Feature Writer: Tang
Feature Title: Demon’s Command
Uploaded: The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive
Author’s Notes: This is a sequel to ‘Demon’s Colour’. ‘The Red House’, used to be a bar I visited a couple of times in England, and I once saw a female lead singer performing there in devil’s horns, though they were black velvet rather than red leather and that’s another story …


Demon’s Command


Syntessa knelt obediently, her red leather opera-gloved hands resting on the shiny red rubber that coated her thighs. She gazed up adoringly at the perfectly smooth red skin of her demon mistress, Ilarya, so like her own, but so much more beautiful. Whenever Ilarya glanced at her Syntessa fixed on her look deep into her mistress’s eyes, again, like her own, featureless scarlet orbs, but again, with a strength and determination which had no place in a sex-slave like Syntessa. She continued watching as Ilarya was helped into her armor by her page, a hairless, indigo skinned creature with strong slender fingers. Syntessa did not know its name, there was no need for her to do so, she only needed to know what her mistress told her. The page buckled up the complicated body armor, dyed with a red stain, that allowed Ilarya’s strong crimson wings to emerge from the back. The page eased on the polished red leather riding boots that reached just over its mistress’s knees. Syntessa watched with mixed emotions. Part of her liked the strength that her mistress oozed when clad in armor, but she was disappointed too, as she watched the smooth skin she loved to lick so much, disappear beneath the metal and she knew that she would be unable to pleasure her mistress for days, maybe weeks, while she was on the battlefield.

The page slid Ilarya’s helmet onto her head, guiding it carefully so her lustrous horns emerged through their allotted holes. Ilarya stood for a moment admiring her warlike appearance. She dismissed the page with a wave of her steel gauntleted hand. She rested the other on the bronze grip of her scimitar.

<Syntessa.> The name sounded in Syntessa’s head. She tingled at the sensation she always felt when she heard her mistress’s call.

<Yes, Mistress.> Syntessa thought her reply, her studded tongue was a sexual organ for pleasing mistress not to be sullied with speech.

<As you no doubt have guessed I will be away fighting for the next few months, maybe longer. It is too dangerous to have you with me, but I think it is unfair to leave you here alone with no-one to play with.>

<You are too kind, Mistress.> Syntessa felt unworthy to have had her mistress worry about her welfare, but also delighted that she would receive something from her.

Ilarya dismissed the comment with a gesture. <I think you should travel to the world of humans and find yourself a plaything. I have some power in that world, and it is growing. I will arrange everything you will need whilst there.> Ilarya waved her hand and an image appeared before Syntessa of a female creature, just like herself, with long crimson hair stretching down her back as a ponytail, its body dressed from head to toe in clinging skin-tight red rubber and thigh length glossy boots. However, its face, though red-skinned like Syntessa’s was featureless, ready to be shaped by the woman who would assume this form, just as had happened to Syntessa when Ilarya had selected her.

<When you have found one that satisfies you, ease her into this form and return here with her. You can carry this avatar in this ring until you are ready to use it.>

Ilarya held up a ring with an oval red stone set into it. As she did the avatar seemed to be sucked into it, leaving the ring with an unearthly glow.

<Give me your hand.> Ilarya ordered and as Syntessa presented her left hand, her mistress slid on the ring. <Once the avatar has subsumed the human, the ring will let you return here.>

<Yes, Mistress, thank you Mistress, i understand.> Syntessa said with genuine pleasure, delighted that her mistress was being so generous. She was keen to fulfill her mistress’s commands.

Ilarya lifted her pet to her feet and pressed her firm lips against Syntessa’s before probing deep into her mouth with her pointed tongue.

Syntessa was breathless, responding to the kiss as best she could to pleasure her mistress.

<Excellent.> Ilarya boomed as she broke from her pet. <Now, be on your way.> She waved to a mirror about the height of Syntessa, as she did its glass turned a deep red and rippled. Syntessa obeyed, strutting on her high sharp heels, curious as to what this world of humans was like. She glanced back at her mistress as she reached the mirror and bowed her head in thanks and submission. Then she turned and stepped into the mirror. In moments she was gone and the mirror again became glass.

Syntessa staggered with a jolt and realized she must be in the world of humans. She was in a peculiar room, covered with textiles. It had a bed, a cabinet beside it, a couple of chairs, a low table and as she took a few steps, a mirrored wardrobe that she guessed she had come through next to the door into a small bathroom. She blinked, the coloring of the room was strange, the air was cool and there were unfamiliar smells and sounds. She stepped back from the mirror to see herself. For an instant Syntessa was shocked and confused, her skin was no longer the lovely red shade she knew, but dull and pale in colour, only the paint of her lips hinted at the rich color she had so recently been. The ruby she wore as a nose stud was gone replaced by a small red stone, that looked reasonable enough. However, as she turned her head Syntessa was pleased to see her long distinctive bright red hair remained. The rubber that was like her second skin was missing too, instead she wore a collarless jacket that stretched to her waist, and below it a pencil skirt reaching to within a few hands’ breadths of her knee and finally, smooth knee-length boots, with a heel disappointingly low compared to what she usually wore. The one consolation which pleased her was that they were all in red leather, that creaked softly as she moved. Syntessa realized her bum and breasts wore underclothes. A red silk bra as the only thing beneath the jacket and Syntessa guessed the panties matched. It seemed so alien to further cover up those pieces of her that provided so much pleasure, but she guessed she had to fit in with human ways.

Syntessa stood, uncertain what to do next. Without her mistress to command her, she had little idea. She decided to sit on the bed and to wait for inspiration, she was eager to fulfill her mission but guessed she had to think about where to find the right human to return with.

Syntessa looked at the red-stoned ring her mistress had given her. Then she noticed the script carved around it, though she was unable to read, she could trace the writing with one of her nails, itself painted a pleasing red. As she followed each character it seemed to glow in the metal. In moments she had run her finger over every one and then there was a flash that blinded her for an instant.

“Jacqui Stubbs.” Hearing the voice she had now been given, however weak it was, startled her. “Jacqui Stubbs.” She said again, it was so strange to sound the words rather than think them. Syntessa realized her mistress had created a kind of avatar for herself to use while she was in the world of humans and speech was part of that.

“My name is Jacqui Stubbs.” Syntessa said. As she did she realized her tongue was still pierced. She pushed it out, but rather than the three bronze studs, a single silver one sat in the middle of her tongue, but Syntessa was pleased with it, taking it as one of the markers that Ilarya still owned her. She guessed she had to put up with one stud and no opportunity to use it on her mistress’s clitoris for the moment. Everything in this world was making her eager to return to her own.

Syntessa sat there, watching the ring still glowing. She felt thoughts, images and information flow into her mind, and she knew her mistress was equipping her to deal with whatever this world would throw at her. The glow around the ring faded away. Syntessa stood up, she now had an idea what to do. She glanced at the clock by the bed. She guessed dinner would be being served soon, she would go down to the hotel restaurant, that would be a good starting place.

Main Story

Elizabeth Fisher ate alone in the hotel’s restaurant. She liked staying in ‘The Red House’. It had been built in the early nineteenth century and had much more character than the soulless chain hotels she so often stayed in. She had had a busy day giving the business presentation in such a hotel and was glad that it was now over and she could come back here to escape the burden of work and the tedium of that pastel-shaded hotel. Despite the long day she felt still full of energy and was reluctant to admit there would be little of interest for her to do that evening. Elizabeth idly let her mind indulge in some familiar fantasies. Elizabeth called herself a ‘hesitant lesbian’. She had always been fascinated by beautiful women, and following a few unsatisfying relationships with men, she had realized that in fact she was attracted to such women. Despite feeling she had identified her true sexuality, nothing much had happened since. She had got a few kisses from women in clubs, but the friends she had come out to had begun to think it was had just been a ‘phase’ as they had seen no proof she was a lesbian as the years had passed and her setting up home with Ms. Right had failed to materialize. She always worried that she did not appear to be gay enough but her successful if boring career in sales hardly welcomed ‘obvious’ lesbians. So Elizabeth returned to her fantasy of a stylish, wealthy lesbian woman coming up to her in such a hotel and taking her off to a new life in some rambling big house.

“Do you mind if I sit here?”

Elizabeth looked up, startled from her thoughts, to see a woman hovering by the chair. The first thing that struck Elizabeth was that this woman looked hot. The tight red leather clothes she wore were so in contrast to Elizabeth’s work suit, indeed to the clothes of anyone else in the room. As the woman moved her head Elizabeth’s attention was caught by her long red hair, that seemed to stretch to her waist, it was sleek and obviously carefully tended. Though inside Elizabeth was blown away by this woman, the stranger smiled warmly and Elizabeth found she was immediately comfortable with her.

“Certainly not. I mean, go ahead.”

“It is always difficult if you are a woman on your own in places like these isn’t it?”

“Yes.” Elizabeth replied. She could not take her eyes off the woman as she smoothed the taut leather of her skirt. As Elizabeth looked more carefully she realised that the woman probably had nothing but underwear beneath the tailored leather jacket she wore. None of this was outrageous, but it excited Elizabeth: this woman was comfortable in her body and let no petty rules put her off dressing it the way she wished.

“You here on business?”

Elizabeth thought that was an easy guess from the smart clothes she wore. “Yes.”

“I am too. At the end of the day though I like to switch off completely, get changed and think about something else.” The woman explained.

“Yes.” Elizabeth agreed, warming further to the woman. “It seems like a good idea, but I never think of it.” She fell quiet, wondering if it was possible for herself to buy an outfit like this woman to wear in the evenings, she chided herself for being too obsessed with what company bosses might think about her when off duty. As she noticed the stud in the woman’s nose and the fact that her lisp was caused by the piercing in her tongue, Elizabeth felt a tingle, this woman was somehow both refined and yet exciting too.

“What line are you in?” Elizabeth asked wanting the conversation to continue.

“Recruitment. I travel around looking for just the right people and try to persuade them to join who I’m working for. Who knows, you might just be right.”

Elizabeth laughed nervously.

“I’m Jacqui, what’s your name?”


Jacqui talked knowledgeably about business and Elizabeth felt the time pass quickly. She felt very comfortable and glad she had met the woman. Suddenly Elizabeth realized how tired she was now feeling. She looked around her, all the other guests had left the restaurant. She glanced at the clock, it was coming up to midnight.

“I didn’t realise that time had passed so quickly.” Elizabeth said.

“It has been good talking with you.”

“Yes.” Elizabeth hesitated, she so desperately wanted to invite Jacqui back to her room. She tried to think whether she had received any signals that Jacqui was interested in her as more than someone to chat to. She supposed the fact that they were still talking after five hours was a good sign, but on the other hand Elizabeth did not want to sour things between them by coming on too strong. She pushed the concerns about her lack of experience at pleasing a woman sexually to the back of her mind, telling herself it would come to her once things got going, first she had to move things forward.

“Erm, I wondered if you would like to come to my room for a night cap.” Elizabeth said in a weak voice.

“Yes, that would be nice.” Jacqui said, smiling.

Elizabeth’s heart raced, she almost wished Jacqui had refused as now she had to take the next steps. She prayed that Jacqui was more experienced and would take charge.

In minutes they were walking into Elizabeth’s room. They sat either side of the low coffee table. Elizabeth switched on the lamp which sat on it and then went back to switch off the main light. She then crossed to the mini-bar and dug out all the alcohol it held and took it back with her.

“Take your pick.” Elizabeth said laying out the small bottles.

“Thank you.” Jacqui said but just sat still.

“You like red?” Elizabeth asked, trying to move the conversation to something a little more intimate than business.

“Yes, it matches my hair.”

“It’s a lovely color.”

“You could have the same shade.”

“Dye wouldn’t be quite the same, you can see your shade is natural.”


“And your outfit, I really like that, I’d never have the courage to wear something so bold.”

“My Mistress picked it out for me as a reward.”

“Your ‘mistress’?”

“That’s what we call the boss, she who must be obeyed.” Jacqui laughed weakly.

“I wish my boss would pick me out something like that, though saying that given the choice he’d probably like to see me dressed like that, but as I say, I’ve never had the courage to try it out myself.”

“You clearly haven’t found the right boss.”

“Or the courage.”

“That’s not necessary if you serve the right boss.”

“I suppose so.” Elizabeth said, letting the thought drop. “And I suppose I don’t have to ask if you like leather.” Elizabeth edged a little closer, wondering if she dared touch Jacqui’s skirt. The leather seemed so smooth as the lamp light caught its sheen.

“Do you?”

Elizabeth hesitated. “I’ve never really thought about it.” Given that she was nervous of appearing too gay, the leather-clad dyke look had never figured in her thinking, but maybe something as sophisticated as this would give out the right signal, but not over-stated. Elizabeth sat looking at Jacqui in the soft light, knowing that the time for her to make some kind of move was ticking away.

As Jacqui reached for the small bottle of brandy, Elizabeth’s attention was caught by Jacqui’s ring. It seemed to sparkle with red light.

“I like your ring.” Elizabeth said.

“I’m glad.” Jacqui replied and tugged at it to take it from her finger. She handed it over to Elizabeth.

Slightly surprised, Elizabeth took the ring, and as she did she felt as if she had been jolted with electricity. Elizabeth gasped. She felt washed over by a range of emotions. One urge was to slip the ring on to her own hand, another was soothing, relaxing her, sapping at her own will to do anything.

“Why don’t you try it on?” Jacqui said, smiling encouragement. To Elizabeth her words seemed to come from a distant place, and yet they were now all she could hear, their weight boring into Elizabeth’s mind, such a sensible, reasonable suggestion she should obey.

Suddenly a shrill noise penetrated the room. Elizabeth jumped, startled and dropped the ring on the floor. In seconds there was a bang on the door and it flew open to reveal a hotel security guard. “It’s a fire, you have to get out!”

Elizabeth sat looking blank for a few moments. “Don’t just sit there!” The man bellowed at her and Elizabeth moved into action. She hurried to grab her handbag.

“Come on, Jacqui.” Elizabeth called, but when she turned back the woman had gone, apparently making off with all Elizabeth’s mini-bar liquor.

There was no time to think about it. Elizabeth ran into the corridor which was full of guests, most in nightclothes. They were noisy and moving at a pace to the fire escape. Elizabeth pulled her room door closed behind her and followed the others out into the car park. Outside it was raining heavily and Elizabeth regretted not bringing a coat. The security guards and the firefighters who arrived soon after moved the guests away from the shelter of the hotel across the car park. Some guests got into their cars and aimed to drive them out, but they were told to leave them by a gruff fire officer who was concerned they would block access for the emergency vehicles. Elizabeth wondered about Jacqui, feeling she must be lucky dressed in her leathers, though she guessed her wonderful long hair was getting soaked. Eventually Elizabeth ended up huddled with other bedraggled guests beneath an umbrella one of the hotel staff had brought out.

It took over an hour for the firefighters to finally suppress the fire, which had been caused by some electrical fault in the hotel’s basement. By the time Elizabeth got to her room it was approaching two in the morning, her clothes were soaked and she was sneezing, so much for a sexy evening being seduced by Jacqui. Maybe it was fate and she was destined to be single whether she was gay or straight; hesitant lesbians clearly only got wet in the wrong way.

Elizabeth slept poorly despite having shed her wet clothes. They were a damp pile when she got up early the next morning. She ran the hair dryer over the trousers until they were warm enough to put on. She left her sodden jacket hanging and went down to breakfast glad at least of clean underwear and a fresh blouse. Elizabeth could not concentrate on her food, instead she was searching around for Jacqui, looking up every time someone came into the room, but eventually she knew she would be frustrated. She had no idea which room Jacqui was staying in or even her surname. In desperation, Elizabeth left her card with the receptionist, with her home phone number scribbled on the back and told her to give it when she saw a woman in red leather, though Elizabeth was uncertain if Jacqui would be wearing the same outfit. Back in her room, Elizabeth packed her few things. She checked the mini-bar. That had been the one thing that had disappointed Elizabeth about Jacqui, but when she looked inside not a single bottle was missing. Either Jacqui had put it all back, which seemed a strange way to behave, or as Elizabeth increasingly thought, the answer was that she had dreamt it all. No doubt Jacqui had left her in the restaurant and Elizabeth had returned to her room alone and had imagined the strange conversation and all the rest. Even that frustrated her: if it had been a fantasy why could she not have at least got to the stage of having sex? Soon Elizabeth was driving away from ‘The Red House’ determined that she had to do something to change her sex life for the better.

El walked from her car nervously, thinking about turning back, feeling very self-conscious. This was a test. It had been only four days since she had been here at ‘The Red House’, but in that time she had made some changes. She had taken the leave that had been long overdue and spent some of the money that she had been saving for a rainy day, arguing she had had enough of a rainy day that Monday night. She wondered if anyone would recognize her as the tired, wet businesswoman, the woman that had been Elizabeth, because now she was El, a lesbian and proud of it, proud of the small silver stud that rode on her nose, proud of the dark red leathers she wore – the pocket-less jeans that hugged her bum, the cafe-racer style biker jacket that reached just past her waist, with its press studs at the collar and the subtle zips across her breasts and the brighter shiny ankle boots with a spike heel longer than she had ever been in before. Her hair looked a dark brown, almost a black, but on closer inspection it was a dark maroon shade, slick with gel, pulled back from her face into a tight French plait.

El felt that her encounter with Jacqui at ‘The Red House’ had been what had started her on her new path to becoming more herself, a sensation which she was enjoying. In addition, the hotel had a women’s rock tribute band playing that evening and El was hoping there would be some hot leather-clad lesbians among their following.

El walked into the reception and put down her maroon leather overnight bag. She recognised the receptionist as she walked up.

“Hello. I have a reservation: El Fisher.”

The woman looked up at El. “Good evening. Welcome to ‘The Red House’. Have you stayed here before?”

The fact that the woman did not recognise her from just days before made El tingle. “No, I haven’t.” She lied. “I’m here to see the band, The Trins.”

“Right.” The receptionist replied, looking at El. El hoped she was thinking, ‘ah it’s another one of those lesbians, you can tell by the clothes’.

“Do you like them?” El asked the receptionist.

“No, not my sort of scene.”

El thought ‘good’, though she would certainly not push this specimen out of bed, she was sure she was firmly a player for the other team.

“If you’d just sign here.”

El did so, using her new signature properly for the first time. She picked up her bag and with the key the receptionist gave her she headed for her room. Though the exchange had been brief it had excited El as she really felt she was sliding into her new identity for real.

In her room El eased out of her clothes, knowing she would soon be back in the leather she was coming to love. She showered, keeping the hair she had decided to grow long, dry. She came back to her clothes, and decided that as night was falling she had the courage to trade in the black pullover she had worn for the leather bustiere that matched her other clothes. She left off her bra and let the firm maroon leather hold up her breasts as she eased back into the snug jeans and jacket and slid her feet back into the boots, loving how she rose on the sharp heels. She touched up her make-up, she might be a lipstick lesbian but no-one could deny she was eager to have a woman lapping at her by the end of the evening.

The crowd was not large, but growing steadily. El was buoyed up by some vodkas and sliding into the room, which she guessed was normally used to conferences, she was sure that things were going to go well. As she had hoped, much of the audience was female and many of them were decked out in leathers and boots, she felt she fitted in and that made her feel good.

El had tried not think of Jacqui or hope she was still staying at the hotel, but moving forward as the band began to play, El caught sight of a woman in red. It was the long red hair, held back in the pony tail and stretching to her waist that told El it could not be anyone but Jacqui. As El maneuvered closer she took in what Jacqui was wearing, the leather seemed to have been replaced by something skin-tight but shinier, she guessed it was rubber, though still the distinctive red Jacqui favored. As El approached she realized it was a dress that hugged Jacqui’s body, its bodice clinging tightly to her body, accentuating her firm, breasts, its skirt slit to her thighs. As she watched Jacqui swaying slightly to the music on the red patent platform-soled cone-heeled shoes she wore, El felt lust well up inside her. She was an empowered woman, there was nothing to stop her now seeking to seduce and bed this vision in red.

“Are you enjoying it?” El whispered in Jacqui’s ear.

Jacqui turned slowly, the light running around the red glistening contours of her body as she moved. “Not as much as I’d enjoy you, El.” Jacqui smiled and lent forward to kiss El directly on the lips.

El’s confidence was shaken a little, but she held her ground and casually reached out to stroke Jacqui’s hair away from her face. She felt as if all the people around her had faded and she was alone in the room with Jacqui.

“You didn’t come for the band.” Jacqui said.

“No.” El felt powerless to lie.

“I think we have something we never finished.”

“I was happy to finish it before.” El said a little petulantly.

“You weren’t ready.” Jacqui said not unkindly.

“I wasn’t ready? I had to change?”

“You had to be open to change, the change itself is only beginning. Once you’re open to it you’ll not be able to stop it.”


Jacqui turned and began walking away from the band. El followed her back into the main part of the hotel and up to a room without really thinking what she was doing. Every step seemed so right, so natural. Her attention was captured by the shiny rubber dress Jacqui wore, that excited her and reminded her of her own leathers, but took it a stage further. El knew she wanted to screw Jacqui in the erotic clothes she wore.

They stepped into Jacqui’s room and the moment the door closed Jacqui wrapped her arms around El, pulling her in tightly, pressing her lips against El’s, then forcing her tongue into her mouth. Initially startled, El was soon responding, running her hands over Jacqui’s rubber-clad body, stroking at her long sleek hair and finding herself driving her leather-coated leg between Jacqui’s, the slit in her skirt allowing easy access. El was powerless as Jacqui turned her and forced her back on to the large bed. In moments Jacqui was on her, brushing her body over El’s, fondling her nipples that were rock hard through the smooth leather of her bustiere. Then Jacqui’s fingers were sliding rhythmically between El’s leather clad thighs, the sensation beginning to heat up El’s pussy. El was stroking her hands all over Jacqui’s firm body covered in the slippery rubber than felt so sensual to touch. El found it difficult to believe it was real and tried to relax into it, telling herself that this is what she had deserved for so long. With her teeth Jacqui began peeling away the bustiere to expose El’s breasts and once they were free she sucked and nibbled in spirals around them. El could feel the warm metal of Jacqui’s tongue stud as the hard tool pressing home wherever Jacqui’s tongue lashed, taking the sensation further. Jacqui kept switching from one breast to the other, rising higher so that soon El’s was eager for Jacqui’s lips, her studded tongue, to close down on the nipples. Simultaneously Jacqui had unzipped El’s leather jeans, but rather than removing them her fingers pushed through El’s panties like they were damp tissue paper. El gasped as she felt Jacqui’s hard fingers stroking at her pussy lips. El’s pussy was dripping, her lips engorging, knowing that nothing she could do would prevent Jacqui’s fingers from penetrating her, but skillfully Jacqui held off, her fingers coming close to El’s clit, but then backing away, stroking firmly on her lips, then back to the hood, then the lips and then one slipped inside and El groaned with the sensation, just a taster of what she was certain would come, but Jacqui kept stoking El’s fire. Every touch, every nuzzle on her leather reminded El how she was dressed, how sexy, how accessible to sex, she had made herself, and she loved that Jacqui’s actions kept reminding her that she had made the right decisions.

Then Jacqui’s lips closed hard on El’s left nipple sucking it up deep into her mouth as two, then three fingers dove into El’s sex. In moments, the fingers seemed to be stirring, pulsing within her , stroking in all different directions at once, unable to go flaccid, unwilling to withdraw until El had cum. El had lost all speech, all she could do was grunt, then moan, louder with every moment of the rising pleasure. Her body, her hair was coated in sweat and every move she made was accompanied by the ripple, the creak of her leather, hugging her bum, her hot body so tightly. El could now only communicate in animal-like sounds, as Jacqui maintained her on the verge of orgasm, letting her subside a little only to reinforce the attack on El’s senses. Then Jacqui’s thumb nuzzled against El’s erect clit and she felt her body go taut as if she was being stretched the length of the bed. Hungrily her hands grasped at her lover, her vision was just white light, her senses all oblivious to anything bar the woman who was bringing her such pleasure. Then, just as she thought she would climax, the stimulation was gone, Jacqui sat up on her knees gazing down at the quivering, hard flesh of El.

El gasped, trying to ask, to beg, for Jacqui to allow her into orgasm. She tried fumbling with her own fingers, but Jacqui grasped them together in one hand and forcefully pinned them above El’s head on the pillow. El squirmed seeking that last bit of stimulation that would push her over the edge.

Jacqui smiled. “Your Mistress orders you to cum.” She said firmly.

“Yes, Mistressss.” El shrieked as, on command, her body shuddered with the pleasure, shaking her screaming with ecstasy, even more so because control had been yielded mentally rather than physically. As El realised this, she peaked again, her body flailing at another woman’s command, the pleasure seeming unending, stripping El’s will to be anything but this, compliant to any order that gave her this pleasure.

El awoke, she guessed she must have passed out. She lay, totally feeble, her whole body felt as if it had been drained of energy, her brain emptied of thought, she had no will to move, just to lie there. El had no sense of time passing, she just drifted in and out of sleep, her mind filled with the image of Jacqui in shiny red rubber, herself in red leather, women in tight, shiny red. They were arousing images and felt so right.

El awoke again. This time there was enough strength for her to prop herself up. She looked down at her body in the now cool leathers. It had certainly been the right choice to come back to ‘The Red House’. As El looked around she realised she was in her own room. Her muscles felt weary and she felt guilt that she had been unable to return Jacqui’s gift and pleasure her in turn. However, she had a feeling that their paths would cross again and this time El was determined to repay the favour. If Jacqui wanted to play it mysterious then she was happy, if the rewards for playing along were as high quality as the night before.

El managed to move her legs on to the floor and began looking for the coffee-making things. Her jeans were zipped closed but as she moved El realised she was naked beneath them and her clit and her pussy tingled as the cold tight leather moved against her sensitive mound. As El brought the coffee back to the bed she noticed the ring on the bedside table. It was the red one she had noticed on Jacqui’s hand. It sat on a note scribbled with ‘E, they’ll be many opportunities, just be open to change, J’. El smiled, guessing Jacqui knew what thoughts would be going through her head. El went to ease on the ring, but her tired fingers fumbled it and it fell to the floor. She would find it later. El sipped her coffee and felt a little refreshed. She would have loved to chat with Jacqui to go and eat out rather than being eaten out. She guessed Jacqui would have been given her details by the receptionist. El wished she knew more about Jacqui but then smiled at that, maybe having a mysterious lover was good, she could change to liking the unpredictable she was sure. Jacqui would find her when she wanted.

El checked her briefcase and headed to the front door. As she opened it she found the postman about to ring her doorbell.

“Ah, I’ve got a package to sign for.” The man said.

“Right.” El signed on the digital tablet the postman handed her and took the small package for him. “Thanks.”

El stepped back inside her flat, curious as to what the package held. She put down her briefcase and tore off the wrapping. Inside was the red-stoned ring Jacqui had left her. El felt embarrassed that she had left ‘The Red House’ having forgotten all about it, but she was glad they had sent it on so quickly. She let the wrapping fall to the floor and slowly eased the ring onto her left hand. It looked good, El liked the way it caught the light. For some reason she felt relaxed wearing it. It brought back memories of the night spent with Jacqui, the touch of her lips and her fingers. Uncontrollably El felt aroused, her nipples and the lips of her pussy were tingling gently. El found herself walking back into her bedroom, that seemed the right thing to do. She crossed to her jewellery box and took out the nose stud she had removed that morning, worried what her boss would say.

Why should she worry about him, she looked good with it in, she felt good with it in place. As Jacqui admired the stud in the mirror she began to feel warm, her clothes itchy. She slipped off her jacket and shoes and noticed her nipples pressing hard against her blouse. Slowly El found herself undoing the buttons. Beneath, her bra, fresh on only about an hour ago, was also becoming uncomfortable. El found herself walking to her wardrobe and, without thinking, pulling out the leather bustiere. As she zipped it closed she felt a sense of satisfaction that she was doing the right thing. Nothing held her back as she shed her suit trousers and panties and slid her tight leather jeans onto her naked legs and bum. In minutes she was striding from her flat, clad in leather from the toes of her ankle boots to the round collar tight at her neck. This felt right, she should always be dressed liked this.

El struggled back into her flat with her shopping. She had charged into shops in town with a clear focus. As she put down her bags she ran her new tongue stud over the roof of her mouth for the thousandth time, delighting in the thought it would be so good stroking against Jacqui’s clit. Something told El there was no time to hesitate. She slipped off her jacket and unzipped her bustiere replacing its maroon leather with the bright red PVC of the corset she had bought. In moments she was lacing herself into it, pulling her waist in tight and thrusting out her breasts. She shed her leather trousers in favour of the rubber leggings that matched the corset. Once in place with the clinging rubber shaping her thighs and bum in gloss, El eased one leg into a thigh-length boot sliding it easily over the rubber. In moments her other leg was similarly coated and she stood up, rising on the platforms and incredibly sharp high heels. As El stopped to catch her breath she caught sight of herself in the mirror and for an instant a part of her wondered how much all this had cost, but that was swept aside by the sensation of how good these sexy clothes made her feel. She slipped into the long leather coat to finish her look and strode from the living room to her bedroom, loving the sensation of the gloss rippling around her as she moved. The ring on her hand seemed to match her clothes so perfectly, its glow seemed more intense than ever as if approving of El’s actions. As she stood there admiring herself in the mirror, El was hungry to be screwed just like this, she wanted to flaunt her scarlet coated body and have women lapping at her clit. The thought aroused El and she finally gave into the urge that seemed to have been building within her all morning. El sprawled back on the bed pulling down her rubber leggings, sliding her palm between her booted thighs then stroking forcefully at her pussy, caressing her clitoris. For the first time she really felt she had found her true identity and she knew there was no turning back.

El had no idea how much time had passed, how often she had brought herself to orgasm, but now she wondered if night had fallen and she could head to a club, to be seen like this, to pick up a woman to make the day complete. El stood up and walked across to the long mirror of her wardrobe. The glossy clothes she wore seemed so natural. She looked at herself right up from the toes of her boots, to her rubber clad thighs and body, her breasts standing out in the red rubber of her catsuit. She shook her long bright-red hair which stretched to her waist. El stopped. She ran her hand over her hair, though she had let it grow over the past week, she could feel it still only ran to her shoulders and glancing down she saw that the rubber stopped at her waist, from there upwards she still wore the PVC corset. She looked back at the reflection and stepped back with surprise. The image it show mimicked her movements, but it was not an image of herself. She could see her features in its face, but the long hair, the ruby stud at its nose and the curious featureless crimson eyes were all different. Somehow the mirror was showing some strange modified version of herself. El shook her head, the reflection did likewise. El told herself she must be hallucinating, she had had nothing to eat since breakfast, that must explain it, she must be light headed and all the fingering she had been giving her sex was making her see things.

El walked to the door to her bedroom and glanced back at the mirror. The reflection showed the alien her, looking over the shoulder of its red leather coat, so like El’s but tighter, more fitted to her form, and the eyes, the eyes that drew El in, fascinated by their pure crimson nature.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and El jumped, startled. Pleased at an excuse to get away from the unnerving reflection she hurried to the door. Before she even saw Jacqui standing there she guessed it would be her. Jacqui was in a red leather coat, similar to the one El now wore, but with her hair in a long plait brushing back and forth over her back as she moved. The coat was over a red suede corset and skin-tight leather capri pants. Her feet wore shiny polished ankle boots with sharp heels. El had to admit she looked hot. Jacqui stepped in smiling.

“I said you had to be open to change.” She said, admiring El’s clothes. “You’ve made such good progress, now it’s time to complete the process.”

“The process?” El asked.

“Yes, to make you into the perfect pet for Ilarya.”

“Who’s Ilarya?” El pressed as she followed Jacqui’s lead back into her own bedroom.

“My Mistress, soon to be your Mistress.”

“Mistress, I don’t need a mistress.”

“You have no choice in the matter, you’ve been selected and the changes have begun. Soon you’ll be just the perfect pet for Ilarya.”

“I don’t want to be anyone’s pet.”

“Don’t you?”

As Jacqui said it, El felt a flash of pleasure run through her, a seductive voice that was saying how nice, how good, how pleasurable it would be to yield, to have a woman who prized El’s lovely body and delighted in having serve her.

El said nothing for a few moments, trying to clear her thoughts. “You didn’t answer my question: what process?”

“Since you were selected you have been slowly becoming more suitable for you Mistress. How do you think you have begun to become amenable to change? Do you think you would be dressed like this now? Do you think you would have even come back to ‘The Red House’? Do you think you would have even talked with me? No, not without your Mistress’s will easing into your own, taking it over, filling it with delicious thoughts.”

“No, those were my choices, I wanted to do those things.”

“Good, that means you’ll want to finish this and become your true self.”

“What? My true self? What is that?” As El said it, she knew she had already seen the answer.

Jacqui pointed to the reflection and El looked at what she would soon become. She had to admit it was an erotic sight. Again she looked over the reflection and this time her attention was taken by the collar at its neck, with a ring set into it to take her leash.

“That’s it, enjoy it, yield to it. Become Laryssa.”

At the sound of the name Laryssa, El gasped as pleasure swept over her, telling her it was so right to obey, to change.

“And what is Ilarya? Some kind of alien that enslaves humans?” El stoked up her anger to try to throw off the seductive suggestions in her head

Jacqui laughed. “Not an alien in the way you think of them. Something far more powerful, more sensuous, something far more tuned into humans, as her kind have been for so long.”

“Whatever she is, she still enslaves humans. I’ll be her slave.” El would not admit it, but as she said it, it felt like an arousing thought.

“You’ll be her sex-slave, serving her will satisfy you mentally and physically and anyway by then you’ll no longer be human, you’ll be far more suited to serving your mistress than you would be as any human woman.”

“So, Jacqui…”

“I’m not Jacqui…” As she spoke, a bright light seemed to emerge from her eyes, then her mouth then her body, it was if she was burning off an outer layer, shedding her skin as a snake would.

<I am Syntessa.>

El stepped back startled. The words had come in her head. “You’re in my mind!”

<Yes. This is how our kind communicate. Our tongues are just for pleasure, not for speech.> Syntessa said, her long pointed tongue with its three bronze studs licked out for emphasis.

El focused on the creature in front of her. Part of her knew she had to question everything that was happening. This could not be real, it had to be a dream, but something told it was real, and alarmingly she felt a sexual tension, a sense that all that Syntessa was saying could be real. El looked at Syntessa, she was the same as the reflection, her scarlet-skinned body was coated in a matching rubber catsuit, and long shiny boots stretching from her thighs to end in needle sharp heels. Every line of her perfectly shapely body was visible in the smooth gloss. El panted, this woman, this creature, was a fantasy in reality.

<Let yourself go, don’t just imagine how good it will feel, feel it yourself.> Syntessa said. <Laryssa there is nothing else you can do.>

El tried to clear her thoughts. If it was true she could not resist why was Syntessa so eager for her to yield, why did she just not take her?

<I can take you but anyway, once begun, the process is irreversible. Every second that ring is making you further into Laryssa.>

El glanced down at the ring, the stone of which was now pulsing with a forceful red light. She tried to tug it off, but was not surprised when it refused to move.

<But I know you want me as I want you. I want us to pleasure each other in our true forms.> Syntessa continued.

El’s feelings for Jacqui bubbled up and the more she looked at this creature, Syntessa, the more she could see Jacqui within her and more the thought of caressing her gloss coated body, aroused her.

<Look.> Syntessa said forcefully.

El tried to resist, but uncontrollably she found herself turning face on to the mirror. It showed the now familiar reflection of what El realised she now knew she could become. As she stood without moving, the reflection slowly began to sway, then running its hands up its rubber-coated body. Watching, barely breathing, El was entranced, she felt somehow that she was missing out on something, that sensuous feeling that was clearly sweeping through Laryssa.

<Dance.> Syntessa said simply.

El’s last fragment of will held back her body from moving. She tried to resist the curiosity of seeing what would truly happen, how it would really feel, as she knew there would be no turning back. Then her body’s desires proved stronger than her mind’s reluctance and she began to run her hands over her body at first slowly, barely noticing that her actions were mimicking those of the reflection. In moments she was swaying, thrusting out her hips, then strutting on the long sharp heels of her brilliantly red thigh-length boots as she fondled her erect nipples through the clinging rubber of her catsuit. Laryssa shuddered at the pleasure that was running through her.

<Laryssa?> Syntessa asked.

<Yes.> Laryssa replied, turning to her lover.

The two locked in a kiss, their studded tongues exploring each other as the sex toys their mistress had placed within them throbbed them into ecstasy. They fell back on to the bed, their gloss coated bodies entwining.

Laryssa awoke, she knew her Mistress needed her. That thought felt good, she was eager to please her Mistress and welcomed all opportunities to do so. Beside her, Syntessa sat up and reached over to kiss Laryssa lightly, and gave her still hard nipples a stroke to remind her of the pleasure they had had together. The pair of them stood and walked across the room, stepping over the shredded clothes left by some human. Laryssa glanced at the color briefly, there were some shades amongst them she liked, but nothing on the catsuit she wore. She stood proudly looking at herself in the mirror. She liked the shade of her eyes, now perfect orbs of red, and she loved the red of her hair, a slightly darker shade than Syntessa’s but still as long and as sleek. She looked perfect for her mistress.

Syntessa took Laryssa’s hand and slid the ring, its stone now dull, from her finger. She pressed it against the mirror and it seemed to dissolve into the glass, turning into a crimson rippling window. Together the pair stepped through. The moment the last fragment of Laryssa’s leather coat had passed through the mirror returned to plain glass.

<Syntessa, you have been away so long.> Ilarya said impatiently as she reclined on her sofa. The wars had been over for weeks and she had missed her favorite pet.

<Mistress, i returned as quickly as possible.> Syntessa replied as demurely as she could.

<I forget that time passes differently in that world of the humans. Did you find a suitable plaything?>

<Yes, Mistress.> Syntessa stepped aside.

<Come forward, Laryssa.> Ilarya said.

Laryssa’s body was unable to do anything but obey her mistress who had given her this wonderful body and the delicious clothes she wore, yet, even so, Laryssa delighted in being able to obey her mistress. She fell to her knees in front of Ilarya.

<Mistress.> Laryssa said, pleased to be able to use those words for the first time.

<Excellent, the avatar worked perfectly I see. You found a human female so compliant she has slipped into it so easily. It is such an improvement from her previous form, I’m sure.> Ilarya said to Syntessa.

<Laryssa, stand, turn.>

In moments Laryssa was rising on her sharp heels and slowly turned so that her mistress could drink in her shapely form picked out in the rubber she wore so tight against her body.


<Thank you, Mistress.>

<Syntessa, you and Laryssa perform for me. You mount her, it will be my welcoming present to her.>Ilarya ordered. She lifted a disc the size of her palm, it seemed to be made from smooth purple glass. As she pointed at first Syntessa then Laryssa their catsuits began to change. The dildo that rested within Syntessa began growing outwards until its fat red rubber stretched hard and shiny in front of her by many inches. Laryssa catsuit altered so she could receive it. As her dildo withered away and the rubber parted over her pussy Laryssa initially felt empty, realizing that the hard buzzing rubber in her pussy had already become so much of her existence. However, catching sight of her hairless pussy, its scarlet lips engorged and hungry, her large sensitive smooth red clitoris erect, she was so grateful for how her mistress had made her.

<Thank you Mistress, thank you.> Laryssa said in the moments before Syntessa came in behind her and eased her on to the silk cushions, grasping her rubber coated bum and then sliding the dildo into her from behind. Laryssa’s mind was soon filled entirely with pleasure as she loyally performed for her mistress, her sexy body loving the stimulation Syntessa provided as she thrust hard and deep as the two eased slowly to orgasm. Laryssa’s thoughts were concerned with nothing bar the pleasure that her total obedience to her mistress gave her perfect erotic body, a pleasure she knew she could never give up. She would remain Ilarya’s servile sex-pet for ever more.


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