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Feature Writer: Grantley Morris

Feature Title: Sex, Demons & Temptation

Synopsis : How One Christian Found Relief; A Spiritual Weapon in Defeating Sexual Pressure. Sex, Demons & Temptation

Link: How_one_Christian_found_relief.

Demon Attacks

After reading my webpages about masturbation, a twenty-year-old man e-mailed me, giving me permission to share his experience, provided I do not name him. I’ll call him ‘Tim.’

Tim wrote to Grantley Morris

Endless religious activity only ever kept my mind off sex. It was a band-aid solution. I was raised in a Christian home, where sex was never discussed, and I masturbated ever since I can remember. When I was 11, puberty started, and added a whole new dimension. I used soft pornography till I was maybe 12, and dirty westerns until I was maybe 15. I was a serious addict until I was 16, when I met my current mentor.

One night he told me that the Lord didn’t want me masturbating anymore. (He worded it more graciously than that). I didn’t take it too seriously, but from that moment on, whenever I indulged, I was struck with terrible pain in my kidneys. The pain would go away when I rebuked it in Jesus’ Name, but would often return, and it usually took numerous rebukes to make it stay away. This was fairly convincing evidence that God wanted me to quit masturbating, but for maybe a month I dealt with a lot of pain, and did a lot of rebuking.

I finally told God that I could not stop masturbating, but that I would only do it when I had a wet dream – just once, the day after the dream. That way He would control how often. Under this system, the pain never came unless I tried twice the day after.
To this day, I am not sure if that was of God or not. I strongly suspect that it was the enemy going to any lengths to keep me masturbating. (By simply withdrawing the pain, he had me convinced that I was in God’s will.)

The Holy Spirit began to deal with me over the fantasy that I still indulged in. (I had rationalized that using comic books is acceptable, since they were not even represented to be real women.) By the time I was 18, I had stopped any kind of fantasy while I did it. This was so boring that I considered just forgetting the whole thing. I prayed about it, and felt the Lord saying that I knew what was right, and that masturbating would prevent my relationship with him from going any further. So I stopped then and there.

I still had sexual dreams, and nocturnal emissions. I occasionally masturbated when I would wake up after a sexual dream, and find myself highly aroused. A while ago, I was led by the Lord to do some reading on incubus and succubus spirits. I have now done quite a bit of research about sexual spirits. One of the webpages that most impacted me was from an occult site. It was a ritual on how to summon an incubus or succubus, which would appear as any lover that you wanted.

The gist was that you bathe, perfume yourself, light a candle in a dark room, and masturbate while fantasizing about having sex with the partner of your choice. I was very convicted. There is nothing significant about bathing, perfume or candles. Clearly, the critical ingredients were masturbation and sexual fantasy – the very things I had repeatedly indulged in years ago. Almost everything I read about summoning these demons seemed to describe what I had done.

I repented of submitting to these demons, and commanded them to go in Jesus’ name. Initially, when I began taking authority over these incubus/succubus spirits, I started having very lurid sexual dreams. There was far more detail than I had ever experienced in a dream. During these dreams I would be assaulted with barely controllable lust, and rage (mostly frustration because of the lust).

There would be all sorts of characters in these dreams. These characters changed forms often and always tried to steer the dreams into sexual channels. Nocturnal emissions always came with these dreams. It took some serious rebuking and scripture quoting, and there was about a week of really intense warfare, but the bondage broke, and the dreams are gone, along with the nocturnal emissions.

It has been almost a month and half now, with no sexual dreams. During that time I have had two nocturnal emissions, both of which had been preceded by sexual fantasies, which I had allowed myself to have during the day. These were times when I took my eyes off Jesus, and let compromise creep in.

I guess I have what Peter Wagner calls a “strong demonology,” because it has worked so well for me. I have found that almost every kind of evil can either be stopped in the process, or prevented from even happening, by rebuking some demon. I am hard pressed to think of even one instance where any kind of evil thought has not gone immediately, (even if only temporarily) when I addressed it in the name of Jesus, and commanded it to go. I know people that have “softer demonology,” and I certainly respect their position, but I see them battling issues a lot longer before they are free.

Insights by Grantley Morris

You would have to be deluded to mess with spirits. Always on the prey for new victims, these filthy parasites get their kicks out of tricking people into thinking they offer something, when it is simply a mirage with which they hope to fool us into letting them overpower us and then torment us. Using false promises as bait, they seek to get their slimy tentacles into us, and enslave us.

Occultists have no understanding. They waste their lives groveling in the dark. 
Spirits can easily control us because they are powerful, devious and evil, but they cower in fear of Jesus. Before the One who conquered sin and death, unclean spirits are groveling, pathetic creatures. So no Christian need be manipulated by these lowlife. Tim broke free, merely by using the authority Jesus has given the weakest Christian.

In Jesus is more than you dare hope for. He alone offers eternal excitement, and fulfillment that never turns sour. 
Wet dreams can be perfectly natural. Nevertheless, Tim eventually concluded that although demonic influence was not obvious, it might in his case have gone beyond the natural. Rather than just tolerating it and trying not to let it affect his conscious life, he considered it was worth trying a different tactic.

He chose to renounce his past solo-sex activities as sin, acknowledged that it could have opened him up to demonic interference, and exercised over it the authority Jesus has bestowed upon all believers. The result was a dramatic change in the sexual activity he was subjected to at the time all of us are most vulnerable – when asleep.

I doubt that this approach alone will be the full answer for everyone, but it is worth serious, prayerful consideration. We will almost certainly still have to be vigilant and exercise considerable self-control, but I think, for some people, this approach could lower the intensity and frequency of attack.

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