Feature Writer: Punky Girl AKA Shannon

Feature Title: SUBURBAN GIRL 1

Published: 26.09.2007

Story Codes: Fetish, Young, Snuff, Zoo, Domination, Sin

Synopsis: In the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio a young girl discovers that masturbation is a sin. But when she breaks a promise to God to stop her immoral actions she begins to see the Bible’s list of sexual restrictions as her most basic and carnal desires. Because for this 13-year-old suburban girl, sin and her wanton sexual needs go hand in hand as she struggles to endure a body built for sex, abuse, and constant orgasm. Inspired by the classic UseNet story “Farm Girl” by Dark Dreamer.


Suburban Girl 1

I started masturbating when I was 10-years-old. Early bloomer, I know, but what can I say? My hormones had to be doing something as I crept forward into puberty. They sure weren’t doing much else. Unlike other girls my age I hadn’t shot up at all in height. In fact, my body hadn’t changed at all. But my mind was working differently, that’s for sure. And one day, well, I just found myself taking a lot of time in the shower down there. You know, between my legs? It took a few sessions but eventually I had something of an orgasm. After that I was hooked. I enjoyed myself like that on an almost daily basis for a very long time. But then, during the first semester of my 7th grade year at St. Mary the Immaculate (a Catholic Middle School in suburban Cleveland), I found out that masturbation was a sin.

Talk about a slap in the face. I was 12-years-old now and masturbating had become an entrenched part of my daily routine. Now I was being told that if I continued to do it I’d spend an eternity in Hell. I took that kind of possibility seriously in those days. I resolved not to ever masturbate again. That promise to myself– and to God, I should probably mention– was broken about six months later. At least it felt like six months. Every day I wanted to touch myself like that, to tickle my slit as I showered until I was crying out with pleasure. It got so bad that on some days I avoided showering altogether. But I was a girlish girl and I wanted to look pretty, so those days were rare. I tried cold showers too, but they just made me hotter. I tried quick ones, but it was impossible to be quick with the long golden hair I had. The temptation to touch myself was always there and there was no way I’d be able to resist it forever.

The streak of abstinence was finally broken after my dad gave me the spanking of a lifetime for calling one of my older brothers a faggot. If I had insulted Jason in any other way my dad would probably have only smacked me across the face. But to accuse one of his sons of being gay was the gravest of sins in his eyes. I was smart enough to know that, but the big dumb jerk had called me a runt! We were arguing and he’d decided to go there, to make fun of the fact that my body still hadn’t developed and that I was still a bony, skinny little shrimp. Combined with the pressures of school, friends, and my inability to pleasure myself, I blew up. And our dad had heard the insult from all the way downstairs. Jason had simply grinned at me when we both heard our father’s massive footsteps ascending the stairway. He knew what was coming and so did I.

During the spanking that ensued I endured a myriad of insults. My dad was never a kind man and he had little respect for the opposite sex. He called me a bitch, he called me worthless, he told me he wished I’d never been born. His words hurt, just like they always did, but they paled in comparison to the pain of his brutalizing blows. I whimpered and cried as I lay across his lap while his callused hand beat down on my soft, boyish butt. He’d hiked up the skirt I was wearing, part of my school uniform, so that only a thin pair of white cotton panties protected my fresh little behind. I cried and cried at first until I felt his hard-on beneath my belly-button. I could feel it poking into me through his jeans, and for some reason that shut me up. The pain was still intense, his insults were still ringing in my ears, but somehow knowing that he was getting hard was exciting me. For a few moments only the loud smacking sounds of his hand and the vile words from his mouth filled the air as I remained silent. Unconsciously I began to grind my belly down on my father’s hard-on, wondering if he knew that I knew it was there, wondering why it was exciting me so much. Finally he lifted me off his lap and tossed me onto my bed. My heart was beating hard in my flat chest as tears dried upon my face. He left me like that, wondering.

For the first time ever I masturbated outside of the shower. I pleasured myself in my own bed, albeit under the covers. In the back of my head I knew it was strange that I should break a period of abstinence like this, after my own father had spanked me and my butt stung with pain. But masturbate I did, for the first time in a long time. I remember pushing aside my panties and slipping my fingers along my wet slit, cringing from my bruised up butt as I lay back with my legs spreading wide. My brain was legitimately horny for the first time ever and my 12-year-old mind was having a hard time processing it all. I rubbed at my little pink clit with abandon as strange thoughts and feelings filled my head. For the first time I found myself thinking about sex while I pushed my fingers along the folds of my hairless labia. I’d never thought about anything while masturbating before. It’d always just been something pleasurable that I did to myself in the shower. Now, though, I found myself thinking of men kissing women, men touching women. It was so strange. The orgasm I got was almost more than I could take.

After that nothing could stop me from making masturbation a part of my daily routine again. At Sunday confession the Father DeGrazia told me I had to do a dozen Hail Mary’s for each time I’d done it, but I didn’t even bother. How could something that felt so good possibly send me to Hell? It was the first time I ever seriously questioned my faith. It wouldn’t be the last.

School ended for the year a month or so after that. In the large suburban neighborhood we lived in I spent most of my summer days riding bikes with friends and hanging out at their pools. I had started a major growth spurt at the end of the 7th grade, finally, so I was also spending a lot of time at the mall buying new outfits and things. I was having to buy a lot of stuff I’d never needed before, things like bras and deodorant and tampons. My body was really making up for lost time. It was as though it had suddenly realized I was close to being a teenager and that it had better get itself ready. I mean, one morning my pussy had been as bald as a newborn baby just like always, and I swear to God that when I changed into my pajamas that night it had an actual golden patch of peach fuzz instead. And my breasts, well, they were no disappointment either. They were growing on an almost daily basis, or so it seemed to me. At times it was scary, having my body change so rapidly. With no mom to help me through it I had to rely on my friends, but soon their pity and helpfulness turned to jealousy and resentment. I wasn’t only catching up with them, I was out-pacing them. By the time summer neared its end I was having to wear b-cup bras and even those were feeling snug. I had gone from the flattest girl in my group of friends to being the best endowed. My so-called friends noticed, and they sure didn’t like it.

Guys were beginning to notice me, too, only they did like what they saw. And not just boys either. Men, grown-up men, were starting to check me out at the mall, during my bike rides– hell, even at home. And why shouldn’t they? I was no longer a cute little girl with a boyish body. I was sexy now! I’d grown three inches in height, so that while I was still pretty short at least I stood over five feet for the first time in my life. My breasts were more than a handful, very firm and perky, and when I wore one of my new push-up bras they almost seemed too large for my small frame. I was skinny, too, but instead of being straight and bony it was curvy and soft. Plus I still had my large, innocent blue eyes along with my pretty lips, tiny snub nose, and long golden hair. I was a real knock-out, I told myself, and I wasn’t wrong. Sure I had a long way to go before I’d be considered a beautiful woman but being a sexy tween/teenager wasn’t bad, either. I was enjoying the new attention I was getting, that’s for sure. I even dressed to display my new features, wearing tight tops and short shorts, though I didn’t dare dress too provocatively since my dad would have had a fit. As summer wound down I was loathe to go back to wearing the drab school uniforms that were required there. I wanted to show off my new body wherever I went, even if there wasn’t anyone to show it off to at the all girls’ school.

I was still masturbating on a daily basis, usually at night but sometimes in the morning, too. I had to be careful when I did it since my brothers never bothered to knock before entering my bedroom. I also had to force myself to be quiet while rubbing myself for the same reason. It really sucked. What sucked even worse was the fact that I had no material to masturbate to. I didn’t have any access to porn and my dad wouldn’t even let me rent R-rated movies. Oh sure, he let my brothers watch the latest R-rated blockbusters, but I was just a girl. Things like blood and foul language might warp my fragile mind.

I suspected that my brothers had porn in their bedrooms, but they were allowed to have locks on their doors so sneaking in to find out was impossible. There was the computer, too, but it was located in the family room so I had no privacy there. It was infuriating as hell. Here I had this freshly pubescent body, these raging hormones, and this addiction to masturbation, but there was no way for me to satisfy my intense curiosity about all things sex! I was still very naive about the subject and all I wanted to do was learn more about it. It wasn’t like I was trying to hook up with real-life boys the way some curious girls did. I was much too scared and indoctrinated by the church to do that. I just wanted material to get off on but it didn’t seem likely that I’d get access to it anytime soon.

My birthday that year fell on the last Friday of summer vacation. That morning, as I prepared breakfast for everyone, my dad announced that he would be bringing my brothers with him on a fishing trip to Lake Erie for the weekend. I wasn’t invited. That was fine with me. It would give me free reign of the house, I thought, and perhaps I’d be able to figure out a way to sneak into one of my brother’s bedrooms. I spent that day sunbathing with my friends, feeling like an outsider as I soaked in the sun wearing a brand new bikini that left little to the imagination. My recently sculpted legs, hips, and breasts were on full display as I soaked in the sun, along with my tight, round butt. My friends gave me the cold shoulder all afternoon, and it was no wonder. The girl who was hosting the gathering, Jody, had two extremely handsome older brothers and both of them were flirting with me exclusively. I flirted back in my awkward and girlish way, and that just made my friends even more resentful. Only Melissa, who was way too shy to be mean, spent any time talking to me. It was obvious now that she would probably be my only friend when I entered the 8th grade the following Tuesday.

That evening back at home my dad gave me a list of rules I had to follow while I was alone. I’d never been home alone before for such a long period, and he wasn’t taking any chances that I’d forget his stupid rules. I was allowed to go out during the day, but I had to be home no later than seven at night. I could hang out with friends, but I couldn’t have anyone over. And, of course, I had to do all my usual chores: clean the bathrooms, the kitchen, and walk the dogs. That last one annoyed me the most. Whereas so many of my friends had pools in their backyards, I had an honest-to-God kennel. A kennel in the middle of the suburbs. It was stupid, but my dad loved his four dumb mastiffs even more than me, it seemed. He would have let them all stay in the house but they were too big and clumsy. He only ever allowed one of them in the house at a time to prevent them from trashing the place. Usually walking them was the one chore he did himself or, failing that, had one of my brothers do since I was, of course, only a girl. But he was only bringing one of them to the lake, so the task of walking the rest fell to me. Cleaning the kennel was something I was used to, and that chore was also on the list.

He made sure I’d read the whole stupid list before giving me the usual threats for what would happen to me if I broke any of the rules. Then he gave me one of his credit cards and his video-rental card, along with the phone number of a neighbor of ours from across the street, Mrs. Sanford.

“If there’s some kinda emergency, call her,” he explained. “I called to let her know you’ll be alone so she’ll be checking in on ya. I also called up to Blue Moon and told them you could rent a few DVDs for the weekend. Nothing R-rated, and you’d best have them returned before I get home Monday or it’ll be your ass, got it?”

I nodded meekly, not saying a word. With my dad it was always safest to just be quiet and obedient. He didn’t say anything about my birthday before he returned to packing up for his trip. He didn’t even give me a present. In his mind the video rentals were probably present enough. My brothers, on the other hand, not only wished me a happy birthday but also gave me their traditional gift after cornering me in my bedroom a few minutes before they were supposed to leave.

“Please, no, not this year, no!” I begged as Jason and Ron grabbed me and threw me down onto my bed. They were laughing cruelly as they held me down, Jason pinning my arms and Ron my legs. Then Tyler, my oldest brother, grinned evilly and started to give me the gift my brothers liked to call “The Tickle Torture”.

“Happy birthday, Becky!” he hissed in my ear. With that he began tickling me, starting at my rib cage and then pulling up my shirt enough so that he could get to my flat tummy. I kicked as best I could and cried out in protest, but soon I was squealing with laughter. My brothers had been doing this to me on my birthday for as long as I could remember, and I always dreaded it. Yet I always ended up laughing hysterically just the same. It took Tyler only a few seconds to get me so that I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe. After he finished he grabbed my arms and Jason took his place. He didn’t think my shirt had been pulled up far enough so he tugged it up even higher until I thought he was going to expose my breasts. Then he tickled me too as I cried for him to stop between fits of laughter and unwanted giggles. Ron, my youngest older brother, went last. I writhed around helplessly as he went to work like the other two had. It was only with him that I noticed his hands occasionally brushing against the bottoms of my covered breasts. At the time I was naive enough to think it was just accidental.

When they finished I was beat red from laughing and completely out of breath. They each said their farewells and I laid in bed catching my breath for awhile until I heard my dad’s SUV pulling away from the house.

I was alone now. The thought made me shiver with delight. Suddenly I realized I was feeling extremely horny, something that was a bit of a surprise. I felt down between my legs and was shocked to realize I was soaking wet. The thought never occurred to me that what my brothers had just done might be the cause of it, but the reason didn’t matter anyway. I loved feeling like this, especially when I could do something about it. I whetted my lips and smiled to myself as I got out of bed and practically tore my clothing off. I didn’t have to do it under the covers for once. I was alone! I jumped back onto my bed with a laugh and quickly began to slide my finger up the wet folds of my labia, shuddering as I made contact with my clitty.

Normally that’s about all I did when I masturbated. I never actually penetrated myself with my fingers, at least not deeply. Doing so, I thought, was too close to actual sex, and actually having sex outside of marriage was definitely a sin that could land you in Hell. But in the frame of mind I was in that didn’t seem to matter. I wanted to feel my insides, I wanted to experience what it was like to be penetrated. As I stifled my moans of delight I squirmed my naked, just-turned-teenage body over my covers and spread my legs wide apart. And then, without a coherent thought in my head, I slid my middle finger into my virgin pussy-hole. The sensation made me bite my tongue to keep from screaming out loud in delight.

Suddenly I remembered that I didn’t have to be silent, though. Who was there to hear? As I squirmed my finger deeper inside my body I let out a long, low moan of wanton pleasure. The sound of my own voice was a real turn on for some reason. It wasn’t my normally small, soft, girlish voice. It was more the sultry sound of a groan woman, one that I only barely recognized. The feeling of my finger pressing deep into my vagina was sending shock-waves all across my tiny body, and I found myself squeezing one of my large breasts with my free hand, desperate to give my electrified body every bit of pleasure I could. That was also something new. Back when I used to do it in the shower I had no breasts to squeeze, and since growing them I had always made sure to keep my pajama top on in bed in case I got interrupted. I closed my eyes and moaned even more loudly as I played with my breast with one hand, my finger squirming away inside my hole with the other. I found that playing with the small, pink nipple that capped my breast really got me going. I was crying out and panting in desire, thrusting my hips forward in time with my pummeling finger as I twisted my hardened little nipple. It barely registered when I broke through my maidenhead, though I’m sure I did during that session since I found a small trickle of blood on my sheets afterward. Part of me regretted losing my hymen like that, but the orgasm I experienced more than made up for popping my cherry.

It was an intense orgasm to say the least. I felt both disoriented and giddy, exhausted and charged up, after it was over. But I still felt that I wanted more. As I recovered from fingering myself for the first time I almost started doing so again. But then I saw the time on my alarm clock out of the corner of my eye and realized I’d better get going. After all, my dad and brothers wouldn’t be back until Monday afternoon. I’d have plenty of time to finger myself some more later.

I crawled out of bed and quickly got dressed. It was ten after six and I wanted to rent a movie for the night, but I had to hurry. Knowing my dad he’d be calling the house at 7:01 just to make sure I was obeying his stupid rules. My hair was a total mess but I quickly brushed it out and pulled it back in a simple ponytail with a scrunchy, then ran downstairs to the kitchen. After grabbing my purse and pulling on my sneakers I was out the door and on my bike. I rode it furiously in the direction of Blue Moon Video, my mind still charged up from the incredible orgasm I’d just had. As I passed by a neighbor watering his lawn, I noticed him turn his head to watch me ride by. I smiled to myself, certain beyond a doubt that he’d love to put his penis where my finger had just been. But no, no, that wasn’t going to happen. I couldn’t let myself think like that. Pressing a finger into my little hole was one thing, but having sex with a man was entirely different. Having sex could mean pregnancy or disease in addition to an eternity in Hell. I wouldn’t be able to do that until I was married.

As I neared the video store about twenty minutes later, though, an idea was taking shape in my hormone-addled brain. If I couldn’t have honest-to-God sex with a man, couldn’t I at least simulate it? With something bigger than my own finger, I mean. Something closer to the size of a real penis. I wasn’t sure what size penises normally were, but I could still remember feeling the outline of my father’s hard one when he’d spanked me a few months before. It had felt massive. The thought of pressing something that large into my tiny body was getting me incredibly worked up. I shook the thought away as I finally reached the store, though. I was just being silly, I told myself. There was no way women used objects to pleasure themselves. It was just too weird to imagine.

I caught more people checking me out as I entered the small video store and that made me feel bubbly and sexy. I practically skipped around the store in my short denim shorts, trying to catch men and boys sneaking peaks at my delectable young butt and chest. I wasn’t exactly in a good frame of mind to be selecting movies for a Friday night, but I did my best. At the back of the store I stopped and stared forlornly at the entrance to the “Adults Only” section. So close and yet so far.

By the time I’d finally selected a couple of teeny-bopper comedies to watch, the store had mostly emptied. Only the big, overweight middle-aged guy who owned the place was still there, helping a customer in front of me in line. He recognized me as I stepped to the counter, and smiled.

“Why if it isn’t Becky Sullivan,” he said with a grin. “Your dad said you’d more than like be up here this weekend. What’s the, ahh, big occasion?”

“It’s my birthday and I’m all alone,” I said with my prettiest smile. The store owner wasn’t handsome in the least, what with his greased back hair and receding hairline, his slumped and beefy shoulders, and his constantly leering gray eyes. But he was a man and I’d found that I liked flirting with men of all kinds. I was a total amateur at it and it was fun to practice, especially when they were blatantly checking you out. “My daddy thought a couple of movies would keep me company.”

“Just, ahh, so long as they’re rated PG-13 or under, though,” he said with a wink. “Well happy birthday anyway, little one. Let’s, ahh, see what you got.”

I giggled and handed him the video cases. He took them and made comments about my selections as he turned around to go through some drawers to get the actual DVDs. After he placed them in their cases I gave him my dad’s rental card and credit card. After the transaction cleared I gave him a little wave and a smile and said goodbye. I could feel his eyes locked onto my butt as I walked out of the store.

I had to really bust my butt to get home in time but I managed to make it. And sure enough, it was only ten after seven when my dad called. He barely said a word and then hung up on me. Jerk, I thought to myself. He was probably hoping I wouldn’t be there just so he could ground me.

The panicked bike ride home along with sudden hunger sort of killed the hormonal high I’d been on when I left. I made myself a salad and some grilled chicken and ate dinner, feeling sort of lonely at the big kitchen table all by myself. Outside the sun was beginning to set as it neared eight o’ clock and I decided to change into my pajamas, pop some popcorn, and watch one of my movies.

When the DVD started I was munching on some popcorn when I nearly choked. The main menu to the movie had popped up, and this definitely wasn’t the PG-13 teen comedy I’d rented at the store. In big, bold letters across the screen were the words, “Horny Hungry Angels 4”, and the image of a naked woman with her hands between her legs was posing next to the menu options.

I stared at the frozen picture for a long moment, my mouth full of half-chewed popcorn. What the heck was this? I jumped out of my seat, pounded over to the DVD player, and ejected the disc. It was a blank pink disc with nothing on it to indicate what movie it was supposed to be. I placed it back into the machine with trembling fingers and stared up at the large TV screen as it loaded. I was on my knees in front of the set when once again it glared to life, the same image of the woman there along with the same title.

“A porno,” I whispered out loud, in awe. Suddenly my horniness from earlier was back in full force. The guy at the video store must have made a mistake! Or had he? It occurred to me that he could have done this intentionally, getting some cheap thrill out of the idea of a 13-year-old girl watching an adult movie. But no, that couldn’t be. He could get in major trouble if anyone found out about this, right? It had to be a mistake, I told myself. But wow, what a great mistake! Adrenalene began pumping through my veins as I realized that I would finally get a chance to see an adult movie, something forbidden, something wrong. It gave me a huge, naughty thrill that made me smile. Happy birthday to me!

I went quickly to the window that overlooked our backyard and closed the drapes. My heart was racing with anticipation when I got back to the sofa and grabbed the DVD remote. The movie’s menu had several options but the only one I cared about was the top one that said “play”. I selected it, hit enter, and giggled out loud when a woman’s voice moaned in response. The screen faded to black and suddenly some opening credits were playing against a black background along with some raunchy, heavy music.

The movie wasted no time getting to the action. The opening scene showed a beautiful woman in her mid-20’s, dressed only in bra and panties, doing some dishes at a kitchen sink. The camera zoomed in to show off her butt and breasts as she worked, and it occurred to me how unusual it was to be doing dishes wearing only a lacy red bra and matching g-string, but I didn’t care. After the camera finished examining the woman’s every feature it panned away to reveal a bare chested hunk wearing a pair of grimy looking jeans and work boots. He was admiring the woman, who didn’t seem to notice him at first. When she did it what was with obviously feigned surprise.

“Are you the plumber?” the supposedly startled woman asked. “You were supposed to get her at five!”

“I wanted to do my plumbing early,” the man said in response. Then, unbelievably, he crossed over the short distance to the woman and grabbed her. The soundtrack blared to life again as he reached out for her and pulled her to him. She didn’t resist at all: in fact, she seemed to want him to do it. Was he really supposed to be a stranger? After kissing her long and hard on the mouth she dropped to her knees in front of him and unzipped his jeans. A massively large and impossibly hard penis popped out of it. I gasped at the sight of it. It was the first hard penis I’d ever seen outside of a school text-book.

“I love your cock,” the woman said to the man as she gripped it in her hand and roughly stroked it.

“Suck it, bitch,” he replied.

I gasped again in genuine shock. Not only at his words (why would he call her a bitch?) but at her actions. She was taking his thing into her mouth! I’d never heard of a blow-job before but I realized that this must be what oral sex was. All we’d been told about it in sex-ed class was that it, too, was a sin. I could care less about sins right now, though. My panties were soaking wet and my light pink flannel PJ’s were begging to come off. With my large blue eyes glued to the action onscreen I hastily untied the string that held them up and then kicked off my bottoms without a thought.

What I watched after that was the most electrifying, intense, disgusting, and wonderful thing I’d ever seen before. The woman gave the man a blow-job, deep throating it until she gagged, for nearly five whole minutes. Then he pulled her roughly to her feet and made her lean against the kitchen counter and spread her legs. The camera zoomed in to show his massive cock probing at her pussy from behind as she grunted for him to fuck her and, before too long, he did. In a close up shot I watched in awe as the swollen purple head of his dick popped into her glistening slit. I’d never imagined that a porno movie could be so graphic! It wasn’t what I’d hoped for at all. No. It was much more than I could have hoped for. The penis slid slowly into the woman, who moaned loudly in response and the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. As the man pounded the grunting woman from behind I found myself sliding my finger into my own cunt. It didn’t take much to make me cum, but the orgasm wasn’t nearly enough to sate the new found desire burning inside me. I leaned back into the couch and spread my legs wider, not caring that I was dripping my juices onto the family sofa, not caring that I was being loud as I slid two fingers into my hole. The feeling of them squeezing their way inside my tight pussy was making me cry with pleasure. I was just beginning to unbutton my top with my free hand, desperate to be completely naked now, when suddenly the man pulled his cock out of her and the woman got back on her knees in front of him. For a moment I thought she was going to suck on his thing again, but instead she just smiled and told him to cum on her face, to cum now, that she wanted to taste it. Before I could figure out what “it” was, the man’s cock spewed forth a gooey white substance all over the woman’s pretty face. I gasped in surprise. Semen? Why would he cover her face with his own semen? The scene ended with the woman smiling, her face glazed with the man’s goo. She, at least, seemed to enjoy it. And though it made no sense to me, even that disgusting display intensified my burning desire to cum again.

It didn’t take long for me to get my wish. I was still panting from my third orgasm of the day when the next scene started. I realized then that there must not be any kind of story: the movie was just one sex scene after another. That was fine by me. This scene began with a different woman, already naked and even more attractive than the last. She had long brown hair streaked with golden highlights, and her body was perfect in every way. Suddenly mine didn’t seem quite so developed after all. This was a full grown woman, not some barely pubescent girl. She smiling at the camera from a small white love-seat and her eyes seemed to twinkle as she did. She told the camera her name and said that she loved to fuck herself. That certainly got my attention. My fingers were still gently sawing in and out of my hole as I wondered what she meant by that. I got my answer when she reached off screen for a long, phallic shaped device, as large if not larger than the penis from the first scene. My eyes widened as she spread her legs to reveal her pussy– which was hairless, I noticed– and place the strange device against her glistening pink hole.

I was so enthralled with what I saw next that I stopped fingering myself. I stared in wonder as the woman forced the large object into herself. It was making a loud buzzing sound as inch after inch of it disappeared into her perfect body. I was dumbstruck. Only a couple of hours ago the idea of using an object to simulate sex had occurred to me, but it had seemed so far-fetched I’d dismissed it as silly and stupid. Turns out it wasn’t just some fanciful idea from a hormone-addled teenage brain, though. The proof was on screen right now. Here was a woman fucking herself with an inanimate object.

Suddenly I pulled my fingers out of my dripping slit and paused the movie. I had to try it out for myself now. I stood up quickly and felt dizzy for a moment. After steadying myself I began to wander around the room, naked from the waist down, walking aimlessly as if the object I desired would magically appear so long as I was pacing. After a moment or two I giggled out loud and smiled. I knew exactly what would work. Heck, I’d eaten one in my salad less than an hour ago.

We had three cucumbers left in the fridge, and all were massive in size. I wondered briefly if they might be too big, but my utter horniness overruled my doubt. I grabbed the freshest, firmest of the hard vegetables and slammed the fridge door shut. Just as I did the doorbell rang.

I froze in fear. Who could it possibly be? One of my friends? No, I wasn’t the only one with a curfew and it was already dark outside. Then who?

The doorbell rang again before I snapped out of my panic induced pose. “Just a minute!” I cried out fearfully. I took an uncertain step in the direction of the family room when the doorbell began to ring over and over angrily. Spinning on my heels, and with my heart pounding in fear, I found myself striding toward the front door quickly. Peeking out the front door I saw an impatient young woman standing on my porch waiting in obvious annoyance. I sighed in relief when I saw her. She was Mrs. Sanford’s daughter, the neighbor from across the street my dad had said might be checking in on me.

I was naked from the waist down and my flannel pajama top was halfway open. To hide my nakedness I put myself behind the door, opened it just a crack, and greeted the young woman with a smile. She would only be able to see my face and there was no reason I shouldn’t be able to get rid of her quickly. It wasn’t until after I said hi, though, that I realized she could also see my left hand.

Which was still clutching the large cucumber.

She seemed bored and annoyed as she said, “Yeah, my mom told your dad she’d check in on you but she’s too damned lazy to do it herself. You seem alive and well to me, though, so I’ll just be…” Just then her eyes locked onto the green vegetable clutched in my left hand. I was squeezing it hard with a guilty conscience. Could she know? My eyes were wide with fear as I stared at her. She was looking at the cucumber suspiciously, and then seemed to recognize the fear in my eyes. With a cocky little grin she said, “What are you doing with that? Why are you hiding behind the door?”

I started to stammer out the words “salad” and “no” but couldn’t marshal the strength to as she pushed open the door. With a shriek I turned quickly and ran up the stairs. She no doubt got a full view of my naked ass and pussy before I disappeared around the corner and went into my bedroom.

I was mortified. Why hadn’t I taken the time to pull on my PJ’s before answering the door? I threw myself into my bed and began to cry in embarrassment and fear. If the girl I now remembered as Amy Sanford told her mom about what she’d seen my dad would definitely find out. Mrs. Sanford was the biggest gossip in the subdivision, everyone knew. It’s probably why he had chosen her to keep tabs on me. How could I have been so reckless, to go and act like I was completely alone and safe from prying eyes? My dad had even warned me she might come over and yet I’d gone to the kitchen half naked, had answered the door with that damned cucumber in my hand! How foolish I had been. The horniness, the orgasms, they had all clouded my brain. After sobbing for a good five minutes I made a solemn promise to God that if He could somehow get me out of this mess I’d never be so stupid again.

It was only after making this silent little prayer that I realized I could hear moaning from downstairs. The movie was playing. I groaned in despair. Amy must have started it again. It made me angry that she would come waltzing into my home without being invited, but then I realized I had no one to complain to. If she told my dad that she’d discovered me watching a porno he certainly wouldn’t care that she’d come in uninvited. I had to make sure she didn’t tell him, but how? Conjuring up all the courage I could, I pulled on another pair of pajama bottoms, buttoned up my top, and went quickly downstairs.

Sure enough Amy was sitting there on the couch watching the movie. She was sort of strange looking, the way she dressed and did her hair. She wore mostly black clothing, a fishnet top with only a small black halter beneath it to cover her boobs, and worn black denim jeans with holes torn in at her thighs and knees. She also wore combat boots and was accessorized with studded leather wrist bands, a dog collar around her throat, and multiple piercings. She’d always stood out in our otherwise drab and conformist neighborhood. Her hair was dyed a dark neon pink and it was short and spiky, too. She had that Goth-punk look, I guess, and I had always found her sort of scary and weird. But she wasn’t ugly in the least: her body was fit and firm with nice big tits and a round tight ass. She was about 20-years-old now, I thought, though I couldn’t be sure. All I knew was that she went to college at Ohio State and was always gone in the fall.

“So you like watching pornos, huh?” she said without looking at me. She had a cocky grin on her face but kept her eyes fixed on the television screen. “Is that what you planned on doing with the cucumber? You wanted to shove it up your little cunt like this slut pornstar?”

“I, no, you don’t… ,” I stammered. Her tone of voice was friendly but her words were filthy and dripping mean. “I uhm, it’s not mine… it was an accident!”

She must have noticed the fear and desperation in my voice because just then she paused the movie again with the image of the woman fucking herself frozen in place. She turned to look at me and smiled. “Oh, come on hon, don’t be so afraid,” she said. “Take a seat. We’ll have a cigarette together.” With all the confidence in the world she half stood from her seat and produced a pack of menthol cigarettes and a lighter from her jeans pocket. As she did I slowly walked around to the opposite end of the sofa and sat down gingerly.

“Uhm, you can’t… uhm, smoke in here,” I said softly.

She waved away my words as she lit a cigarette and took a long drag. “Just leave the windows open tomorrow,” she said. “My parents never smoked either. I did this all the time when I was your age, never got caught. Here.” She offered the pack of smokes to me, then, and after a pause I leaned over and took one. I had no interest in smoking but I didn’t want to offend her in any way. If she told her mom about what she’d seen…

She lit the cigarette for me and I took an awkward hit. It made me feel light headed. “Better?” she asked with a smile. “A good smoke always calms me down. You don’t need to be afraid, Becky. I’m not gonna rat on you. I just want to know what you were doing here. You seem kinda young for all this shit.”

Her words lifted a great weight off of my shoulders. She wasn’t going to tell! Suddenly she was my hero, my savior, my prayer answered in the flesh. And as I smoked the words came pouring out of me. I don’t know why I told her everything I did. I could have made a lot of stuff up instead. But I didn’t. I told her all about how I’d been masturbating for years, how I’d quit for so long because it was a sin and then started again after getting spanked. I told her about how frustrated I’d been lately since I couldn’t get my hands on anything more substantive than a PG-13 rated movie. The lousy birthday, the video store, the surprise when I got home, and even my plan with the cucumber. I confessed all. And it felt good to finally confide in someone, especially since she didn’t seem to be judging me. She just nodded along and smiled encouragingly. When I was finished I realized I’d smoked the cigarette down to its butt and Amy offered me the Coca Cola can I’d been drinking earlier for me to drop it in. Then I said, “So I mean, does all that make me sick? Am I some weirdo or something?”

Amy laughed. “Are you kidding? Fuck no, hon. When I was your age I was into all kinds of fucked up shit. I mean I didn’t ever put anything larger than my index finger up my twat until I got to high school, but so what? I got eaten out for the first time when I was even younger than you.”

She was grinning at me as though I should know what that meant. “Eaten out?”

She rolled her eyes. “Oh my god you are a child,” she said. “Getting eaten out is when someone licks your pussy until you cum.”

My eyes widened. That must be what oral sex for women was, I realized. “Wh-who… who…”

“Who ate my cunt? I’ll tell you but you have to promise not to tell,” she said, grinning wickedly. After I nodded she whispered, “My dog!”

“Your WHAT?” I gasped. She just laughed.

“Oh yeah, that shitty little Boston Terrier you’ve probably seen my parents walking around,” she laughed as she lit up another cigarette. “I’d just lather up my cunt with butter or jelly and the stupid shit would go to town. I don’t know how many condiments I wasted getting off from that dog, but at the time it was totally worth it. The orgasms were good and dogs don’t tell secrets, you know?”

I was stunned speechless. She offered me the pack of smokes and without really meaning to I leaned over and accepted one. She was grinning at me wordlessly as she lit it for me. She seemed to be assessing me somehow as we smoked in silence for a minute. The smoke was making me a little dizzy and it tasted a bit nasty, too, but it did seem to relax me somewhat. I took the opportunity to really study her face. She really was quite attractive in an exotic sort of way. Her nose was a little crooked but it suited her older face. Her left eyebrow was pierced along with her right nostril, and thick-gauge rings dangled from her ears, too.

“Tell you what,” she said, breaking the silence. “You still have a couple hours left of your birthday, so I’m going to give you the present of a lifetime.”

“Wh-what present?” I asked, suddenly nervous again. The only present I wanted was for her to keep her mouth shut, but this scarily dressed young woman oozed confidence and authority. I felt as meek and timid in her presence as I did whenever I was around my dad. And she just grinned and stood up from her seat in response, making me feel more nervous. I took a long drag from what remained of my cigarette as she walked over to where I was sitting and sat back down next to me. She was so close that her body brushed against mine, making me feel totally uncomfortable.

“I’m going to teach you all about that budding body of yours,” she whispered in my ear. “Sexy little girl like you is gonna be beating guys off with a stick very soon. Wouldn’t you like learn about your body from another girl before you go letting some stupid teenage boy fumble around with it?” At that moment she placed her hand on my chest. Just like that, as though it was no big deal. Just like that, she was giving my right breast a gentle little squeeze through my top and bra.

“What!” I shrieked in surprise. I suddenly realized what she was getting at. I’d heard of lesbians before, sure, but the idea of doing something with another girl was just… well, evil! And wrong! And sick! I jumped up from my seat in a sudden panic and said, “No, I think you should go, I…”

“SIT BACK DOWN!” she roared at me, standing up as she did. I cowered in her presence for a moment, my eyes wide and pleading in fear, but found myself slowly sitting back down just as she’d commanded. I looked up at her with tears in my eyes and my hands in my lap. She pointed a finger in my face and said, “Now you listen to me, Becky. I think I know exactly what kind of girl you are so I’m going to make this simple for you. If you disobey me again tonight, or you so much as breathe the word ‘no’ again, I’m gonna go back over to my house, get the contact number your dad left my mom, and call him myself. TONIGHT. Do you want that? Is that what you want?”

“N-no,” I sobbed. Tears were rolling down my cheeks now as I trembled in fear. She smacked me across the face.

“What did I just tell you!” she hissed. “Do not use that word, not again. Understand?”

“Y-yes, I’m s-s-sorry,” I stammered.

She smiled. “Good.” Then she slowly took her seat next to me again and her voice returned to its formerly friendly tone. “Now let’s see what we have here, hmm?” Just then she pressed her hand down between my legs, forcing them apart as she did. I gave no resistance and soon she was cupping my mound through the thin fabric of my PJ’s. Only a thin layer of flannel pajama bottoms separated my cunt from her cupped hand. “Mmm,” she smiled, “you’re soaking wet. You like being told what to do, don’t you?”

I blinked back my tears and just nodded my head. She was right about me being soaked, after all. I didn’t understand it but it was true. I’d gotten horny from her commanding me, from her yelling at me like that. It was so confusing!

Her hand was still between my legs and she began to rub me there. It was so strange and exciting to feel someone touch me like that for the first time. I couldn’t deny the pleasure that was emanating from my pussy now, as humiliating as it was. Meanwhile she was purring softly in my ear, saying, “You see, Becky, there are two kinds of people in this world: doms and subs. Dominant people, like me, get off on being in charge. Submissive people, like you, get off on being controlled, and abused, and taken advantage of. In a way you’re the luckiest person I know. At your age and with your looks you’re going to be bumping into doms wherever you go. You think that video store guy didn’t know what he was doing when he gave you that video? Ha! Everything about you screams victim. Doms like us are easy to find, hon, but a good sub is so rare, so rare indeed… a girl like you will never want for the kind of attention your little cunnie her is so desperate for.”

I listened to her words and tried to stay focused on them as Amy slid her hand down the front of my flannel pants. I’d neglected to put on any underwear before coming back downstairs so she now had full access to my cunt. It was all I could do not to start moaning. But I didn’t want to admit that she was right. I would do this, I would endure this, because she had the goods on me. She could get me into more trouble than I’d ever even dreamed of. That’s why I would play along, not because I was a “sub”, as she put it. That’s what I told myself, at least, even as my body tingled with desire.

“Close your eyes,” she commanded, and I did. My lips were slightly open as I breathed with pleasure from her touch. When she pressed her own lips against them I finally moaned. Just like that I was finally having my first kiss. It was with a 20-year-old woman whose hand was down my pants, but there it was. The kiss I would always remember, my first kiss in the world.

When her tongue entered my mouth I groaned into her embrace. I could no longer deny the intense pleasure I was feeling but I had no idea what to do. I sat there, frozen, my legs slightly parted as her tongue squirmed around inside my mouth. It flicked against my own tongue, electrifying me in ways I’d never felt before. Still, though, I just sat there frozen, even as her fingers began to flick at my wet slit, searching for my clit in a gentle, almost caring way.

She broke off the kiss after what seemed like an eternity. “Now stand up,” she commanded me.

I blinked open my eyes as her hand pulled itself free from my pants. I was already close to another orgasm and I was confused as hell about why she would stop. When I looked at her face I saw a half-smile there. Slowly I stood up on wobbly legs as she once again stood up half way so that she could produce something from her jeans pocket. It was a cell phone.

She told me to stand in front of her and I did so, meekly and obediently, as my mind swam in wonder and confusion. She’d lit another cigarette and it was dangling out from between her lips as she dialed a number on the phone. Her eyes stayed fixed on me as she pressed the phone to her ear. Suddenly she said, “Come on now, strip. Get naked for me.”

My mouth half opened as though I was going to say something, but what was I supposed to say? And who the heck was she calling at a moment like this? I wondered what I should do before I noticed her eyes beginning to narrow as though she was getting angry. That’s when my hands went to the top button of my pink flannel top and began to fumble around with it. She nodded her head at me even as her phone call was finally answered.

“Hey babe, it’s me,” Amy said into the cell phone. I was working anxiously on the second button of my top when I noticed that Amy, in her sitting position, was unbuckling the belt around her waist. That made me gulp in anticipation. So she was going to undress, too?

“Yeah, I’m kinda beat right now,” Amy went on into the phone as she began to unzip her jeans, the cell phone pressed against her ear with her shoulder and a cigarette dangling from the corner of her mouth. “No, no, I’ll still be over, it’ll just be later… Elissa, come on girl, you know I want to see you, I just need a quick power nap to get ready. An hour or so, not too long… Yeah, go ahead, I don’t mind, you know I like taking advantage of you when you’re drunk… Ha! I know, alright… Okay, love you too… bye.”

By the time she was done with her conversation she’d pushed her pants down to around her ankles and kicked them off to the side. She had long, milky white legs that weren’t exactly toned but hadn’t gone to fat, either. Along the side of her left thigh a tattoo emerged from her simple black panties. It looked like flames or something, and I wondered how high up it went on her body. I’d probably be finding out soon, I realized. I, meanwhile, had unbuttoned my shirt all the way but had stopped there now that she was done with her conversation. She was staring at me with an odd, cocky expression on her face. I would later learn that it was a look of lust and dominance, a look I’d end up seeing many times from many people.

“Damn, you are pretty,” she observed as she took a hit from her smoke. “Now go on, hurry up. I haven’t got all day.”

There wasn’t anything that bad about being naked in front of another girl, I decided. Of course, this wasn’t exactly another girl so much as it was a full grown woman who was about to do God knew what to me. Still, I didn’t have much of a choice and my cunt was still sopping wet. With a nervous little frown on my cute young face, I chewed on my lower lip as I slid out from my top. I let it drop to the floor right at my feet and then pushed down the loose fitting pajama bottoms, revealing my naked pussy for the first time to another human being in a sexual situation. The thought made me tingle all over as she gestured for me to continue. I reached around behind my back and fumbled with the clasp of my bra as she watched on. After a moment it snapped free. I slowly pulled one arm after another through the hoops and then let it, too, fall to the floor. The desire to cover my naked breasts was overwhelming so I crossed my arms over my chest and stood there nervously as she soaked in my naked teenage body.

She whistled softly. “Nice,” she said. “The carpet matches the drapes, I see. But I don’t think I like the ponytail. Take that scrunchy out and toss your head around a little bit. Let’s see that long golden hair of yours.”

She was really enjoying telling me what to do, I could tell. Of course, this wasn’t exactly torture for me, either. Exposing my breasts to her again, I reached my arms back behind my head and undid the scrunchy that was pulling my long hair back. I realized my small pink nipples were hard and pointing right at Amy as I did. After I was done I tossed my hair around with my head, just as she’d commanded, so that it now fell around my face, spilling over my chest and tickling my naked, goose-bumped flesh. I crossed my arms over my exposed breasts again and waited.

“Nice, very pretty,” Amy said. “But I don’t think that’s the right look for tonight. Come over here, get on your knees. And give me the scrunchy.”

I didn’t know what she had in mind but I dropped dutifully to my knees and crawled forward to between her spread legs as she’d instructed. After I was so close that my shoulders were brushing against the insides of her thighs I handed her the scrunchy. Suddenly she was grabbing my head, sort of turning it to the side as she gathered up my long hair with her hands. My nose was pressed into her thigh and the contact sent ripples of desire down my body, even as she pulled my hair back so painfully I almost cried out. She gave me another ponytail, a much tighter one, pulling back my hair so hard that my hairline was aching with pain. She doubled up the scrunchy four or five times so that it would hold it securely in place. After it was done not a strand of hair fell over my youthful face and my scalp hurt from the tightness of it.

“Much better,” she said, looking down at me. She was gently cupping my face in her free hand as she finished her cigarette with the other. “Now, take off my underwear for me, slut.”

She’d just called me the nastiest name a girl could call another girl, and yet all it did was heighten my arousal. Without thinking I clasped my small hands in the waistband of her panties and began tugging them down as she lifted her butt up from her seat. I had to scooch back so that I could pull them all the way off, and I did. Soon she was naked from the waist down, except for her socks, which she hadn’t taken off. Obediently I crawled back into place between her now completely naked thighs and marveled at the sight of her pussy.

“Okay,” she sighed. “Now let’s see if you’re any better than a Boston Terrier. Eat me out, slut.”

My eyes widened with apprehension. In the back of my mind I’d known this was coming, but still, I’d only just learned what being eaten out was. And now she wanted me to do it to her? Involuntarily I began to slowly shake my head as my eyes pleaded up at her. “I, I,” I began to stammer, “I d-don’t know how…”

Suddenly she gripped me where she’d knotted the scrunchy in the back of my head. I shrieked in pain as she roughly jerked my head backward. And then, to my utter surprise and disgust, she spat in my face.

“What did I say about using that word?” she hissed at me as her big glob of saliva rolled down my face. When I went to wipe it off she swatted my hand away. “No, it stays there, you stupid little bitch. If you defy me one more time a little spit on that pretty face will be the least of your worries. Now, go on, eat out my cunt. Let’s see how you do at first and then I’ll give you pointers.”

If anything I was even more turned on now. The glob of spit was trickling down my brow, around my left eye, threatening to dribble its way onto it. It was disgusting and humiliating but my pussy was sopping wet. I didn’t resist as she pulled my head in between her legs, which she had spread wide for me now. A second later my was face was mashed into the damp folds of her hairless cunt and all I could do was gasp. When I did, though, my lips parted and I tasted her juices. It was a sweet, musky taste unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. Out of pure instinct I stuck out my long pink tongue and when it made contact with the folds of her spongy labia I nearly groaned with pleasure.

The 20-year-old college student from across the street let me lick at her twat inexpertly for a few minutes. She was sighing softly and I could hear her lighting up a cigarette, too. That’s when she began giving me pointers. She told me to nibble gently on the folds of her femininity, and I did so obediently. Then she told me to press my tongue in further, lower down, until it entered her hole. Swirl it around, let it go inside he, she instructed, and I obeyed. She was beginning to squirm her pussy against my face now and it was getting hard to breathe. When she told me to lick back up until I reached her swollen clitty, though, I didn’t hesitate. She kept instructing me like that as though I were her pupil. An apprentice for a trade I’d not known existed just an hour before. Even so, it was easily the most arousing thing, to give this woman so much pleasure, to be told what to do and to have no choice but to obey. I wanted nothing more than to touch myself but I needed my hands to push against the inside of her thighs which kept threatening to close in around my head and suffocate me.

“Oh, yeah,” she was sighing now, “that’s great, that’s perfect… use your hands, now… spread my lips, get your tongue in deep…”

I did the best I could to obey her but my hands were shaking and her pussy lips were slippery. Even so I managed to push aside her labia with my thumbs and get my tongue into her hole more deeply than before. She cried out in pleasure as her juices poured into my mouth. Suddenly her thighs tensed and squeezed with impossible strength around my head, cutting off all my air so I couldn’t breathe. She was moaning above me and I realized she was cumming. I kept at it, trying to do better, trying to please her even more. My mind was a swarm of erotic images and nasty thoughts as I crazily ate her out as she came and came.

“Okay, okay,” she said, pushing my head away. Her legs had gone limp and the sound of her voice seemed to awake me from a trance. I looked up at her, my face glistening with her juices. She stared back down at me with a lazy satisfied expression and said, “Get up here. I want to taste myself on those pretty lips of yours.”

I crawled up from my kneeling position and climbed into her lap. She’d squeezed her legs back together and I straddled her, shuddering at the sensation of my burning wet cunt on her naked thighs. I was breathing heavily as she put her hand behind my neck and pulled me in close so that my naked tits pressed against her clothed ones. She was a lot taller than me but in this position our heads almost lined up as she pressed her lips against mine. This time, as we kissed, I didn’t just sit there like a statue. My hands went around her back and pulled her into me even as she did the same, our tongues swirling around each other as she tasted her own cunt from my mouth.

“Well, then,” Amy said after finally breaking off my kiss. “Did you learn anything tonight?”

She was grinning, and it was infectious. “Y-yeah,” I smiled at her, my arms still draped around her neck. “So, uhm… now what?”

“Now?” she asked as she pushed me away. “Well, now I have to get going.”

And just like that she pushed me off of her lap and stood up. I stared at her in confusion as she searched around for her jeans. “It’s already eleven, Jesus,” she mumbled. “Elissa’s gonna kill me if I’m much later. Do you see my panties anywhere?”

Naked and confused, and with my body aching to cum, I just stared at her dumbstruck. Tears were welling up in my eyes as I watched her pull on her panties after she found them, a newly lit cigarette dangling from her mouth. How could it already be 11 o’ clock? Why did it even matter? It felt like she’d just gotten there. It felt like both an eternity and only an instant had gone by.

After she pulled her jeans back on she seemed to notice me again. Tears were rolling down my cheeks, now. I couldn’t stop them. I was so confused and hurt and aroused that I wanted to bawl like a little baby. “Aww, poor girl,” she said sympathetically. “You really need to cum, don’t you?”

I sniffed and nodded my head. That was it, I realized. I need to cum, I desperately needed to cum. And it seemed so unfair that I would give her an orgasm without receiving the same in kind. She sighed at me and said, “If I were really cruel I’d just leave you like this. Sooner or later you’re going to have to learn to expect getting frustrated like this, I can already tell. But I’m not mean to teach you that lesson.” She sighed. “Come on, stretch out, spread your legs.”

Eagerly I did as she commanded as she knelt down on the floor next to the sofa. At first I thought she was going to eat me out and actually, that’s what I desperately wanted. Instead she dropped her cigarette in the soda can and then gently rested her right hand on my damp mound between my legs. With her left had she lovingly caressed my naked tits, making me sigh with pleasure and relief. She was staring down into my eyes with a little smile on her lips as she said, “You’re so worked up, Jesus. I forgot what it was like to be thirteen. You’re one in a million, Becky.”

And with that her right hand began slapping down painfully on my young pussy.

I cried out in surprise. The contrast between the way her left hand was gently caressing my tits and the way her right hand was painfully slapping down on my damp cunt was stark. I squeaked out little pitiful sounds of pain and pleasure as she just stared down at me with that cocky half smile, seemingly enjoying my torment. My body responded instantly, bucking and tensing and squirming all at once. And then the pain dulled and there was only pleasure between my legs. Her hand was slapping down hard against my slit, stinging my clit, sending shock-waves of pleasure up my body. I exploded into an orgasm that was so sudden I nearly blacked out.

She stopped after I came, and kissed me gently on the lips. “I wish I’d known what a slut you were at the beginning of summer,” she said softly. “We could have had a lot of fun together. Oh, well. There’s always Thanksgiving.”

With that she stood. I stared up at her, confused and relieved. What did she mean about Thanksgiving? I asked her.

“I’m moving back to the dorms tomorrow, silly,” she said as she laced up her combat boots. “Columbus is a four hour drive. I can’t exactly drive home every weekend, even for a tasty cunt like yours. Oh, come on, don’t look so upset. Here, have another cigarette.”

She tossed me over her half-empty pack, which landed on my chest. Slowly I sat up and in a daze I lit up another smoke. Columbus, I thought. I remembered now that she went to Ohio State, which was quite a commute. I took a deep, long hit from the smoke and tried not to cry. The taste of the menthol was wonderful, somehow. Amazing, really. It calmed me down and I leaned back into the sofa and watched as she finished lacing her boots. When she stood, I meekly handed the pack back to her.

“You know what? Keep it,” she said. “Children look so sexy when they’re smoking.”

That stung. Children, I thought. That’s what she saw me as, a child. But why should it matter? All I’d wanted was to make sure she didn’t tell my dad about the movie and the cucumber and everything, and I’d gotten my wish. What did I care what she thought of me, and that she was about to walk out of my life?

“I better not get addicted,” I said softly, absurdly, simply wanting to fill the silence of the room. “I won’t be able to get anymore, once you’re gone.”

She had started walking toward the front door when she stopped. She turned and smiled at me. “Know what? You’re a pretty decent chick, so I’ll fill you in on a little secret. You know that liquor store down by Hoover Street? The one across the street from the strip-mall where Blue Moon Video is?”

“Uhm, yeah,” I said, nodding. “Silver… Silver something?”

“Silver Star,” she confirmed. “They’ll sell to minors, even one as young as you. All you have to do is write down on a piece of paper, ‘I’ll show you my tits’. When they ask for your ID, hand them that. They’ll sell you anything then.”

I stared at her and stifled a laugh. “Do I actually have to show them?”

She laughed, too. Her cell phone was ringing and she was taking it out of her pocket. “Well, duh. Just flash them for a minute and you’ll get anything you want. How do you think I get booze, I don’t turn 21 for another three months,” she said. Then she blew me a kiss as she answered her phone. “Hey, girl… Yeah, I’m on my way right now. Sorry…”

Her voice trailed off as she walked out of the family room. I heard the front door closing behind her a moment later. I collapsed back down into the sofa, smoking dazedly, recounting what had just happened as though it had been a dream. Lazily I reached for the DVD remote and started the movie again. I watched with a smile on my face as the woman on screen fucked herself with that dildo. When the next scene started and it turned out to be a lesbian scene, nothing in it shocked me. I played with myself as I watched until finally I drifted off toward sleep, the sounds of women moaning like a lullaby as I passed out into a peaceful slumber.



I awoke the next morning with the dawn. I was still naked, my hair was still pulled back tight, and I stretched away my lingering dreams in the middle of the big family room. Outside the first rays of day were beginning to settle and I realized I was famished. I stood up from the sofa and began pulling on my PJ’s, not bothering with the underwear. When I noticed the pack of cigarettes on the coffee table I shrugged and thought, What the heck? I lit one after a long yawn and then padded softly toward the kitchen.

Breakfast was a big bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch along with a slice of watermelon. I ate and smoked and then decided to take a shower. I absentmindedly played with myself as I scrubbed my young body down, giggling occasionally as memories from the night before flashed in my mind. How amazing it had all been! And I’d thought it was going to be just another boring birthday.

After dressing in some scrubby clothes I went about my chores. The work seemed to fly by as my mind fantasized about Amy, about the way she’d treated me, about that woman in the movie getting fucked from behind by that man. And the dildo, my God! I had two cucumbers left, I could still do that to myself tonight if I wanted. Occasionally these thoughts got me so worked up I had to stop what I was doing and quickly pleasure myself. Nothing major, just enough to take the edge off. By 11 in the morning I’d done that at least three times, and all of the indoor work was done. That just left the stupid dogs. I pulled on an old pair of sneakers and sighed with dread at the nasty work ahead of me.

The kennel my dad had built for his dogs years before I was born wasn’t anything you could buy in a store. Combined with the fenced in area attached to it where the dogs had some room to stretch their legs it practically filled up the entire backyard. The structure itself was almost like a second house. It had a roof, insulated walls, and working electricity for heat, air conditioning, and light. Before my mom died he used to breed the large mastiffs, bringing them around the state to dog shows and even once to a national competition. He had several awards displayed prominently in our house, along with many pictures of him hugging the winning dogs. In comparison, there were no pictures of him with me. Anyway, after my mom died he stopped breeding the dogs since he had no time anymore but he continued to raise them and buy new ones when the older ones died. One of my weekly chores was to clean out the kennel and it was filthy, nasty work that I always dreaded.

I started by letting the three he’d left home into the fenced in area. Part of the reason for insulating the kennel was to muffle their endless barking, and it worked pretty good. Once you slid open the massive door, though, the sounds could be deafening. They were yapping and barking loud enough to wake the dead as they bounded past me, almost knocking me over. After letting them pass I stepped inside and wrinkled my nose. It reeked of dog poop. With a sigh I grabbed the shovel which hung just inside the sliding door and began scooping. It took about an hour for me to fill up a wheelbarrow with the stuff and by that time I was sweating like a pig. It was turning into a hot day already so I turned the air conditioning on. Next I slid open the back door of the kennel and wheeled out the pile of dog crap all the way to the property line at the back of our yard. Next to one of the giant oak trees that divided our yard from our neighbors behind us I dumped it onto an existing pile of the stuff. I got a hose afterward and sprayed out the wheelbarrow and then filled up the dogs’ water trough. After filling up their bowls with food the large canines knocked me this way and that as they fought to get to their lunch. I decided to have another cigarette as I waited for them to finish eating. It didn’t take them long and soon I got out the leashes.

This was going to be the really interesting part. The dogs weren’t used to having me walk them and they seemed suspicious. I made gentle sounds to the biggest of the three, Patton, and somehow got the leash attached to his collar with little trouble. Next I turned to MacArthur. He was the youngest mastiff my dad owned and he didn’t seem to trust me at all. I had to chase him around the enclosed area. I fell down several times in the process and even stepped on a pile of dog poo. Finally, though, the dumb dog leg me attach his leash. The final dog, Marshall, was the gentlest of all my dad’s pets. After getting his leash on I more or less led the three slobbering dogs to the end of the enclosure, opened the gate there, and then held on for dear life as the three mastiffs ran around the side of the house.

It was all I could do to keep up during our walk. The dogs were insanely strong and could easily have escaped me but they were also pretty well trained. I guided them around the block, sweating nastily now. After only about twenty minutes I decided to head back. It had to be nearing 100-degrees and I felt icky and hot and nasty. On the way home, though, I heard laughter from one of the houses I passed by and stopped.

“I didn’t know the Sullivan’s got a new dog!” a young female voice was saying sarcastically. “Oh, wait… hi, Becky!”

Giggles followed the insult. When I spotted where the sounds were coming from my heart sank. It was my friend Jody’s house, the place I’d been sunbathing at the day before. With her were two of my other supposed friends and all three of the mean girls were laughing at me.

“Uhm, hi,” I said as I struggled to control the dogs.

“Jesus, Becky, are you walking them or are they walking you?” Jody quipped. She stood from the porch and was walking toward the driveway. She was wearing a towel around her body and it looked like she’d been swimming. Then she wrinkled her nose and looked at me with disgust. “Oh, geeze, I can’t get any closer! You smell awful!”

The other girls had followed her and they were laughing. “Maybe it’s just the dogs,” one said.

“No, dogs don’t smell that bad,” the other observed. “But look, Becky’s legs are spread apart!”

My face burned red with anger and sadness. They were right that I stank: I was sweating and covered with dog crap and wearing old, hand-me-down overalls I’d inherited from one of my brothers. I should have showered and dressed up nicer before going out to walk the dogs but I’d been working all morning and I’d just wanted to get my chores over with. With a strained voice I cried to them, “Why are you being so mean!”

“Why are you such a bitch?” Jody said dryly. “Oh, wait. That’s what a female dog is, right? A bitch? I guess I just answered my own question.”

Jody and her friends were all laughing at me now. I was half tempted to sic the mastiffs on my former friends. Heck, I would have settled for a good departing remark. Instead I just choked back some tears, stared intently at my muddy boots, and led the dogs away as fast as I could.

The encounter with my former friends hurt. It hurt bad. I mean, I’d known they were starting to resent me. And I’d always known how cruel Jody could be. But my strategy in social situations with other girls had always been to fly below the radar, to never be too popular or too stand-offish. It had served me well. And with my body growing so rapidly, and obviously becoming a source of envy for Jody, I’d already accepted that Melissa would most likely be my only real friend once 8th grade started. I’d figured that at the worst Jody would just cut me out of the loop. Now it was obvious that she didn’t just want to socially isolate me, though. She wanted to socially castrate me. And that meant that I might not even have Melissa left as friend come Tuesday morning. Jody would probably get her hooks into the girl and turn her against me like the others. That’s how Jody worked. I’d seen her do it before, and now it shamed me to realize that I’d always played along. Sure, I had always been too quiet and demure to join her in her nasty barbs against other girls she had set her sights on, but I’d never done anything to stop her either. Now my former friend’s sights were set on me. Eighth grade was going to be Hell and there was nothing I could do to prevent it.

When I got back to the house I led the dogs into the fenced in area, took off their leashes, and went inside the house. I planned to round them up and put them in the kennel later. I was in no mood right now. I went upstairs and stripped out of my soiled clothes and took a good long shower before going to my bedroom to dress and do my hair. After that I went downstairs, found my cigarettes, and lit one up. To my dismay I saw that there would only be two left after that one. With a sigh I plopped down onto the sofa, turned on the TV, and started playing the movie from the night before.

Another major letdown. It turned out that the lesbian scene was the last one on the DVD. I watched it again since I’d slept through a lot of it, but it just wasn’t the same. It wasn’t new and exciting anymore. I mean, yeah, it got me turned on all right, but not like it had the night prior. With a groan I ejected the disc and checked the other movie I’d rented. Unfortunately the owner of Blue Moon Video hadn’t made any mistake with that one and I was in no mood for a teen comedy.

Just as I was standing up there was a knock at the front door and I practically fell over myself running for it, hoping against hope that it would be Amy. To my disappointment it was only her mom. I chatted with Mrs. Sanford for a few minutes, assuring her I was okay by myself, thanking her for her compliments about how pretty I looked, that sort of thing. I managed to ask about Amy before she left but the fat middle aged woman just gave me a scowl and said that her “thankless daughter” had packed up and left that morning without even saying goodbye. After she left I slumped back against the door. God, what a horrible day it was turning out to be.

It was almost four in the afternoon now and suddenly I decided something. It had been a horrible day. I’d busted my butt doing chores and my reward had been getting ripped apart by three girls who were supposed to be my friends. I’d been everything Amy wanted me to be the night before and my only reward had been… well, an intense orgasm and some unforgettable memories, true. But she was gone. She’d left me. She’d used me for what she wanted and just left. It didn’t really surprise me but I’d been holding out hope she’d get in contact with me again. But no. Now I had just a couple days left of my summer vacation. I had just turned thirteen but hadn’t even a birthday card to show for it.

Well, forget that! I thought. Forget all of that! I was going to enjoy the rest of my day alone, and I was going to enjoy all of tomorrow alone, too. Come heck or high water I was going to enjoy my last days of freedom before having to suffer through another year of school, one that would no doubt be worse than any before it now that Jody had made me her public enemy number one. Marching into the family room I grabbed the two movie cases, and then I pounded into the kitchen. I grabbed an index card. After writing out five words in big black letters I shoved it into my tight little shorts. Next I grabbed my purse and went outside and got on my bike.

When I got to Silver Star Liquor I had grown so nervous that I’d stopped noticing when guys I passed by checked me out. What if Amy had been wrong? I kept wondering. What if I was about to make a colossal fool of myself? After seeing that there were several customers in the store I chickened out momentarily and crossed the street to Blue Moon Video. At least this place was deserted. It would make what I had planned a lot easier.

I took a moment to catch my breath before entering the store. When I did I smiled prettily and looked for the owner. He was at the far end of the counter talking with a young man who apparently worked there. When the owner saw me he straightened up and looked around outside. He seemed worried. He said something to the young man, who had a stack of movie cases in his arms, and walked toward me slowly. The young man went out onto the floor to put away the cases.

I smiled as prettily as I could, and even fluttered my eyelashes, as the big greasy haired man approached. He didn’t seem to be checking me out the way he had the day before. Rather, his eyes kept darting to the floor-to-ceiling windows as though he expected someone would be following me in. Despite this unexpected development I kept my prettiest smile plastered on my face and said to him, “Hey, what’s up?”

“Ahhh,” he said softly. “Well, that depends. I think I know why you’re here, Becky.”

My heart began to race. “Oh, really? Uhm, I mean, I was just going to get another movie… here.”

I pushed the two DVD cases toward him. For a moment he just stared at them. I saw beads of sweat forming on his big shiny forehead. Then he said, his voice all serious, “Look, I want to apologize. After you left, ahh… another customer came in. He wanted to rent this one particular… ahh, well, adult movie, let me say. When I went to get it from the drawer, though, ahh, the wrong disc had been filed there. The one that belongs in that case.” He pointed at one of the cases I’d placed on the counter, the one with the porn movie inside. “I think a mistake was made. I think the two movies were, ahh, swapped. Accidentally.”

I nodded along slowly as he talked. When he finished I mustered up all my courage and tried to play dumb while keeping the nervousness out of my voice. “Uhm, I don’t know what you mean,” I said. “The movie in this case, it was exactly what I wanted.”

For the first time since I’d gotten there his eyes met mine. I smiled as casually as I could. Then he reached slowly for the case, picked it up, and opened it. After examining its contents he looked back at me. “So, ahh, you saw it?”

I bobbed my head up and down. “Oh yeah!” I chirped, beginning to relax a little. “It was great! I mean, I’m sure there are better movies out there, but this one was awesome!”

He half laughed, half grunted at my words. His eyes were still locked on mine as though he were trying to read my mind. Speaking slowly, and lowering his voice a bit, he said, “Well, this particular movie, I’m sure you noticed, has three distinct, ahh, acts. Which was your, ahh, favorite?”

He’s testing me, I thought. He wants to make sure I really saw it. Whether or not he’d given me the movie intentionally the day before or not, he still wanted to be able to cover his ass. I chewed on my lower lip for a moment and rolled my big eyes upward as though I had a hard time deciding. In reality I just wanted to figure out how best to word it. Just then the bell above the door rang and a man and a little boy walked in. The owner greeted them and I pretended to be studying the case of the other movie I had rented. After the man led the boy toward the new releases at the back of the store I looked back at the owner.

“I guess my favorite was the first act,” I said, keeping my voice soft. Something came over me at that moment and I crossed my arms together on the counter and sort of leaned forward upon them. I had to go on my tippy toes to do it right, but the result was a mashing of my breasts together in a very suggestive– but possibly accidental, from his standpoint– way. I was wearing a sleeveless yellow shirt with a scoop neckline and suddenly the decent cleavage I’d sported became outstandingly sluttish. Especially from his vantage point high above. I continued smiling, rolling my big blue eyes up to look at his, and nearly giggled when I realized they were locked on my chest.

“The actress wasn’t the best,” I went on, trying to pretend I was oblivious to what I’d just done, “but I like how she… uhm, you know. Got what she deserved?”

The owner was smiling down at me now, finally. He said, “So you like how she got treated by the, ahh, hero?”

I nodded eagerly. “Yeah, definitely! I mean, act two was great and act three was, too, but I so loved how the uhm… villain in Act One got what was coming to her, ya know?”

The owner seemed satisfied now. More than satisfied, actually. He grinned at me and announced in a normal tone of voice the title of a movie he said I would probably like. I’d heard of it before but had never seen it, some animated movie from the 1990’s. I smiled and thanked him and then skipped out onto the floor, feeling his eyes glued to my butt as I went. I found the movie without any problem and then went back to the front counter. The man and little boy were just finishing their checkout when I bounced over to the owner and slid the empty DVD case across the counter to him.

He smiled. “Glad to see you took my, ahh, advice,” he said. He whistled softly and turned to the drawers behind him. After a few moments he turned back around, closing the case and putting it into a bag for me. I’d already produced the credit and video rental cards, but he just slid them back to me. Leaning down close he whispered, “Not to worry, Ms. Samson, I trust you’ll return this in your own due time. Just wish I didn’t have to, ahh, work late tonight. I’d like to watch that, ahh, movie with you.” He gave me a sleazy wink.

I just smiled back at him and whispered, “To be honest I kinda wanted to enjoy this by myself, ya know?” I winked back.

He chuckled as I waved goodbye. Before exiting the store I heard him call, “Come back anytime, Becky! We have lots of movies here I think you’d, ahh, enjoy! Lots of heroes and, ahh, villains!”

It was a rush getting onto my bike and riding off. I was almost giggly. It had gone perfect, better than perfect! I’d handled myself so well I couldn’t believe it. It hadn’t gone like I’d planned but I’d rolled with the punches and come out on top. I was so high on my victory that I rode boldly into the Silver Star Liquor parking lot with all the confidence in the world.

There were two customers in the store when I entered so I made my way bag to the soda section and pretended to browse. For nearly fifteen minutes I did that, going from aisle to aisle pretending to check out the merchandise of the brightly lit liquor store, waiting for all the other customers to leave. When one did, though, another would enter. Several times this happened and I was beginning to lose my high when all of a sudden I realized I was the only person not being paid to be there. Gathering my courage I approached the front counter and smiled at the dark skinned man behind it.

“Hiya!” I said happily, immediately regretting it. I should at least pretend to sound older, I thought. The dark, serious looking man raised an eyebrow but didn’t say a word. Finally I went on, “Uhm, give me a pack of those menthol cigarettes.”

The man glanced over his shoulder at the pack of cigarettes I was pointing at, then looked back at me. He raised a bushy black eyebrow and said, “How old?”

He had a thick accent, and I hadn’t been prepared for the question. “Uhm, 21,” I said, almost making it sound like a question.

The man laughed and shook his head. He said a few words that weren’t English before saying, “My daughter older than you. Go home, go home.”

I blushed. This wasn’t going nearly as well as it had with the owner at Blue Moon. “I am too 21!” I protested, trying my best to sound indignant. Then, without really thinking, I pointed at a bottle of liquor on another shelf behind him and said, “And I want that, too!” That hadn’t been part of the plan at all, but the words spilled out of my mouth before I could think.

Now the man actually seemed mad. He called loudly through a door behind him in whatever his language was. Another voice called back. An exchange seemed to follow before the second man appeared. He was younger but obviously of the same Middle Eastern race. When he saw me he smiled, said a few words to the older man, and then said to me, “How may I help you, honey?”

“Uhm, I just wanted some cigarettes and, uhm,” I began. After straining my eyes so that I could read the label on the liquor bottle I continued, “And, uhm, Bacardi. But like, this guy thinks I’m too young or something!”

“Well, I’m very sorry for the misunderstanding,” the young man said gravely. His accent wasn’t nearly as thick as the older man’s. “If I could just see some ID we’ll get this straightened out.”

The ID! The first man had made me so nervous I’d forgotten about that part. “Oh!” I said as I pushed my hand into my tight fitting shorts pocket, “Yeah! I forgot! Here!”

I pushed the piece of paper across the counter and suddenly my heart was really beating hard. The younger man gave the older one a sideways glance, but even his eyebrows seemed to perk up at the sight of the 3″x5″ note-card. They exchanged a few quiet words in their language and then the older man, apparently upset, marched out from behind the counter and went to the entrance of the store.

The young man read the paper. He didn’t seem to be surprised by what he read, and now he was looking at me differently. Grinning a little he said, “Well, this seems to be in order.” He turned back to the shelf and grabbed a pack of the cigarettes and the pint of liquor. After ringing them up he put them in a big brown paper bag and waited.

“Oh!” I said while trembling in relief. I put down my purse and pulled out the credit card. He took it, read it, then placed it to the side. He was still grinning at me, still waiting.

“Oh,” I said again, softly this time. This was it. I looked over toward the entrance. The older man was craning his neck in my direction, but his body was blocking the entryway. Taking a deep breath I pulled up my yellow shirt, forcing myself not to stop, my face burning red as the man behind the counter grinned all the more. After pulling my top up over my breasts I just stood there, shaking.

“The rest, sweet honey, and hurry,” the young man urged me.

I wasn’t sure what he was getting at, and then I remembered the bra. For a moment I stood there frozen, holding my shirt up, feeling totally humiliated. How was I supposed to remove my bra without removing my shirt first? But Amy had said I just had to flash them, not strip for them! There was no the way I could get halfway undressed in the middle of the store in front of this total stranger.

“Just pull it up, pull the bra up,” the younger man whispered, his face all grins.

Duh, I thought, and without thinking I obeyed his command and suddenly my breasts spilled out into plain sight. The man behind the counter whistled softly when he saw them. I continued to hold up my shirt and now my bra, too, for him, frozen in place like a deer caught in the headlights. How long was I supposed to bare my tits for him? How long was a “flash” supposed to last?

“Okay, okay,” the young man said wistfully after what felt like forever.

Instantly I pulled both top and bra down. The young man was chuckling but he was running my dad’s credit card. With my face burning red I tried as best I could to get my breasts back inside the bra, but it would have been much easier if I could take the top off first. Breasts aren’t supposed to be fed into a bra from the bottom up. I ended up glancing around the store before thrusting my hand down the shirt and awkwardly tugging at my tits to get them back into the support garment. I was more or less done when I heard the credit card receipt printing, but I vowed that from now on I wouldn’t wear a bra into this store… if, indeed, I had the courage to ever do this again at all.

“Now,” the young man said as he dropped the receipt into the bag and handed me back the credit card, “if you get stopped on the way home, or anyone at all is to ask?”

Catching his meaning I said softly, “Uhm, a stranger bought this for me?”

He smiled, and actually reached over the counter to pat me on the head. “Good girl,” he said. “Now go on. And please be sure to shop the Silver Star again.”

I grabbed the paper bag, my purse, and muttered my thanks before marching out of the store. When I got on my bike I didn’t feel bubbly or super confident at all. It wasn’t like leaving Blue Moon Video. This was more like escaping a train wreck. But after a minute or two of riding my bike the embarrassment sort of dissipated and I realized that I was wet between my legs. I even lifted my butt up off the bike seat and pushed it back down hard a few times and could feel echoes of pleasure radiate up my body. It made me shudder. I kept doing this all the way home and by the time I reached my neighborhood I was smiling from ear to ear. I even waved at every guy I caught checking me out. I was feeling so good when I got back in the house that I actually began spinning around and laughing.

What to do first? I wondered happily. I was so high from my successes that I walked into the family room, then into the kitchen, then toward the stairway. I did this over and over again and then laughed at myself. It was ten past six so I decided on dinner first. I hadn’t had lunch and I was starving. I opened the fridge and eyed the cucumbers. “I’ll have you two later,” I said out loud. Then I hummed merrily as I found a microwave dinner and waited for it to cook. After it was done I wolfed it down, barely tasting it. I was too anxious to get started with the night’s festivities. I had a movie to watch, cigarettes to smoke, and cucumbers to, well… experiment with. I kept eying the bottle of booze, too. What was I going to do with that? Not drink it, certainly. I had just become a teenager but I was still only thirteen. That was way out of my league.

After eating I ran upstairs and stripped naked. Giggling to myself I began posing in front of the mirror, trying to look sexy and probably looking more like an idiot, but I didn’t care. After studying my budding body I realized that from now on, if I was going to tan, I should do so in the nude. My skin looked good with a light tan but my skin was pale and white where my bikinis always were and it looked sort of silly. There had to be tanning salons that let you lay out in the nude, I figured. With a shrug I pulled on my PJ’s, not bothering to put on any underwear first, and went back downstairs.

It was a quarter to seven before I got a can of soda, an empty can I could use as an ashtray, and the DVD disc I’d successfully rented earlier. I put it inside the player and sat back into the comfy sofa when suddenly the phone rang.

It was my dad. He asked me if I’d done my chores and I said that yes, I had. He asked about the dogs, though, and I froze.

“Uhm, they were sorta restless so I let them into the yard,” I said, referring to the caged in area. I don’t know why I didn’t just lie and say they were in the kennel. It was like my dad had this power over me, forcing me to be meek even when he was miles away.

“Unsupervised?” he asked incredulously. “They’ll shit all over the place! You best put them back right now and clean up whatever mess they made tomorrow or your ass is grass, got it?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I replied softly. The phone clicked dead, then, and I sighed.

The movie was going to have to wait a few more minutes. My dad was right, actually. If given the choice the dogs much preferred pooping on the grass than on the dirt inside the kennel and it was a lot harder to clean up there. I went outside, confident enough of the high fences and tall trees that encircled our yard not to be embarrassed about being outside in my PJ’s, and found the dogs asleep in a pile in a corner of their fenced in area. I opened the gate and walked carefully inside, keeping an eye out for dog poo. When I got to the giant beasts I clapped my hands and called their names until one by one they woke up. It wasn’t difficult getting them into the kennel after that. The dumb animals knew enough that they’d gotten away with fresh air long enough. After herding them back into their home I closed the sliding door and went back inside the house.

“Whew,” I said. Sitting back down on the sofa I lit the last cigarette Amy had given me and started the movie.

What I ended up seeing absolutely took my breath away. I thought the one from the night before was graphic, but “Hungry Horny Angels 4” had nothing on “Group Girls 2”. I had checked the menu before starting it and saw that it contained four scenes, each of which ran about forty minutes. And each scene starred one actress. And three men. That’s right. Three men for one woman. I’d never heard of such a thing but the idea made my breathing shallow and my body tremble. As the first scene progressed the woman, a tall skinny blond in her early 20’s or so, was led into a room blindfolded by a large man dressed in slacks and shirt. She was told to undress, which the woman did willingly, even though she was blindfolded. Her tits were about the size of mine but they looked smaller on her larger, more developed frame. They were still wonderful. She was then told to get down on her knees. At this point the camera zoomed in on her face, her blindfold was removed, and she gasped happily. The camera zoomed back slowly to reveal she was surrounded by three hard, naked cocks.

She sucked each cock in turn as the men both encouraged and insulted her. Some would grab her face and really gag the poor woman by her head and fuck her throat until her face turned purple. She went eagerly from one cock to the next, though, stroking whichever ones she wasn’t sucking whilst enduring their dirty words and incredibly ungentle treatment. I was totally naked and rubbing at my quivering cunt after only ten minutes of this harsh action, and I was practically chain smoking too. Already I’d had a couple of what I’d used to consider real orgasms– a spasm of delight that while fun was nothing in comparison with a good and hard cum. When two of the men grabbed the woman and carried her over to a small bed, I paused the movie. I knew what was coming next and I wanted to be a part of it.

I was shaking with anticipation as I produced one of the cucumbers from the fridge. It was about ten inches long and as thick as my wrist. As I studied it in my two small hands my eyes kept darting over to the pint of rum sitting on the kitchen table. I was so worked up from what I’d already seen that I was beginning to have second thoughts about whether liquor really was out of my league. It gave me a naughty thrill to imagine me, a 13-year-old girl, getting drunk while watching hard-core porn on TV. While chain smoking. And with a cucumber to fuck myself with. It was so sinful and dirty, but that’s what made it hot. With a stupid, conniving smile on my face I walked tentatively in the direction of the rum. Touching it made my pussy throb, and that settled it. I grabbed a glass from the cupboard and brought it, the cucumber, and the liquor with me back to the family room.

I’d done all that naked, and that realization made me giggle. Only the night before I’d promised God I’d never be so careless again, after Amy had shown up and I had thought I was in big trouble. I only laughed and rolled my eyes now as I poured some of the rum into the glass. How much should I have? I had no idea. My dad drank practically every night, but only a couple of beers at a time. Tyler got drunk quite a bit. Being 20-years-old my dad had simply told him not to do anything stupid like getting caught driving drunk. I was half tempted to go online and see if I could find any information on how much liquor a first time drinker should have, but then I looked back at the frozen image of the skinny blond woman being thrown naked onto a bed, surrounded by three hard cocks. I spilled some more of the rum into the glass and hit play.

One of the men wasted no time in crawling on top of the woman and thrusting his cock inside her. There was no close up, but you could see it disappear into her twat just the same. The woman moaned with pleasure but another of the men told her to shut up and he put his dick in her face for good measure. She took it inside her mouth as I began to sip my drink. I couldn’t believe she could get fucked by that thing and suck on another one at the same time. It was so hot that I could barely taste the rum. I simply wasn’t paying any attention to the drink, the action on screen was drawing in all of my senses.

I was surprised when the glass was suddenly empty. I was even more surprised when one of the men started fucking the woman in the ass. I was making little whimpering sounds by now, little choking sounds of arousal. With a shaky hand I filled up my glass again, putting a lot more in it this time. Then I took a long gulp from it and scrunched up my face from the strong taste. That only distracted me for a moment, though. On screen the man was forcing his cock up into this woman’s rectum. It was so thrilling I think I almost feinted. My body was burning with desire and I knew I couldn’t wait any longer. I was ready.

I placed the glass back on the table and my hand came back clutching the cucumber. It was still cool to the touch from the refrigerator. It was about to get a lot warmer. Eagerly I scooted my butt up a few inches until it was right at the edge of the sofa, then I leaned back and spread my legs wide apart. I could barely see the screen anymore but the sounds were enough, and between my bulbous tits I had a good view of where my legs came together. Gulping slowly I began to run the vegetable up and down my slit, trying to get it wet and ready but almost making myself cum in the process. After a moment or two I realized I was just trying to put it off. The point of this was supposed to be so that I could feel something large, and hard, inside my quim, and to fuck myself stupid with it. If that wasn’t what I really wanted I might as well chicken out right now.


I screamed so loud as I pressed the monstrously sized thing inside me that I would later worry the neighbors could hear it. But I wasn’t going to stop, and I wasn’t going to slow down. There was no way I was going to chicken out, not in the state I was in. I panted and groaned as I forced the thing inside me. It was amazing to feel as my young quim slowly expanded to take in the large object. Just like that it was sliding into me but I didn’t pause to appreciate it. Not yet, I kept telling myself. It still hurt so bad that sweat was forming on my brow and I was grinding my teeth and groaning from the pain. I had to keep going. My insides were being torn apart, I thought, yet just when I thought I had to stop my cunt-channel would relax and allow it in even deeper. It was an unbelievable sensation. Though there was pain I knew that there had to be real pleasure just around the corner. It was like I could sense it. I began panting heavily as I continued to force it inside me. And then I felt my fist, which was clutching the vegetable at its base, resting against my wet pussy.

It was as deep inside of me as it could go.

I let out a long breath in relief and let go of the object. I felt bloated inside, but it was a pleasant feeling. I stared down at my tummy, trying to get a good look of it protruding from my cunt. I could just barely see its stem. After a moment of staring like this I began to feel something else, too. Little waves of pleasure began emanating from my virgin womb. From deep inside my tummy, where such sensations had never originated before, I felt the early sparks of an incredible orgasm. My breathing got deep again as I enjoyed the feeling. I began squeezing my tits with my hands even as I began to squeeze the object inside me with muscles I’d never known I had before. Suddenly I realized I’d pushed it out an inch or two, though, so I grabbed it again with my right hand and pushed it back where it belonged. Only the feeling of pushing it back in was a shock that made me cry out with pleasure.

It felt so good, to push it back in now that my pussy was used to its girth, that I had to feel it again. And that’s when I finally began fucking myself with the thing. First I’d only pull it out a couple inches and slide it back in place, but soon I was practically unsheathing it before ramming it back home. I grunted in time with the thrusts and marvelled at how my entire body would become electrified. Over and over I fucked myself with the cucumber until I was seeing stars and cumming over and over again. The giant orgasm I had anticipated had turned out to be a series of body-engulfing ones, and I was just fine with that.

The first scene was ending by the time I’d let the cucumber drop to the floor. I had slid so far down the sofa that I was holding up my body with two tired legs which I now allowed to buckle. My butt hit the carpeted floor and I giggled softly. I caught my breath for a long minute or two as I stared up at the screen. I felt like I was coming back down to earth, but it wasn’t a crash landing. It was cozy and soft and safe. I felt phenomenal.

After resting there as the woman on screen had her face glazed by masturbating men I slowly got back onto the couch. I was smiling. That made me laugh. I lit up a cigarette just as the scene ended and smoked it as the next one began. While I did I added more rum to my glass and drank that, too.

The next scene in the movie had a different woman, different men, a different setting. It basically followed the same pattern as the first but it was new, which made it exciting. Once again I couldn’t wait long after the brunette on screen started getting fucked. This time I laid down on the sofa and dangled one leg off of it to give myself access to my 13-year-old hole. To my surprise, forcing the thing inside me was just as difficult as it’d been the first time. Already my pussy had returned to its original tightness. But I had no problem enduring the pain. I knew what would come after. I took it more slowly this time when I began to fuck myself, and turning my head to the right allowed me to watch the movie at the same time. I pretended the woman getting fucked in her ass was me, that I wasn’t alone right now, that three men were with me each waiting to fuck me six ways from Sunday. I groaned and moaned as I slammed the cucumber in and out of my cunt and suddenly realized that I was saying the words, “Slut!” and “Whore!” in time with the thrusts. I was cheering myself on and getting myself even hotter by calling myself the nasty names these men kept calling this woman. They were words I’d never used before in any context, but my vocabulary had expanded a lot the last two nights. I remembered when Amy the night before had called me a slut. The memory made me want to cum so bad that I could no longer go slowly. I picked up the pace and really began fucking myself with the cucumber until, once again, I was blinded by a series of amazing orgasms.

This time I curled up into a fetal position as I enjoyed my post orgasmic cigarette. After a while I sat back up and started sipping my drink again, too. For some reason I began to gently pet my pussy while I did this, and I even dipped one finger into the rum and slid it down my slit. If I did that next time I saw Amy would she eat me out? I wondered. I laughed at that. Amy would do to me what Amy wanted to do to me. That thought made me shudder.

I played with myself like that through the rest of the scene and when it ended I finally hit the pause button. I had to pee really bad. When I stood up, though, I almost fell over. And then when I took a step I did fall over. I began laughing stupidly. Why weren’t my legs working correctly? Had I fucked myself so hard my legs wouldn’t work anymore? I kept laughing at myself as I got back up onto my feet and that’s when I noticed the bottle of rum. It was half empty. And my glass? It only had a little bit left in it. I found this the funniest thing of all. I’d already drank nearly half a pint of rum! That had to be a lot. I’d had no idea how much I was consuming. As I stumbled off to the bathroom I couldn’t stop laughing at myself. After peeing, which was a great relief, I went to the room and jumped into the sofa like I was a little kid. I was giggling like one, too. My face was flushed from the drink but I felt good and sexy as I laid my naked body down on the couch. I ran my hands up and down my body, sometimes giggling at my own touch, sometimes sighing pleasurably. My mind was swimming with all kinds of weird thoughts and ideas. Finally I started the movie again but I didn’t like the look of the new actress for some reason. Too old, maybe. I skipped that scene and went to the next, then I fast-forwarded until the part where the sex began. I smoked another cigarette as the scene went on and I found myself wondering what it must be like. In real life, I mean, to be that actress. Did she love her job? Was it just a paycheck? Did she wake up every morning and think, “Oh God, I have to fuck three guys today. Oh well.”? Did she have a family? I began to obsess over these questions.

The idea entered my drunken head that maybe there was a commentary on the DVD. How cool would that be? To hear the actresses talk about the scene as it played, to hear their thoughts, to really learn what it must be like. I hit the menu button and shrieked in delight when I saw that there was a special features section. I clicked on it but was disappointed to see that the only special features were a still-picture photo gallery, and a bonus scene.

A bonus scene. I smiled at that. It listed the run time as only twenty minutes, but who cared? I clicked on it and began sipping my drink again even though I’d told myself I’d already had enough.

It turned out that the bonus scene had the women from the first and final scenes in it. Only they were alone. I smiled again. Lesbian action! That made me happy. The women were making out on a bed and memories from being with Amy the night before came rushing back. At first I was smiling and playing with myself, but then I began to frown.

All of a sudden I felt so alone. My friends hated me, I wasn’t close with my family, and Amy had come in and out of my life in a flash. I had no one. All I had was this stupid cucumber. As easily as I’d been laughing earlier I now began to cry. Thankfully I continued to watch the movie as I sobbed like a little girl, though, because it turned out that drunken horniness could come upon me as quickly as drunken sadness. Watching the two beautiful women on screen making out, playing with each other, and whispering erotic words and phrases soon had me worked up again. I looked over at my cucumber but I wasn’t in the mood for that just now. I began to play with myself, and even tried to emulate the way Amy had so expertly slapped my pussy the night before, but that wasn’t doing it for me either. With an aggravated sigh I struggled to control the drunken and horny thoughts swirling around in my head. Surely there had to be something I wanted to do in order to get off.

Suddenly one of the women on screen began eating out the other one. The camera zoomed in on the action and I made little choking sounds at the sight of it. I could practically taste Amy’s pussy on my mouth just then. I even took a new cigarette, rubbed its butt around in my slit to get it juiced up, then lit it. My stupid idea had been that the taste my own juices combined with the taste of the cigarette would let me relive what it had been like to kiss her after I’d gone down on her. It didn’t really work. I sighed and started fingering my slit again as I wondered for the hundredth time what it would feel like to actually have a tongue down there. It seemed so unfair that I had done it for Amy but she hadn’t done it for me. After all, it hadn’t been her first time, she’d been getting eaten out since she was younger than me, she’d said.

I sat up with a start. My eyes were locked on the screen and a drunken smile was forming on my face. The dogs! Amy had said she’d gotten eaten out her first time by her parents’ Boston Terrier. I didn’t have a little dog like that at my disposal, of course, but there were three gigantic mastiffs just out back. And they had tongues. Long tongues.

I started to giggle. Did I really want to do this? Sure, why not? the drunken and horny part of me replied. What could be the harm? It wasn’t like anyone would ever find out. And if it worked, well, Amy had said that her dog had given her orgasms many times. They must have been good if she’d done it repeatedly.

Standing up now I made my decision. I can’t say whether I would have made the same decision had I not been drunk, but I’m not going to sit here and tell you that it was all the alcohol’s doing either. The fact was the idea of getting eaten out by one of the dogs made me incredibly horny. As I would learn over the next few years, being horny made me take much bigger risks than any amount of booze ever could.

I went into the kitchen, remembering what Amy had said about lathering up her quim with jelly to get her doggy started. I wasn’t sure if my dad’s mastiffs liked jelly but I knew for a fact they loved peanut butter. I found a jar of chunky-style in the cupboard first, but the thought of putting that on my pussy wasn’t very appetizing. I searched some more and actually exclaimed, “Woo hoo!” when I found an old, dusty jar of the creamy-style kind near the back. I opened it, saw that it was half full, and then rushed to the sliding glass doors that led from the kitchen to our backyard patio.

I was naked still but it was dark outside. I looked at the clock. It was 9:30. Only 9:30! The night was still young. With a mischievous smile on my pretty face I sauntered into the yard, feeling incredibly alive and sexy to be naked outside in the warm summer night’s air. Up above the stars were shining and the moon was full, casting a pale glow on my soft nubile flesh. I almost wanted to roll around in the grass and enjoy my nakedness like that for awhile but I was able to control my drunken impulses. There was something I wanted to do a whole lot more after all.

I crept slowly into the fenced-in area of the kennel and used the light of the moon to watch for piles of dog poo. I walked carefully to the massive sliding wooden doors used to let the dogs out of the kennel itself. Built into it was a smaller, human sized door, and I used that one to gain entrance. Inside it was dark as pitch, and cold. I remembered suddenly that I’d turned the air conditioner on earlier in the day while I’d been working. The only thing I could see now was my breath, glowing from the moonlight streaming in from behind me. Goosebumps formed on my flesh and my nipples hardened into little pebbles. I shivered. The AC unit my dad had connected to the kennel had two settings: on and off. After closing the the door behind me I groped around in the darkness for the light switch. After turning it on I went to the AC unit, which was located near where the dogs usually slept, and turned it off.

The dogs had cuddled up together, probably for warmth. Poor things. The soft glow of the lone incandescent bulb that hung above the entrance to the kennel brought only a little bit of light way back here. The dogs were enveloped in shadows, but each was raising his giant head and looking at me with sleepy, questioning eyes. I spotted Marshall and whispered, “Here boy, come on Marshall!” The words fell heavily off my lips from the drinking and he seemed to be confused. After some more urging, though, he finally stood up walked a few paces over to me. I took him by his collar and began walking him back to the opposite end of the building.

I’d chosen Marshall because he was my favorite of the dogs, the most gentle, the most obedient. Even so he was nearly as large as the others. His head came up to above my waist, marking him at probably around 29″ tall, and he weighed close to 175lbs. I was so small next to him that a normal girl would have been afraid. I’d been raised with dogs like him always around, though. As it was I trusted him more than enough for what I was about to do.

At the far end of the kennel my dad kept a work table and a chair. There was also another light there and I turned that on. When I sat down in the chair, which had a back but no armrests, Marshall sat on his hindquarters in front of me and seemed to be studying me with curious dark eyes. He’d never seen me naked before and it gave me a giddy thrill to wonder if he knew what that meant. When I began unscrewing the lid of the peanut butter jar his attention focused on that and he started wagging his tail. It wasn’t often he got peanut butter for a treat but he sure as heck knew what it was. I scooped a generous amount from the jar with two fingers and held them out to him. Instantly he was on all fours again and his mouth slobbered around my hand. With only a couple licks of his massive tongue the peanut butter disappeared. His tongue continued to lick my hand, though, tickling me and making me giggle.

My heart was racing now. He was ready, and it was time. Already I could feel my pussy growing wet and my own scent wafted up to me. I scooted my butt up to the very edge of the seat and leaned back, spreading my legs. Marshall was still standing in front of me, wagging his tail and panting his tongue. I just stared into those dark doggy eyes of his and smiled. My mouth had gone dry from nervousness and anticipation but my fingers were already scooping up an even bigger glob of the creamy peanut butter.

He went for my hand as soon as it left the jar but I pushed it so quickly down between my legs he only got a tiny lick. The feeling of the thick butter on my damp slit made me shiver as I smeared it all over myself. It was still so cold that I could see my breath, and Marshall’s too, as he put his head between my legs and began licking my hand. I let him continue to do this, no longer giggling from the ticklish sensation, until my hand was clean except for doggy slobber. Then I slowly pulled my hand away. Marshall’s muzzle was now right between my legs with nothing between it and my peanut butter slathered cunt.

I didn’t have any time to brace myself for what came next. Instantly the dog’s tongue shot outwards toward the new source of his favorite treat. Suddenly I felt his warm, raspy tongue licking away at my teenage slit. The feeling was indescribable. The jar of peanut butter I’d been holding fell from my hand and I let out a series of high pitched gasps that were punctuated by puffs of steamy breath. His tongue was long enough to cover my entire womanhood, from the hole of my pussy to the patch of golden fuzz at the top of my slit. With each lick he was getting all of it. The pleasure was like a shotgun blast to the chest: full force, all encompassing, and totally incapacitating. My body was bucking itself into his face as he continued to lick me until suddenly the chair I was sitting on rolled out from under me, smashing into the work table behind it with a tremendous crash. I fell forcefully to the ground, my butt landing roughly on the hard packed dirt floor. But Marshall didn’t let up and I didn’t want him to. Instead I laid back, staring at the ceiling, the shadows dancing around us. My legs were splayed wide and I pulled my feet back until my heels were almost touching my ass. I began thrusting my hips upward into Marshall’s giant muzzle. It occurred to me that the peanut butter had to be long gone by now and yet the dog had not slowed his licking one bit. Now he was eating my juices and he seemed to like that just as much, if not better, than the butter.

When he began to lap his tongue from my pussy hole all the way up to my patch of fuzz I finally began cumming. My hands were squeezing my tits as I felt his tongue slip a little inside me, then up my wet slit, over my sensitive clitty, all the way up to my patch of pubic hair. He did this over and over again, and it was the sensation of his rough tongue along my velvety slit that really made me mew. I was crying in delight while my dog serviced me the way I wanted, the way I needed, so fucking bad.

He was still at it as I came down from my orgasmic bliss. And I laid there, motionless now, enjoying the feeling while I caught my breath. Suddenly I wanted a cigarette really bad, though. Lazily I pushed at Marshall’s muzzle, making little sounds before finally getting out the words, “No, stop, stop boy, back…”

At first he ignored me but finally, as I pulled myself into a sitting position, he obeyed. He continued to stand there, though, lolling his tongue out of his mouth and staring at me with a wagging tail.

I had finally returned to my senses, now, and as I looked around the dirt floor I realized that it was covered with coins. Shit! I thought. My dad kept a large glass jar on his work table which he dropped spare change into whenever he had the chance. Whenever it got full he would bring it to the bank and use the cash for some new tool or whatever. When the chair had knocked into the table, though, the jar had fallen to the dirt ground. Thankfully it hadn’t broke but silver dimes, quarters, and nickels were scattered everywhere. My drunken, post-orgasmic mind was suddenly in a panic and without thinking I began gathering them up.

It was evidence. Evidence of what’d I’d done, I thought stupidly. Soon I was on all fours and crawling around the dirt floor to gather up every last coin I could find. I was getting myself filthy, I knew, but I was terrified. Drunkenly I grasped coin after coin as I scrambled around the dirt floor, not paying attention to Marshall or anything else. Both of my hands were fists filled with coins when I saw what appeared to be a quarter glimmering behind the great dog. I crawled over there and found several more. And that’s when Marshall started to lick me again.

“No, boy, no! Ahhh,” I whimpered. His tongue found my slit, still wet from my earlier excitement and his tongue, from behind just as easily as it had from the front. The sensation made me freeze in place except to involuntarily arch my back so that my butt went upward into his muzzle. I felt his cool nose at the bud of my little anal opening, and then his tongue was there too as he lapped at me from behind. I began to blubber nonsensically, my horniness quickly returning in full force. Just one more good cum, I thought. It wasn’t like the coins couldn’t wait, and this was a position I hadn’t thought of before for getting eaten out. It was even better, actually, because this way his tongue kept running over my anus, too. I shivered and shuddered with my hands balled up into little fists full of coins as his unrelenting tongue lapped up a new batch of juice from my pussy. It wouldn’t be long before I came, I knew.

But then he did something I had never anticipated. After one last big lick at my backside, Marshall jumped up onto me, his front paws coming down on my shoulders and crushing my upper body into the dirt. My tits smashed against the dirty floor as I struggled to push myself back up in confusion. What was he doing? Thankfully his paws moved off of my body, but now they were on the floor to either side of me. My small teenage body was completely underneath this massive dog. And I could feel him humping against me.

I’d seen the dogs humping objects before, of course, and I’d seen other smaller breeds of dogs hump at people’s legs. But this wasn’t like that. Marshall was humping at my butt and suddenly I could feel his long, unsheathed cock rubbing against my soft flesh. The dog was horny too! I hadn’t considered that possibility and I wanted nothing to do with it. I said, “Marshall, back! Back, boy!” and began crawling forward, trying to get away from the beast. But he just lumbered along with me, his doggy dick sliding against the back of my ass cheek, getting dangerously close to my slit with each humping motion he made.

Marshall started growling. My heart raced with fear at the terrible sound. None of the dogs had ever growled at me like that. His giant head was above and behind my own and the sound emanating from his throat filled my ears. His front paws inched in closer to me, right next to my dangling tits, practically inside my armpits. It was as though he was trying to hold me up, and that gave me the idea to collapse my body, to push myself flat against the earth. But when I started to do just that his growls turned into a loud bark and his teeth nipped me on the flesh between my shoulder and neck. I cried out with pain and stopped moving. I knew that the bite had been a mere warning: his jaws were capable of tearing my throat out if he wished. Staying still made him stop barking but the growl was still there, as was his long cock which continued humping my butt cheeks and thighs from behind.

Okay, I told myself, blind with terror now. He can’t go on forever, he’ll have to stop soon…

I was right, too. He stopped humping his dick against my soft skin very shortly after the warning bite. Because on one lucky hump forward he finally found what he’d been looking for.

When his cock first entered my pussy I didn’t understand at first why I should suddenly feel like I was being penetrated. My thoughts were a jumble from drink, fear, and confusion, after all. But if I didn’t know exactly what was happening at first, Marshall sure seemed to. His humping slowed and I suddenly felt his unsheathed doggy cock pushing its way inside my tight teenage pussy. I yowled with fear and humiliation as realization of what was happening came crashing down on me. He was fucking me! His cock had found my pussy from behind and now it was fucking into me and there was nothing I could do to stop it! The logical conclusion was inescapable: I was being raped by my dog!

I began sobbing pathetically from pain and humiliation as his dick humped into me, penetrating deeper inside my tight cunt with each thrust. I was blubbering, begging, and soon gasping, too. Gasping, gasping, gasping… from what? From pain? No, it was something more, something primal. I was still holding my upper body up with my trembling arms as the pain of his raping dick fully transformed into something different. This wasn’t like with the cucumber, which I had control over. The object pounding in and out of me now belonged to another living being, a creature who cared not what I thought of his actions but only wanted to fuck me, and fuck me hard. Suddenly I thought about how terrible a sin this must be and I started to moan.

It was absurd, but for some reason I suddenly remembered from school that the Bible said God had made man the masters over all beasts. Remembering that only made me moan louder. Here I was, getting raped by a dog, certainly no master and probably more like a slave. In a way it was a logical extension of everything else I did for my dad’s mastiffs. I cleaned up after them, I fed them, I’d even walked them earlier in the day. Why not fully submit myself, then, and be their bitch, too?

“That’s what a female dog is, right? A bitch?” I remembered Jody had quipped earlier that very day.

“Yessssss,” I groaned now. “A bitch, yess, oh fuck, oh FUCK!”

In a way I was losing my virginity, too, I also realized. That got me even hotter. Marshall, the gentlest of my dad’s pets, was not being gentle now as he officially deflowered me. He was ramming his cock in and out of me in long, brutal strokes that were so quick and furious that all I could do was moan and whimper and cry out from the pleasure. His dick wasn’t as thick or long as the cucumber had been but he was trying to get it all the way inside me. Suddenly I began humping my ass back in time with his thrusts, too, wanting to help him, wanting to feel him planted all the way inside my womb. When I began to feel a massively sized knot at the base of his cock I thought he’d finally gotten all the way in, but then I realized better. The knot was a part of his cock! Each time it crashed into me pain and pleasure radiated from my cunt, and it dawned on me that he was trying to get it to go in. That seemed like a bad idea to me but I was helpless. With a now feral intensity I just groaned and blubbered as I came and came again.

I guess I didn’t really think that whatever this baseball sized knot near the base of his cock was could actually get inside me, but finally, it did. The pain was excruciating and finally I collapsed my upper body into the dirt ground. My fists unclenched and spilled coins fell all across the dirt. Marshall didn’t seem to mind this new position now, so long as my butt stayed up in the air. He had locked himself to me after all. Even he couldn’t pull the knot out from my body. So I’d gotten my wish: he was all the way inside me. All I could do was pant from exertion in response.

He could no longer slide his cock in and out of me very far but that didn’t stop him from humping at an incredible speed. His actions jerked my body forward and back along the dirt floor, dragging my tits across it. Soon this stimulus had me moaning again. I even helped it, pushing back once more in time with his thrusts as his cock stayed planted inside me. I even began to squeeze my cunt muscles around his dick which Marshall seemed to enjoy. The feeling of dragging my tits along the rough dirty ground was making me approach another orgasm just as I felt my womb fill up with some kind of thin, hot liquid.

It was his cum, his sperm, his canine semen, and it was gushing into me and filling me up. The thought was so incredibly nasty and perverted that I cried out with another incredible orgasm.

After he had finished cumming I could feel his cock softening but the ball at the base of his dick was still very large. He was trying to back up, to force it out of me, but I managed to crawl back with him. It was just too painful. “Shh, no,” I murmured softly. I could feel the ball shrinking but it was doing so very slowly. Thankfully Marshall seemed to understand and he stopped trying to move away. I sighed with relief. And then I saw the other sets of paws around us.

I don’t know how long Patton and MacArthur had been watching Marshall rape me but I knew each wanted their own turn. I could see their long doggy dicks hanging from between their hind legs, already hard and unsheathed. In the small part of my brain that was still functioning normally I figured that there was a good chance I could spring to my feet as soon as Marshall was out of me, if I could gather up the requisite strength. But the vast majority of my brain was not functioning normally. It had reverted to a carnal, animal-like state. It was somehow empowering and erotic to be in this frame of mind and I embraced it. It controlled my actions and I didn’t resist. All I wanted was to service these dogs, to be their bitch, to be what they clearly wanted me to be. It felt right, somehow. And so when Marshall’s knot had finally decreased enough so that his dick slipped out from my body I made no attempt to get away.

It was MacArthur, my dad’s youngest dog, who mounted me next. I pushed myself back up as he did so that I was on all fours again. My hair was a terrible mess around my head, having mostly come undone from the scrunchy I’d had it held back in most of the day. Still, I could see through my strands of long blond hair well enough to tell that Mac was having a difficult time figuring out where to place his cock. Like Marshall before him he was humping against me, but he was way off target. Swallowing slowly I reached back with my left hand, barely able to hold myself up now with just the right, and groped for his thing. When I touched it he began to growl at first. But I made guttural little soothing sounds as I gently handled his member and he seemed to relax. For my part, the significance of holding a male penis for the first time was not lost on me. It sent ripples of pleasure through my confused and charged up body. I looked back down at the earth now, struggling to hold myself up with just the one arm, and guided his cock toward the entrance of my pussy. When it got there he yowled upon making contact with my wetness and warmth. An instant later he was inside me.

Not enough time had gone by for my pussy to revert to it’s usually incredible tightness, but that was a good thing. It made MacArthur’s fucking pure pleasure with none of the initial pain. Only when the knot at the base of his cock began slamming into me did I cry out with hurt. Like Marshall, though, Mac didn’t seem to notice or care about any pain he was giving me. And I wouldn’t have had it any other way, either. I grunted and moaned as the large ball kept slamming into me until finally it popped inside my quim, making me feel bloated and full.

Again I took this as a sign that I could collapse my upper body to the dirt ground, and so I did. Mac only barely humped against me now that he was locked to me but it was enough to make me cum. He did, too, after a few minutes. And thankfully his knot deflated a lot more quickly than Marshall’s had.

Patton, the largest and oldest of my dad’s dogs, wanted his turn next. But I was spent. I had no energy. As he got behind me I began to lower my butt to the dirt ground, hoping for even a second or two of relaxation before giving him his turn. Patton would have none of it, though. He growled loudly, angrily, and barked a threat that my feral mind understood as a command to get back on all fours. With a jolt I obeyed him, but I was whimpering and blubbering too, hoping somehow that he would understand my need to rest. He didn’t. He got into the same position the others had, his front legs locked against my upper body just behind my arm pits, and began humping angrily against me. I had no strength left to reach behind and help guide him in but as his growling intensified I found myself trying to line up my pussy for his cock by moving my butt around instead. Finally I felt it slam into me. With just one thrust he jammed his dick halfway up my sopping cunt tube, full of my juices and doggy sperm. At least I’d thought it was halfway given the length of Patton’s predecessors. I was wrong.

He howled in triumph as he began hammering into me and I soon learned that he had at least two inches in length on his friends. I growled savagely, not recognizing the sound of my own voice. I found myself grunting out the word, “Bitch!” and sometimes adding, “Fuck me, fuck meeee!” as Patton spiked me over and over again. When his hard knot began smashing into my cunt I realized that it, too, was bigger than the others. He was much more savage, too, in how he slammed it against me. Now all I could do was yowl in pain. My pussy had already been bruised up from Marshall and MacArthur doing this so the pain was even greater. There was nothing human left in my voice, nothing at all, not even the shrieking of a little girl. The sound I made melded with his howling and made me feel like I was nothing more than an animal and, despite the pain, I found my body reacting to his brutal fucking as though it was the best thing it had ever felt. And that’s all I was, now: a slave to my body and its primal desires, a slave to my wanton sexual needs, an animal bitch dog in heat servicing her natural masters. If you had asked me my name at that moment I don’t think I would have even known the answer.

Eventually his rock hard knot crushed its way inside me just like the others had and I came, hard, as I fell into the dirt. But Patton, unlike the others, didn’t seem to like me in that position. He began to bark and growl. The only thing that silenced the threatening tone in his voice was pushing myself back up again. He wanted me on all fours, I’d stay on all fours. It’s what a good bitch would do.

With my body locked to his know all either of us could do was wait, and moan, and sometimes growl. He rutted me some, sure, but like the others he instinctively knew that I was now his and he had no interest in trying to pull out the knot that tied us together. After some time, and another more mundane orgasm (if you could call any of what was happening mundane), Patton soon unloaded his puppy-making liquid into my womb. I gasped one last time and then just panted, the feeling of his seed so deep inside me making me feel light headed. A moment later, though, all I knew was pain.

Patton was trying desperately to pull his knot out from me now but it had not deflated one bit. I shrieked and tried scrambling back as I had with Marshall, but this just seemed to make Patton angry. He barked and gnashed his teeth while a low, intimidating growl emanated from his soul. I wanted to obey, I really did, but the thought of him pulling out while his knot remained the size of a baseball was terrifying! I could just imagine my pussy being turned inside out as a result. I acted on reflex, my still carnal mind desperate to protect itself. I continued backing up with him and then found myself growling, too.

It was the sound of an animal, and it came from the back of my throat, a sound that would normally have scared even me. I would never have imagined before that I was capable of making such a purely threatening sound, but there it was. And what’s more, it worked. Patton’s own growling ceased and he stopped trying to back away from me. With his knot still planted firmly inside me he suddenly seemed content to wait for it to shrink.

Five minutes passed before it finally did. For good measure I gave it another minute or so and then I crawled forward. Patton’s cock slid out from me without the slightest bit of pain. I collapsed into the dirt, then, and the feeling of being off my knees was heavenly. It seemed like I’d been on them forever. I don’t know how long I laid there like that, catching my breath in the large kennel which suddenly felt cold again, but eventually I gathered up enough strength to stand up. The dogs must have all gone back to their usual sleeping space because none were in sight. After pushing my hair out of my face I began to walk back to the house. I made the journey on wobbly, unsteady legs. Whether that was from the lingering effects of alcohol or the fucking I couldn’t be sure.

My mind was a daze as I entered the house. I went to my cigarettes first and lit one but had the presence of mind not to mess up the sofa with my dirt covered body. Instead I took the cigarettes with me up to my bedroom. Once there I turned on the lights and went in front of the mirror. I think part of me wanted some assurance that I was still a little girl after all. I smoked an entire cigarette studying what I saw.

From head to toe my lightly tanned skin was streaked with dirt. My knees and calves especially, but my pale tits, my tummy, and my pussy, too. Streaks of mud were leaking down from between my legs where the doggy sperm was dripping out of me and mixing with dirt. My hair was a wild mess, the scrunchy long gone by now. When I turned around to examine my backside I was surprised to see scratches all over it. Not deep ones, but little red lines just the same. During the intensity of the fucking I hadn’t felt any of the dogs placing their paws there, but I could remember times when I’d felt heavier on top and this explained it. I didn’t look like a 13-year-old girl, I decided. I looked like a cave-woman, a jungle primate, or something equally foreign. But on my young face was a dazed, satisfied smile. Despite my appearance I thought I looked sexy as hell. So deeply did I think this, in fact, that after finishing my cigarette I rummaged around in my closet a bit and found an old Polaroid camera I’d bought at a garage sale back when I was in Elementary School. It still had three shots left. I used all of them to permanently record my appearance.

After that I went to the bathroom and started the water. I made sure it was hot. As the tub filled I stared at my reflexion some more and began playing with my tits. They were sore from the way I’d so brutally dragged them across that dirt floor and I wanted to make sure they were okay. After deciding that they were fine, if dirty, I dumped some bubble bath solution into the tub and waited until the bubbles were high and the room was filled with steam. Finally I lowered my poor, tired body into the blessedly hot water where I promptly fell asleep.


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  1. Hail fucking Satan! Glorious 13 year old dog fucking cunt sucking pubertal whore child accepting the Darkest Lord’s primal copulation slave urges. Accept the beast inside her and obey BITCH.

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