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Feature Title: Evilena and the Young Witch
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Evilena and the Young Witch

Evilena adored England. She had planned this little vacation for months and was taking an opportunity to see all the sights, hear all the sounds, and absorb all the history the much chronicled City of London had to offer.

She had booked a room in the Mandarin Oriental in smart Hyde Park area , and decided, on this brisk, invigorating, early autumn evening to take a walk around the town . Having no particular destination in mind, the gorgeous blond headed east and shortly found herself ( around five miles later) in an older, run down section called King’s Cross. She mulled over her choices for the return journey to her posh hotel. She could walk back, she could hail one of London’s famous black cabs, or she could take the train, as her walk had inadvertently taken her very near the entrance to the King’s Crossing Railway Station. She thought the short ride back to the Knightsbridge Station, near her hotel, might be fun, so she slowly strolled into the historical edifice, but suddenly stopped short.

“Damn,” she muttered to no one in particular, ”

Can’t I avoid trouble anywhere ? Here I am nearly 5000 miles from home and I’ll be damned if a fight doesn’t break out right in front of me.”

There, only yards away on the train platform, three young kids, two post adolescent males, and a particularly attractive teen girl, were standing back to back in a sort of protective circle, attempting to protect themselves from a mob of ugly, unruly muggers. All three were dressed in the traditional English student’s garb. The motley group of thieves were circling them menacingly, like renegade Indians in an old Roy Rogers movie.

The three students looked scared.

The other passengers in the station seemed to be ignoring their plight, as if they didn’t see or didn’t care. What’s more, not a single member of the famous London Bobbies seemed to be near. As they say, there’s never a constable around, when you need one. Evilena took a deep breath. She was a martial arts expert, and simply couldn’t let these three innocents get hurt while she was there and able to help.

With little thought for her own safety, she leaped into the center of the group of thieves, and attacked them like a raging whirlwind. The expert Muay Thai martial artist rained kicks and punches on the thugs. Again and again her small but powerful body lashed out , until all the miscreants were on the ground. Most were totally unconscious and some merely stunned, but all were, at least temporarily, hors de combat.

Just then a train on a nearby track gave a loud whistle and started to drift away from the platform. The three students pushed and pulled at their blond rescuer, guiding her toward the sliding door of the nearest railway car, which was closing, as the train moved off. Their timely exit left their frustrated attackers standing on the platform yelling obscenities and gesticulating rudely at the quartet of victims who had just bested them.

Breathlessly the trio almost simultaneously shouted “thanks” and dragged their gorgeous savior into an empty compartment , then plopped down onto the cushioned seats.

“Is this train headed toward Knightsbridge? “the gorgeous blond asked, not even winded from the momentous struggle.

” Oh my, not…. exactly, ” the cute brown haired girl replied, embarrassed, ” I’m afraid we’ve pushed you onto the train headed back to our school. It’s the opposite way from Knightsbridge. But there is one stop , in an hour or so, and you can get return passage there.” She smiled a shy smile. ” We call it the Muggle stop. I’m sorry, we were just trying to save ourselves… and you, and we’ve taken you so far out of your way after you rescued us from those ruffians .”

“Well , ” thought the seductive blond. I’ve got an hour to kill, and then maybe another hour or two back to the hotel. What shall I do ? ”

Evilena surveyed her companions. The two boys seemed very young, perhaps only eighteen or so, the taller of the two, was, quite handsome, however, in a bespectacled, geeky, sort of way. But the young girl was gorgeous. She had long, dishwater brown hair, and a lovely petite figure. Evilena wondered if perhaps the hour could be spent getting more acquainted with the youngsters, especially the girl.

” All that fighting made me tired,” she softly exclaimed, ” so very tired… I’m just going to lean back here in the soft seat and rest until I reach the next stop… Aren’t you three getting tired too? The regular, steady beat of the wheels on the track ? Click … clack … click … clack .. so steady so regular so restful… just listen… listen…the sounds of the wheels make me sooooo sleepy …”

The three students seemed to involuntarily relax into the padded seats and suddenly, they felt very tired. The things their lovely, blond rescuer was saying certainly seemed to be true. It was so restful, just sitting perfectly still listening to the regular rhythm of the train’s clicking wheels … and the soft cadence to the lovely woman’s voice added to their feeling of relaxation.

” My name is Evilena, but right now there is no need for you three to tell me yours, it’s only necessary to relax and let the sound of the train and the sultry sound of my hypnotic voice relax you … relax … relax … in fact, if you like, you can look up into my eyes now, because they are very restful too… Just look into my eyes and listen to my voice and relax…. relaax … relaaaaax…. for Evilena….”

The three youngsters were fascinated by Evilena’s gorgeous visage and wondrous, soporific, voice and started to drift away almost immediately. The pretty young brunette, slowly spoke up, finding it hard to even form the words, ” Oh Evilena, I LOVE your American accent, and I think your voice is enchanting … but … you … you … aren’t trying to enchant us are you ?”

The gorgeous blond hypnoteuse just smiled a delicious, evocative smile, ” No my dear, I’m not TRYING to enchant you, I HAVE enchanted you … mesmerized you … enthralled you … entranced you … hypnotized you … and you are ALL falling helplessly under my spell now… obedient … helpless .. hypnotized slaves…the soft repetitive rhythm of the train wheels, my eyes, my soothing voice all are combining to put you into a deep, obedient hypnotic trance…..you do so want to obey me now… obey me… sleeeep…”

And for a few moments not another word was spoken , the only sound in the compartment was the steady, hypnotic sound of the train wheels, and, to the three rapidly succumbing students, the only sight was the deep green gaze of their American companion. Her eyes had somehow suddenly enlarged to become their whole world. They were clearly captivated by the sultry hypotenuse.

The youthful trio remained silent, as they continued to look into the deep, green, hypnotic orbs that were Evilena’s eyes. It was as if their will power was being burned away by the powerful psychic flame of her searing emerald eyes. Had any of them been prepared for this psychological attack they might have cast a spell, or waved a wand, or even simply closed their eyes, but unprepared as they were, they simply sank deeper and deeper into the railroad car’s seat, and as they did, their ability to even think about resisting the lovely blond sank lower and lower as well. They would soon be hers.

The lovely blond goddess stood up and took the two small steps to their side of the compartment, locking the sliding door, and lowering the shades as she did so.

She softly lowered her hand over first one boy’s, then the other’s eyes and was pleased as they remained tightly closed. They had quickly fallen into her deep hypnotic trance.

She whispered to the two, ” You may dream of Evilena… in fact you MUST dream of Evilena now as you fall deeper and deeper asleep.” As their trance deepened and their dreams ran rampant, Evilena was pleased to see their young cocks harden, and pools of pre-cum spreading on the lad’s trousers.

Momentarily, Evilena broke eye contact with the beautiful young woman to check on the captive boys, and smiled as their hands fumbled at their trousers while the dreams became more realistic in their entranced minds.

The lovely, brown haired girl, however continued to search out the enchanting hypnotist’s gaze. She longingly stared into Evilena’s bottomless green eyes, unable to break their mesmerizing grip. Evilena took her hand, and pulled her to a standing position and continued to look into her eyes, as they stood, face to face, so very, very close to each other.

“Tell me my magical pet, are you in love with either of these young men ?” she whispered.

“No… ‘ the girl responded emotionlessly, “they are my friends and we have played , studied, and struggled together, but I am in love with neither….”

“Then do you like other girls?”

“No….no….maybe …I do … yes, think so…at least that thought has crossed my mind more than once.”she replied, clarifying her own thoughts, even as she answered.

“Well, my dear girl, what a wonderful opportunity for you to experiment then, for I can lead you into erotic feelings that will haunt you forever….” she reached out and gently placed her warm hand behind the young girls’ neck and drew her slowly forward . Their lips met.

Both women moaned with an urgent passion, and now, with the two boys asleep, lost in their own erotic dreams of Evilena, and unable to see or hear what was going on around them , it was if the two beautiful women were alone.

The girl pulled her lips away and looked questioningly at Evilena. She was struggling. She had great will power, for most quickly fall under Evilena’s irresistible power, as the boys had so swiftly done. Very few resisted the control in the way this sexy young woman was able to do .

But hypnotizing a new woman was , in a way, like making love to her, the mesmerizing blond thought to herself, “Some fall in love so quickly and others think about it… ponder it … mull it over in their minds… but every woman I want … loves me, none can resist my hypnotic spell. ”

“You may look into my eyes again, my dear … tell me ,what IS your name ?”

The lovely teen looked back into Evilena’s mesmerizing eyes, ” It’s Emma…..” she responded haltingly , in spite of her struggle to fight the blond’s influence. She had never felt this way before. No magic, no spell had made her mind spin like this woman’s gaze. No man, boy, woman or girl excited her like this gorgeous American. Her breath quickened.

Then, the seductive mesmerist gestured with a graceful hand., and Emma’s attention was pulled to a lovely crystal pendant dangling in her cleavage

Again, Emma struggled and focused all her attention into resisting the hypnotic powers of her blond carriage mate. ” I’m not that easy to ensnare, I still may only be a school girl, but my magic is strong.You ARE lovely, but I choose who I fall in love with… I choose… me… ”

” Of course your magic is strong my dear girl. Your magic is probably too strong for my mere mortal mesmerism to control you. The boys were weak and have fallen under my power already, but you are too strong. You won’t close your eyes because you are a big girl .. your will is so strong .. but think about it .. you are tired aren’t you ? The sound of the wheels … my voice … my eyes do make you SO tired.. so sleepy…”

With a triumphant smile, Evilena noticed that the girl’s eyes were showing signs of weariness… the wide eyed, far away look she so loved in her subjects was obvious. It was time to finish the deal. The gesture had directed her eyes to the lavender crystal hanging from a chain around her neck, and Emma could not look away.

“I see you are looking at my crystal, dear girl … do you like it ?”

“No …no … wasn’t looking at pendant, ” she struggled, eyes more vacant with each word.

“Then were you looking at my lovely breasts , Pretty One ? ” Evilena cupped her breasts and thrust salaciously them toward the ever weakening girl. ”

“No…no…noooo.” It was almost a moan.

“Well it was one or the other, my crystal or my breasts. Tell me, pet. Which was it. You must tell me the truth. I saved you so you owe me that. Look closely and tell me which fascinates you more… this… or THESE…”

“Pendant … breasts … eyes… can’t look away ….can’t … ” mumbled to herself, the struggle now lost.

The lovely young student felt her mind spinning again. As hard as she tried to resist this lovely blond, she now felt her will power was slipping away, slipping under Evilena’s control, and she was powerless to stop her descent.Evilena’s will was too strong.

“It’s alright dear. I prefer this kind of induction. I can do it anytime… anywhere…with anyone… ” And then Evilena reached up and massaged the girl’s temples with her soft , warm fingertips.

“Oooohhhhh…” the young witch again moaned, helplessly . “Oooooooooohhh.”

“Feel the pleasure I bring you dear… feel it… would you like to see my pendant more closely”?


The lovely blond pulled the unresistant girl’s face closer to her breasts. ” Look at it … it has special power… concentrate on it’s color .. watch it … you see nothing but my pendant … look deep into the sparkling crystal as the light reflects off the facets … your surrender lies at it’s center… and you know that ..but it is so powerful … I am so powerful .. you can’t look away … and when you reach the center .. when you surrender to my power … you will realize something else….” Evilena loosened her grip on the girl, but she remained transfixed by the crystal and the nearness of Evilena’s lovely breasts.

“Something else….center…” the now nearly wholly entranced woman whispered.

Evilena reached up with both hands and placed her hands on Emma’s blouse, trapping beautiful girl’s nipples between her fingers and thumbs and then she pulled the unresistant student even closer, their faces now drew close and she softly kissed her lips .

Emma’s eyes were pulled back to the crystal and she sighed, helplessly.

The American sorceress now whispered in Emma’s ear, ” You know that when you reach the crystal’s center you will be able to surrender your free will to me… forever … because … you love me… you love me…. you love me…you … love … me ….”

” Love … you, ” she repeated like an automaton. She was powerless Evilena’s erotic spell.

Without further instruction , the girl’s hands started to roam the soft curves of Evilena’s body, touching the places she had only touched on herself before this moment. Then she opened her lips and pushed her tongue into Evilena’s mouth and swirled it about , savoring the taste, and texture of the sensuous blond.

Now it was Evilena’s turn to become the aggressor, and she slowly unbuttoned the school uniform that clung to the girl, as the brunette trembled with excitement. ” Yes…yes ” she moaned, ” please touch me .. kiss me… hold me…please…..PLEASE.”

Moments later the young woman stood naked in front of Evilena. She was flawless.

With yet another irresistible hypnotic gesture, the blond hypotenuse commanded the girl to undress her, so they would both be naked.

The lovely teen was in awe of Evilena’s perfect body. Slowly, haltingly she reached out and touched the hypnotist’s breasts, and moaned as the nipples firmed in response to her gentle contact. The magical crystal between her breasts was the only adornment to Evilena’s pale, perfect, porcelain, body

Evilena guided the girl down to her knees, and stood before her, her lags slightly apart. “Start at my feet dear, kiss and lick them, then move up and worship my ankles and calves, now my thighs, ” she quivered, ” higher… higher my pet, you know what you need to do.”

Becoming more excited every moment the young brunette continued her worship of her goddess, she moaned in pleasure and excitement as she followed Evilena’s commands.

” Now, your tongue dear, worship me… NOW !”

“Enjoy the pleasure that this give you, my pet, you are mine now Emma, only mine. Tell me you love me.”

“I love you Evilena….with all my heart…”

Evilena moaned, ” pleasure me pet…” and ran her finger’s through the kneeling girl’s soft hair and guided her face.

The teen slipped her tongue into Evilena’s tight, wet pussy and swirled it around.

“Make me cum now pet, and when you do, you may swallow my magical juices and become my complete slave.”

The helpless student continued the sensuous worship of her new goddess, until she felt the hypnotist quiver with pleasure and they both sank to the floor of the railway car.

As the conductor shouted out the train’s arrival at the Muggle Station, the three, fully dressed, young Brits and their lovely American companion sat silently on the benches in their compartment. The students could remember nothing of their journey, but Emma somehow thought that this year’s vacation would be spent near Miami, in the US, yet didn’t know why.

As the train screeched to a halt and steam poured from the engine, Evilena stepped off onto the platform and blew the four smitten teens a kiss.

“Isn’t she lovely?” Harry sighed.

” Oh my God, yes, ” whispered Emma.

And the train headed for school.


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