Feature Writer: Afterhours22


Published: 15.01.2021

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Young man meets the woman of his dreams, or so he thought


An Ancient Hunger

Work was a real bitch today from start to finish, if it was not my supervisor complaining about reports, it was other staff members, who were supposed to be on my project team, not doing their part. So, when I headed home, I decided to treat myself to a night out, just to kick the weekend off right.

I had a bite to eat, then hit the shower, threw on some clothes and headed to the local club, just a few blocks from my apartment. I got a little earlier than the main crowd which I normally liked to do to get a good spot at the end of the bar. People were filtering in, with many of them being very nice-looking women.

Friday night was ladies drinks half off night, so I knew there would be a lot of eye candy around the bar and the dance floor. I sat down and ordered a bourbon and water and chatted a bit with the bartender, Pete, a good friend of mine for many years. We just started talking when this tall, gorgeous raven-haired woman, came up to the bar a few stools away, to get a drink.

Pete got her drink order and set to mixing it up for her. She was beautiful, as I could not help but get a good long look at her. Her hair came straight down a little past her shoulders, her skin was porcelain white and flawless, and her lips full and pouty. They were deep red in color as if she had just dipped them in blood.

My eyes continued to travel down her slender body wrapped so snuggly in a short black dress that just accentuated her every attribute. Her legs, just like the rest of her, perfect, toned and long, all the way down to her strapped heel encased feet. Wow, I was in lust already.

She looked my way as my eyes had just moved back to her face, and she smiled at me and said in a very seductive voice, “Hello there, looks like it’s going to be a fun night, right?”

I smiled nodding my head and said, “Yes, it sure does.” I tried to be cool but her eyes, those icy, clear blue eyes, piercing deep into my soul, told her otherwise. She smiled a most alluring smile, nodded to me, then walked over and sat down on the stool next to me. My insides began to get nervous, as I glanced at Pete, him looking back with a grin on his face, then back to her.

“I’m Cassandra,” she said, holding out her hand, palm facing down. I was not sure whether I should take her hand and kiss it or just gently shake it. My brain was a jumble, so I chose the latter. “Nice to meet you, Cassandra, my name is Kevin,” I managed to say weakly. I do not know what power this gorgeous creature possessed but she managed to turn me to goo inside.

“Hello Kevin, nice to meet you, too,” she said.

We began making some small talk, with the usual, age, where are you from, what do you do for a living, what part of town do you live in, all the basic info to get to know each other, but there was something about her that I just could not put my finger on. I know one thing was for sure, this seductress of a woman had me in her power.

After a few drinks, Cassandra asked me to dance with her and there was no way I could say no to her. So, she took my hand and led me to the dance floor. A particular slow kind of a beat came on and she turned and looked at me with those eyes of hers, as I felt her raw sexual energy just reach out and grab my very soul.

We danced a slow grind, our bodies in pressing together as she turned away, pushing her ass right into my crotch, taking my hands into her and running them up and down her incredibly hot body. Good lord, this woman was making me crazy inside. She turned back around as our hips sashayed in unison to the beat, her hand coming up to the side of my face as she looked at me with pure hunger in her eyes. I swear I saw crystal fire in them.

We danced to several songs, before she led me back to our seats, the music seeming going back to its original funky beat as soon as she stepped off the dance floor. I did not have a care in the world at that moment as I felt like I was a puppy on her leash. We had more drinks and danced for another hour or so before she leaned into me, whispering in my ear, “Kevin, take me home to your place.”

How I heard her whisper over the loud beat going on around us, I will never know, but I heard it and those words traveled deep inside my mind. I smiled and nodded to her, paid our tab and the two of us headed out the door. I hailed a cab over and began the short trip to my apartment.

She did not say a word, nor could I in my seduced state. She would just look at me and smile, the most mesmerizing smile I have ever seen. We no sooner got into the door of my apartment and she was on me. jumping into my arms, wrapping her long legs tightly around me, kissing me like I have never been kissed before, with a deep passionate hunger that nearly knocked me off my feet.

I carried her like that, or more like I staggered with her on me like that, into my bedroom and onto the bed. We kissed hard and feverish, our hands all over each other as clothing began to come off. In an instant we were completely naked as I took all her in. Skin as white as snow, her small breast accented by her pencil eraser deep red nipples, the very same color as her lips.

Taking full control, she pushed her head down to her sex, as she spread her legs to give me access to her heat. She had a sparse amount of coal black pubic hair just barely decorating the sides of her sweet puffy lips, up over her pubic mound. She guided my face to her as she spread open more, her inner lips parting like the most beautiful flower opening for the first sunshine of the day.

My lips made contact with her and she closed her eyes, moaning that sounded so close to a growl. Her flesh was like fire in my mouth as I could not get enough of her, sucking her lips in, tasting her nectar as it flowed, licking around her engorged clit, while her hands held my head like a vice.

Her body shook uncontrollably as she reached her violent climax, nearly breaking my neck in the process. She was powerfully strong, but I did not care, I wanted more of her, as I feasted on her gorgeous hot cunt, but then she pulled at me, wanting me to move up on her. I climbed up her svelte body as he legs wrapped around me once more, her hand reaching down and guiding my hard cock into her.

There was no resistance, as I sank deep inside her, but the interior muscles of her sweet pussy were strong like the rest of her, massaging my entire thickness. She cried out her passion, her arms locking around me and her fingernails digging deep into my back as I began a slow grind in and out of her. She was writhing under me like a wild animal, her sounds of passion the which I have never heard.

Then in a heartbeat, she threw me onto my back, my cock never leaving her insides, and began riding me like I was a wild bronco, slamming her pussy up and down on me, growling and whining, as I laid there in a trance holding onto her hips.

I began to believe that Cassandra was going to fuck me into oblivion, and I was powerless to think otherwise.

I could no longer contain myself as my insides began to boil, rising from my depths and sending me into spasms, as I began to pump my hot seed into her depths, our bodies now thrashing together in animalistic fashion. Suddenly, she let out a sound that raised every hair on my body, threw herself down on me, sinking her teeth into my neck! What the fuck?

In a flash I was back to reality, trying desperately to get her off me, as it seemed her teeth were getting longer, sinking them deeper into my flesh. I could not even budge her. She had me locked in her arms, her legs gripping my hips and her pussy gripping my cock like a clamp.

Her strength was not human, and neither was she as she fed on me, draining the life out of me, making those un-Godly sounds as while she did. My vision around me quickly began to fade as I made my last feeble efforts to free myself before my body went completely limp. Then the world went black.

I do not know how long I was out, but when I came to, everything around me seemed like it was new. The air, the sounds and the smells were like nothing I had ever experienced. I looked down at my body, partially covered by my bed sheet, and my skin was now porcelain white just like, Cassandra’s!

I jumped up out of bed so quickly that I nearly knocked over my end table. I moved out into the living room with hardly taking a step, almost as if I were flying. Standing there, looking just as gorgeous as she did the first time, I laid eyes on her, was Cassandra.

She had on a long red dress with black gloves that went up past her elbows, her hair pulled up into a tight bun, her lips looking as luscious as ever and those eyes of hers, once more piercing through me harder than her teeth did. I stood there frozen in place, not a stitch of clothing on as I stared at her.

“Babe, maybe you should get dressed now, the others are expecting us soon,” she said in the sweetest of voices as if an angel were whispering in my ear, but she was no angel, not even close.

“What the fuck happened, Cassandra,” I demanded from her.

“Kevin, let’s get you dressed first and I will explain as you do,” she said as she came over to me. In a reflexive move, I backed away.

“Kevin, please babe, everything is okay now, my love,” she said comforting me, as she stepped closer, then wrapping her arms around me, and gently kissing me on the lips. My body relaxed and I felt a powerful, intense feeling of love for this woman, or demon, or whatever she was.

“Come now, we need to get going or we are going to be late,” she said to me as she led me back into the bedroom. There hanging on the door hook was a tuxedo, pressed and ready for me to put on. As I started to get dressed, she stood there watching with a smile then began to talk.

“Kevin, as you are aware from our first time together, I am no ordinary woman. I am a vampire. When I met you at the club the other night, I had all intentions of drinking you dry and leaving you behind, like all the other men that I have fed on before, but there was something about you that changed me. I wanted you close to me. I wanted you to be my partner.”

It was a struggle to grasp the words she was saying, and I asked, “So does that mean, I am still alive then or what?”

“No, Kevin, you are now part of us, you are now one of the undead that walk this earth. Before your heart stopped beating, and I knew that I wanted you, so I stopped feeding on you, then gave you some of my blood, to make you like me. It took a couple days for you to recover, but now that you are awake, you must feel the change in you, right?

“Yes, I did. As soon as I woke up, I could see so much more clearly and smell everything around me. My body feels incredible and I feel immensely powerful inside,” I said to her, beginning to smile, feeling like a whole new universe just opened the door and let me inside.

Cassandra smiled, walked over, and helped me straighten my tuxedo jacket and my bow tie, then gave me another sweet tender kiss. She then added, “We have to be cautious though, you are still not used to your strength and speed, so I will keep close to you, to help keep you in a human pace and to help you deal with your hunger for blood as it descends upon you once through every lunar cycle.”

“Does that mean we have to kill people,” I asked as we began to walk out the door.

“No, normally we have a supply of blood donated to us to keep our hunger satisfied, however, once every ten years or so, the bloodlust takes us over and we have to sacrifice a human to fill our desires. You were my sacrifice, but I had to have you,” she said as she looked at me with pure love in her eyes.

We paused in the hallway as we kissed an overly sweet lingering kiss. She pulled back and smiled. I felt a deep connection and love that I could never have comprehended before in my life. We continued talking going down the elevator.

“So where exactly are we going,” I asked.

“We are going to meet up with the others like us. They are throwing us a party and it is in your honor, Kevin. We are going to celebrate our new partnership and they are celebrating you as a newborn among us.” She looped her arm in mine as the elevator door opened and we stepped out into the night. A limousine waited for us near the door with the driver holding the door for us. He tipped his cap as we climbed in, close it behind us and drove away.

“What about my job, I have to go into work, or they will fire me if I don’t show,” I asked her with sudden urgency.

“Kevin, you no longer have to worry about your job or any financial things for that matter. Everything will be fine, you will see,” Cassandra said in a reassuring voice.

We arrived in front of an exceptionally large mansion on the outskirts of the city, the place humming with others arriving and going in. The limo stopped and we got out to head inside. As we got through the doors walking into a large ballroom filled with people, they turned to see us and began to clap their hands. I felt like I was the President arriving at a summit.

Cassandra turned me towards her, kissed me deeply and passionately as the crowd roared their approval. She smiled as she pulled back, “Welcome to my world, Kevin.”


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