young girl was apprehensive, but his heart started pounding when she started walking toward him.

“Dumb cunt.” He thought. He placed his hand on her shoulder, and they started walking toward his car. He could feel the strap of her bra through her wind breaker and t-shirt. He assumed it was a training bra, because the girl’s breasts were barely bee stings.

“Why are you out so early?” The man asked.

“I have swim practice before school.” She answered quietly. “This is a shortcut.”

They slowly approached the car, and the man prepared to make his move. He discreetly prepared his sweat towel to use as a gag. He made one final, quick glance around and popped his trunk. Before the girl could react, she had the sweaty towel tightly over her mouth and was being shoved into the trunk. The man jumped into his car, and headed home. He drove with the kind of care and attention that only someone with something to hide does. He made $17,000 by selling that girl to a child pornographer.

He had no such luck this morning. It was too crowded, too many nosy parents to spoil his fun. So he just jogged, thinking about the hunt of that day 7 years ago. He remembered the way her panties smelt of piss when he ripped them off. He remembered how she repeatedly begged for her mommy as he violently raped her tight asshole. The man forced the thought from his mind as he started to get aroused. After he jogged, he returned home to shower and plan the rest of his day. He decided to go for a drive.

He spent some time going over maps of different neighborhoods. He was always researching, looking for perfect places to hunt, so he already had several possible candidates. He finally settled on one. It was an hour drive from his house, but it fit all his requirements. The houses weren’t too densely backed together and it was a wooded area, so he would have privacy. A new elementary school had been built recently, so he knew there must be plenty of children. Finally, there was no police station close enough to respond quickly, if he needed to flee. He ate a quick lunch, grabbed a rag and chloroform and headed out.

The man drove up and down the streets, careful to keep a discreet speed. He saw many young girls, but none really fit his type. He was on his second hour when he discovered a suitable girl. She was thin. Some might say “lanky”. She had shoulder length brown hair that was tied into a ponytail. The pubescent girl had a pair of stylish, thick framed black glasses. She wore a tight horizontally striped baby-doll t- shirt, and short khaki shorts. The man drove past her, and parked his car a few hundred feet up the road. He stopped here because a large hedge would block all peering eyes. He quickly soaked a rag in chloroform, and put it in his back pocket. He stepped out of his car, and grabbed a cane. He limped severely around to the front of the car and unfolded a map on the hood. When the girl got closer, the man nudged the cane so it fell to the ground.

“Oh, darn it.” He said, loud enough for the girl to hear, while pretending not to notice her. He stumbled, and, with embellished difficulty, reached for the cane. The girl looked, but didn’t offer assistance. “Whoa.” The man waved his arms and took a dive. The girl ran over to him.

“Are you…are you okay?” She offered her hand to the man. He took it and lifted himself up.

“thank you, young lady.” He smiled at her, and wiped the dirt off of his knees. The girl turned to walk away. “Excuse me. Do you know where Oakwood Street is?” The girl turned back toward the man and thought.

“It doesn’t sound familiar. No. I don’t think so.”

“Oh,” The man replied. “My son just bought his first house. I’m trying to find it.” His next lines were the result of much research. “He teaches at the middle school up the road. What’s the name of it” Mull… something, Mull…hollow?”

“Mulholland.” The girl corrected him.

“Right, that’s it. Do you go there?” She said she did.

“Maybe you know him” He teaches math, Mr. Curtis?” The man had researched the local middle school’s website, and found the teacher the young girls would most likely have a crush on. The girl smiled shyly.

“Yeah, I know him.” The man turned toward the map, and the girl approached.

“What’s your name?”

“I”m Hailey.” The man nodded and placed his hands on the hood of the car.

“He said it was by some park, but I can’t find it on the map.” Little Hailey leaned over the map and examined it.

“Which park did he…” The girl was unconscious in seconds, and being shoved into the man’s trunk. The man calmly and coolly drove home. He parked his car in the garage, and closed the door behind him. He could hear the girl weeping as he approached the trunk. She stopped crying when she heard to popping sound of the trunk being remotely opened. The man opened the trunk and saw the terror on her face.

The man punched the girl in the stomach, knocking the air out of her. As she gasped for air, he forced her out of the trunk by her hair. He dragged her, stumbling, into the house toward the bathroom. This was the first stop for all his victims. This girl would be no exception. He shoved her against the sliding shower door, opposite the bathroom door. He closed the door behind him. The girl wept between coughs and wheezes.

“Take your clothes off.” He spoke with a commanding calm. The girl continued her labored breathing, not acknowledging the man. He shouted. “take your fucking clothes off!” She jumped, startled. She continued to weep.

“What do you want”!” She backed up against the shower door and slid slowly to a crouch. The man approached and quickly grabbed her by the throat. He lifted her, kicking and choking, so she was eye to eye with him. He shouted in her face, spittle landing in her gaping mouth.

“I want you to take your fucking clothes off! Do you understand me”!” She struggled to nod a “yes”, and when she did, the man threw her to the floor. ‘stupid cunt.” He turned and sat on the bathroom counter. The girl slowly picked herself off the floor, and rubbed her neck. She turned toward the man. “Well?” She looked at the floor, and slid her flat mary jane shoes off. She lifted her shirt over her head, and dropped it on the floor. Like most girls her age, she wore a training bra. A completely superfluous item, as girls her age had little, if anything, to support. It was gray with a pink trim. There was a cartoon character that the man didn’t recognize. The girl shook visibly, and begged the man.

“Please”please”please.” She scrunched her face and frowned as she plead. “Please don’t kill me.” He answered calmly.

“Do as I ask and I won’t have to.” The man kicked his own shoes off. “take off your shorts.” The girl’s hands her barely steady enough to undo the button. When she finally got it, she pulled her shorts down to reveal a pair of panties that matched her bra. They were pink with a gray trim, and featured the same cartoon character. The girl crossed her hands in front of her crotch, and sheepishly looked down. “Those too honey.” He pointed at her bra and panties. “Take those off.” She slipped the bra off first. Her breasts were beautifully pert. They were little more than walnuts. She tossed the bra down and looked at the man, hoping for a reprieve. He just raised his eyebrows to signal she wouldn’t get one. She slid her thumbs under the elastic waist, and pulled her panties down. She kicked them off her feet, and stood with her hands in front of her crotch. “Move your fucking hands.” The man said, losing patience. The girl put her hands flat against her legs, and cried. The man stared at her exposed pussy. She was nearly hairless, sporting only a few wispy pubic hairs. “How old are you?” The girl spoke quietly.

“I”m eleven.” Like girls her age, she had no visible labia minora, just beautiful, meaty lips. He started removing his socks.

“Come here.” The man ordered the girl. “And bring your panties.” She bent at the waist, and collected her discarded underwear. She cautiously walked up to the man, who was still sitting on the counter. He opened his hand to receive the dirty garment. She handed them to him. He looked at them, and felt their warmth in his fingers. “When did you put these on?” She was not looking at him.

“Um”last night.” The man held the crotch of the panties to his nose, and took a deep sniff. The scent was incredible. There was a hint of stale piss, sweat & the sourness of a woman.

“Did you touch yourself last night?” He turned the panties over and sniffed the ass. “You know, between the legs.” He looked at her. She was staring at the ground. “Don’t lie. I can smell it.” He waited for her response. ‘so, did you” Did you touch yourself?”

“Y, Y, Yes.” With his left hand, he grabbed the crying girl behind the neck, and shoved the dirty panties into her face.

“Do you like the way they smell?” The girl futilely tried to avoid her soiled panties. ‘smell them!” The girl grunted. The man laughed and shoved harder. “You smell like a whore! Smell your fucking cunt, you stupid whore!” He continued to rub the panties on her face. She stopped struggling and began sniffing them. “that’s right. What did you think about while you touched yourself” What got your cute little cunt wet?” He lowered the panties from the girl’s nose, and shoved her away forcefully. “Get in the shower.”

The man hopped to his feet and undid his belt. The girl turned, and walked slowly toward the shower door. She slid the door open, entered and turned toward the man. He was now standing and removing his pants.

“Get on your knees. I need to piss.” The girl lowered herself to her knees and the man removed his boxers. The girl’s eyes widened as she stared at his erect penis, the head of which was moistened with pre-cum. His cock was an unremarkable six and a half inches long, but to the shivering and vulnerable little girl, it might as well have been twelve. He entered the shower with the girl. She stared at the tiled floor. “Look at me!” His voice boomed and echoed in the closed shower. The girl’s eyes darted to his. They were red and swollen, and dripping with tears.

“Open your mouth.” The man hadn’t pissed in several hours. “Keep your fucking mouth open.” He aimed his dick at the girl’s gaping mouth and started to piss. Hailey’s mouth quickly filled with the hot liquid and she spit it out. The man slapped her hard across the face. “Don’t spit it out!” She cried more intensely and lowered her head. The man continued urinating, soaking her hair.

“Open your fucking mouth!” He shouted. She looked back up and opened her mouth. Her mouth quickly filled again and she closed her lips. ‘swallow it!” The girl closed her eyes and gulped the foul smelling liquid. She bent over and braced her hands against her thighs. She gagged and coughed, while saliva dripped to the tile. The man laughed. “Don’t throw up now. Or do you want to drink that too?” He leaned over the girl and smacked her, with all his strength, on her pale ass. The girl screamed and fell on her stomach. The man stepped out of the shower and turned the water on as cold as it could get. The girl gasped for air as the icy water hit her on the back.

“Please!” She cried, getting to her feet. “Please, let me go!” The man ignored her pleas.

“Clean your hair. You fucking reek of piss.” She stepped under the stream for a few painful seconds. The man switched the water off. He grabbed a towel from the rack and tossed it to the soaked and shivering little girl. “Here. Dry yourself.” She ran the towel over her body, while trying to cover herself. “Now you”re modest?” He rolled his eyes. “You just drank my fucking piss.” The man laughed.

“You mmmmade mmmmmme.” Hailey answered, teeth chattering. “It was ggggggrossss.”

“that’s bullshit, and you know it. You”re enjoying this.” He approached the girl, who was still drying herself. He now spoke in an intense whisper, ‘sluts always do.” He ripped the towel from her. She instantly tried to cover herself. “Come on, Hailey.” She flinched when he spoke her name. “the cat’s out of the bag. You”re a slut.” The girl just shook her head. ‘so an 11 year old girl that strips for a strange man isn’t a slut” A little girl that, just because she’s asked, will drink a grown man’s piss, straight from his dick, isn’t a slut?”

“You made me do it.” She said defiantly.

“Don’t fucking lie to me, cunt! You”ll be fucking sorry!” He grabbed her by the arm and dragged her out of the bathroom. They entered his “guest room”. This was an austere room, with only a twin sized bed and a small closet in the corner. The man pushed the girl down on the bed. She buried her face into the white pillow and cried. She didn’t notice the blood stains.

The bed frame had four adjustable straps for securing feet and hands. The straps were currently set to accommodate a girl significantly smaller than Hailey, so he quickly adjusted them. She started kicking as he strapped her in. “Don’t move!” She continued to struggle, but he managed to get her secure. The man went to the closet and got a wooden dowel. It was about three feet long, and the thickness of a pencil.

The girl still had her face buried in a pillow, so she never saw the first swing coming. With about half the force he could muster, the man stuck the young girl across her ass. She let out a nightmarish scream. The man watched her pale ass intently as the welt formed. It started as a pale pink stripe, but quickly intensified to a dark red. With the same intensity, he took another swing at the girl. Again, he watched the welt form. This one intersected the other welt, forming an “X” on her right ass cheek.

The helpless girl continued to scream into the pillow. He continued caning the little girl over the next half hour. The girl pissed herself after the twenty-fifth blow, which only caused the man to swing more intensely. He lost count after fifty swats and only stopped after his arm got tired. He sat on the bed next to the quivering girl, and rested his hand on her red, battered ass. He rested for a few minutes while listening to the girl weep and mumble into the pillow. The man once again turned his attention to the little girl’s ass. He knelt on the bed next to her and softly kissed her contused ass cheeks. He took a cheek into each hand, and slowly spread them, revealing her pristine, pink asshole. He slowly traced the outer rim of her anus with his tongue, savoring the tastes and smells. He tongue raped her ass, before starting to work with his finger.

“Do you ever put anything in your asshole?” He licked his finger, and moistened the girl’s hole. The girl answered quietly.

“No.” The man shoved his middle finger, up to the second knuckle, into the girl’s asshole. “Ow! Ow! Ow!” The girl cried, gritting her teeth. “Please stop!” The man worked at stretching the girl’s anus, by slowly increasing the speed of the penetration. After a few minutes, he stopped and removed his finger. There was a residue of shit on his finger, and under his fingernail.

“Dirty fucking cunt!” The man laughed and got on the girl’s back. He put his knees on either side of her ass and leaned to whisper in her ear. “Your ass tastes good, Hailey. Real fucking good.” He reached around her and smeared his shitty fingers on her lips. She closed her mouth tightly, and shook her head to avoid the foul finger. She struggled for a few minutes while the man laughed. The man finally stopped and wiped his finger clean in her hair. The girl was relieved at this, but when she felt the man’s cock against her asshole, she quickly filled with dread.

“No. No. No!” The man started his penetration. With his dripping pre-cum as the only lube, he forced the head of his cock past the child’s unwelcoming sphincter. The man spoke.

“the tightness and warmth of a little girl’s virgin asshole is something any man could appreciate. It’s a shame few get the opportunity.” After a few forceful thrusts, all of which were met with equally forceful screams, the man buried his entire cock in the girl’s rectum. Again, he leaned over to her ear. He couldn’t whisper this time. The girl’s screams were too loud. “You fucking slut!” He shouted in her ear. “You piece of shit cunt! You don’t think you”re a whore! Worthless slut!”

The man slowly started pounding the child’s asshole, with a callous disregard to any damage he might be causing. All the man thought about was the pain of the little girl below him, and the euphoric tightness around his cock. A few minutes into the violent rape, he felt lubricating warmth around his cock. He immediately recognized it as blood. He continued ravaging her anus for several minutes. The evidence of her external abuse on her welted ass, and evidence of her internal abuse around his blood lubed cock, brought the man close to orgasm. With a few more thrusts he started to cum. He groaned as spurt after spurt of sticky cum filled the crying little girl’s bowels.

The man quivered as his orgasm ceased, and fell to the bed beside the girl. He breathed heavily for a few moments before speaking to the girl. “Well.” He took a deep breath. “Wasn’t that fun?” The girl said nothing. The man sat up, and watched blood and cum ooze from the young girl’s asshole. He then got up and left the room. He returned a few moments later with a sedative filled syringe. He injected the girl. After she passed out, he undid the straps around her wrists and ankles and carried her to the bathroom.

He washed her in the shower. He dried her and carried her to another room. It was a bare room with a concrete floor and a drain in the center of the room. He placed her on the mat and went to the kitchen. He filled an empty milk carton with water, made a quick peanut butter sandwich, and returned to the girl. He placed the sandwich and jug of water at the girl’s feet, and left the room. He locked the door behind him and flipped a switch by the door. The room was lit up by 4 blinding flood lights. The man showered and went to bed.

He awoke the next morning shortly after 7am. He went to the girl’s cell and looked through the glass window. The girl was in the far corner of the room, in the fetal position. He switched off the flood lights. All that remained for light was a dull, 40 watt bulb dangling from the ceiling. The girl sat up quickly, cringing, as her battered ass touched the ground. She stood up and backed into the corner.

“Why are you doing this?” The man didn’t respond, he just walked up to the terrified girl and grabbed her by the hair. The girl screamed something unintelligibly as the man forced her to the ground near the drain. The girl cried into her hands as the man stood over and pulled his boxers down. He aimed his penis at the back of the little girl’s head, and started to empty his painfully full bladder. She tried avoiding the piss, but the man fiercely kicked her in the stomach. The girl tried to scream, but found herself unable to breathe.

“Don’t move!” The man kicked her again, causing piss to spray aimlessly around the room. ‘stupid fucking cunt!” Again, he aimed his thick piss stream at the gasping girl. After several seconds his bladder emptied. “there’s nothing like the first piss of the morning.” The man left the room, locking the disheveled girl in. He switched on the floodlights, and went to take a shower. After the shower, he decided what he was going to do with the girl. His first thought was to contact a man he knew only as Mr. Leopold.

This particular buyer favored girls between ages nine and thirteen. To contact Mr. Leopold, the man would email him an encrypted .zip file. The .zip file was to contain photos of the girl, and an asking price. After deciding on $23,000 for the girl, he grabbed his camera and headed to the girls cell. He flipped of the flood lights and opened the door. She was huddled in the same spot as she had been in the morning.

“Get up.” He said in a calm, almost gentlemanly, tone. She stood up slowly. “Come here.” She walked toward the man, and stopped about five feet from him. She stared at the floor, sniffling. “I need to take pictures of you. Look up.” The girl lifted her head, showing the man her bloodshot eyes. The man snapped several pictures of the front of girl, including a close-up of her hairless slit. “turn to the side.” He took her picture in profile. “turn around.” The girl turned and the man took pictures of the girl’s striped ass. “Now bend over.”

The girl bent slightly. “Fucking bend over!” He pushed down on the girls shoulder. He kicked her legs apart. “And spread your legs. Goddamn, you”re a dumb cunt!” The girl started sobbing at the abuse. “Now spread your ass.” The girl reached back and spread her ass apart. The man look a picture of the girl’s damaged anus and, still virginal, cunt. When he was done, he left the room without saying a word. The girl clenched her eyes as the flood lights were flipped on. The man loaded the pictures onto his computer and emailed Leopold. The man left the house to tend to a few errands. When he returned, he saw that he had received a reply.

Leopold had agreed to the price, and he would be picking up the girl in 72 hours. The man decided to make even more money off of the girl, before he had to give her up. He wouldn’t return to the terrified girl until the next night.

When she heard the door open, the girl jumped up. She saw the man standing near the door, with what looked like a syringe in his hand. “What are you doing?” She asked, shivering.

“Come here.” The girl instinctively backed away, but stopped herself. “that’s a good girl. Now come here.” The girl slowly started walking toward the man. When she reached him he put his hand out and softly, almost sweetly, brushed the hair out of her eyes. “I need to give you this, give me your arm.” The girl didn’t resist. The needle pierced the skin and the man pushed the plunger. The man caught the girl as she fell unconscious. She woke several hours later. She was on her back, and she felt a cold concrete floor beneath her. She opened her eyes, and noticed she had been dressed. She was wearing a black and white plaid skirt and a black sweater vest over a long sleeve white blouse.

“She’s awake.” A voice said, followed by the sound of several men cheering and clapping. Her eyes adjusted and she saw she was in a very large, unfurnished room. The ceiling was very high and had exposed pipes. She turned her head and saw a group of about eight men. They were all well dressed, and looking at her. She turned her head away. She sat up, and then stumbled to her feet. She looked around the room. She saw a large door in the side of the room opposite the group of men. Without thinking, she darted toward the door. She reached the door and pulled. It didn’t budge. She heard the men laughing at her. She started screaming. “Help! Help me!” The group of men casually walked over to her, laughing harder as her screams became more desperate.

“Leaving already, honey?” A deep voice said. “the party just started.” His laugh rose above the crowd. The men stood, watching the girl as she shook the door. She turned and scanned the rest of the room. There was a large door, obviously intended for trucks, on the opposite side of the room. It was padlocked. There were no other doors or windows. She was trapped.

“You”re not going anywhere you sexy little slut.” Another voice came from the crowd. “Me and my friends paid a lot of money to party with you.” The girl leaned her back against the cold steal door, and slid down. She pulled her knees into her chest and wept. The crowd of men laughed again, and mocked the girl.

“Awwwww, do you want your mommy, little girl?” A large man said in a sarcastic tone. “Here,” he pulled out a cellphone, “let me call her for you. You”re gonna need help eating all our cum.”

“Call her dad too!” Another voice spoke above the crowd. “He”d probably enjoy seeing his little cunt daughter sucking on Trane’s tree trunk.” The men laughed again and looked at a very tall, muscular man standing against the wall. “How long’s it been Trane” How long since you drained those balls of yours?” The large man stared stoically at the girl.

“Six days.” The crowd moaned.

“Damn, you got your work cut out for you girlie.” The girl didn’t lift her head from her knees.

“Get on your fucking feet!” She recognized the voice as that of her abductor. She didn’t move. “I said,” the man grabbed her hair forcefully, and yanked her up, “get on your fucking feet!” The child screamed at the pain.

“Stop.” She opened her eyes and kicked the man in the shin.

“Fuck!” He cried, and shoved the girl against the door. Her head hit hard causing her vision to blur. The man grabbed her around the neck and choked her. “Fucking cunt!” He shouted in her face, spittle landing on her cheeks. She couldn’t breathe. ‘someone get me the cuffs!” The man squeezed her small neck harder.

Her vision went black.

When she came to, the man was locking handcuffs around her ankles. She tried to swing at the man, but her hands were cuffed behind her back. The man reached behind the girl, grabbed the chain of the cuffs, and pulled her to her feet. She screamed as her shoulders were painfully twisted. She was dragged to the center of the room, where the man forced her to her knees.

“I didn’t want to have to do this,” the man inserted a dental retractor into her mouth, “But you”ve shown that you can’t be trusted not to bite.” He adjusted the retractor to the point where the girl was sure her jaw was about to snap. The girl whimpered in agonizing pain. “Do you want me to stop. Do you want me to take it out?” The girl screamed and nodded. “I will, but you have to promise me something. Will you do that? Will you promise me?” The girl nodded. “You have to promise not to bite anyone. If you do, I keep turning this until your fucking jaw snaps. Do you understand? Do you promise?”

The girl nodded eagerly.

“Okay.” The man loosened the retractor and removed it from her mouth. He then addressed the men, who now formed a circle around the girl.

“The usual rules apply tonight. There will be no closed fist hits, and nothing in the cunt. You will each get ten minutes with the girl. You can spit and piss on her, and fuck her in her ass. Do not cum during your turn. After everyone gets ten minutes, we will go again, so you can all cum. Also, please, no shitting. That tends to” ruin the mood.”

The men laughed and looked at a small spectacled man.

“Yeah, brownie.”

A few men said. The small man rolled his eyes. The girl’s abductor continued his speech.

“This girl has already been sold. If you”re willing to pay $28,000 however, she can be yours.”

The man looked at the girl. She looked defeated.

“Anyway, that’s all I have to say. Now you can get started.”

The man maneuvered through the crowd, walked to a table near the door. He reached into a bucket and pulled out a piece of folded paper. He read it.

“Spud, you”re up first. You have ten minutes.”

The man glanced at his watch. A bald man of about fifty years stepped forward, toward the girl.

“Hi, baby.” He said and undid his belt. He pulled his pants and boxers off and set them on the floor. He was already erect. “I get a fresh one tonight.” He circled to the back of the girl. ‘stand up.” He pulled the girl to her feet. “Let’s get a good look at you.” He lifted the girl’s skirt, and started squeezing her panty covered ass. “Does your daddy spank you, little girl?”

“N … n … no.” She answered, quietly.

“Your daddy must be queer then. If you were my daughter, I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off your ass.” He slapped the girl’s ass firmly. He reached under her skirt and rubbed her pussy through her panties. “Piss.”

“Wh”wh”what?” The man shouted in her ear.

“I said piss, you dumb cunt!” Hailey started crying again. “Piss, god damn it!” She forced herself to piss. “That’s right,” the man said as the warm liquid flowed through his fingers, “Piss your cute little panties.” After the last drop dripped from the girl’s cunt, spud walked around to the front of her. Her head was hanging. “Look at me!” The girl looked up. The bald man slapped her across the face with his piss soaked hand. The crack echoed through the warehouse. The man slapped her again. He reached down and pulled down her panties.

“Hand me a knife.”

The man said to no one in specific. An overweight man pulled a pocket knife out of his back pocket and handed it to Spud. He cut her panties off. He closed the knife and tossed it back to the man.

“Put your head back baby. Open your mouth.”

Hailey tilted her head back, and opened her mouth. Spud rung out her piss soaked panties into her mouth. She grimaced and gagged. He then shoved the soiled panties into the girl’s mouth. “Don’t spit those out.” He forced the girl to her knees, and aimed his cock at her head. After a few seconds, a stream of piss pelted the top of Hailey’s head. She closed her eyes, and was baptized by the unholy liquid.

“You have two minutes.” A voice called.

“That’s it! Dammit.” The man pulled the girls panties from her mouth. He smeared his cock with the piss soaked underwear, and grabbed the girls head. “Open up baby.”

Hailey opened her mouth, and the man started fucking her mouth. She gagged and coughed as the man’s cock hit the back of her throat. He continued thrusting for a few moments before he pulled out. When he did, the girl coughed and spit on the floor. Spud spit on her.

“Time’s up Spud,” the voice called.

Spud walked away, stroking his cock. The rest of the men were already naked from the waist down.

“Night, you”re up,” A black man of about thirty stepped forward.

“My, my, my, ain’t nothin” better than a scared little white girl.” He walked up to the girl. “How old are you, bitch?”

“Eleven.” She answered shakily.

“Put your face on the floor and let me see that tight little ass.”

Hailey followed the order, and lowered her face to the ground. Her cheek rested in a rank puddle of piss. He knelt behind her. He stuck his cold hand out and rubbed her ass, feeling the raised welts.

“You been bad, uh you little slut? Had to get a whippin?””

He ran his fingers over her virgin pussy, which was still wet with piss. The other men watched closely to ensure no rules were broken.

“Does this make your little cunt feel good little girl?” He rubbed his middle and index fingers against her tender asshole. “How does this feel?”

The girl pulled away slightly. He violently penetrated her with his fingers. The girl squealed.

“OW! Please?”

The man ignored her plea. He twisted his fingers around inside of the girl.

“This feel good, little girl? You like my fingers up your little asshole?”

The man continued fingering her asshole, while she whimpered out of fear and embarrassment.

“You have two minutes Night!”

The man pulled his fingers out of the girl and positioned himself behind her. He pressed his swollen cock against the girl’s asshole. He forced it in with one thrust. His cock was larger than the one that had violently raped her two nights before. The pain was nauseating. The man shoved his fingers into the girl’s mouth.

“Taste your asshole, bitch!”

The pain, coupled with the stench and taste of the man’s fingers caused her to gag. The only reason she didn’t vomit was that she hadn’t eaten in nearly two days. Night continued violently sodomizing the child.

“Time’s up.”

He pulled out, and stared into her gaping anus as it closed back up. He stood up, and looked at the girl’s face, which was wrenched in pain.

“I”m going to love coming on that pretty little face of yours.”

Over the next hour, the six remaining men took turns with the girl. Each man felt the need to outdo the preceding rapist. When one man spanked the girl, the next one whipped her. When one man pinched her nipples, the next man bit them. Her back was bleeding, cut in several places by a studded leather belt. She had been forced to deep throat several men, which lead to the pool of saliva and stomach acid on the floor. Her asshole was stretched and torn, with blood slowly dripping out.

She had experienced more pain over that one hour than she had her entire life. She prayed for death, and the worst was yet to come. While this girl was being raped and abused to the point of nearly losing consciousness, one large man stood in back of the crowd. He never removed his eyes from the girl. He stood with his large arms crossed over his chest, patiently waiting for his turn. His cock stood erect at just over ten inches, and had the diameter of a soda can. He always went last. His name was Trane. He was 6″8″ and had a muscular, athletic build.

“You”re up Trane.”

The crowd of men cackled. Hailey was lying face down on the cold concrete floor. Trane walked up to the girl and nudged her with his shoe.

“Get up girl.”

She didn’t move. He nudged her again. She still didn’t move. He took a capsule of smelling salt out of his breast pocket. He snapped it open and held it to the girls nose. Her eyes snapped open and she struggled to pull away from the capsule. Trane reached down and pulled the girl to her knees.

“I said get up.”

Hailey coughed as she was pulled to her knees. Trane gripped the base of his cock, and rubbed the head on the girl’s face. His pre-cum smeared the girls cheeks and glistened in the light.

“You like that, little girl? You like my cock on your pretty little face?” Trane lifted his cock from her face. “Lick my balls, girl.”

The child stuck out her tongue, and timidly licked the man’s massive testicles.

Trane rested his cock across the girls face. She closed her eyes.

“Look at me.”

Hailey opened her left eye, which was red with tears, and looked at the hulking man.

“Keep licking my balls little girl.”

Hailey continued as Trane stared into her eye. After a minute, he stepped away from the girl, her saliva dripping to the floor. He walked around to the back of her. He violently forced her face to the floor with his booted foot. She screamed as her forehead slammed against the concrete.

Trane reached between the girls legs and viciously rubbed the girl’s cunt and asshole. Trane wet his hand with the blood that had been slowly flowing out of the girl’s tattered asshole. He stroked his cock for a few moments and knelt behind the girl. He lined his cock up against the girl’s anus, and thrust inside of her. Trane’s ten inch cock tore through the girls bowels. She screamed for a moment, and then passed out.

Trane continued raping the child’s motionless body. After a few minutes he started grunting. In exchange for always going last, Trane was always the first man allowed to cum. His raping became more violent as he started cumming. He shot load after load into the child’s bleeding asshole.

“FUCK!” He yelled as his final orgasmic spasm passed. He hunched over the girl and smacked the back of her head. “Get up, cunt!” He yelled, as he continued smacking the child’s bruised body. He finally caught his breath. He stood up and took another capsule of smelling salt out of his shirt pocket.

The man snapped it open and held it to the unconscious girl’s nose. Cum bubbled and flowed out of her asshole, pooling on the cold floor. The foul liquid was a pinkish brown, frothy mixture of blood, cum and shit. The girl was much slower to wake up this time. When she did, it was obvious she forgot where she was. Her eyes widened, then quickly clinched closed. She cried as her mind was reminded of all her bodily trauma.

She tried screaming. “Stop!” All that came out was a hoarse whisper.

Trane smeared the bottom of his shoe in the repulsive puddle. He violently rubbed his boot on the girl’s face.

“Stupid whore,” Trane said, “You are not to tell a man what to do.”

Hailey didn’t resist the man. She licked the bloody semen from the bottom of the man’s shoe. After a few moments Trane stepped away. The rest of the men were standing around stroking their cocks to stay hard.

“Have at her.”

The men approached the girl, eager for release. None of them would use her asshole. Not because it still dripped with Trane’s copious ejaculate, rather, it had been rendered useless by his massive cock. It would take days for her sphincter to tighten again. Her mouth was their only option. A fat man walk behind the girl and pulled her to her feet.

The fat man grabbed Hailey’s chin and forced her mouth open. The bald man buried his cock, to the hilt, down her throat. Her eyes bulged as her young mouth was furiously raped. Without pause or warming, he ejaculated in her mouth. The girl coughed, and tried to force her head away, but the fat man resisted her attempt. He held his cock down her throat as his orgasm passed. When he finally pulled out, Hailey momentarily gasped before another cock went down her throat. This continued until the fat man was the only one left. Some of the men had cum straight down her throat, forcing cum into her stomach, lungs and out her nose. Other men preferred cumming over her weeping face. This is what the fat man would do. With his right hand he firmly grabbed her hair, and quickly stroked his short cock.

“Dirty whore!” He yelled and stroked faster and harder as the girl coughed and gasped. “You love this, don’t you”!” The girl just kept her eyes clinched tight. He stopped jerking off and slapped her. “Answer me!” He slapped her again. ‘say you love it!” He slapped her even harder. “Call me daddy!” He slapped her harder still.

“I love it daddy.”

The man continued masturbating, spitting in his hand for lubrication. When he started cumming, his right hand grabbed the child’s hair even more tightly. Hailey winced as her face was splattered with the man’s seed. He squeezed his cock and let the last few drops land on the girl’s nose. The fat man pushed her to the ground. Her head smacked the concrete, and for the third time that evening, she was unconscious.

She awoke later in the trunk of a car. She could feel a plastic sheet under her, and was overwhelmed with the smell of semen. It covered her face, and coated her mouth. She tried to spit, but could generate no saliva. She then realized her feet were no longer bound. She thought about kicking, but knew it would do no good. After a few moments the car came to a stop, and Hailey heard the sound of a garage door opening. The car moved forward again, and stopped. The garage door closed. Hailey heard the engine stop and the door open. The door slammed again, and she heard footsteps approaching the trunk. The trunk door unlocked, and she closed her eyes. It swung open.

“Wake up!” Hailey opened her eyes. “Get out!” He grabbed the chain of the handcuffs and pulled her out. She landed hard on the garage floor. “Go take a shower. And don’t get any cum on my fucking carpet either!” The girl struggled to get up. “Jesus Christ.” He pulled her to her feet.

He opened to door to the house, and Hailey staggered to the bathroom. She hurt everywhere. In the bathroom, Hailey walked into the shower, and leaned her back and head against the wall. The man turned on the water and aimed the nozzle at her. She was expecting cold water, but was relieved when hot water hit her. She let the soothing water flow over her. She turned around to let the water hit her back. She noticed blood, streaked against the wall where she had been leaning. The water stung as it hit her wounded back. She looked down and watched bloody water swirl down the drain.

She rinsed her hair and face before the man turned off the water. “Come on.” Hailey followed the man, down the hall, back to her room. He opened the door, removed her handcuffs, and shoved her into the room. The door slammed behind her, and the flood lights were turned on. The girl laid down in the far corner, hugging her knees.


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