Feature Writer: EvilDana

Feature Title: No Students Today At School

Published: 28.05.2023

Story Codes: Young Ones, First Time, Corruption.

Synopsis: Mercedes and Brooke discover new things about each other

No Students Today At School

Mercedes Fronze is a schoolteacher, at an elementary school, in Tennessee. She has only been teaching for a few years. She came out as a pedophile, on video, with help from a photographer, Dave Patterson. Mercedes started the school year with a new light on her class. No one knows about her and what she does in her own time.

She sits at the desk and smiles each morning as the kids walk in. She loves seeing them each morning, their smiles, how their hair is, and even what they are wearing. Wanting to touch, feel, and kiss each one. One thing is, she knows better.

Mercedes never misses a day of work. Smiling at the kids. Loving how they look, dress, and act. Mercedes noticed another teacher, Brooke Carter. Cute brunette, slim, glasses, and small frame. Talking to her every day trying to find out who she prefers. Always touching her arm, shoulders, or hair. Talking about her clothes, how nice they are and touching them.

One day, during a teacher’s workday, with no students at school. Mercedes walks into Brooke’s classroom. Starts talking to her, like she always does. Then it happens.

“It’s so nice no kids here today,” Brooke says.

“Yes, but I miss them,” Mercedes answers.

“I know what you mean,” Brooke says.

“I love this blouse on you,” Mercedes says and reaches over, feeling Brooke’s arm.

“Thank you so much, I love it too,” Brooke says and reaches over holding Mercedes’s hand on her arm. Smiling into Mercedes’s eyes.

“Oh, I was starting to think you weren’t interested,” Mercedes says, smiling while rubbing Brooke’s hand over hers.

“Well, I am. I am so worried about the kids or anyone else seeing, or finding out,” Brooke said.

“I can understand that. Not many know I’m a lesbian. I guess we all have secrets too,” Mercedes says while holding her hand.

“No one in my family knows about me and who I prefer,” Brooke tells Mercedes.

“Well, tell you what. Let’s go out to dinner tonight and get to know each other,” Mercedes said while smiling at Brooke.

“Love to. I love seafood. I hope you do,” Brooke says.

“How does Red Lobster sound to you?” Mercedes asks.

“Love it. Can’t wait,” Brooke says smiling still at Mercedes and rubbing her fingers against hers.

“I’ll pick you up around seven o’clock,” Mercedes asked Brooke.

“Can’t wait,” Brooke says.

Mercedes went back to her classroom and sat thinking about what the evening could be in store. Brooke sat on her deck wondering the same. Later that day, Mercedes got off work and went home. She showered, fixed her make-up, and hair for her date. She picked out a dark pair of jeans and a nice blouse. Dressing and picking out a nice pair of heels, she got her purse and drove to Brooke’s home.

Brooke dressed after a shower. Picking out a dark dress. Low cut and has a slit up her right leg. After getting her hair and makeup looking just right, she waited for Mercedes. When Mercedes pulled up into the driveway, Brooke walked to the living room, telling her parents that she was going to a school event that night. They had no idea Brooke had a date, let alone, a date with another female.

Brooke walked down the driveway to Mercedes’s car. Getting in, they both smiled at each other and drove off. Talking and laughing, even lightly holding hands some, as Mercedes drove. Pulling into the local Red Lobster, Mercedes parked, and they both got out. Walking to the front door, Mercedes opened and held the door for Brooke. After a little wait they were seated.

“I am starved,” Brooke said.

“I know me too,” Mercedes said. Both looking over the menu and deciding what to order. Smiling as the waitress took their order and walked off.

“So how long have you known you were a lesbian?” asked Brooke.

“Several months now, I guess. A good friend of mine and her sister showed me what I was missing out on. I don’t miss men at all,” Mercedes says and both ladies smiling giggling some.

“I think I have always known. Same here too, A good friend in high school. She and I were each other’s first,” Brooke answers.

After a nice wait, their food came, and they ate. Lovey meal and after a little more talking, they paid the check and walked out. Walking to the car, Mercedes reached for Brooke’s hand and smiled at her as they walked to Mercedes’s car. Opening the door for Brooke, Mercedes walked around and got into the driver’s seat. Driving off they talked more.

“How would you like to see my place?” Mercedes asks.

“I know this will sound silly. I must be home by twelve. My parents are old fashioned.”

“Oh, that’s okay, we can talk and get to know each other better,” Mercedes replies.

Mercedes driving to her apartment and parking. Both got out of the car and walked up to Mercedes’s door. Mercedes opens the door, and they walk in. Kicking off heels and sitting on the couch, Mercedes gives Brooke some wine as they talk.

“It’s good to have you over. I was hoping you would like to stop in,” Mercedes said.

“Oh, thank you for having me over. I’m glad you asked me,” Brooke said.

“How about calling your parents and telling them you’re staying over here tonight,” Mercedes asks Brooke with a smile on her face.

“I think I could make something up. I would like to stay the night. Maybe we won’t get much sleep though,” Brooke says smiling back at Mercedes.

“I hope not,” Mercedes says, smiling so wide. Looking at Brooke.

Brooke reaches into her purse and gets her cellphone out. Calling her parents, Mercedes sitting and listening, smiling at Brooke.

“Hello, mom, the event at school ended earlier than anyone thought. We stopped at Mercedes’s apartment. Talking, laughing, and just now seeing the time. I’m going to sleep here tonight,” Brooke told her parents. Her parents thanked her for calling to let us know that you’re safe. and have a good night.

“That’s taken care of, I’m yours tonight,” Brooke says smiling to Mercedes, who smiles big at her too.

“Well then, let me show you the bedroom,” Mercedes said, standing up and taking Brooke’s hand.

They both walk hand in hand to Mercedes’s bedroom. Mercedes pulled Brooke to her and wrapped her arms around her. Leaning in and kissing her lips. Holding each other and kissing more. Slowly they started taking their clothes off. Mercedes moves Brooke to her bed. As they finish stripping off the rest of their clothes, Mercedes lays Brooke back across her bed.

“Oh God you are so beautiful,” Mercedes said, laying on top of Brooke.

“Oh, thank you, I’ve been wanting to do this with you for so long,” Brooke said.

“We got all night,” Mercedes says, laying on top of Brooke and kissing her.

Mercedes started kissing Brooke. Moving down to her breasts and then to her pussy. Brooke ran her fingers through Mercedes’s hair holding her there. Moaning, gasping and feeling so much in love with Mercedes’s tongue.

After a while, Mercedes lifts and turns around. Then sitting on Brooke’s face. Then leans over and they sixty-nine for so long. They moan, gasp, and then scream from orgasms. All through the night, this goes on. Jerking, bouncing on the bed, and having so many orgasms. They fall asleep in each other’s arms and hold each other.

Sometime the next morning. They wake up and smile into each other’s eyes. Lightly kissing and hands roaming over each other. Laying there loving the feeling of each other’s body.

“I guess we need to get up,” Brooke says.

“I know, I don’t want to. I don’t want this to end,” Mercedes says.

“Me too,” Brooke says.

“Wouldn’t it be funny if the kids at school could see us right now,” Mercedes says laughing.

“Oh God, I would die,” Brooke says, making a face.

Both laying there and slowly deciding that they needed to get up. Walking to the kitchen, they both still nude, looking around for coffee and or juice.

“I need to pee,” Mercedes said.

“I’ll tell you what. If you don’t get upset or grossed out, I can help you with that,” Brooke said.

“Just how are you going to do that,” Mercedes asks with a questionable look on her face.

“I found out some time ago. I do like drinking pee. I would love to drink yours,” Brooke said, smiling so happily at Mercedes.

“Oh really? You do? I never have done anything like that,” Mercedes said, smiling still.

“Tell you what, if you like to, just stand still and I can kneel and take it,” Brooke said.

“Sure, why not, I will try it,” Mercedes said.

Right there in Mercedes’s kitchen, Mercedes stands and watches Brooke kneel before her. Brooke holds her legs and leaning her face up, placing her mouth over Mercedes’s pussy. Mercedes looked down at Brooke and started to pee. Brooke took it in her mouth and Mercedes heard Brooke gulping it down.

Mercedes finishes peeing in Brooke’s mouth. Brooke looks up at Mercedes smiling and licking her lips as she stands up. Mercedes did not believe what had just happened. Never thought anyone would ever drink her pee. She smiled at Brooke.

“Wow! Mercedes said smiling.

“I guess you liked that,” Brooke asked her.

“How did you like it,” Mercedes asked.

“I loved your pee. It’s so sweet,” Brooke said, licking her lips again.

“I had no idea it tasted sweet. I thought it would be sour or salty,” Mercedes said.

“Want to taste mine. I will let you.” Brooke asked her.

“But if you try something I am in. No matter what it is, you keep an open mind,” Mercedes asked Brooke.

“Deal, what is it,” Brooke said.

“I’ll tell you later. First let’s do this before I change my mind,” Mercedes said smiling at Brooke and kneeling before her.

Mercedes looks up at Brooke’s face as she reaches out, rubbing her legs. Opening her mouth and placing it over Brooke’s pussy. Brooke looks down and starts to pee. Letting out a few drops then the stream into Mercedes’s mouth. Mercedes gulping it and moaning holding her hands up as she drinks Brooke’s pee. Soon, Brooke finishes. Mercedes stands up licking her lips.

“Wow!” That was something different,” Mercedes said.

“How did you like it?” Brooke asks.

“Strangely enough, I liked it. I believe it’s a required taste. I think I can get used to it,” Mercedes said.

“I’m glad you liked it. Now what is it you want me to try?” Brooke asked.

“Well, it’s this. Have a seat on the couch. I’ll show you,” Mercedes says.

Brooke goes and sits on the couch. Mercedes goes to her computer and opens a file. Clicks on the video of her, Delaney, and Erika, at their apartment, sitting on the couch and starting to make out. Mercedes gets up and sits by Brooke as the video starts.

“I hope you like this. Maybe we can do it too,” Mercedes says smiling at Brooke as the video starts.

Brookes eyes get wide seeing Mercedes, Delaney and Erika nude on the couch looking at a television. Slowly watching as they start kissing and touching each other. Smiling and staring at the video. Mercedes edited out the part of the young girl in the video that they were looking at. Brooke loving this and starting to rub her pussy.

“They are so beautiful. All of you are,” Brooke says.

“Thank you so much, we have been doing this for some time now,” Mercedes tells Brooke.

Sitting on the couch. Each rubbing her own pussy and then slowly each other’s. moaning and breathing hard. Gasping and then having orgasms. So, I didn’t notice the video stopped. They are screaming, loving it. Soon, laying on the couch holding each other moaning and getting their breathing slow again.

“Oh, my that was so nice. Thank you for showing me that,” Brooke tells Mercedes.

“Glad you liked it. How would you like to make a video just for us to see,” Mercedes asks.

“What. You mean let someone film us making love? I don’t know about that,” Brooke says to Mercedes.

“Well, I know a photographer, he is a good photographer, and we can trust him. He made that one for us,” Mercedes says.

“I know them with you. I have seen them singing before and they are good. They are so pretty. How did you meet them?” Brooke asks.

“Met them a while ago after they moved here. Delaney and I are good friends, and we share everything,” Mercedes says.

“Oh, really what do you all share?” Brooke asks.

“I can’t really tell you. They trusted me with their secrets,” Mercedes says.

“Oh, come on, how bad can it be? They seem so cool,” Brooke says.

“Oh yes, they are great. If I tell you something, do you promise to keep it quiet and never say anything. They and I can get into so much trouble,” Mercedes says to Brooke.

“I promise,” Brooke says to Mercedes.

“Here it is. You see that video we were watching. That was a video that Delaney and Erika made together. They had two little girls,” Mercedes says.

“Oh, that isn’t so bad,” Brooke says.

“Well, you see it’s what they were doing,” Mercedes says. Still wondering if she can trust Brooke.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Brooke says.

“You see, they got talked into making the video with the two little girls. They didn’t know it until it was happening. They loved it and when Delaney told me. It really turned me on. Then, when I saw the video,Mercedes said to Brooke, smiling and nervous.

“Girl, you got me going crazy. What is it? “I swear I won’t tell anyone,” Brooke says.

“You see Delaney and Erika were with two little girls. They were eight years old. Not only did they pose with the girls, but before they knew it, they were nude and making love to them as well,” Mercedes says,

Mercedes taking a deep breath waiting for Brooke’s reaction. Sitting waiting, thinking she knows now, how Delaney felt when she told her about it too. With what seems like forever, Mercedes sees Brooke start to speak.

“You mean to tell me, they had sex with two little girls, and you liked it too,” Brooke asked with a stern look to her face.

“Yes, that’s what I am telling you,” Mercedes says.

“Have you done anything like that too,” Brooke asks.

“Yes, I tried it and found it to be the most wonderful and exciting experience I ever had,” Mercedes says to Brooke.

“Were you with an eight-year-old too?” Brooke asks.

“No, he filmed me with a six-year-old little girl. I was so nervous but wanted to so much,” Mercedes says.

“You mean filmed too?” Brooke asked.

“Yes,” Mercedes said.

“Could I see it?” Brooke asks, looking at Mercedes with a sly look.

Smiling, Mercedes gets up and walks back to her computer and uploads her video with the six-year-old girl. Taking a deep breath, hitting play and walking back to sit next to Brooke. Taking a deep breath again and smiling as the television comes back to life.

The television started showing the video. Mercedes sitting on the stool and having her interview. Smiling, loving it, and nervous. Telling her name and about her friends Delaney and Erika. Then walking to the room, stripping and walking back out. Nude walking sitting on the couch and then the little girl walking in. slowly Mercedes starts touching her and kissing her. Brooke watching eyes wide and staring at the television.

“Oh God, that’s so wrong but I can’t take my eyes off you,” Brooke says.

“I know right. I can’t tell you how it felt,” Mercedes says.

“Oh God,” Brooke moans.

Brookes starts rubbing her breast trying not to be noticeable to Mercedes. Breathing harder and harder as the video plays on. When the little girl starts licking Mercedes’s pussy, Brooke lets out a deep moan and starts rubbing her own pussy. When Mercedes started licking the little girl’s pussy, in the video, Brooke lost control and gasping as she reaches an orgasm and screams. Mercedes moans closing her eyes working her pussy. Then watching Brooke enjoying herself.

“Oh my God! That was something. Wow!” Brooke moans, laying there gasping.

“Glad you liked that,” Mercedes says smiling.

“Wow. That’s about all I can say about it,” Brooke says to Mercedes.

“How would you like to try it yourself?” Mercedes asks Brooke.

“Oh God! Really? Oh God what?” Brooke gasps, not saying no right off.

“I might be able to set it up if you like to,” Mercedes asks.

“Oh God you serious?” Brooke gasps.

“Yes, I’ll call the photographer and see what he thinks,” Mercedes says.

“Filmed? I don’t know. I’m not sure about that,” Brooke says.

“He can be trusted. Film your first time and we can watch it over and over later, “Mercedes says.

“Well, I will think about it,” Brooke says.

“Please do. I would love to see you with a little girl,” Mercedes says.

Mercedes leans over and gives her a kiss. Brooke gives it back and they lay on the couch a while holding each other. Just holding, talking, and rubbing each other’s bodies. Later in the afternoon, they get up and shower together and Mercedes drives Brooke home. Giving her a kiss goodbye, driving off. Mercedes is thinking about how to get Brooke to try a little girl.

Mercedes drove down the road and got thinking. She picked up her cell phone and called Jason. As she’s listening to the phone ringing, as she is driving down the road. She’s thinking of what to say as he answers the phone she hears.

“Hello this is Patterson Photography this is Jason speaking how can I help you?” that Jason says.

“Hi Jason, this is Mercedes Fronze, how are you doing?” Mercedes said.

“Hello, how is one of my favorite pedophiles doing?” Jason asked her.

“Just fine, thank you. I have something to ask you and see what you think,” Mercedes said.

“Sure, ask away,” Jason says back to her.

“I found a girlfriend and I told her about what Delaney, Erika, and I. Told her about having let you film us. I think she would like to try it too. She hasn’t come right out and said yes but she doesn’t seem offended at it either. Would you have any ideas how to get her to try a little girl,” Mercedes asks him?

“Oh, I see. Tell me about her, who is she,” Jason asks.

“She is a teacher at my school. She teaches the third grade. Slim and very pretty. She and I went out on a date last night and she spent the night with me. I showed her the video of Delaney, Ericka and me. It really turned her on. Then I showed her the video of me and Tina. She really went crazy and had a wild orgasm. I asked her if she liked to try, and she never said no. What do you think? Mercedes told him.

“I believe I could help you. Bring her here and she would think it’s just for you two. As you and she are making love I’ll let Tracy and Sarah walk in and start licking her. By the time she realizes what’s going on, I bet she will be hooked. What do you think?” Jason says to Mercedes.

“Thank you. I love that so much. How about Saturday? I’ll tell her you will film us making love and it’s just for us. She did say she would like a video of it,” Mercedes says to Jason.

“That’s great. Set it up for Saturday afternoon at about one o’clock. How does that sound?” Jason asks.

“Great thanks. Anything changes I will let you know. Thank you so much for this,” Mercedes says.

“Thanks for thinking of me too. Take care, see you two Saturday,” Jason says.

“Bye, bye,” Mercedes says.

Hanging up the call. Mercedes is smiling so happily. She has someone that she really cares about and is going to feel a little tongue on her pussy again this weekend. Jason hangs up thinking here’s another video to sell. Two schoolteachers and young kids. He will make more money by Saturday night.

Mercedes called Brooke and told her about the photo shoot on Saturday. Not telling her everything about it. Brooke sounded so happy. She really liked the idea of a video for her and Mercedes to watch over and over later too. Not a thought enters her mind, about what could happen, with a video like that.

Saturday came and Mercedes took a shower and dressed in a tight sexy white dress and tall heels. Fixing her make-up and hair. Deciding what jewelry to wear. She gets her purse and keys and starts to Brooke’s house.

Brooke showered and dressed in a red tight dress. Low cut and the length above her knees. Fixed her make-up and hair. She put on a pair of five inch heels. Red matches the dress. Walking to the front door waiting for Mercedes. She’s thinking that she’s glad her parents went out of town today.

Mercedes pulled up in the driveway. Brooke walked out, locking the house door. Mercedes can’t believe how hot Brooke looks. Brooke gets into the car and Mercedes smiles at her.

“Oh my God girl. You’re so hot looking,” Mercedes said to Brooke.

“Thank you. I love wearing dresses like this. My parents raise hell with me when I do,” Brooke says to Mercedes.

“You need to wear that more often. God, I want you now,” Mercedes says, reaching over to take Brooke’s hand.

Driving and parking near Jason’s studio. Getting out and walking down the sidewalk. Holding hands, smiling , loving how they feel now. Walking to the door and looking at each other and walking in. stepping in and looking around. Brooke sees pictures on the wall of Delaney and Erika. Even some with Mercedes too. Thinking about how beautiful they look too. Jason walks out.

“Hello ladies, how are you two doing today?” Jason asks them both.

“Good thanks, Jason, this is my friend Brooke Carter. We teach at the same school,” Mercedes tells Jason as Brooke stands there smiling.

“Hello Brooke, nice to meet you. You two will look so hot on camera. Brooke, Mercedes told me you two like a video of yourselves making love. Is that right,” Jason asks.

“Yes, that would be so nice if you would,” Brooke says to Jason.

“First, I need you two to sign these release forms,” Jason says.

He places them down in front of them. Both ladies start looking them over. Neither able to understand the legal talk. They both sign each form. Handing them back to Jason. They don’t know the forms say they agree to let themselves get filmed making love to young little girls. They agree to let the video be sold and showing their id’s off too.

“Thank you, ladies. Let me put these up. I need to make a copy of your ID’s too,” Jason says.

“My ID. Why do you need that?” Brooke asks, looking nervous.

“I do that with everyone. Just to prove your age, that’s all,” Jason says.

“It’s okay, he has made copies of mine before,” Mercedes says getting her driver license’s out.

“Alright,” Brooke says getting her driver license’s out as well.

“Thank you, ladies, I’ll be right back,” Jason says, turning and walking off.

“Mercedes, I really want to do this with you. Thank you for helping me come out more,” Brooke says smiling at Mercedes through her large eyeglasses.

“I’m so glad to help you,” Mercedes says leaning over kissing her.

Walking back out. Jason sees them kissing and smiling at each other. So happy at what is about to happen today. Filming them as lovers and he will sell their identification off. They won’t have any idea how it happens. Within time he will get copies of their credit cards too.

“Well ladies, this is the special time you two will have,” Jason says.

Jason leads them to the back of his studio. Walking, he hears their high heels clicking behind him. Walking in holding hands, the ladies smiling and loving the idea of what’s to come.

“Have a seat on these stools, ladies,” Jason says to them.

“Thanks,” Mercedes says, as they both sit up on a stool each, smoothing out their dresses and crossing their legs. Sitting there smiling looking around. Not seeing video cameras pointing to them and on.

“I want you to look at this teleprompter and read what’s on it. Just a set up for the shoot today and something for you two to treasure always,” Jason says, turning it around.

They both sit there smiling, holding hands and looking at the monitor as the words start showing. Mercedes started reading them:

“Hello, I am Mercedes Fronze, and this is Brooke Carter. We are elementary school teachers, best friends, girlfriends, and lovers. We are a lesbian couple. I am a pedophile and Brooke is fine with it. She someday might like to try it too. We are so happy to make this video and can’t wait to show our love for each other. Thank you for watching us and hope you like it.

“I don’t know about the pedophile part,” Brooke says.

“Your open to it now, right?” Jason asks her.

“Yes, I guess so. Mercedes is and I’m okay with that,” Brooke says.

“If you two are ready. Walk to that room there and remove your clothes and we can get started,” Jason says to them.

They stand up and while holding hands, walk to the room. Mercedes opens the door for Brooke, and she walks in first. Jason smiles knowing this video will be so good. He knows Brooke has no idea later today, lots of people will be watching this. Jason walks to another room and looks in. Sarah and Tracy are sitting watching a monitor. Both little eight-year-old girls are nude.

“Are you two ready for some fun, with them?” Jason asks.

“Oh yes, they look so nice,” Tracy says.

“Oh yes, me too,” Sarah says.

“You know what to do. Brooke has dark hair Brooke has never been with a little girl. Come out when I say and start making her so happy,” Jason says to them.

Both Tracy and Sarah smile, and Jason closes the door. Waiting a few minutes, the door opened and Mercedes and Brooke walked out. Both are now nude and holding hands. Walking out Jason thinking how much money he is going to make off this.

They walk to a bed, set up. Smiling looking around. Brooke seems so nervous. Holding Mercedes’s hand tight. Standing by the bed.

“Now ladies. When you’re ready, just do whatever you feel like. I am sure you two will love this and make a great little video. So, relax and have fun. I have the cameras going,” Jason says.

Both smiling at Jason. Mercedes looks over at Brooke who’s looking back at her. She leans over and kisses her lips. Both ladies close their eyes in the kiss. Breathing so slowly and loving how the feeling is making them feel.

“I am so happy you’re here with me right now,” Mercedes whispers.

“I’m glad I’m here too,” Brooke whispers as her hands reach up and cup Mercedes’s breast.

Both, while kissing, leaning over and laying back on the bed. Holding each other, Mercedes moves up on top of Brooke. Kissing her lips and then her neck. Moving down to her breasts and then to her nipples. Sucking on each of them as Brooke moans with her eyes closed. Mercedes moves down to her belly button and sucks it. Brooke moaned so deeply. Mercedes lowers then starts licking Brooke’s pussy. Brooke almost screams, looking around only to see the lights shining at them.

Jason walks off so quietly and gets Tracy and Sarah. Bring them to the room to watch. Both girls are completely nude. They smile so wide knowing how this is going to happen. Mercedes licks Brooke’s pussy, then kisses her way back up to her face, and kisses her lips. Laying on top of Brooke, Mercedes starts rocking her hips over Brooke’s pussy. Tracy and Sarah both are standing behind the lights. Brooke can’t see them.

Mercedes kisses her way back up to Brooke’s face. Smiling and getting up and getting over her face. Lowering down. Brooke smiles seeing Mercedes’s pussy coming down to her face. She rubs her hands over Mercedes’s thighs and starts licking her pussy. Mercedes moans feeling that wonderful tongue. Mercedes is sitting on Brooke’s face and looking down at her body.

Mercedes moaned as Brooke was licking her pussy. Tracy and Sarah walked out standing next to the bed. Mercedes smiling at them. Rocking her hips over Brooke’s mouth. Brooke has no idea what’s about to happen. Tracy and Sarah climb up on the bed and get between Brooke’s legs and start kissing her thighs. Brooke feels them there and moans. Mercedes won’t let her up to see who’s there.

Tracy and Sarah kiss their way to Brooke’s pussy and start licking it. Brooke moaning under Mercedes. It wasn’t long before Brooke started screaming under Mercedes. Having a giant orgasm. Jumping under Mercedes. With Brooke screaming under her, Mercedes has her own orgasm and screams.

Mercedes slides off Brooke’s face and lays beside her. Tracy moves to Mercedes and between her legs. Kissing her way to Mercedes’s pussy. Brooke smiles at Mercedes and leans over kissing her as the girls make love to their pussies. Jason, filming it, all without any trouble.

After a little while Tracy and Sarah get up and turn around. Moving over Mercedes and Brooke’s faces. Brooke looks at Mercedes while holding Sarah’s butt. Mercedes smiles at her as Sarah lowers her ass and Brooke’s face goes into her ass. Mercedes looks at Tracy’s ass and starts licking. They are sixty-nine with two little girls.

Jason takes this time to go and gets their ID’s, credit cards, school ID’s, and any other info out of their purses. Taking pictures of them, then putting them back. He knows this will be so good later. Walking back seeing them licking in a sixty-nine without a care in the world. Moaning, gasping, hands roaming over Tracy and Sarah’s backs and asses. Jason sets up the teleprompter again too. Soon, first Brooke starts gasping, then screaming, holding Sarah tight. Then Mercedes does the same with Tracy. Sarah and Tracy have brought two more women to an orgasm again.

Tracy and Sarah get up and get off them. Smiling and walking away. Mercedes looks over at Brooke smiling. Jason walks around smiling knowing how much money he will get over this. Pushing the teleprompter up to them, they both sit up on the bed looking. Both their hair and make-up are messy.

“So, ladies, I see you two liked that time together.”

“Oh God yes, that was awesome,” Mercedes says smiling.

“I have to say that was the best orgasm I ever had,” Brooke says.

“That’s great. Why don’t you two move and sit here on these two stools. Look at the teleprompter and read it. I think you will love this,” Jason says.

“Oh okay,” Mercedes says.

“Sure,” Brooke says.

They get up off the bed and walk to the stools and sit. They don’t think about the blue screen behind them. Looking at the teleprompter and smiling. As the words start, Brooke talks.

“Hello, I’m Brooke Carter and I am a schoolteacher. Today I am saying I am a proud pedophile and lesbian. This was the most wonderful experience I have ever had. Little girls taste wonderful,” she says smiling the whole time.

“I’m Mercedes Fronze, I am a schoolteacher and a proud pedophile and lesbian. I am so happy for Brooke to come out today. This video will be so wonderful to watch. I hope you all liked watching it too. Thank you.”

Jason is showing their IDs on the blue screen behind them. They have no idea. Jason knows the money will be great off this video. Showing each driver license and school IDs. Brooke and Mercedes sit there holding hands talking like they are so proud and do not have a care in the world about this. They look like they are so okay with their IDs being shown.

“Why don’t you walk back to the room and get dressed,” says Jason, “I will get your video ready.”

“Thank you so much for this,” Mercedes says.

“Yes, thank you for this so much,” Brooke says.

They get up and walk to the room and get their clothes back on. Picking up their purses and after getting dressed, they walk out. Jason hands Mercedes a memory stick. Thanking Jason again as they walked out the door and walked down the sidewalk. Holding hands. Jason edits the video and sets it up to send out. When Mercedes pulls into Brooke’s driveway, Jason starts sending the video out. It’s out and selling.

So many know about them and what they have done. The next day at school. Mercedes and Brooke smile at each other as if they are in their own classes. Parents nor students, have no idea what they are really thinking. Who knows what will come next.

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    Hail Satan
    Hail Lilith
    Hail the unholy sexual predators watching the sweet young ones for Satan

  2. Glad to see more content from EvilDana. Love her topics and series. Hope to see more soon. Keep the good writings flowing in.

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