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Writer: Emeraldoflucifer

Subject: Effortlessly

Link: MEWE / 01.03.2021 /  HarbringerOfDarkness



What’s meant for you will flow into your life effortlessly. You don’t have to stress, worry, chase or fight for it — A popular MEME

Though there are times you will need to let go of expectations so the results have to manifest but that doesn’t mean you do nothing in the physical world. The point saying EFFORTLESSLY is like you just have to sit and wait for things to occur and that’s now how manifestation work.

In order to manifest something, first you need to work to get it, if you want a job you have to look for a job, you want a lover you have to go out and meet some friends, whatever it is you must put effort for it to work, if you’re magician then you have to cast spells, calling on spirits to assist on your tasks, so nothing will ever flow to you EFFORTLESSLY.

Though what is advised is to let go of results, after you did the magic, let spirits manifests it. Don’t stress or over think when is going to work, how will it come to me. Just let it go. If you have the mindset that things will just come and find you its to time to change it. Yes they can find you but not all the times. Nothing comes EFFORTLESSLY. You need to work in order to get what you want!

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  1. First off, I fucking love the artwork to this post! Second, I feel deeply connected to this message. Recently, I’ve taken my wanting and actually set forth to working on achieving them. Nothing comes without effort, not even Sin. Not even lust or filth or Satan’s infernal love. You have to ask for it, worship for it, beg for cock, train your holes, jerk yourself into a porn addiction. Nothing is without effort, even if the effort feels oh so good. Hail Satan!

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