Feature Writer: J Darksong
Feature Title: Kiss of the Vampire
Uploaded: October 2002 / The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Story: Kiss of the Vampire

A shudder passed through Iliana’s soft slender body, and she pulled her thick fur-laced cloak tighter around herself. The chill wind seemed to cut straight through the cloth, through her flesh, straight down to her bones. Usually the cold never bothered her. Usually, she was bothered by very little of anything.

These were not usual times.

She stood atop the roof of the five story building, deeply hidden in the shadows, staring down at the streets below. Her exceptional eyes cut through the dark of the moonless night, giving her a clear view of the people scurrying to and fro. It was three a.m. but there were still people traveling the busy Branford city streets. Iliana spied one person in particular, a young blonde woman, huddled tightly in a dark brown overcoat, as she turned off the main street, taking a left through the dimly lit alleyway between the buildings. Iliana smiled, softly, thanking the stars up above. After all her careful and patient waiting, someone had been foolish enough to slip into the darkness, alone and unprotected.

Iliana was very, very hungry. It had been nearly three weeks since her last feeding.

Gathering the hems of her cloak, Iliana leaped from the rooftops, gliding down softly to the ground below, landing as silently and gracefully as a gymnast. The blonde woman, startled by the sudden appearance, took a step back, her eyes wide with fear. Iliana smiled wider, showing her fangs. Nothing excited her more than the look of shock and pure terror on the faces of her prey just before she took them. The girl opened her mouth to scream, but Iliana was already moving, covering the several yard distance in a fraction of a second, wrapping a hand tightly around the frightened girl’s mouth.

“Scream, and I’ll rip out your throat,” Ana hissed softly, licking the girl’s earlobe. “You know what I am, and what I want,” she continued. “I don’t intend to kill you, just refresh myself a bit. Behave, and you’ll live to see another day. Do you understand?” The blonde nodded stiffly in terror. Iliana felt a curious throb between her thighs at the intoxicating sense of power she had over this girl. It had been much too long since she’d felt this way, not since the last time she’d topped her Master Garr—

She pushed the thought away, burying it completely, focusing back on the present. Slowly removing her hand from the girl’s mouth, she slipped around in front of her, locking her gaze to the girl’s. Iliana’s hands had slipped to the girl’s shoulders now, so she felt her stiffen the very instant her clear blue eyes locked onto Ana’s own slate gray orbs. A soft chuckle escaped Ana’s blood red lips as she seized control of the girl’s mind, invading her deepest innermost thoughts, as her hands ran rampant along the stunned woman’s body. Ana had been denied sex nearly as long as the blood she now eagerly sought, and the blonde had a killer body, so young and ripe, so utterly sexy… Thoughts of sex and lust brought her Master to mind, and she quickly banished the thoughts again before the could overwhelm her.

I need to stop dwelling on the past, Iliana thought furiously, as she tilted the girl’s head to the side, exposing her white vulnerable neck. For now, I have to worry about the present, the here and now. I’ll deal with the rest when I am able.

A soft deep sigh escaped the entranced girl’s mouth, a tender deep moan of pleasure, as Ana’s fangs pierced her white pale flesh. The vampiress kept a tight reign on the girl’s mind as she fed, decreasing her fear, increasing the sensual pleasure she felt, distorting the poor girl’s perceptions until she groaned loudly, pressing herself deeper against Iliana’s sucking lips, eager to feed her, as if each pulse of blood flowing through her pierced jugular were mirrored in the young woman’s throbbing clit. Not wanting to drain the girl to death, Iliana had to fight with her in the end, pulling herself away from the girl’s frantic grasp, desperate to feel the warm hungry mouth against her throat for only a little longer.

Licking her lips, Iliana took out a small bandage from her pocket, placing it carefully over the girl’s bite marks. Staring straight into the girl’s eyes again, she spoke, as much into her brain as into her ears: Now, my dear, head home and get some sleep. You’ll be very very tired tomorrow, and should wake up early enough to call in sick from work. I want you to stay at home all day, eating and drinking, maybe watching TV, but nothing else. Your strength will return in a day or two. You will not remember running into me tonight, or what happened in this alley.

The girl swayed slightly in place, absorbing Iliana’s words. She looked so vulnerable, so utterly delicious, that Ana decided to add a little twist to her usual suggestion. You will NOT remember me,she said, huskily, running a hand gently along the wet crotch of the girl’s jeans, BUT, you will dream of me… dream of the beautiful, sexy, auburn haired beauty, the one girl in all the world that could give you pleasures not dreamed of in your deepest imagination. You will fantasize about me, and should you ever see me again on the street somewhere, you’ll find yourself enamored with me, strangely drawn, though you will not know why. She continued to rub the girl’s crotch as she spoke, sending shivers of pleasure through the mesmerized girl’s body. When she finally withdrew her touch, the blonde beauty shuddered, eyes clenched tightly, as she felt the release her body had burned for wash through her.

Iliana was already away and aloft before the girl recovered her senses. She felt better now, strong and energetic again. Her body throbbed with life, and the chill she’d felt all over had vanished. It was a pity that few feedings went as smoothly as this one; most times, people traveled in pairs or in groups, rarely alone. Her last attempt, she’d managed to isolate a young dark haired man, and had just begun to feed, when his friend entered the alleyway, shouting his fool head off. She’d managed to escape without resorting to violence, but she’d been denied the blood she so desperately needed. She’d been forced to go home hungry that day.

“It’s almost a good thing Garret isn’t here,” she said softly to the wind as she glided along towards the harbor. “Master would no doubt have laughed himself silly over last night’s little fiasco.”

Master. Dr. Garret Roberts, once a very accomplished surgeon, a man of ethics and honor, until their fateful meeting more than two hundred years ago. She’d been his patient then, the victim of amnesia, unable to remember who or what she was. She’d been pulled from the wreckage of a collapsed building during a bombing, the sole survivor. Naturally, she’d been weak and pale, very anemic from the loss, or rather lack, of blood. Garret had nursed her back to health, taken care of her, and eventually fallen in love with her. One night, they’d lain together in bed, back in his old apartment, when the hunger had taken her. In the midst of her passion, she’d reacted instinctively, sinking her fangs into his neck, draining him to the point of death. Terrified, not wanting this man, her newfound love, to die, she again reacted without thinking, slashing her own throat, pressing the seeping fountain to his lips, bidding him to drink. That night, his life ended, only to begin anew, a vampire like herself.

Her memory returned shortly thereafter. Garret found himself undeniably linked to her now, by blood as well as love. Alone, amnesiac, she had depended on him, had turned to him for guidance, and for support, but once her memory returned, her normal personality and demeanor emerged. She had been proud, haughty, and very independent, since she herself had been turned, thousands of years ago. Garret chafed, finding himself placed in a subservient role, being dominated by the girl that had, only a day before, been so sweet and submissive to him. He knew little of the ways of the vampire, but he knew much of being a man; in the end it came to a contest of wills, of strength of character. To Iliana’s great surprise, she had found herself the loser, though she had come to think much later that she had actually won. In submitting to Garret, she discovered a whole new side of herself, a part to her psyche she had never even known existed. In time, she came to enjoy serving him, though her proud, haughty nature still made its presence known from time to time. All in all, life together with her Master had been glorious, wonderful, exquisite in every way.

Until now. Until three weeks past, when Garret suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Damn him! Iliana thought angrily, her hands clenching into fists. Fucking stupid arrogant know-it-all sonofabitch bastard! Never listens to me. I’m only older than he by a fifteen hundred years… but no, he knows EVERYTHING! Why listen to me, I’m just his fucking slave girl, his pretty little ‘Ana’.

If only he had waited for her.

* * *

A week before his disappearance, they’d been watching the nightly news together, shocked by the headlining story. In Branford, Connecticut, seven police officials had died at the hands of a single unarmed individual, a young man later identified as Jeremy Webster, before he was taken down by police gunfire. Sources on the scene spoke of Jeremy as a ‘strange, gaunt man, pale, inhumanly strong and quick, like something out of a Steven King movie.’ As the man was being loaded into the back of the county morgue’s van, he suddenly revived, attacking and killing several more officers, before succumbing once again police, armed this time with automatic weapons. Taking no chances, the officer in charge fired two final shots, one in the heart, and one in the brain. Speculation was widespread, and the word ‘vampire’ was mentioned more than once.

Garret had switched off the television, fuming silently. He’d known of Jeremy, known the vamp that had turned him, had supposedly been training the boy in how to survive in the human world as a vampire. The only thing a modern day vampire feared more than direct sunlight was discovery. If the general public ever found out the truth, that vampires walked among them, feeding secretly among the population, then all hell would break loose. They would be hunted down, one by one, like rabid animals. Iliana, having lived through the early days of the Salem witch trials in Massachusetts, knew only too well. Garret had spoke of going to Connecticut personally, to see how he could defuse the situation.

“If I got there and disposed of Jeremy’s body, maybe disputed the medical findings of the coroner,” he said thoughtfully, “perhaps it would turn public opinion against the idea that vampires exist.”

Iliana was against the idea. “I don’t think so, Master,” she argued. “It’s not our problem. When Vancouver gets targeted for such a thing, then we’ll act. Connecticut is your friend Lauren’s problem. She was the kid’s guardian, and trainer. She was his Mistress. She was supposed to look after him. If anyone should risk their life trying to clean up this mess, she should.”

“But she’s not too much older than I am,” he protested. “She’s as flighty as Jeremy was. I thought it was a mistake to let her turn someone anyway, but I was outvoted in the council meeting.” He sighed deeply. “I doubt the council will let her attempt to deal with such a serious situation after blunder. They’ll also likely spend the next several months debating on what steps to take rather than doing something now, while there’s still time.” He sighed. “I think I need to do this, Ana.”

She’d heard the soft resignation in his voice, the quiet but firm resolve of his decision, but she refused to accept it. “No,” she said stubbornly, shaking her head. “You’re not going. Nope. Uh uh. No way.”

He’d looked at her, his head tilted slightly to the side, an eyebrow raised. “Iliana,” he’d began, only to be cut off forcibly.

“I said, NO, Garret!” she yelled loudly, planting her fists tightly against her hips. Her tummy tingled slightly; she’d never raised her voice, never asserted herself, since that fateful night when she’d fought him for dominance… fought and lost to him. They’d argued before, fought before, but always with a manner of respect even then. Now, in this matter, she was asserting herself once more, defying him. Her insides felt strange and heavy, and she thought she might be sick later.

“You’re not going to Connecticut,” she continued, standing her ground, even as she quailed inside. Garret’s eyebrow dropped as his eyes narrowed, his easy smile slipping into a frown. His displeasure cut her to the quick, and her heart thudded heavily against her rib cage, increasing her discomfort. Still, she charged ahead, bravely, determined to say her piece.

“This is not our fight! I know Lauren was your friend, and that you knew this Jeremy person, but that doesn’t make you his keeper! It’s too dangerous for you to go there now, with all this speculation on vampires. Everyone there will be on guard, suspicious of strangers, noting every little detail in everything you do. If they find out what you are, they’ll crucify you, and burn you at the stake! They’ll—”

“ENOUGH!” Garret roared, glaring down at her, his eyes blazing scarlet in his anger. She feared him in that moment, feared him as she had never feared him before. She felt he might strike her, which he had never done, other than the playful spankings and swats on her bottom during sex. She shrank back from him then, afraid, and seeing the fear in her eyes, he sighed deeply, and looked away, the red fire burning in his eyes dimming slightly.

“Iliana,” he said, his voice strained, conflicting emotions thickening it as always, “I know why you don’t want me to go. I know it will be dangerous, very dangerous. I know that you worry about my safety, that something will happen and you’ll never see me again. I know and understand that. But,” he said in a low deep voice, “YOU must understand that I have decided to do this. You say this isn’t our fight, that this has nothing to do with us. I say it does. If this one incident is allowed to go unchecked, then the next time a vamp gets caught at something, the next time an incident like this is made public, people won’t be so quick to dismiss it. People will start taking notice of what’s going on around them. They’ll notice the little bandaged bite marks on their necks, from wounds they don’t even recall having. They’ll realize that we exists, and they’ll come after us. And then, it’ll be too late!”

She opened her mouth to argue, but his finger was against her lip, silencing her, the contact sending shivers of pure bliss through her heated body. “You’ll not fight me on this one,” he said softly, whispering softly into her ear, licking the rim gently with his tongue. “You’ll not fight me, slave,” he added, deliberately, increasing the shivers of pleasure in her hot, sweet body. Iliana’s eyes closed, and a gasp left her lips, only to open them moments later, finding herself lying atop their bed, completely naked. Her eyes narrowed, and she glared up at him, knowing the tactic he would use to silence her protests, hating him for it as much as he loved him. His words echoed softly, teasingly, in her mind, and she knew he had bewitched her, The man was young, not nearly as strong and powerful as she, but what powers he had, he used them with the skill and precision of a surgeon… which in actuality, he was.

She peered into his eyes then, trying to exert her will, to press into his mind with the force of her own, but his fingers, so dexterous and refined, caressed a patch of smooth skin along her side, making her breath catch and her eyes flutter. You’ll not fight me, slave, his voice seemed to echo inside her mind once more, as the pleasure of his touch drove all other thoughts out of existence. Her chest heaved mightily, nipples pointed up towards the ceiling, begging for his touch, with which he consented to grace them. The small rapidly diminishing part of her that was still in control struggled mightily, trying to pull away from his grasp, trying to summon the willpower to fight his insidious pleasure, to regain control of the situation. The thought of Garret, tightly bound, lashed to a burning post, in the middle of a bonfire, gave her strength, and again she pushed back against his mind with her own.

You’ll not fight me… slave…

The thought thrummed inside the walls of Ana’s mind, like the ringing of a huge bell, shaking all other thoughts into pieces before they were even half formed. She could hear her Master’s soft, melodic voice, feel his touch stroking the length of her hot, naked body, sense his gaze upon her, hungry and waiting, and her resolve crumbled to ash, to nothingness, then less than nothing, as his lips met hers.

Yyyoouu’lllll… nnnoootttt… fffiiighhhhttt…. mmmeeee… slaaaaavvveeee…

Iliana found herself incapable of fighting anything as Garret’s lips claimed hers, the nip of his fangs along the inside of his mouth feeding her the sublime nectar that was her Master’s blood, the sweetest of all juices. Her own body exploded in a powerful orgasm no human mortal was capable of withstanding. Iliana’s chasm clenched tight, then spasm-ed wildly, as she drank deeply of her Master’s blood, piercing deep with her fangs, drawing more and more of his spicy, salty life essence into her hungry mouth. Moments later, her second, lower mouth was filled, and her pleasure doubled, riding her powerful dominant Master, feeding of the inhuman pleasure his body was gracing her with. Sweat rolled from her body in rivets, as her gushing pussy juices ran freely down her thighs, and calves, soaking the bed. Only one word remained in her bliss-filled cranium now, a single word that encompassed her entire existence.


* * *

He was gone when she awoke the next night. Iliana felt torn in her emotions, concern for Garret’s safety, anger at having her protests disregarded so easily, anticipation for his quick return, fear at the thought of never seeing him again. She told herself that her worries were unfounded, that Garret was highly intelligent, perfectly capable of taking care of himself. No one could kill him unless they knew he was in truth a vampire and acted accordingly, removing his heart, and destroying his brain. He knew better than to expose himself in the daytime, and even if he was somehow discovered, he had the speed, the strength, and the power of will to take care of anyone who dared to stand against him.

She’d known he was perfectly safe, but she worried about him nonetheless.

Three weeks later, when he had still not returned, her worry had turned to full-fledged panic.

She watched the news religiously, seeking news of any pertinent incidents in the northeastern United States. If anything had gone wrong in Garret’s plan to infiltrate the city morgue and remove the evidence, it hadn’t been broadcast on the news. Her worry and panic turned to dread, then to resolve, as she made up her mind to go after him. Connecticut was a small state land-wise, but the city of Branford contained more than twenty-three thousand people. It wouldn’t be a needle-in-a-haystack situation, but pretty damn close.

High above the dark Connecticut skyline, Iliana considered her options. She was freshly fed now, and felt strong enough to deal with whatever she might run into if she decided to go to the city police station. But perhaps it would be best to try and locate Lauren Meadows, the vampire at the center of the whole mess. Garret would have contacted her first before attempting infiltration, and if anyone knew what had happened to her Master, it would be Lauren. She had the feeling that time was quickly running out for Garret, and that she had to act now. After a moment of decision, she turned to the left, towards the Branford City Police building.

Landing softly several yards away, she studied the area. The building and the surrounding parking lot was brightly illuminated, and the number of people going to and fro, plus the numerous security cameras posted made her stomach clench. This would not be easy.

What do I do now? she thought furiously. Just walk in casually, and ask if they’re holding Garret Roberts, and ask for a visitor’s pass? I have to be subtle, and sneaky. I need to know what’s going on in there, and find out exactly where he’s being held before I make a move. To her left, she saw a patrol car driving up, heading through towards a parking spot. AH! That’s what I need. Someone with the inside scoop!

Detective Mike Ross and his partner Andrea Bradley were just exiting their vehicle when a young, beautiful auburn haired girl crept out of the shadows, approaching them. Mike noticed her at once, the soft warm twinkle in her strange gray eyes, the pale gentle gleam of her face, glowing in the bright white glare of the street lights. Her body was clad entirely in black, from the long thigh high leather boots covering her feet, to the low cut black leather skirt, revealing more flesh than it covered, to the tight, black leather bodice she wore, barely restraining her large lovely melons. The hood of the fur-lined cloak she wore had slipped away, revealing her long, thick hair, which, if allowed, would flow unimpeded down the small of her back.

Mike stared at her, struck through the heart, and several inches lower, watching slack-jawed as she approached him. The word hooker fluttered in his mind, then vanished abruptly. No, this girl was nothing as simple as a prostitute, nothing so common or petty. She seemed too refined, to regal, more like a Goddess, descended from the heavens. He felt drawn to her in a way he had never felt before in his life, and when she finally reached him, and smiled, he felt the blood rush to his face, and his nether region, leaving his brain completely null and void.

“Excuse me, Officer,” Iliana said sweetly, maintaining eye contact with the man, cementing her spell over him. “I’m sorry to bother you. I had a problem, and I thought maybe you might be able to help me.”

Andrea, frowning at her partner’s google-eyed response, stepped forward. “Well, Miss,” she said crisply, “my partner and I are just returning from a very big case, and need to see our superiors right now. I’m quite sure than the officers inside the precinct will be more than happy to assist you.”

Ana frowned, moving in front of Detective Bradley, forcing eye contact, insinuating herself into the redhead’s thoughts. “Oh, but surely you can spare just a minute or two,” she purred softly, pleadingly. “It’ll only take a moment or two. I promise. You can spare a minute or two, can’t you?”

Andrea stood wide-eyed, shocked to the core of her being. Her heart beat like a kettledrum, and her mouth felt like the Mohave desert. The girl standing before her was simply the most incredibly beautiful thing she’d even seen in her entire life! She felt hypnotized by the auburn beauty’s thick red lips, unable to look away as they pursed and stretched, moving with each soft syllable she spoke. She wanted nothing more than to feel those lips, to taste them with her own, glide her tongue sensuously against them, and against the woman that possessed them. Her thighs felt wet and slick, and her breathing began to quicken.

It never crossed her mind for a moment that she was only attracted to men.

Iliana slid a single finger along the female officer’s chin, noting the shudder of pleasure as it passed through the entranced girl’s body. “Thank you, my sweet,” she said with a grin before turning back to the male detective again. “Now then… Mike, is it? I want you to go inside and do a little checking around for me. I’m looking for someone, a tall, dark haired man, named Garret. He’s very important to me. Go see your boss, and attend to your duties, then check on this for me. I’ll be outside, waiting for you to return.”

Mike blinked, a silly smile frozen on his lips. He would do anything for the gorgeous creature standing before him, swim through broken glass, walk through fire, anything! He turned and headed towards the station, eager to do her bidding.

“Oh, one more thing.”

Mike stopped, glancing back at his Goddess. “If anyone asks,” she said with a smirk, tracing a line along Andrea’s chest, “your partner here is busy… taking care of another case. She won’t be in for a while, but you’ll be glad to handle anything that comes up, won’t you, Michael?”

Mike’s grin grew wider. “Oh, yeah, sure, of course! It would be my pleasure.” He turned back towards the station once again and walked inside.

Ana sighed softly, focusing her attention back at the enthralled redhead. “And now for you, Officer Bradley,” she purred softly. “It’s really a pity that I’m in such a rush. I’ve gone with the pleasures of the flesh for three weeks now, and while I’ve been able to satisfy one lust already, the other is beginning to drive me crazy.” She unbuttoned the officer’s shirt, exposing her bra covered breasts to the cool night air. The nipples, which were already hard, grew even longer, and a soft whimper escaped the entranced woman’s lips. Iliana felt her own pulse quicken slightly at the sight; she had been trained and taught to be a wanton, stimulating, seductive little sex slut for her Master, and it had been so damn long…

With a deep sigh of regret, Iliana turned away. “Perhaps later, when all this is over,” she said, as Andrea rebuttoned her shirt. “For now, my dear, I want you to go to the Hyatt Regency, the penthouse suite, where I am staying, and wait for me. I don’t know when I’ll be back, but I’ll probably be bringing a friend… and we’ll both be in the mood for pleasure. If you’re a very good girl, a very hot, very wetgirl, we’ll be sure to include you in on the fun.” Iliana smirked evilly, leaning in close to the officer. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you… Andrea?”

Swallowing deeply, the petite woman answered. “Y-y-yes, ma’am. I certainly would.”

“Good girl,” Iliana said brightly, patting the police woman on her ass. “Now then, be a good little girl and hurry along. I’ve got work to do.” Sighing in pleasure, Andrea Bradley slipped into her patrol car, started the engine, and sped away, leaving Iliana once again alone in the parking lot.

Mike returned an hour later carrying a manila folder under his arm. Glancing around, careful not to be seen, he walked over to Iliana. “Here’s everything we have on your friend, Garret Roberts. He was here about two weeks ago, caught tampering with evidence. We held him here for two days, then turned him over to the Feds.”

Iliana frowned. “The Feds?”

“Well, not the FBI, or anything,” Mike amended, handing her the file. “It was some federal investigator, some research specialist. He wanted this Roberts guy for study, to find out what makes him tick. They transported him over to the big government medical facility, just on the outskirts of town. Whether he’s still there or not, I couldn’t tell you, though.”

Iliana nodded softly. She hadn’t found him yet, but at least the trail was still fresh. She had a destination. “Thanks, Officer Mike,” she replied, slipping the file into the pocket inside her cloak. “I appreciate your help. I better go now, and you should head back inside before anyone gets suspicious.”

“Wait!” Mike called just before she turned to leave. “Please… I don’t even know your name! There’s so much I want to ask you, so many things I want to tell you…”

Ana bit back a smile. The poor man was completely enamored with her, and though he would forget about her completely if she commanded it, she felt sorry for him. The least I can do is to reward him for his help, Ana mused. Sliding a hand around the man’s back, she looked deep into his eyes.

“Do you know what I am, Michael?” she said softly, pursing her lips, captivating him with their luscious redness. Intellectually, he knew what she was, or at least suspected, but face to face with her overwhelming beauty, he couldn’t have cared any less if she were the devil’s own kin. She read this in his eyes, in his mind, and laughed. “I’m a vampire,” she whispered in his ear, “not the devil, though in your case the difference is negligible.”

She brought her face up to his, until they stood less than an inch apart. “Have you ever heard of the Vampire’s Kiss?” she asked, licking her own sweet supple lips with the tip of her tongue. “Vampires are very sexual creatures, beings of sensual pleasure. People know all about the thirst, the bloodlust we feel, the overwhelming need for sustenance, for blood. But few people know about the hunger, otherlust we feel, the equally strong need for sex, for passion, for pleasure. A vampire’s mouth, the tool that feeds the bloodlust, is also the most erotic, sensual, potently sexual part of a vampire’s body.”

She brushed her lower lip against his, briefly, but the contact struck him like a thunderbolt. Mike’s back arched, his head slamming back, his hands clenching into fists, as a blast of pleasure pulsed through his body. His cock, semi-hard moments before, sprang instantly to life, harder and thicken than ever before. The muscles in his body clenched tightly for an instant, and spasmed as he came, hard, flooding his crotch with the liquid release of his ecstasy. His heart beat rapid fire against his chest, and his eyes stared sightlessly ahead, seeing only a pale white light.

Iliana’s words came to him again, filling the pleasure induced void in his mind. “A vampire’s kiss transmits all the passion, all the pleasure, all of the pure lustful need the vampire feels at that moment, into that whom she kisses. In another vampire, it excites and arouses, generally leading to the fulfilling of that deep-seated need in both. A normal human would find himself utterly crushed, so overwhelmed by bliss, that most would simply die from the pleasure.” She smiled again, her beautiful red lips stretching, seeming to pulse with a soft red glow. “But you, Mike,” she purred, “you seem like a strong man to me. I think you can handle a little kiss.” She pressed her lips fully against his, for a moment, kissing the police detective, a soft, wet kiss.

It was a moment Mike would remember for the rest of his life, though the details would forever escape him. His entire body became his cock, stiff and hard, exploding at the moment of release, filled to overflowing with sheer blissful abandon. His entire nervous system seemed hardwired from his lips to his cock, the sensations overlapping, crossing over, until he saw, smelled, heard, and tasted the pleasure his passion-saturated flesh was feeling.

He would finally regained his senses, hours later, near early dawn. The rising sun would be just peeking over the edge of the horizon. Mike would find himself lying flat on his back at the side of the police station, his body cool from the morning air, yet damp, nearly soaked with sweat. His pants would, of course, be soaked as well, especially the crotch, but not just from sweat. The night would be a major blur for him, but for some reason he would feel no worry or concern about his situation, only a calm, serene joy, and a feeling of utter satisfaction. Wearily, he would limp over to his car and drove home, grabbing a hot shower before slipping under the covers of his bed. The incredible night of pleasure would replay itself in his dreams, but his waking mind would recall only a kiss, and a soft pair of ruby red lips.

Meanwhile, Iliana was aloft again, glancing back at the sleeping detective, wishing that she had the time and inclination to grant the handsome man more than a simple kiss. She clenched her thighs, forcing her mind on her present search, landing moments later in a more serious state of mind. The building stood before her, seemingly unguarded; Ana, however, knew that appearances were often deceiving. With the nature of the captive they were holding, security would be very tight.

Ah, hell, this is what I came here for, she told herself after a moment. No need to get cold feet now. I’ve never been afraid to simply charge straight in, to take the direct route. It’s the last thing they’d probably expect.

Taking a deep breath, gathering her courage as well as her power, Iliana took a step forward, preparing to rush the front entrance. Out of nowhere, a hand reached out and grabbed Iliana, gripping her shoulder from behind, stopping her in her tracks.

“Hold it! I can’t let you do this,” a voice said softly from the shadows.

Part 2.

A hand reached out and grabbed her, gripping her shoulder from behind, stopping Iliana in her tracks.

“Hold it! I can’t let you do this,” a voice said softly from the shadows.

Iliana whirled, fangs extended, hands curled into claws, ready to attack, when she spotted the woman holding her shoulder. “YOU?!?” she yelled, relaxing slightly, but not dropping her offensive stance. She jerked herself from the girl’s grasp, glaring at her angrily.

“Lauren? What the FUCK are YOU doing here?”

Lauren brushed a strand of her curly golden hair away a face, sighing softly. Her ice blue eyes gazed down at the ground below, unable to meet Iliana’s gaze. She was dressed similar to Iliana, except she had chosen a dark navy blue wool instead of black leather. Her beautiful, angelic face, normally bearing a smile or grin, a face seemingly created for smiling, now carried a frown. Her lips, as deep and luscious a red as Ana’s own, trembled slightly, as if the girl was fighting to suppress the urge to sob.

“I’m sorry, Ana,” she said softly, shaking her head. “I know how you must feel, but you can’t just charge in there—”

“You know how I feel?” Iliana glared at her, incredulously. “Bullshit! You have NO idea whatsoever what I’m feeling right now! This is all your fault! You should be locked up in there, not Garret!”

“Damn you, I know that!” Lauren shouted back, angrily. “I know it! I wish I were the one locked up in there instead of him. I wish I had listened to him in the beginning. I wish… I just wish…” The fire went out of her then, and she seemed to sag inwards.

“To hell with your wishes,” Iliana snarled. “I’m going in there and break Garret out!”

“No, you can’t!” Lauren said, blocking Ana’s path. “You don’t know what’s been happening. Rush in there like a mad bull and you’ll get cut to pieces. You need to know what you’re up against before you make a move.”

Sighing, Iliana relented. “Fine. I’ll listen. Explain what went wrong, and why my Master is locked away in this godforsaken place.”

Lauren nodded, squatting down along the edge of the sidewalk, Iliana sitting down next to her. Taking a deep breath, the blonde beauty began.

“It was three weeks ago… which, doubtless you know from the news. The night before the incident, I had brought Jeremy out with me, to a hunt. It was his first, actually. Before then, I’d always brought someone back home with me for him to feed on, and he’d gotten a pretty good handle on the basics, learning how to drink without draining a person to death, how to pierce the skin subtly, without rending the flesh… you know, the basics.”

Iliana nodded impatiently. “Yes, yes, I know the basics. Get on with it. What happened that night?”

“It was… my fault, I suppose,” Lauren admitted. “I’d taken Jeremy with me, as I’d said, to show him firsthand the proper way of hunting for prey out in the open, in the busy streets, and with my guidance, we’d hunted in tandem, remarkably well, I might add. Well, the following night I was supposed to go to a council meeting, so I told Jeremy to stay inside, and that I’d bring someone back with me afterwards. He’d argued, saying that he’d gotten a taste of hunting, and that he was ready to fly solo. I told him no, that he needed more training, more practice. He sulked, but he promised to stay inside and wait for my return.”

Iliana shook her head. “Let me guess. He changed his mind about staying put.”

Lauren nodded. “That damn little fool… just full of piss and vinegar, ready to try and do everything now, now, now, and not willing to wait for anyone. Sigh. I suppose I can’t really blame him too much, though. I was the same way when I was his age. I was just lucky enough to have a stern Mentor, one who wouldn’t put up with my shit.” She smiled for a moment. “Anyway,” she continued, “I had just returned home from the meeting, clicking on the TV, when I saw the news. The kids had made the mistake of trying to drain his victim outside, in an alleyway, instead of taking the entranced girl inside, away from prying eyes. Someone saw, and raised an alarm. Panicked, the kid charged, tried to fight his way out. The rest, you know from the news footage.

“I was completely stunned,” Lauren said after a long moment. “I mean, one day, he was my pupil, my bright little protege, rowdy, yes, but still a good kid. The next, he’s dead, lying in the county morgue, being studied and analyzed. I knew I should do something, knew that I needed to sneak in and do something to stop their investigation, but… I know, I know, it was my mess, and up to me to clean it up, but I loved that kid, Ana. I couldn’t get over the shock of it all. So when Garret showed up a few days later, offering to take charge, I let him.”

Lauren looked up at the older vampiress entreatingly, for understanding, but she received none. Iliana, filled with worry and dread at for her own problems, had no time or energy to spend on another. “Go on,” she prompted coldly, arms crossed. “Tell me what happened to my Master.”

Sagging a little more, the blonde girl continued her tale. “Garret sent me out to run an errand for him, a little drug run. I got what he needed, then joined him outside the Branford City Police Department. His idea was to slip down to the morgue, using his knowledge as a doctor and his hypnotic talents, to taint the research samples with trace amounts of PCP, switch bodies with another in storage, and alter the examiner’s medical records, to support the idea that Jeremy was simply a boy hopped-up on drugs. I thought the plan was brilliant, but I worried that he might get caught. I told him it was my mess, that I should be the one to sneak in and make the switch, but he insisted.” She shivered slightly, her eyes glinting with a faraway look. “You know how… persuasive… he can be when he wants to,” she added softly.

Iliana stiffened. Any ill feelings she felt towards Lauren increased dramatically, though she knew she was reacting irrationally. Vampires, by their very nature, are voracious, and passionate, creatures, beings of many powerful lusts and hungers. It was not uncommon for vampires to have sex with one another, despite the relationships they may have formed. A chaste vampire was virtually unheard of, and a celibate one, an impossibility. Ana knew that her jealousy was irrational; she herself had barely resisted the urge to descend into passion with her prey twice tonight, the need for speed in ascertaining her Master’s whereabouts being the only deterrent. Had she the time to spare, she would have sated her sexual frustrations on them both and thought nothing of it. Yet, the idea that her Master might have dallied with the lovely blonde vampiress filled her with anger.

Vampires, though free-loving, sensual, sexual creatures, are also extremely territorial.

“He’d made it to the morgue without incident,” Lauren continued, oblivious to Ana’s distress, “and signaled me mentally that everything was going well. He’d hoped to be able to burn Jeremy’s corpse in the incinerator, getting rid of the evidence at once, but the furnace wasn’t in the morgue, and while he could explain his way into the morgue, alone, he knew he couldn’t easily explain him leaving with a dead body. Approaching a window, he lifted the body up and out, handing Jeremy to me, bidding me to get rid of it while he finished covering his tracks. I left with Jeremy, taking him out of sight, and hurried back to the station… but I arrived too late to help him.

“It was the worst luck possible,” she said dismally. “The medical examiner had been completely at a loss by Jeremy’s remains, and had apparently called the state medical examiner with his findings, but he’d been unable to make heads or tails of it either. They decided to consult federal aid, contacting the FBI’s medical research facility. It figured that they would arrive at the station,” she said with a trace of bitter irony, “all ready to transport the body to their facility just as Garret was leaving. I don’t know what happened in the few minutes before I arrived, but Garret was being lead out to an armed transport vehicle, surrounded on all sides by armed guards. I started to rush in, but he warned me away, telepathically, insisting that I not interfere. That was three weeks ago.”

“And he’s been locked up in there all this time?” Iliana exclaimed. “You… you… stupid little bitch! You coward! Why didn’t you break him out of there once you found out where he was being held? Why am I even wasting time with you now, when I could be braking Garret out of that place?” She stood up, turning to leave, when Lauren’s hand grabbed hold of her shoulder once more.

“Damn you, Iliana!” the blonde woman snarled, eyes bright red in her anger. “Don’t you think I would have done so if I could have? Do you think I WANT him in there?” Iliana jerked away from her grasp, but Lauren wouldn’t be turned aside. “Listen, Ana,” she said in a low voice, “I know how angry and scared you are. I know you want to charge in there and free him, but that is the last thing Garret wants! When he was first brought here, I told him I was outside, ready to free him, but he cautioned me, telling me to stay away. The doctor in charge of the facility was a highly intelligent man, who knew exactly what he was dealing with. The interior of the facility is like a fortress, and filled with cameras and hidden alarms. He make me promise to stay away, that he would escape on his own, and to keep you away, when and if you showed up.”

Iliana smirked, despite herself. “Damn him. He knew I would come after him, then.”

Lauren cracked a smile. “He was sure of it. From what he had told me of you, and the little I knew of you myself, I figured he was right, so I kept an eye on this place, keeping a lookout for you.” Her smile faded. “I also hoped that Garret would have made good his promise to escape by now, long before now… but he’s still inside.”

“Yeah,” Ana replied, thinking. Her Master had made clear his wishes: that she remain out of it and leave it in his hands. Yet, she couldn’t sit by and let him suffer whatever ungodly things the scientists and researchers were doing to him. If it were possible to escape on his own, he would have done so before now. He needed help.

“Okay,” Iliana said forcefully. “The building is heavily guarded, and the hallways monitored. A frontal assault would get us nowhere, and sneaking in wouldn’t work with all the high tech security they have. Fine. But those aren’t our only options. The best way to infiltrate this place is by proxy, by subverting the will of someone already on the inside. We take one of the men inside, and we’ll have information on what’s going on, and someone inside the perimeter to help us get past security.”

“Sounds good,” Lauren nodded slowly, “except that first we need to find someone, which means he have to get one of them in there to come out here. Also, my mind talents aren’t very strong. I can hear the thoughts of others fairly well, but I cannot easily force my will on another from afar like Garret.”

“Me neither,” Iliana frowned, “not unless I have direct eye contact with them. Still, I think we can do it, if we combine our talents. What other choice do we have?”

* * *

Deep inside the research facility, Garret Roberts stifled a deep groan of pain, not wanting to give his tormentor the satisfaction of hearing him cry out. Tormentor. That is how he thought of Dr. Benjamin Simon: his tormentor. The dark haired scientist glanced at him from time to time from the safety of his control room window, his face strangely devoid of any human emotion, reminding Garret very much of several undead he knew. Dr. Simon seemed much less human than he, yet he was the one chained in place, stripped naked, lying atop an examination table.

“You have remarkable stamina,” the doctor’s placid voice echoed through the speakers. “By all accounts, it had been close to three weeks since your last known feeding. My studies show that your body is at its threshold, near to the point where your system begins to cannibalize itself.” He tapped a series of keys on his console, moving the mobile high frequency light array slightly, bringing the beam of black light in a sweeping arc across Garret’s left thigh. The skin swelled, turning bright red, then black, as the beam of ultraviolet light swept past, and finally Garret DID cry out, voicing his pain. The faintest hint of a smile fluttered across Dr. Simon’s lips.

“Interesting,” he said, his voice still calm and steady. “That latest mark is not healing nearly as fast as the previous ones. I think we have nearly reached your limit. Another day of testing should be all that is required, I think.”

Garret, struggling for breath, more a reflex than a necessity, turned his gaze up to the window. “You know,” he said in a civil, non-threatening voice, “I’m a doctor by trade. If you wanted to know… about me, about my physiological data… all you had to do was ask.”

“The subject,” Dr. Simon spoke aloud, “seems to be in a very weakened state now. Despite its amazing strength, stamina, and uncharted regeneration potential, it remains listless and demoralized, choosing to attempt trickery and deception to obtain its freedom, where once it ha shouted and raged, struggling fruitlessly against its bonds. Very curious.”

Garret ignored the jibe. “You know, you might consider turning off the microphone when you make your observations about me,” he quipped. “My ears are burning with all your clever little words. If you’re going to treat me like a lab specimen, the least you can do is to talk about me behind my back, instead of in front of my face. Common decency, and all.”

“The subject,” Dr. Simon continued, unaffected, “is highly intelligent. It possessed human level intelligence, as well as form, making it easy for the subject to blend in with normal humanity, despite its true monstrous nature. Contrary to folklore and popular belief, the subject is NOT affected by religious icons, has exhibited no adverse reactions to silver, and only a mild allergic reaction to garlic. Its primary source of food is human blood, which its body metabolizes slowly, giving it its powers. It is, however, extremely vulnerable to ultraviolet rays, found in sunlight. Prolonged exposure results in complete disintegration of cellular tissue.”

Garret growled softly, struggling in vain with his chains. He knew it was no use, that the specially forged steel was beyond his strength when he was at his best. He was far from it now, his body half-starved, wracked with pain, weeping blood from several hundred sores, cuts, and scorch marks from Dr. Simon’s experimentation. Only two things had kept Garret going throughout the ordeal, the knowledge that Iliana was away from this, safe and sound, and out of danger, and the delicious thought of paying Dr. Simon back tenfold the pain and misery he had given him.

Simon was a careful and cautious man, however. It had seemed the right choice to surrender to him and his men, when they’d caught him leaving the morgue, the evidence against Jeremy having been destroyed. He had thought it a simple matter to go with them to their facility, bide his time, then escape, taking with him any research data they’d managed to gather on him in the process, but he had underestimated Dr. Simon’s thoroughness. Thinking himself a modern day Van Helsing, Simon had long studied vampire lore and, anticipating Garret’s plans of escape, had acted accordingly. Garret was kept bound tightly in unbreakable chains, limited in contact with research personnel, denied life-sustaining blood, and kept shielded in the solitary room with electronic controlled probes, and a PA system for communication, to keep him from using his mental powers. Three weeks later, Garret found himself much the worse for wear, no closer to escape, and running dangerously low on energy and stamina.

But hope was not lost. Of the many words that describe a vampire’s nature, tenacious is perhaps the most apt. As Dr. Simon experimented on him, learning all he could of Garret’s physiology, Garret, in turn, learned about the doctor. He was a cold man, devoid of human kindness and compassion, as Garret’s many aches and pains attested to. Dr. Simon was smart, extremely cautious, utterly confident, and supremely self-assured. He approached each new situation carefully, weighing all the pros and cons, considering every angle, but once he felt comfortable in a situation, he strode forth with an arrogance brought about by the knowledge that he was in complete control.

Garret took heart in this, even as he fought to stifle the screams of pain caused by Simon’s relentless probing. As the days turned to weeks, the doctor grew more confident and bold with his new charge, and while he never let himself be alone with Garret for any length of time, and never in the same room, he somewhat relaxed procedure with his research staff. With each brief contact Garret took advantage, snatching thoughts and images from the researchers in passing, planting an idea here or there, seeds that he hoped would sprout and form a bountiful harvest when he made good his escape. His moment was coming; all he had to do was endure, to survive long enough to take action when the opportunity arose.

“Excuse me, Dr. Simon,” a sentry, dressed in the standard green uniform worn by the facility guards, spoke. “We’ve received word from HQ. The transport will arrive tomorrow to take the subject back to—”

“Hold on a moment,” Dr. Simon said, turning back to the window. He depressed a switch, and the microphone went dead, leaving Garret in silence. A smile crossed his slack, bloodless lips, however, as he stared unbidden at the window, focusing his gaze upon the two men talking. Simon, knowing his words were being overheard, had quickly switched off the sound, trying to keep him in the dark. Garret, however, had learned much in his two hundred years of un-death, one such thing being the art of reading lips. He softly mouthed the words as he read them, musing to himself.

They’re transporting me to the main research facility in DC tomorrow… by armored transport. Hmmm. Seems the government big wigs are interested in his research, in getting undeniable proof that vampires exist. I see… Dr. Simon, arrogant little prick that he is, has only given them the most basic and general of information, keeping the meat of his findings to himself… probably planning on making a grand presentation to the joint chiefs in person. Garret smirked, a plan forming in his mind. This will definitely work to my advantage, he thought. Looks like the time has finally come to break out of here.

* * *

A dark figure emerged soundlessly from the shadows, startling both girls. With a gasp, Ana watched as a tall, slender man with jet black hair stepped forward, the pale whiteness of his face contrasted greatly by the vibrant scarlet red of the ascot around his neck. His clothing consisted of an overcoat of solid black, black pants, black leather boots, and a black bowler hat. He carried a small black umbrella under his arm as well, though the skies over Connecticut had been dry for several weeks. He tipped his hat slightly to both women, nodding, then returned it to his head.

“Evening, ladies,” he said, his voice cold and harsh sounding, despite the warm words. “I come bearing a message from the council.”

Lauren and Iliana glanced at one another, frowning. An official messenger meant trouble more times than not.

“The council,” the man continued, “has reached a decision concerning the recent events in this town, concerning the discovery of our kind. The situation had grown dire. We cannot sit back any longer and let proof of our existence be known. Therefore, all such proof must be destroyed. Tomorrow night, the director of this facility plans to transport his subject and his findings by armored transport to its headquarters in Washington, DC. We will attack the convey in route, and destroy it completely, leaving behind no trace of evidence.”

Iliana gasped. “No trace? But what about my Master? What about Garret? How will you make sure he’s safe from your attack?”

The man shook his head. “I said, there will be NO evidence left. Garret Roberts will die alongside the others. There is no rescue plan; this will be a simple direct strike maneuver. We are sorry for your loss, of course, but the situation is too urgent to be concerned with the life of one person—”

“Like hell it is!” Iliana shot back angrily. “I don’t give a damn about your plans, or about how serious this situation is! Garret is the only thing I care about! I’m not going to let you people write him off without lifting a finger to save him!”

“Garret risked everything to clean up this mess!” Lauren added vehemently. “While you stupid bunch of assholes were sitting by, discussing the issue, he stepped in and did something! If not for him, the government might already have the evidence it needs to prove we exist! Where do you get off abandoning him now, leaving him to die, when—”

“ENOUGH!” the man growled, silencing both women with a gesture. Wide-eyed, they stood, immobile, unable to move a muscle, unable to utter a word. He held them both with his power, while he settled himself. “Your anger is misplaced, ladies,” he said after a moment. “I am but a messenger, delivering the words handed down to me from the Grand Council. Personally, I feel as you do, that Garret Roberts acted bravely, and selflessly, doing what the council should have done when news of the incident first reached us. However, as I said, the council has decided. My wishes… and yours,mean nothing at this point. I am here only to caution you not to interfere, and not to attempt to rescue him yourself. The attack will go on as planned, regardless of any innocent vampires caught in the crossfire.”

He gestured again, and Lauren and Iliana were able to move. Doffing his hat, the man in black turned away. “Once again, ladies, I am sorry. Would that your friend could somehow escape unharmed from this situation… but I fear at this point that it is not possible.” He sighed softly, the first indication other than his cold emotionless words, that he indeed felt something. Moving soundlessly, he slipped back into the dark shadows from whence he had appeared, and vanished.

“Well, that’s that,” Lauren said, defeated. “The council has spoken. So… what do we do now?”

Iliana thought feverishly. A desperate idea came to mind. “Come back with me to my hotel room. It’s nearly dawn, and we need to take shelter from the rising sun. There’s someone there that I want you to meet, someone who might be of some use to us tomorrow night.”

“Then, we’re going to try and free Garret after all?”

Iliana shook her head. “No, we’re not going to try, Lauren. We’re damn well going to do it.”

Part 3.

Andrea Bradley sighed deeply, letting the calming waters of the hotel shower wash over her, soothing away the tension of the previous night. Her arms ached, her flesh felt battered and bruised, and she felt a cramp in the middle of her calf. She couldn’t remember ever feeling so wonderful in her entire life.

Rubbing the soapy rag along the cleft between her legs made her moan softly, shuddering slightly in remembrance of last night’s utterly mind-blowing experience. It was funny; she had never made love to a woman before, never even considered it, yet she found herself completely enamored with the beautiful auburn-haired Amazon lying stretched out on her bed.

And her little blonde friend wasn’t too bad, either, she mused to herself, lathering up her own thick glossy blonde locks under the showerhead. She’d been surprised when Iliana had walked in, with the very attractive girl following close behind. A fierce jealousy the likes she’d never known had overtaken her. Had she been replaced so soon? Her worries were unfounded, however, as she soon found out. Lauren was no threat to her; indeed, she’d been much more interested in Andrea herself than in Iliana.

Not that I didn’t appreciate the attention, either. Man… her tongue must be nearly a foot long. She shuddered pleasantly again at the thought, then feeling the water begin to cool down, shut it off and slipped out of the shower. She quickly toweled dry, and crept back into the bedroom, moving silently, not wanting to disturb the two women.

Both women were sitting up in bed, waiting for her. “Ah, you’re done,” Lauren said brightly. “I trust you feel relaxed now, Andrea, darling?”

The lieutenant blushed slightly. Iliana, sighing deeply, patted the bed next to her. “Sit down, Andrea. We need to talk.” The somber tone of her lover’s voice subdued Andrea’s once boisterous mood, and she slipped to the bed as asked. “Do you know what’s happened to you, Andrea?” Iliana asked. “Do you know why you’re here?”

Frowning, Andrea pondered. It was a strange question. She was here because… because… The thick fog-like veil inside her mind parted, and Andrea gasped, wide-eyes, as she became fully aware once more. She stood up from the bed, gawking, mouth agape. Her hand closed instinctively at her hip, reaching for the gun lying across the room with her clothes. Seeing her distress, Iliana raised a hand, placatingly.

“Easy, Andrea. Calm down. It’s okay. Everything is fine… just like before. Just relax and sit down.” When the girl refused to move, she exhaled loudly. “Look, if we’d wanted to hurt you, we would have done so long ago, alright? Now SIT DOWN!” Andrea slipped back to the bed, but further back now, several feet away from either vampire.

“Who… what are you?” she asked, already knowing the answer. She placed a slender hand to her throat, feeling her neck for any puncture wounds. “Why did you bring me here? What do you want with me?”

Lauren scoffed, turning her head. “You can ask that after last night’s activities? Huh. I liked you better when you were an obedient, love-struck, little—”

“We need your help,” Iliana broke in, glaring at the younger vampiress. “A friend of ours was caught at your station a few weeks ago, and handed over to the feds. Security around the place is tight, very tight, and Lauren tells me that have all sorts of sensor devices and scanners set up. They’d know instantly if one of us went inside. We need you to go in and reconnoiter for us, and give us info— how he is, where’s he’s being held, how many guards, and such. You’re a detective, a police lieutenant, and your department gave him to the feds. You’d have a very good chance of getting inside.”

Andrea frowned again, crossing her arms. “Okay, I think I get it now. That whole brainwashing thing, that… uhm, last night’s.. activities… all that was to get me on your side, huh?”

“No, not at all. Last night was because… well, because you’re a beautiful and sexy woman.” Andrea blushed despite herself; even knowing she had been used, Iliana’s words struck a deep cord inside her. “To be honest, Andrea, I hadn’t planned using you for anything more than a night of passion, to give you a night of pleasure like you’ve never experienced before. But then I found out about the research center where Garret is being held, and all the security, and I knew I needed someone… a humansomeone… to infiltrate.”

“Okay, granted. I think I can understand that. But, why break the spell? Just a few minutes ago, I was so deep I would have done anything you asked me to… anything.” She shivered slightly, remembering the feeling. She would have done anything the gorgeous redhead had asked her to do, from murdering the innocent to killing herself, all with a smile on her face, happy, eager to do whatever was asked of her. That knowledge shook her, bringing out feelings of pleasure and fear. “Why wake me out of it, then?” she asked again. “Why ask me to do this instead of simply commanding me to?”

Lauren sighed deeply. “For something like this, you need to be clear-headed and focused. The researchers there know exactly what they’re dealing with. They know, or at least suspect, what we’re capable of. All of the guards patrol in two-man teams, to make sure no one gets compromised. They figure the other man will notice if one of them starts acting strange, if one of them has been mesmerized or something.”

“If we sent you in there, still deep in the mind-dream I’d given you, they would have known it instantly,” Iliana finished. “You could only pull it off by being yourself, a young, bright, intelligent police detective… by being yourself. To get in, you’d have to be able to think on your feet, and handle anything unexpected the guards tried to throw at you. A zombie couldn’t handle that.”

Andrea smiled thinly. “So, you need me. For al your power, for all your posturing, you need the help of a simply human woman. What makes you think I’ll go along with this? Why should I help you? Despite everything you’ve done to me the past two days, I’m still a policeman. I’m not going to do something illegal.”

“I know,” Iliana said softly, glancing down. “And we can’t force you to, either. This is why I woke you from the spell… to ask you. To BEG you. I need your help, Andrea. Garret needs your help! He’s an good man, an innocent man. He doesn’t deserve this. Right now, the researchers are doing who-knows-what to him, experimenting on him, dissecting him! I can’t let this go on! Please… I need your help.”

Andrea felt her resolve melting. She still felt the bond between them even now; the need to please the lovely auburn beauty was overwhelming. Such a strong, virile, powerful woman, forced to beg for her help? Pleading with her? It was more than Andrea could bear. Gritting her teeth, trying not to show her eagerness, she nodded.

“Alright. Fine. I’ll do it. I’ll help you… but, uhm…” She glanced down, shyly, blushing with heat. She couldn’t believe she was about to ask this! “Aft… afterwards… uhm… could you… will you promise… to… uhm, you know… I mean, last night… last night was just… and… I…”

Iliana smiled softly, leaned forward, and kissed Andrea hard on the lips. The slender blonde melted instantly, molding her body against Iliana’s. Her mind numbed, and her will vanished again, as her body’s libido took control once more. A soft deep groan rumbled inside the policewoman’s throat, prevented from escaping by the pressure of vampire lips against her own. Her bare thighs slickened underneath her bathrobe, and Iliana’s long thin fingers slid inside, making her juices gush all the more.

That’s my girl, Iliana bespoke directly into Andrea’s mind, gazing deep into her eyes. This is what you want, isn’t it? To be enslaved, to return to that deep, fulfilling subservience, just like before? Andrea’s back arched, and she came, gently, a soft prelude, she hoped, of things yet to come. You want this always, to belong to me… to be my sweet, hot, little tramp… my sex-craved little slut… forced to serve my every need, my every whim? A light touch on the writhing woman’s clit set her off again, her eyes fluttering. That is what you desire, isn’t it, Andrea? To belong to me, as my slave? Say it, little one. Say what you desire. Pledge yourself to me, beg to be mine, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll let you cum just once more.

Andrea’s mouth finally pulled free from the intense pleasure of Iliana’s scarlet lips, wet with Andrea’s own blood, though she’d not been bitten. “YYEEEESSSS!!” she screamed, throwing her head back, pushing her pelvis forward into the vampire’s slender grasp. “I want it! Need it! Please! Take me! Make me yours! Your slave! Please! Your slave!!”


A bomb blast, a nuclear detonation of pleasure, exploded within her. Her eyes and mouth stood open, but Andrea could neither see nor speak. Her body lay on the bed, back arched into a painfully tight bow, muscles tensed to their fullest degree. She was cumming, cumming to the nth degree, her vaginal muscles straining so powerfully that she gave off a feminine ejaculation, spurting her juices onto the covers. Her mind was filled only with pleasure, only with her submission, her need, her glorious need, to surrender all to this woman, this inhuman succubus, this sublimely seductive woman. Her muscled gently relaxed, and her body went limp, and still her mind bubbled over with pleasure. Her eyelids closed as she passed out cold, a single droplet of blood trickling down from her bottom lip to the bed.

Lauren watched, appreciative. “I’m impressed, Iliana,” she said, getting dressed. “I’ve never seen anything like that before. What did you do to her?”

The older vampiress licked her lips daintily, and bent to retrieve her own clothes. “It’s called the Blood Kiss. A little of my own blood coated on my lips, as I kiss her, sending just the tiniest amount of my essence into her. It strengthens my control over her, bonds her deeper to me. It has other side effects as well, though. I could just as easily drain her dry through that kiss, sucking all of her blood through the fluid exchange that sends my blood into her. Of course, it’s just easier to simply bite your target and drink the old fashioned way.”

Lauren smirked. “I’ll have to try that sometime and see. Anyway, what about her? Will she be out long?”

“Nah. Probably just a half hour at most.”

She nodded. “You know, you didn’t have to agree to anything. She already said she would help us free Garret. She’ll have to be completely clear-headed for this mission, anyway, remember?”

“I know, I know. When she wakes up, she’ll be herself again. But still… at least now, she has some incentive to go through with this.” She sighed softly. “Lauren… about that. I don’t really want a slave. I’m happier being one myself than being someone’s Master.” She sat quietly for a moment, sliding her long black boots over her small feet. “What Andrea craves is the submission, the thrill and pleasure I feel whenever Master commands me. I like her, I do… but I can’t give her what she truly wants… not permanently.”

“Well, what do you plan to tell her once this whole thing is over?”

“Well… I was thinking… you did lose Jeremy when this all started,” she said slowly.

Lauren shook her head. “No, Ana, no. Don’t even suggest that!”

Iliana smiled, moving over towards the younger vampire girl. “Oh come on, Lauren. You said last night you enjoyed being with her. You like being in charge, being a Mistress. From what I’ve seen, Andrea would be a nice addition to the ‘family’. She’d probably make a good little vampire as well, in time.”

“No, no, no!” Lauren said, still shaking her head. “Not again. I already screwed up once with Jeremy. No way am I getting involved with another one.”


She stopped shaking her head and look, gasping slightly, finding Iliana staring deep into her eyes. Lauren’s own went wide and glassy, as she felt the stronger vampire extending her power, probing deep into her mind. She struggled for nearly two seconds before succumbing, moaning softly under her breath.

“You don’t want to resist me, do you, Lauren?” Iliana purred, sliding a hand gently along the entranced blonde’s ample chest, stroking the hardening nipples. “You think that my idea is a very good one. You do love Andrea very much, don’t you?”

“Y… yeessss…” she sighed softly, her head lolling slightly.

“Good girl,” Iliana said, lightly pinching a nipple, making the younger girl clench her thighs. A small dark spot formed at the crotch of her newly donned slacks, signaling her pleasure. “You think it would be a good idea to maybe take Andrea under your wing,” Iliana continued, “to take her as your slave… to train her, and show her what it means to be your servant, and your lover.” She slid a hand down to Lauren’s crotch, rubbing lightly on the steadily dampening fabric, causing the young vampiress to mewl and groan in pleasure.

“Yeeessss… good idea… my slave…” she murmured dreamily, her pliant mind soaking up each of Iliana’s words as if they were her own thoughts.

“Good girl, Lauren,” Iliana said lightly, running her free hand between her own thighs. Seducing two beautiful young blonde women in one sitting was nearly too much for her. “You have been such a good obedient little slut, Lauren,” she purred gently in her ear, “that I think I should reward you. Lie down here, between my thighs, and lick me till I cum. When you do, you may cum as well. Afterwards, you may awaken… and remember only that I somehow talked you into this decision.” The mesmerized girl slipped eagerly down, moving into place, when Iliana placed a hand to her forehead, stopping her.

“And one more little thing,” she added with a slight edge to her voice. “From now on, Lauren, my dear, you will have no desire whatsoever to engage in sex with my Master! You will yearn for men and woman, as before… but not for him. Not Garret Roberts. From now on, you see him as being beyond your reach, forever out of your league.” She smiled with satisfaction as the words took effect. Then, sighing, she opened her thighs, and allowed the pleasure to overtake her.

* * *

A sudden and unexpected break in the day’s usual torment caught Garret off guard. Panting, licking his dry, cracked lips, he glanced up at the window to the main command complex of the lab. Dr. Simon was arguing with someone, a soldier in a camouflage uniform, different from the green dress uniform of the regular sentries posted about the base. Straining his eyes, Garret focused in on their lips.

“…don’t care what kind of schedule you were giving, Captain,” Dr. Simon was saying. “My subject’s well-being is my primary concern. He will not be moved to the transport vehicle until seven o’ clock tonight, when the sun has fully set. You can radio your headquarters and explain the delay, but I refuse to budge on the matter.”

“But Doctor,” the Captain explained, rubbing the bridge of his nose, “even if this guy IS a so-called vampire like you claim, the transport vehicle is parked out back, by the gate. It’s maybe five feet from the back entrance to the back of the truck. You could have him inside, safe and secure, in less than ten seconds. Even momentary exposure to sunlight wouldn’t destroy him in such a short amount of time. It’s ridiculous to make us sit here and wait six more hours before we transport you out of here.”

Dr. Simon raised a brow. “Ridiculous or not, Captain, this is my decision to make. Check with your superiors again and see. I am a special attaché with military intelligence as well as the CIA. I think you’ll find that in this matter I am in command, and that you are here only to provide support. You and your men know virtually nothing about my research, nothing about the nature of the subject I’ve been studying. You may think all my precautions are excessive, that I’m paranoid or overreacting, but you, Captain, have not seen firsthand the carnage that one of these creatures can perpetrate! We move at seven o’ clock, at sunset. That’s final.”

The Captain sighed wearily. He spoke some more with the doctor, discussing the route, and specifics of the journey, but Garret had already turned away. They were moving him out tonight. Finally, the time to make his move had arrived. Flexing his withered, nearly emaciated muscles, he stifled a groan. He only hoped he had the strength left to make his escape when the time finally came.

* * *

Six thirty-nine P.M.

A dark blue Plymouth Skylark pulled into the gate of the government research facility. The guard gate, a talk, olive-skinned man with black hair, stepped out from his booth, a clipboard in his hands. “This is a restricted area,” he said loudly. “I need proper authorization to allow you to enter.”

The slender necked blonde flashed him a small grin, and flipped out a badge. “Lieutenant Bradley, Branford PD. I’m here to speak with your superiors about that little matter a few weeks back, the break-in at the morgue. We still have a few loose ends we need to tie up before we can close the case for good.”

The guard frowned. “Lieutenant Bradley, is it? I don’t see you on the list anywhere.”

Andrea sighed deeply. “Huh. It figures. We’ve been really swamped over at the station lately. It’s a real jungle out there these days. Listen, my boss wanted me to wrap this us as soon as possible… meaning he wanted my report on his desk yesterday. Could you let me in for just a second? It won’t take long, I promise.”

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but I can’t let you pass without authorization.”

“Look,” she said after a moment. “Just call the desk sergeant at the precinct. He’ll vouch for me. I’m just trying to do my job here, just like you. We’re both civil servants, right? All I need if five minutes with your boss to ask a few questions.” She gave him her warmest smile, and finally, with a sigh of resignation, the man waved her through.

“Alright. I’ll let them know you’re coming,” he said, opening the gate. “I hope you know, this is a really big favor you owe me, Officer.” He grinned, leaning against her window. “You know, I have a few unpaid parking tickets… big mistakes, actually. I mean, I was there on official business. So what if the time on the meter expired?”

“Yes, well, I’m Robbery-Homicide,” Andrea said, gently dislodging the man’s arm from the front of the car. “I’m not over traffic… but I’ll see what I can do for you. Thanks again.” She pushed the car forward, driving over to the front of the building, parking in an empty space.

“Hey, wait!” the gate guard cried, out. “Dammit… I didn’t get to give her my name or anything.” He smiled softly. “Oh well, at least I have hers. I wonder if she’s free for dinner sometime next week?”

“We’re here,” Andrea said aloud, removing the keys from the ignition. “I parked far enough from the front of the building that the surveillance cameras won’t be able to see the back end of the car.”

“Good job,” Lauren’s muffled voice called up from the trunk. “Iliana and I will wait here. The sun’s just at the edge of the horizon, not enough to do any real damage, but all the same, we’d rather stay inside until it’s gone down completely.”

Are you sure you know what to do? Iliana asked with her mind.

“For the last time, yes, I know what I’m doing,” Andrea grumbled, exiting the car. “Sheesh. Try and have a little faith, will you? I did get us past the guard gate, didn’t I?”

True, true. But what would you have done if he’d decided to call the police station to confirm your visit here?

Andrea smiled. “I planned ahead. While you and Lauren were freshening up, I called my partner Mike, and told him to cover for me. Anyone calling to the station asking about me would have been referred to his desk, and he would have collaborated whatever story I told.”

She reached the main entrance, and buzzed, waiting a moment for the magnetic seal to open. A young man appeared soon after, a soldier in a freshly pressed forest green uniform. He peered at her, frowning, glancing down at the front gate. Andrea flashed her badge, and reluctantly, he opened the door. “Thanks. I was beginning to think I would have to conduct my business out here.”

“Sorry, ma’am, you just startled me. Now then, Officer…”

“Bradley. Detective-Lieutenant Bradley.”

“Right. Detective, Bradley, what can I do for you? I’m sure you know this is a highly restricted area—”

“Yes, yes, I am well aware of that,” she said, pushing past him, moving down the hallway. “And it’s all very sophisticated, very high-tech. Electronic door locks, security cameras all over the place,” she said, waving to the swiveling camera tracking her movements. “This place must eat up a big chunk of the tax payer’s money. Maybe I’m in the wrong branch of the—”

“Detective Bradley,” the guard said, interposing himself between her and the doorway to which she had been heading. “I must ask you again: why are you here?”

She stared at him, frowning, as if in disbelief. “You mean no one told you? I’m here on a follow-up to our investigation on the man we turned over to your superiors three weeks ago. The… the… whatchamcallit… that supposed vampire guy.” She turned away from the man, intentionally avoiding his surprised gaze, peering into the window of the doorway they stood in front of. “Hmmm. Very well stocked facility you have here. Looks like enough bottles and jars of pills to medicate all of Connecticut.”

“Ms. Bradley,” the man said, flustered, pulled her away from the door. “Look, I didn’t hear anything about visit, about it being okayed by Dr. Simon, so I’m going to have to escort you out. We’re very busy right now, and we don’t have time for any unscheduled visits.”

Andrea planted her feet solidly, gripping the doorframe. “This isn’t an ‘unscheduled’ anything, son. I’m here to speak with your superiors, to finish up a few final details on this Garret Roberts guy. He was caught breaking into OUR station, remember? We were gracious enough to turn him over to you, for your… research… or whatever, with the idea of a little cooperation between local and federal government here. Now, when we ask to speak with your Dr. Simon, just to clear up a few minor details, you give me the runaround?”

“What’s going on out here?” Another soldier, similarly dressed, asked, arms crossed. “Corporal, what is this woman doing inside the compound? Who let her through the gate?”

“Detective Andrea Bradley,” the lieutenant shot back, flashing her badge. “The guard gate let me in, so that I could speak with the director of this facility, a visit my captain set up over the phone three days ago! I’m tired of this shit! Who do I have to talk with to get something done around here? All I want is to speak with Dr. Simon for five minutes to answer a few questions, for God’s sake!”

The newcomer frowned, looking Andrea over carefully, then whispered softly to the other soldier, who shook his head. “…is a live one…” she heard them whisper softly, before the commanding officer nodded. “Very well, then, Detective. Follow me. Dr. Simon is quite busy at the moment, but if you can wait a moment I’m sure I can persuade him to see you.”

“About fucking time,” she muttered, not-so-softly under her breath.

The solder led her through a series of twisting turns, to a lounge, complete with a soda machine, refrigerator, and microwave. “Wait right here. I’ll be back with the doctor in a moment.” He walked outside, as Andrea noted carefully, turning to the right, paused for a moment, and entered a door just out of her view.

He must be in there, Ana said softly inside Andrea’s mind, seeing through the detective’s eyes. It’s five till seven now; the sun’s completely down. See if you can find the main fuse box or something, the power for the surveillance system once you finish with this Doctor Simon.

“No problem,” Andrea whispered back, knowing the vampiress would hear the words in her own mind.

“What was that, just now?”

Andrea whirled to find an aged man, tall, thin, slightly stooped, with graying hair, staring at her. He wore a gleaming white lab coat with thick round spectacles perched on the edge of his nose. Composing herself, she extended her hand. “Ah, Dr. Simon, I presume. I’m Andrea Bradley, Branford PD—”

“Yes, yes, my associate explained exactly who you are,” he said dismissively. “You were muttering something just before I walked in. What was it you were saying?”

Blushing slightly, put off to be so nearly caught, she shook her head. “Oh, it’s nothing, nothing at all. I was just wondering what the problem was, why simply meeting with you to wrap up my report was like pulling teeth.”

The doctor eyed her suspiciously for a long moment, not blinking, not speaking, simply staring at her. Then, suddenly, he turned and nodded. “Very well then. What is it you wish to know, Detective?”

Andrea relaxed slightly. “I wanted to ask you a few questions about that man we gave into your custody a few weeks ago, one Garret L. Roberts. My Captain is quite eager to close the file on him, and put this case to rest, but we need to fill in a few more blanks.”

“Such as?”

“Well, uhm, such as… the background check on him came up empty. We ran his name through our records and came up with zip. No driver’s license, no social security card, nothing found in his wallet at the time gave a clue to who this guy really is.”

The doctor lofted an eyebrow. “Yes, and your point is?”

Andrea gaped back. “You don’t find that the least bit suspicious? A man, without a past, chooses to break into a police station and alter records, destroy evidence on a strange and brutal murder case… and you ask what the point is?” She sighed softly. “We want to know who this guy is. If I could be allowed to see him for a moment or two, talk with him, maybe get a line on just who—”


Andrea blinked. “Excuse me?”

“I said, ‘no’. Absolutely not. I’m afraid that would be quite impossible.”

Eyes narrowed, she glared back at him. “Look, doc, I know you’re some bigwig head honcho back in Washington, but this is a serious matter here. If this guy is involved in some way that Jeremy kid, the guy that killed those policemen, then you had better cooperate with us! As far as I can see, this guy is strictly a local matter; he hasn’t broken any federal laws that I know about. You have no right to restrict access to him! If need be, I’ll come back with a search warrant—”

The doctor shook his head. “No, no, I think you misunderstand me. I’m not keeping you from talking to the man. If it were up to me, you could talk to him to your heart’s content. Unfortunately, that’s not possible anymore.”

“And why is that?”

“Because he died three days ago.”

Andrea felt her shock doubled, as the backlash of Iliana’s reaction struck her as well. “Dead?” she said softly. “How? Why? What happened?”

“I’m afraid the poor deranged man tried to escape. He broke free, took a gun from one of the sentries, and attempted to fight his way out. We were forced to shoot him. Terribly sorry, it was a tragedy, but, well, these things happen.”

NO! Iliana’s thoughtspeak voice boomed inside the policeman’s head. No, he’s lying. He’s not dead. I would know if he were dead! I would FEEL it!

“Uhm, well, then,” Andrea said, recovering quickly, “maybe the body itself could shed some light on things. Might I see the body? Maybe a copy of his dental records, or his maybe his fingerprints would help us find out who he is… er, was.”

The doctor turned away, sighing deeply. “I’m afraid we’ve already disposed of the body. He was suspected of being a vampire after all. Obviously, he wasn’t, since he’s now dead, but at the time, we thought it best not to take any chances. We had him cremated. Would you like to see his ashes?”

Sighing wearily, rubbing the bridge of her nose, Andrea shook her head. “No thank you, Dr. Simon. That won’t be necessary. If Garret Roberts is dead, then this case is closed. Thank you again for your time.”

“My pleasure, Detective,” the old man muttered, walking back down the hallway. “Always happy to cooperate with local law enforcement.”

* * *

Six fifty-nine.

Two men dressed in black stepped out of the dimly lit shadows of trees beside the Chevron station. They walked swiftly, purposely, but silently, towards the large eighteen-wheel truck parked next to the phone booth. The trucker, a big-chested, brawny man with a shaggy black beard, yelled obscenities at someone on the other end of the phone. The dark clad man on the left nodded to his partner, and with one fluidic move, jerked the truck driver out of the booth, flung him hard against the side of his truck, and slid the phone back into its cradle.

The trucker, stunned, gasping for breath, struggled to his feet, clenching his fists. He was a big man, always ready for a fight, never one to back down from a confrontation. Before he could bat an eye, however, the two men had moved again, seemingly blurring in the twilight, and suddenly he looked up, finding himself flat on his back on the pavement.

“G… ggg… gaaawdddamn!” he sputtered, trying to pull air into his lungs. “Wh… what the f… fuck… do you boys… want?”

Not speaking, the black clad man on the left pointed to the trucker’s rig. Angry, the truck driver reached for his knife, a switchblade, and struggled up to his knees. “Like hell,” he growled softly. “The only way you’re getting my damn truck is over my dead body!”

Both men smiled at that, giving the trucker a clear unobstructed view of their long, thin, glistening fangs. The look of complete and utter shock was still frozen on his face a moment later when his dead, bloodless body fell to the ground. They deposited the corpse into the dumpster, where it would be found only days after the fact. The black clad vampires then entered the cab, started the engine, and headed out onto the highway.

They drove exactly thirteen miles, then pulled off the road, parking along the side of an incline to wait. It was nearly dark now, several minutes after seven. The transport caravan carrying Garret Roberts and the files Dr. Simon had created would pass along this route on its way to Washington, D.C. The council had decreed that the transport be stopped, and all passengers be destroyed. The vampire in the passenger seat idly set the primer on the remote-detonated bomb in his hand. Combined with the extremely flammable cargo the truck was hauling, the explosion would annihilate everyone within a hundred feet of the blast.

The vampire in the driver’s seat sighed softly, glancing at his wristwatch. He smiled. The time was quickly drawing near. Adjusting his seat, he leaned back and relaxed. And waited.

Part 4— Conclusion.

Iliana stretched deeply, grateful to be released from the rather cramped interior of the Plymouth’s trunk. Alone, it would have been spacious enough, but sharing the space with Lauren, it had been nearly as cramped as the coffin she kept back in her Master’s home up in Canada. Glancing about, wary of watchful eyes, she made her way carefully to the front door.

“Lauren, hurry up!” she hissed, watching the camera up above her head finish its half rotation to the left and begin its return. “You better cross before the camera swings back into position or we’re finished before we’ve even begun!”

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” the blonde-haired girl muttered, slipping up underneath the camera, out of its view, just as it passed her positon. “Piece of cake. I had a whole second to spare.”

Ana merely rolled her eyes. “Now, we just have to wait for Andrea to cut the power so we can sweep in and free Garret. Do you know which way to go?”

“Of course. I saw it in her mind the same as you. Quit worrying, Iliana. Everythin will work out just fine. I’m sure of it.”

Famous last words, Ana thought to herself.

Closing her eyes, she sent her thoughts back towards her familiar, to the mind of Detective Andrea Bradley, deep within the confines of the research facility. She could feel the human girl’s nervousness, her fear of discovery, as surely as her own. Silently, she willed the girl to relax, to calm herself and stick with the plan. All she needed was to find the main power junction and disable it temporarily. Then, Lauren and Iliana could take it from there.

* * *

Dr. Simon watched intently as the soldiers loaded the last of his files into the steel lock box, making sure everything was treated with the utmost care. A slight frown creased his features, a sure sign to those that knew him that he was greatly disturbed. The usually placid-faced doctor rapped his fingers lightly on the edge of his desk, while deep thoughts churned inside his head.

The policewoman disturbed him. Her badge had been real; he remembered her vaugely from the Branford Police Station where they had taken custody of the Roberts subject. He had no doubt that her story would check out if he bothered to call her superiors at the station. Still… the timing of her visit was nearly catastrophic. Was it coincidence that she would arrive here, now, asking about Roberts just when he was preparing to move the project out of the facility? He had no reason to suspect her, and yet…

Coincidence is only a conspiracy that hasn’t been proven, he thought grimly. She has to be involved with them if she’s not one herself. Well, they aren’t stopping me from going public with my findings this time.

Dr. Simon closed his eyes, remembering all too well his own run-in with the vampire species thirty years earlier. He’d been vacationing in Switzerland with his fiance at the time, doing a little night skiing, dangerous, but exciting. His girl and he had taken a tumble, landing in the soft powder in the dark foreboding woods. They’d laughed at the time, fearing nothing worse than a stern reprisal if they were caught. And then… he’d descended down from out of nowhere, a shadow moving through the shadows. Barbara had been taken completely unaware, too stunned to even put up a fight. The creature had fed on her, draining her life’s blood before his very eyes. He’d shouted her name and moved to attack the thing, drive it off somehow, but one look into the creature’s deep red eyes had frozen him in his tracks.

Frozen, he was forced to watch the vampire drain the love of his life to the very dregs, tossing her aside afterwards like a piece of garbage. Licking his lips, the vampire then turned to him, fangs bared, preparing to finish his meal with him as the dessert, when a shout sounded from nearby. Hissing in anger, the vampire fled, slipping back into the shadows again, disappearing just as the lights of the ski patrol fell on their location. The creature, still in his mind, had laughed then, as it whispered a last parting taunt.

You will be unable to tell anyone about what happened here, fool, the creature’s voice echoed in his mind. No one would believe you, anyway. Still, it will be amusing to know that you alone know the truth of this, wracked with guilt and pain, but forever unable to speak of this. Hahahahahaha!

He’d changed after that night. Gone forever was the cheerful, happy-go-lucky physician he’d been before the trip. Now, Dr. Simon’s world revolved around only one thing: the endless pursuit of knowledge and power, with which he was determined to destroy the vampire menace lurking within the shadows of the unknowing humanity.

“That’s the last file, Doctor,” the sentry captain said, gesturing to the heavy crate being lifted. “All your data has been loaded and secured. We’re ready to move the subject now.”

“Yes, yes, very good,” Dr. Simon said, turning towards the window. “Just remember to follow my procedures to the letter. He may look weak and helpless, a man barely alive, clinging by a thread, but remember what he truly is.” He opened the cabinet and removed a chrome plated Desert Eagle, slid in a magazine of ammo, and tucked it inside his belt. “Now then, let’s begin.”

Garret barely moved his badly scarred face when the door opened, but his eyes tracked his keeper’s movements nonetheless. There were six men in total, two white coated researchers, three green-suited soldiers, and Dr. Simon himself. One of the sentries held an automatic rifle in his hands, not trained on him, yet, but easily maneuvered to cut him down should he make the slightest move to escape. In a raspy, scratchy voice he asked, “So, doctor, taking me on a little field trip, are you?”

“As a matter of fact, yes,” Dr. Simon replied, speaking directly to him for once. “Simmons, you and Cortez administer the sedative.” A slight upturn of the lips passing for a smile marked the doctor’s amusement. “For being such a good sport about the testing, I’ve decided to let you rest for a while. By the time you wake up, you’ll be safe and secure in your new home.”

Garret tensed, struggling uselessly with his bonds as the two technicians slid their hypodermic needles into his flesh. “Dammit,” he growled, panting deeply with the effort of resisting, “I just… I just had a nap… few minus… ago…” His head lolled slightly to the side, and his eyes fluttered closed.

“Excellent,” Dr. Simon nodded approvingly. “That doseage would keep a whole herd of elephants out for twenty-four hours. He won’t be giving us any more trouble tonight.” Turning to the soldiers, he yelled. “You two, prepare the stretcher. Cortez, unlock his manacles, and slip on the special chains. And you, with the gun, keep a close watch on him. If the subject so much as twitches, cut him to pieces.”

Dr. Cortez leaned down over the body, unlocking the thick titanium-steel manacles holding him in place. “But, Doctor,” he said, as he slid the slack, unmoving arms into the chains, “you just said we gave him enough drugs to knock out a herd of elephants. He’s out cold.”

“Better to be safe than sorry,” Simon replied. “Now, move it. I want us ready to leave in five minutes. Something tells me our time is running out.”

* * *

Dammit, time is running out, Andrea thought to herself, as she stood, half-listening to the sentry’s idle chatter, as he led her back towards the main entrance. Her eyes searched every hallway, every door, looking frantically for a power conduit, a fuse box, or anything. Passing by the sentry’s station in front of the entrance, she finally spied a gray metal box along the wall across from the monitoring station. A second sentry sat, eyes glued to the myriad screens, watching all activities of the faciity, inside and out.

“Well, Detective,” her escourt said, gesturing to the door, “I hope this has been educational for you, at least. I’m sorry we couldn’t have been more helpful to you, though.”

“Yes, well, that’s okay,” she said quickly, clenching her legs, dancing lightly in place. “The case is closed now, that’s all that counts. Say, uhm, Richard, was it? I hate to trouble you, but I’ve really gotta go. Badly. Is there a ladies room around here nearby?”

Richard frowned. “Uhm, well, no, not really. This base is pretty much male-oriented, so we don’t have a bathroom specifically set aside for women. We don’t usually get a lot of visitors out here, either, you know…”

“Well, how about in there?” she said, pointing to the small lavatory inside the sentry’s surveillance post. “That looks small enough to be private. Please? I really really have to go! I don’t want to make a mess all over your nice clean floors, but I’m about ten seconds from bursting here!”

Blushing deeply, the guard nodded. “Yeah, alright, fine. Hey, Ben, we have an emergency here. Unlock the bathroom will ya? She’s gotta go!”

The door opened, and the second sentry let them inside. “Go ahead, Miss, it’s all yours,” he said, unlocking the door. “Sorry, it’s a little… uhm… well… ahem… well, there’s a can of Lysol on the floor beside the stall, if you need it.”

Pinching her nose closed, Andrea nodded. “Thanks, I think maybe I will.”

Letting the door slip closed behind her, Andrea sighed, then grimaced as she inhaled the pungent air. “Iliana, you really owe me one for this,” she whispered softly. Moving to the sink, she turned on the water, as well as the hand dryer, letting the noise serve as an extra distraction. Peeking through a crack in the door, she saw that the room was once again empty save for Ben, the sentry monitoring the cameras. Slipping silently out of the bathroom, she slid a hand over to the fuse box, only inches from the door. Her hand moved along until it found the master switch, and closing her eyes, counting to three, she pulled the main breaker.

The room went instantly black.

“Yo! What the hell?”

Moving quickly, Andrea charged the confused sentry, tackling him in the pitch black darkness and slamming his unconscious body to the floor. Reflexively, she pulled her gun, glancing around as she made her way to the door, listening intently for sounds of men moving through the hallways. Nothing. Again, counting to three, she opened the door and ran through the hallway, sprinting for the main entrance. The dim light shining through the open doorway let her see enough to know that Lauren and Iliana had already entered the compound; the steel framed glass door lay in a thousand pieces along the floor, giving Andrea a clear route outside.

She slipped into her car, and slid down in the seats, sighing deeply. Her part in this plan was over for now. She only hoped her Mistress and Lauren would fare as well.

* * *

The instant the lights went out, Iliana charged. Hitting the door hard and fast, she shattered the glass into fragments, moving heedless down the hallways. Her vampiric eyes pierced the thick black darkness, giving her a clear view of her route. She and Lauren passed through several confused soldiers, feeling around blindly, trying to find their bearings.

“Ahh! What the fuck was that?” one soldier asked, feeling them brush by his position.

“Shit! What happened to the damn lights?” another asked, groping along the walls.

“Fuck, man, must be intruders!” Fumbling along his belt, the third soldier found his flashligh, and clicked it on. The other two soldiers did the same sweeping the area with the bright narrow beam.

By that time, Lauren and Iliana had already swept by, out of sight. Other soldiers, however, were following suit, forcing the two girls to pause, and slip inside the canteen only ten feet from their destination. Grinding her teeth in frustration, Iliana waited anxiously for the sentries to pass by.

“This is taking too long,” Lauren whispered harshly. “We need to keep moving. They’ll soon figure out the problem and have the lights back on, and then we’re trapped.”

As if her words had been a summon, the lights suddenly flickered back to life. Cursing, the two women slid down behind the door, out of sight, as a sentry passed by. When he continued on without entering the room, they breathed a sigh of relief.

“Now what do we do?” Lauren asked.

Iliana’s expression grew hard. “We break my Master out of this place, that’s what. We continue on as before. We’re only ten feet from the room; we’re almost there. I say we just keep going, and handle whatever we run into along the way.” She opened the door, glanced down the empty hall, and crept out. Sighing, shaking her head, Lauren followed.

The main control center of the lab was completely deserted. Iliana stared in shock and dismay at the discarded boxes and crates, the ample trash lying around. It looked as if someone had quickly departed only moments ago, leaving behind the cluttered mess in their wake. Peering through the window on the far side of the room, Iliana gasped. In the middle of the room stood a metal examination table, empty now, but covered in what appeared to be human blood. Heavy metallic manacles and chains lay across the slab, obviously used to restrain whomeer had occupied the bed previously. Ana’s heart nearly crumbled to dust at the sight. Her Master, her poor Master, must have suffered horribly at the hands of whomever was responsible.

“He’s gone,” she whispered numbly, turning away. Lauren raced to the window, peering down. “I don’t know how this could be? Before… always before… we could feel one another’s pain, sense each other’s life force ebbing. If he died, I thought I would know, I would sense it somehow… but he’s… he’s…”

“Ana,” Lauren barked. “Someone’s still down there! Looks like two soldiers, and they’re carrying heavy metal boxes! Come on! Maybe one of them will know where they’ve taken him!”

Iliana followed Lauren to the stairs leading down into the holding cell, despairing, still fearing the worse, but daring to hope. The two soldiers glanced up as they entered, their arms full with the heavy crates they carried. They looked at the girls, then at each other, then at the girls once more.

“”Oh, shit!” the one on the left yelled, dropping his crate, reaching for the rifle strapped to his back. Iliana was on him instantly, staring deep into his eyes. She smiled, seeing the effect she had on the soldier, and lifting his chin slightly, gave him the Blood Kiss. A soft passionate sigh left the man’s lips, and the gun fell from his slack fingers, as he wrapped his arms around the vampire temptress, needing her, loving her, to death. A moment later he slumped to the floor, his face pale white and bloodless, his face frozen in eternal bliss.

The second soldier sighed as well, his mind an open book to Lauren’s meager talents. He stared lovingly at her glowing red lips, soft and kissable, as he told the girl everything he knew about the project.

“They’re moving him out now,” he purred, eyes half-lidded with need. “Two heavily armored transport vehicles, Dr. Simon and his files in one, the subject locked and chained in the other… mmmmmmm…. oooohhhh baby… They are outside the gate right now… uuhhhhh… me and Ralph, we were to bring out the last of the crates… just before… before… oh, baby, please, please, just one little kiss, please… oh, I need it so bad…”

Lauren glanced at Iliana, who nodded. Smiling, she leaned forward. “Very well, then. You’ve been such a good boy, so very helpful, that I guess you deserve a reward.” Leaning forward, she kissed him deeply, letting her blood soaked lips press firmly against his eager human ones. She held him tightly as he shook, his body pulsing with orgasmic delight as she drained his body dry. Drained at last, she deposited the lifeless husk on the floor beside his partner.

“Not bad,” Ana mused. “Now, let’s go! We have no time to lose!”

* * *

“Dammit! What’s taking those two so long? They should have been out of there by now?”

Dr. Simon tapped lightly on the reinforced steel frame of the vehicle, gazing out at the exterior of the base. Everything was loaded and secure, save for the backup files of his research. The choice to take them as well was a last minute decision; if, God forbid. anything should happen to them, or that his research data be destroyed, he felt secure knowing that he still had a backup of his computer files.

“Sir,” the Captain spoke from up front in the driver’s seat, “looks like trouble. The lights in the main complex are out. Can’t be a power failure, ’cause the lights in your lab and the adjoining cell are still on.”

Simon scowled, glancing back at the complex. “Damn. I was right. This was no coincidence.” Turning back to the Captain, he banged twice on the metal plate separating them. “Take off, Captain. We’re getting out of here now.”

“But sir, what about my men, and the backup files—”

“Fuck the men and the damn files! Get us out of here now, damnmit! Go! GO!!”

The lights flickered back on again seconds later. Starting the engine, the Captain hesitated just a moment. “What are you waiting for, Captain?” Simon’s voice bellowed up from behind. “I said, move out! Whoever is inside the complex right now has been compromised. You know what we’re carrying. You know the research I’ve been conducting. More of them, like the man in the other transport, have infiltrated the base somehow. If you’re thinking of waiting for those last two men to come out, you can forget it. They’ll look like your men, perhaps, but trust me, they won’t be your soldiers anymore. They’ll be something else, much worse!”

Biting his lip, the Captain blew his horn twice and moved the transport forward, heading to the main gate. The second transport moved as well, slipping in ahead of them, out through the open gate, and turned towards the interstate. Glancing back, he was surprised to see two civilians exit the compound. Two women, a blonde and a redhead, both beautiful, both very much out of place. An icy trickle ran down his back as he considered the possibility that Dr. Simon, for all his paranoid ravings, might have been right.

* * *

Iliana barely managed to repress a scream as she watched the two army transports leave through the main gate. They’d missed them by mere seconds! Standing there in the middle of the deserted parking lot, she felt completely at a loss.

“Come on, we gotta get out of here!” Lauren urged. “Those soldiers will be coming along right behind us!”

“HOW?” Iliana shot back. “How do we catch up with them now? How do we stop them? We could glide after them, flying on air currents, but even a vampire’s strength and speed is no match for a platoon of heavily armed soldiers! How the fuck do we even get them to stop?”

“Hey! You there! Freeze! Don’t move!”

Cursing, Iliana and Lauren ran, dodging a hail of automatic gunfire as the remaining men filed out of the base after them. Suddenly, a pair of headlights clicked on, nearly blinding them. A door opened, and Andrea Bradley slid an arm out, waving frantically at them.

“HEY! GET IN QUICK!” the detective yelled, revving her engine. “We can still catch them if you hurry!”

In a blink, the two vampires were inside, and the car took off for the front gate. A few stray bullets pierced the exterior of the car, but Andrea drove on, heedless, zooming into and through the wooden arm blocking the still open gate. She had the satisfaction of seeing the look of complete surprise on the gate guard’s face as they streamed by. With a squeal of rubber to asphalt, the Plymouth turned left and followed after the transports.

* * *

Inside the lead transport, the two soldiers chatted, holding their guns limply to the side, eyeing the motionless figure of Garret Roberts with little interest. In the front, the driver and his passenger listened to the radio, focusing on their route, oblivious to anything else.

The soldier paused, glancing down at Garret’s body, frowning. “Hey, Charlie, did you see it move just now?” he asked, staring at the battered and bruised lump. “I don’t know for sure, but I think it moved.”

Charlie, peering down at the unmoving mass, grunted. “You’re paranoid, Eddy,” he said. “You heard the doc back there? They filled the guy with enough drugs to knock out a herd of elephants. He didn’t move.”

“I dunno, Charlie,” Eddy said, staring down at Garret. “The doc also said the guy was a vampire. You know, one of those evil, blood-sucking fiends, like in those Anne Rice books.”

Charlie frowned. “Since when the fuck do you read Anne Rice? Hell, when the fuck do you read anything besides Garfield comics?”

Eddie bristled slightly. “Hey, I read, Charlie. I’m no dummy. You think I plan on being in the military for the rest of my life? Uh uh. I’m just doing my four year stretch, then I’m off to college.”

Charlie huffed. “Geez! Listen to you, Mr. High-and-Mighty! Wanna be a college man, do ya? This world’s already full of eggheads. What we need are a few less poindexters and a few more real men. Me, I’m plannin’ to be a career soldier. What’s civilian life got to offer me? Here, I get a gun. I get to go out and shoot the enemy, I get free room and board, I get to travel to exotic locations… and I get paid for it! I’m telling ya, Eddie, you don’t know what you’ll be—”

“Hey Charlie,” Eddie cut in, gripping his rifle. “He moved. This time, I’m sure of it! That guy’s moving.”

Growling, Charlie gripped the butt of his rifle. “Dammit, Ed, I’m telling you the guy’s out cold!” He rammed the muzzle of his gun hard into Garret’s side, again and again. “See? He’s not moving! You think he could be awake and not cry out from all this? The guy is out, you get it?”

“Got it,” Garret replied, eyes open, gripping the muzzle of the rifle tightly in his hand. He jerked it from Charlie’s stunned grasp, and swung, cracking the soldier across the brow. Reversing the weapon, he trained his gun on the second soldier, smiling. “Now, now, son,” he said softly, “don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you. Just lower your weapon, nice and easy, and no one will get hurt.”

“Jes… Jeee… Jeez…” Eddie stuttered softly, trying to pray as he lowered his rifle to the floor. He wasn’t sure which frightened him more, the fact that he was staring down the barrel of a fully loaded AK, or that the gun itself was being held by a vampire! The man looked half-dead; his naked flesh was badly cut and bruised all over, swollen and abraided in places, the pale white of the skin mottled all over with black and purple bruises. Any normal human in such a condition would likely be lying on a coroner’s table, yet this man was alive and well… or at least fully aware. As incredible as it seemed, he had to be a real, honest-to-goodness vampire!

Garret smiled again, lowering his own weapon. “Good. I think we understand each other now. You sit there and behave and we’ll both get along fine. Oh, and don’t even think about crying out for help from your friends up front. Even in these chains I can snap your neck before they can turn around to ask ‘What?'” Eddie’s mouth closed then, as he’d just been considering just that.

“H… ho… how are you.. I mean… they injected you with sedatives,” Eddie asked, glancing back over his shoulder at the front, hoping someone would look back at him. “I saw then do it! How can you be awake?”

Garret closed his eyes and sighed softly, then flexed. With a shearing of metal, the thick chains encircling his body snapped, leaving angry red lines across his already abused skin. Wincing slightly, rubbing his wrists, he moved over to the unconscious Charlie. “Yes, well, that is just what I wanted everyone to see. Dr. Simon is a very meticulous, very careful man. Knowing of a vampire’s mind talents, he kept me separated from everyone else. During my three weeks of hell, he made sure I received no infusions of blood, and very limited contact with the researchers in charge of me. Still, I managed to exert my will over my handlers in limited but very subtle ways.”

Glancing at Eddie, he frowned. “You’ll probably want to turn your head for this, son.”

“Wha… NO! You can’t!” he said, horrified, backing up against the metal divider. “I can’t just sit there and let you—-”

“Feed on your friend?” Garret finished, his grin widening. “Oh, but you can, and you will, I’m afraid. You’re going to sit here silently until I allow you to talk again… but for your own sake, I again suggest that you turn away. I’d hate to make you lose your lunch watching me have mine.”

Eddie cried out, screaming, yelling, trying to get the attention of his fellow soldiers up front. His mouth worked furiously… but as Garret had said, nothing issued forth. He had been struck mute somehow, by some strange trick or power the vampire possessed. Numb with terror, he watched helplessly as Garret tilted Charlie’s neck to the side, bit down deep, and drank from the sweet gushing fountain that issued forth.

Eddie did lose his lunch before Garret finished his own.

Sighing in disgust, Garret turned away from the steaming puddle of puke. “Well, I did warn you,” he said simply. “Now then, you asked about the drugs. I had enough time with my handlers to implant one simple message inside their minds, a command… or actually an image. I knew that Dr. Simon planned to move me upstate today, and that to do so he would have me sedated. I merely had the two researchers prepare their hypos ahead of time… filled not with some sedative, but instead with clear, thick, human blood plasma. Without the red cells and the platlets, blood plasma is a thick syrupy looking liquid, easily mistaken for the drugs they’d been pumping me full of all along.”

When Eddie didn’t respond, Garret nodded. “Okay, you can speak now, but nothing more than a whisper.”

“Helphelphelpsomebodyhelpmehelpmehelpme,” issued forth in a steady stream from his lips before Eddie got control of himself again. Sighing, he lowered his head. “Okay. Fine. You’ve got me. You’re in command of the situation now. So… what are you waiting for? Go ahead and kill me, rip out my throat like you did Charlie. Drain me dry.”

Garret chuckled, somewhat amused. “You seem like a good kid to me, Edward. I have no intention of killing you… if you give me no cause to,” he added, glaring. “As I tried repeatedly to explain to your Dr. Simon, vampires are not the monsters the movies make us out to be. We’re not all heartless devils out to kill and feast on humanity. Sure, there are a few assholes, just like in every society, but those few rotten apples don’t mean the whole bunch is bad.”

“But… but… Charlie,” Eddie asked, pointing to his lifeless friend.

“Oh. Him. Yes, well, I do need to feed, you know. Vampires do need human blood to survive, but most of us have learned to feed without killing, without draining a person to death. All things in moderation, so to speak. Personally, I take my blood prepackaged, from a local blood bank where I live. I don’t kill if I’m not provoked.” Glancing at the dead soldier, he shrugged. “Charlie was an asshole. He provoked me.”

A flash of headlights from behind caught his attention, and glancing back, he saw a dark blue Plymouth weave its way in front of the second transport vehicle, ramming it repeatedly, knocking it off the road. “Damn,” he muttered, shaking his head. “Ilana. It has to be.”

The incident with the second transport had been noticed by the driver as well. Peering back, he cried out in alarm, seeing the prisoner standing up, very much alive, and Charlie lying on the floor, dead. “Holy SHIT!” he yelled, pulling off the road. “He’s awake. Jim, get your gun! Shoot it! SHOOT IT!”

Faster than Eddie’s eyes could follow, the vampire moved to the metal divider, grabbing Jim’s outstretched arm tightly, squeezing it until his gun clattered to the ground. He then sank his teeth into the screaming man’s wrist, feeding on him as voraciously as he had fed on Charlie. Eddie turned away, feeling nauseous again.

“SONOFABITCH!” the driver yelled, turning around, pointing his muzzle of his rifle through the small hole inside the metal divider. He fired point blank range, drilling Garret with a steady hail of lead, driving him back hard into the rear doors. The driver, laughing madly, continued to fire, until he’d emptied the entire magazine. “I got you, mother fucker! I got you!” he yelled, slipping out of his seat, moving around to the back of the parked vehicle. He ripped open the door, still yelling. “I got you! I got you! I got yyy–uuuurrrpp!!”

His cheering died in his throat as Garret, bloody, wracked with pain, but still standing, shoved a hand straight up into the soldier’s gullet, through his intestines, past his stomach, up inside his rib cage, to his still beating heart. Smiling evilly, he squeezed, feeling the organ turn to pulp in his bare hands. The soldier shuddered violently for a moment then went still.

“FUCKING SONOFABITCH!” Eddie screamed, grabbing up his own rifle. Garret frowned, tilting his head to the side, quizzicly. The young solder was so scared Garret’s enhanced senses could detect the smell of urine. Eddie had peed his pants in fear. Sighing, shaking his head, he dropped the lifeless driver next to Charlie, reached over and took Eddie’s gun away, bent the muzzle smartly, handed it back to him, and climbed up into the driver’s seat.

“Now then,” he said calmly, shifting gears, “if they’re no further objections, I’m turning us around. I want to see what’s happenedin back with the other transport.” He pushed the dead body of Jim out of the passenger seat, down to the floor. Eddie mewled wordlessly, praying silently over and over in his head.

* * *

Peering through the windshield of their sixteen-wheeler, the two vampires stare, frowning, as the lead transport vehicle pauses on the side of the road for a moment, then slowly turns around, heading back down the way it came. Staring at one another for a long moment, they start the ignition of their own vehicle, and head back onto the road, in pursuit.

* * *

A bullet whizzed by, barely missing Iliana’s temple, and she grimaced, hiding down behind the ineffectual shield of Andrea’s bullet-ridden car. Across from them, five soldier, armed with automatic rifles, continued to advance, firing sporadically as they advanced. Andrea, kneeling down with her and Lauren, returned fire with his own semi-automatic handgun, trying to frighten the men back without actually hitting anyone.

“Let me try,” Lauren demanded, reaching yet again for the policewoman’s firearm. “They’re close enough that even I could score a hit now!”

“Dammit, I just can’t shoot this guys!” Andrea growled in frustration. “They’re only doing their jobs, like I do. They’re not my enemy. I can’t just shoot them down in cold blood.”

“Well, you’d better damn well try,” Iliana hissed, ducking as a bullet passed over her head. “Otherwise we’ll be the ones shot down in cold blood! As far as they’re concerned, we’re all evil vampire monsters. They’re not going to let us surrender, no fucking way. If you want to live, you’d better start hitting the mark!”

Sighing, gritting her teeth, Andrea took aim. Suddenly the bright headlights of the second vehicle illuminated the scene. The soldiers, surprised, turned, staring as the transport pulled up and parked across from them. The door opened, and…

In a blinding flash of speed and power, Garret attacked, sweeping three of the soldiers before they realized what was happening. The other two turned and fired, cutting down their own men in the process, still unable to lock on on the fast moving intruder. Taking advantage of the distraction, Iliana and Lauren attacked, leaping out from their hiding spot, each bringing down a soldier. Iliana got to her feet, staring in rapt amazement and horror at the sight of her Master, his body rendered, battered, bruised, horribly disfigured, yet standing tall and confident, over the unconscious bodies of the men he had taken down. Panting, weary from the exertion, he bent nearly double, almost falling to his knees.

“MASTER!” Iliana cried rushing to him. She was at his side in an instant, helping to support him, tears streaming down her cheeks. “Oh, Master, my Master, you’re alive. You’re alive!”

Garret chuckled softly, then groaned as her soft gentle hands touched a particularly sensitive spot. “Yes, yes, I’m alive. Not well, but alive.” He sighed softly. “I see you haven’t quite learned to follow instructions yet.”

Taken aback slightly, Iliana blinked. “But… but Master,” she protested. “I came here to help you, to rescue you.”

Not that I needed it, he thought sardonically. I had already made my escape when you barged in and got yourself into trouble. Seeing the look of sadness and hurt on her face, however, he held his tongue.

“Yes, well, thank you, Ana,” he said softly, hugging her close. “I know this whole thing must have been hard for you.”

“Well, all’s well that end’s well,” Andrea said, stepping forward. “Mr. Roberts, I’m sorry about all of this. I think it was wrong of my superiors to turn you over that that madman Dr. Simon like that… but at least you’re safe now.”

A shot rang out, and Andrea gasped aloud. She glanced down at the newly made hole in her chest, and slipped to her knees, in shock.

“Andrea!” Lauren cried, running to her side, only to be stopped by a second shot fired right in front of her.

“That’s quite enough,” Dr. Simon said calmly, holding the Desert Eagle stiffly out in front of him. “The first one was a warning shot. The next one goes through your heart.”

Eyes narrowed, Garret glared at the man that had so recently tortured him to within an inch of his life. He considered his options carefully. The girl, Andrea, needed help quickly, but even with his speed, he’d never be able to reach Simon and disable him before he fired off another shot.

“Reduced to firing on helpless girls, now, Doctor?” Garret spat back, instead. “Couldn’t handle a man like myself, even chained up, half-starved, battered, and beaten, so you decided to take pot shots at the women.”

Simon’s lip quivered. “Rest assured, Mr. Roberts,” he said evenly, brining the barrel to bear on him, “there’s plenty of ammunition for you all, and I have a bullet in here with your name on it.”

“I don’t think so,” Garret said, slowly stepping in front of Ana and the other women. “I don’t think you have what it takes to kill me not that I’m unchained and free. You’re the kind of man that likes an opponent that can’t fight back. I think you’ll find me not to your liking… doctor.”

“This from a monster, disguised as a human, feeding on the blood of innocents.”

Garret laughed. “Innocents? And what would you know of innocents, Dr. Simon? You, who take living people down into your cold sterile lab and slowly rip them to pieces, all in the name of science. And no, I don’t mean just me. I heard from some of the soldiers that I am not the first subject you’ve worked with down in that complex of yours! Who was the last subject before me, doctor? Wasn’t she a sixteen year old girl?”

“SHUT UP!” Dr. Simon growled, cocking the gun. “You know NOTHING! You are just a beast, an animal, just like all the rest of them! That girl… that girl was… she was tainted! The contamination was inside her. I knew it. I SAW it! What I did to her was an act of mercy! If she were alive now she would thank me for giving her release before the infection had completely taken her!”

“Or maybe,” Garret said, sliding slowly forward, glancing with peripheral vision at the girl, gently helping the bleeding Andrea over to the car, “maybe she would curse you to your face, and tell you that you are a crazy, sadistic, evil, son of a bitch.”

Dr. Simon’s expression froze, turning placid, colder than an Antarctic winter. “Fuck you,” he said, squeezing the trigger.

Garret moved, his eyes trained on the mad doctor’s finger, moving the instant he saw the muscles tense. The bullet grazed the side of his shoulder, cutting a grove in the swollen, overly-abused mass of flesh of his body. The next shot went high, straight up, as Garret, having crossed the distance, held tightly to the doctor’s wrist, holding it stiffly above his head. With delightly glee, he twisted, snapping the bones of his wrist, making Dr. Simon cry out in pain as the gun tumbled to the ground below.

“Now then, doctor,” Garret said idly, looking deep into the doctor’s pain-ridden eyes, “I believe its my turn.” Like an eagle’s talon, Garret swept up Simon’s mind, squeezing it with the power of his will. He shuffled through his thoughts, glancing idly at the man’s life as he ran a sharp nailed finger along the man’s throat, preparing to pierce the main artery, when he came across the memory. Shocked, stunned, he released the doctor, who gasped, clenching his broken wrist gently, backing away.

“Ah,” Garret said after a moment. “I see. I think I understand you now, doctor. I don’t condone what you’ve done by any means… but I understand why.” He turned and walked away, towards the others crouched down at the Plymouth.

“Understand?” Dr. Simon spat bitterly, reaching for the discarded gun. He fired rapidly, then screamed in frustration, tossinf the empty weapon aside. “You UNDERSTAND? You monster! You can never understand! No one understands!” Sighing, he slipped to the ground. “I have to destroy you… destroy you all,” he said softly, as if to himself. “I can’t let monsters like you roam around free. I have to destroy you… and make the world safe again.”

“We’re not all monsters,” Garret replied, still facing the car. “As I told one of your men just moments ago, being a vampire doesn’t automatically mean you are evil. It’s the person inside that decides to be evil or not. I’m sorry about your loss, about your fiance,” he said gently, “but that has nothing to do with me or mine.” He continued on to the car.

“For what it’s worth,” he called back, pausing at the door, “the one that killed her, a vampire named Vysagio, died about twelve years ago. He picked on one human too many, and this one responded with a shotgun. He was a real asshole; I never liked him.”

Dr. Simon sat there, motionless. Vysagio. The name of the one who had haunted his nightmares for thirty years, dead. Gone. Taken out by a human with a shotgun. The news wasn’t enough to pierce the deep darkness that had settled over his heart for thirty years, but it helped. Somewhat.

“How is she?” Garret asked, glancing down at the still prone body of the policewomen. Lauren glanced at Iliana, who turned away. Lauren turned back to Garret, then looked away again, avoiding his eyes. Frowning, he glanced at Iliana. “What is it you’re not telling me?

“Uhm…” she began looking to Lauren for help. “Well, Andrea, the woman, she’s a policeman by the way, she was hurt. Badly hurt. She was bleeding badly, like a sieve, I think maybe the bullet nicked a major artery or something, and time was running our, she was dying in our arms, Master, DYING!” The words came out in a rush, with a soft urgent plea in them. Garret sighed, shaking his weary head. He slid a hand down to Andrea’s slack lips and pulled gently, his fingers brushing against the still-developing fangs coming in.

“You made her a vampire?” he said incredulously.

“Actually… uhm…. I did,” Lauren spoke up. “With Jeremy gone, and all… and Andrea, she did so much to help us free you, you have no idea! And… and she loves us. I coudn’t just let her die!”

Garret sighed, too worn out to argue. “Very well. I’ll settle things with the Council once I’ve recovered. For now, let’s just get out of here.”

The council? Iliana gasped. “Oh my God! I almost forgot! The Council!”

At that moment, a loud noise broke the relative silence. A sixteen-wheel semi approached, barreling down towards them, doing ninety miles an hour. The driver was blowing his horn steadily, yet showing no signs of slowing. Realizatin struck Iliana, and she jumped into the driver’s seat.

“Everybody, IN! NOW! They’re gonna ram straight through us!”

Quickly, everyone loaded into the car, and Iliana shifted into reverse, kicking up sand and gravel. The battered Plymouth sputtered, squealing in protest, but shot off backwards like a rocket, just as the semi cleared the last hill. For a moment, they were close enough to see the driver and passenger of the truck clearly, the pale white skin and white gleaming fangs. Then they each dove out of the speeding truck, rolling to the ground as the vehicle went airborne.

Dr. Simon, still lost deep in his thoughts, looked up at the last moment, seeing two and a half tons of flying metallic death descending upon him. And then the impact struck, and the truck exploded in a blazing ball of intense heat and light, sweeping him away into oblivion…

* * *


Iliana sighed softly, finally relaxing as Garret slid into bed beside her. She snuggled her head gently against his shoulder, mindful of his healing flesh. Three days, bed rest, and several pints of fresh blood had done wonders; only the deepest scars still remained. Even the bullet wounds had fully closed up, healing completely. Iliana knew he would recover fully in time.

“How did the meeting go, my Master?” she asked once Garret had settled into place.

“Well, it went better than expected. They decided to allow Lauren to keep Andrea and train her… provided that I keep a close eye on them both for the first two years.” He groaned softly at that. “Still, I think she’s truly ready this time. I think this whole incident had matured Lauren somewhat.”

“And Andrea’s a pretty level-headed girl to begin with,” Iliana added. “I take it everything went well with the transition?”

“Just fine. The cops found her car, wrecked, near the crash site along the interstate where the explosion took place. With all the fire damage, they were unable to make a positive ID of the body behind the wheel, but they naturally assumed it was her when they saw the melted gun in the front seat beside her.” He chuckled softly. “She wasn’t crazy about having to dye her hair black and cut it short, but I think she’ll get used to it after a while.”

Iliana growled softly. “Speaking of the explosion, what did the Council have to say about trying to blow you up along with Dr. Simon?”

Garret sighed, caressing his girl’s cheek idly, making her sigh and moan at his touch. “As you can guess, they were all apologetic about the whole thing, going on and on about it ‘being for the greater good’ and all that. Pure bullshit. The older ones are just so used to doing things their own way that when they finally got around to making the decision, they responded the way they always do: protect their own asses first, and let those on the front lines fend for themselves.”

Iliana smirked. “You a relatively young two hundred-year-old, you seem to have caught on to the way things work pretty quick.”

Garret smiled, kissing her softly. “I had a good teacher.” He pulled away after a bit, thinking for a moment. “You know, everything turned out rather well at the end. Simon is dead, put out of his misery, as well as ours. In probing his mind, I saw that he’d taken care not to leak any information to his superiors prior to the move, in case anyone of our vampiric persuasion had infiltrated the chain of command. His paranoia of being discovered actually aided us; the government has dismissed his so-called findings as the actions of a maverick bureaucrat with his own agenda. We’re safe again… at least till the next crisis.”

“Well, when it comes,” Iliana purred, sliding gently into place, wrapping her long slender legs around her Master’s waist, “I’m sure we’ll be able to handle it. Mmmmmmm… oh, it’s soooo good to have you back, my Master.”

“And it’s good to be back, little one,” Garret murmured, piercing his tongue lightly as he slid his hardened manhood home, into Ana’s soft velvety folds. His blood coated lips brushed hers, and she gasped, caught off guard, as her Master gave her the Blood Kiss, sending her repressed passions skyrocketing. Her mind and body fused as one, as she surrendered, fully, and completely, to the pleasure.


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