Eyes Of Lilith by Hoku Lani – Non-Fiction

Writer: Hoku Lani

Subject: Eyes Of Lilith

Link: MEWE / 26.05.2023

Eyes Of Lilith

The height of the vessel is half a cubit. The likeness is that of a beautiful woman who stands repose with arms bear to her sides. Her hair is long, her breasts full and round, her waist narrow. The hands and feet are delicate. Her face is painted in the colors of life…

…the eyes of the image are open and look back into my eyes when I look upon them. They are fashioned with cunning from polished bits of Selenite for the white parts, and green Malachite at the middle. A bead of jet forms the inner orbit.

Liber Lilith, page 94 & 95

I often wondered what color eyes the Dark Goddess possessed. Often I see them as orbs of black. While transcribing the document into my own Grimoire, I discovered above and assume that they are green, at least one version anyways — No statue May live without eyes. Through these eyes Lilith expresses her purpose and desires.

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