The Tulpa Vision by Destiny1961

Writer: Destiny1961

Subject: The Tulpa Vision

Link: Email LS666 / 21.05.2023

The Tulpa Vision

Sorry for the lull dear as have felt master is punishing me. I bought a breast pump and even more OTC pills and looking at better ones. I have felt a harder calling and must say have balked slightly. I have felt he wants bigger tits but being married to a christian female had worried.

I then found someone on FetLife who is into “Tulpa”. he or she has made sense about things as after writing them had this voice remind me of a bible verse. It said call me legion for we are many. I decided to try and go back into the hallway I call my mind as remembered someone bringing out my darkest persona. I could not remember its name but then hit my poppers again.

There she was waiting on me. It all started to come back. She looked disheveled as she is the essence of the sacred whore. I remembered when younger had long enough hair to do a double ponytail but she had a mix. It was pigtails and a ponytail. She realized my thoughts and said there were reasons. The pigtails to grab for face fucking and ponytail for hard sodomy. She had puffed up blueish tits as it is how they look after I pump and as she touched them I felt it.

She rubbed her ass and dick and said we were still unsure if to keep it. She then told me her name as it was Vixxxen. She explained why she used three X’s. She told me she was that true shadow side that has been hidden due to being scared as she is the personification of true satanic lust.

She told me I have wanted her but was not ready til I was able to break through into true darkness as she is the one who will do the things that most would not or are scared yet curious of. She grabbed the breasts and it hurt as she said to think how they will feel splattered or pissed on and then rubbed her dick and told me to imagine when we go into the clouds and shot a big load on me.

I felt it as she reached orgasm and then she said once she is accepted there is so much as she was rubbing her ass and started to finger it. But then she slid a toy in and I felt it but then said she knows as she had a second one and forced it in.

Two at once and I felt this pressure but like just got a high. But she pulled them out and slid a few fingers in and asked what was on my mind and said she knows as she slid her whole hand in. I felt intense pressure as I watched as she fisted herself. She told me she will return when the time is right and to open my mind back up.

I then went back to my mirror and was using poppers after pumping and am going to tell you what I saw as was wondering where could go to get someone to tell me what it means.

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