Feature Writer: TwistedDaveAuthor

Feature Title: END TIMES 2

Published: 10.02.2021

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Maddy is forced to make a choice.

Author’s Notes: Finally the next part in the series. I see many of you are reading and I am happy to see that. I hope you continue to enjoy the ride.

End Times 2

“I’ll be okay. I think I am going to the lunchroom and grab a bite.”

“Very well, but if you feel you are getting worse come back here okay.”

“Yes ma’am.” Maddy turned and walked out of the room. As she entered the hallway something ran up to her and hugged her. She turned to see her best friend Bobbi was the one who tackled her. A part of her assessed her friend.

Bobbi was 5′ 3″, short black hair and according to the boys, she was stacked. Maddy knew she was a 38 D and her waist was nice 28. She even had a really nice ass. Her style of dress showed it off very well. It was a tight silk blouse, peach in color and a tan mini skirt. She also wore white stockings and black shoes.

*Damn, Bobbi is so hot. She doesn’t even need to wear make-up to make that face look kissable. Christ, are these kinds of thoughts ever going to go away?? *

“Hey Bobbi! What’s with the greeting?”

“I heard you were with the Nurse, so I thought I would check up on you. Where are you off too?”

“Join me, I am heading to the lunchroom. Let’s get something to eat.”

“Okay, sounds good.”

The girls had lunch and talked for a while. They spent the rest of the day going from class to class until the final bell. Maddy invited Bobbi to bible study that night. Bobbi reluctantly agreed, she was not into church like Maddy was, but she would do anything for her friend. Maddy told Bobbi that nurse Anderson was taking her home. As they left the school they saw Nurse Anderson waiting by her car. She waved the girls over.

“I see we have a guest. Hello Bobbi, hop on in.” she smiled and opened the doors for the girls.

Bobbi got in the front and Maddy took the backseat.

“Okay, I will get you home shortly. You girls want anything? I need to get some drive-thru.”

Maddy leaned forward, placing a hand on the shoulder of each woman. Had she looked into the mirror she would have seen a red glow in her eyes.

“I would love a chocolate shake. Oh, and Nurse…”

“Maddy, we are no longer in school, just Bethanie, or Beth is fine.”

“Okay, Beth, could we stop by the church first? I have some books and things for choir practice”

“Sure, not a problem.” They went through the drive-thru and continued on to the church. The whole time Maddy had her hands their shoulders and talked. Soon she was the one doing the talking and all they did was agree.

They arrived at the church and there was only one other car in the lot. They exited the car and walked to the front doors. As they neared, the doors swung open and there stood Father Romero.

“Greetings ladies. You are just in time. I was about to practice my sermon when I heard you arrive.” He stepped aside and waved them through.

Maddy followed the other two in, and as she passed by Father Romero, she reached out and ran her hand over his crotch and gently squeezed his growing erection. She winked at him and entered the church. Father Romero chuckled to himself.

Maddy felt like she was trapped behind a window watching herself do things she would never do. She felt bile building in her throat when she touched the priest’s crotch. her skin crawled when she heard his chuckle, but there was nothing she could do to stop any of this,

He followed them in and closed and locked the door. “Maddy, take them downstairs to the bible study room. I will be down shortly.”

Maddy showed them to the bible study room. It had changed since she had last been down there. A table draped in a red cloth with gold trim was the centerpiece of the room. A golden chalice sat to once side; a golden bowl next to it and a small shelf held a knife.

*Ah Maddy, this is your time to shine. Once this sacrifice is done, you will be mine. Here comes Father Romero, I am going to enjoy this. *

Maddy blinked her eyes and looked around the room. Bethanie and Bobbi were standing to her side, their eyes seemed vacant as they just stood there… waiting.

Father Romero walked up to the women and ran his hand down each of their cheeks, Maddy could see that they were alert now. They were immobile, all but their eyes. The eyes darted around the room and then back and forth between Maddy and Father Romero. She could see tears welling up in their eyes as Romero leaned forward and licked their faces slowly.

Romero looked at Maddy “Which one Maddy?”

Maddy snapped out of her reverie “Huh? What?”

“Which one? Choose.”

“Choose for what? What is happening?” She struggled to move but it was like she was frozen in place. “Why can’t I move?” tears started welling in her eyes.

“Choose the Sacrifice for tonight. Who will it be?”

Both women looked at her, pleadingly. She was at a loss, she couldn’t choose. She just couldn’t. How could he make her?

He looked into her eyes and watched her carefully as he first grabbed Bethanie and started to drag her to the table. Her eyes were fearful but not concerned. He pushed Bethanie to the side and grabbed Bobbi. Maddy’s eyes went wide, she started to shudder and tears ran down her cheek.

“Very well, Bobbi it is.”

“NO! Please not her. She is my best friend… don’t do this… please”

“Oh Maddy, I am not going to do anything to Bobbi. I promise, I won’t hurt even a hair on her head.” He smiled at her.

“Oh, thank you, thank you…” she said as she fell to her knees in front of him. “Thank you so much.” She put her hands to her face and wept.

“You misunderstand me Maddy.” He waited until she looked up at him, confused.

“No Maddy, you are going to do all sorts of things to Bobbi… all sorts of things…” he smiled, and as he did, it seemed as if his mouth split open. He started to change even more. He ripped out of his clothes and grew, muscles bulging, becoming taller and broader.

He towered over them; a good seven feet tall. His arms ended in talons and his feet were cloven hooves.

“Yes Maddy, demons… that is what your kind calls us. Gods too. In the ancient past we were allowed access to this world. Full of emotions, desires… all so tasty, intoxicating. You gave flesh to us; you gave us personality and you gave us your baser drives. Then you cast us out. Denied us that which we craved. What you see before you are not our true forms. It is a representation of how you feel we should look.” The creature leaned down towards and ran a claw down her cheek.

“We were content where we were, till humanity called out to us. Showed us what we didn’t have. Now we will take it all. We are starting here and soon we will envelope your world.” It lifted Bobbi up with one of its taloned hands and lay her on the table. It rolled her on her back and guided Maddy towards her.

*No no no no no…this is a bad dream, like the others. This is not happening… this can’t be happening. No such thing as demons, there can’t be. Please god let me wake up!! *

“God Maddy? God is one of us.” The creature laughed a long and cruel laugh.

Maddy felt like a puppet as she watched her hand reach under the table and take out the knife. She put a hand on Bobbi’s throat and looked into Bobbi’s frightened eyes. Trying to show her she was sorry. That it was not her doing it.

She took the point of the knife and pressed it lightly against the bottom of Bobbi’s chin. She slid the knife down her throat and neck, hard enough to leave a mark, but not draw blood. Bobbi’s tears were flowing freely now, almost a steady stream down her cheek.

Maddy grabbed the top of Bobbi’s peach blouse and slipped the knife under the fabric. She sliced down the front of the shirt and peeled it back exposing her bra and bare skin. The pink bra looked bright against her pale skin. As she lay there breathing, her chest rose and fell. Her large breasts barely flattening from the pull of gravity while she lay there.

It was like Maddy was watching herself from outside her body, as she reached out and cupped one of Bobbi’s breasts. She gently squeezed it, watching the flesh mold to her grip. She spread her fingers and squeezed one of Bobbi’s nipples between them. Bobbi’s mouth dropped open and a soft moan escaped her. Bobbi’s eyes rolled up and her back arched.

Maddy released her grip and ran the knife down Bobbi’s body. This time she pressed a bit harder, leaving a thin trail of blood all the way down her stomach, across her navel and stopping at the top of the mini-skirt. Then she cut the fabric with the knife, revealing matching sheer pink panties that showed her shaven mound.

The white stockings going half-way up her thigh made her look so sexy. Maddy felt so helpless as she watched herself place the knife at the top of the panties and slice them in half. She then cut the sides and ripped them off of her friend. She traced the tip of the dagger around the young woman’s pussy. Every now and then she would poke her flesh with the tip of the knife, drawing a bead of blood.

She spread the lips of Bobbi’s pussy with one hand, exposing the little nub of her clit. She looked Bobbi in the eye and pressed the tip of the knife against her most sensitive spot. Bobbi whimpered as did Maddy, as she continued to press into the flesh against her will. She could feel her heart breaking as her friend watched her in horror.

Maddy saw her reflection in the golden bowl and was terrified to see the maniacal smile that was looking down on Bobbi.

*Dear God! Why do you allow this to happen?! Please help me! *

Sobs escaped her as the knife continued its journey. She watched as intricate figures were carved into the flesh of her friend. The whole time Bobbi wriggled under the blade, her eyes getting wider and her fear almost palpable.

Her hips thrust up and her legs parted. Maddy could see the swollen lips and the juices dripping down. She moved down the table and grabbed Bobbi’s ankles, spreading her wide open.

*That’s it Maddy, give in… prepare the sacrifice, let another enter this world. It was what you were meant to do. *

*Please don’t make me do this. Why does it have to be so? She is my friend… don’t make me kill her. *

Maddy climbed up on the table, her knees between Bobbi’s legs. Bending down, a hand on each thigh, she slowly brought her mouth down to the flesh on Bobbi’s thigh. She kissed the skin softly and drew moans of pleasure from her friend. She traced her tongue up the flesh of her leg her nose closing in on a sweet scent.

*This is so disgusting. I don’t want this. First my virginity taken by a creature and now I am going to have sex with my best friend. It has to be a nightmare, like with my parents and at school. This cannot be real.”

Her tongue licked between the swollen lips of her friend’s pussy. The taste was sharp and yet sweet. Her juices flowed and Maddy moved her hand to cup the hairless mound. She felt the heat radiating from her friend. Sliding a finger into her warm, welcoming hole, she pushed inward as she licked the soft fleshy nub that was her clit. She could taste the coppery tang of her friend’s blood.

As she pressed her finger in deeper, she felt a barrier. Pulling out her finger, she used it to stretch the entrance out, pressing on the sides as she moved the tip around in a circle.

Maddy put three fingers together and eased them into her friend’s pussy. When she was in to the first knuckle, she pulled back slightly and then rammed them in, breaking past the barrier and taking her friend’s virginity in a violent manner.

Bobbi screamed and arched her back. The pain was unbearable and there was no moment of relaxation for her to adjust to the invasion. She felt nails scraping inside her, causing such pain at the same time as the tongue and lips were stimulating her clit. She was torn between both sensations.

Maddy scraped her nails on Bobbi’s inner flesh, eliciting another scream. Then she bit down on her clit, she felt Bobbi’s body straining to flail as the girl’s scream became even more shrill. She glanced over at Romero and Bethanie.

Bethanie was bent over at the waist, facing the table. Romero was behind her; her stomach distended every time he thrust into her. It looked as though she had thrown up at least once already, from the internal pounding she was taking.

Maddy looked up at Bobbi, she knew it was time for the play to stop. Rising up above her, Maddy pushed her pants down, Bobbi’s eyes went wide when she saw the massive cock that started to grow from where Maddy’s clit was. It was large, sickly green, pustules opened and closed along its length. Bobbi slowly raised her eyes up Maddy’s body, her flesh contracted, ribs starting to show, her whole body was turning green and rancid. Bobbi shook her head back and forth, denying what her eyes told her. Her best friend was turning into a monster right before her eyes.

Maddy aimed her new cock at her friend’s tight little pussy, the head was the size of a softball and even though it was wet from earlier, it would not stretch easily. Maddy placed the tip right up against the opening, then using all her inhuman strength, she pushed into the young woman and buried herself until her balls slapped against Bobbi’s ass.

Bobbi screamed once more, but it faded into a harsh rasping sound as her ruined vocal cords could not longer sustain any other sound. Maddy could see blood seeping around her shaft. She pulled back almost all the way out and shoved forward. She thrust hard into her friend. The flesh of her friend distending as the large pressed outward. Bobbi’s eyes were glued to the sight of what Maddy’s cock was doing to her. She expected at any time to see it burst out of her body like a sci-fi horror movie.

Romero and Bethanie were watching the spectacle before them, Him with lust in his eyes and Her with abject horror. He started to chant in Latin, his cadence in time with Maddy’s thrusts into Bobbi. He pulled his own monstrous cock out of Bethanie’s pussy, blood and vaginal fluids oozed out of her. He lined up with her anal opening, somewhere where no one in her life ever explored, and with one push, ripped into her.

Bethanie’s eyes rolled back in her head and she passed out from the pain, not even screaming from the abuse. Her body flopped as he thrust in and out. Blood flowed from her body. The thing that was Romero reached down and grabbed her by the hair. He thrust into her and pulled her hair at the same time.

Maddy watched in horror as Bethanie, being fucked like a rag-doll, suddenly had her head ripped from her body due to the violence of Romero’s unbridled lust. He threw back his head and howled as he spewed his seed into the dead nurse.

“Maddy! This is all your fault! How you do this to me!” Bethanie’s severed head screamed.

Maddy recoiled as the body starting fighting and the severed head screamed at her. Maddy’s mind snapped. Everything went dark …


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