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Feature Title: Orgasmic dream of sex with a demon?

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Orgasmic dream of sex with a demon?


I have very odd dreams, always have. I have had a few dreams of having sex with demons and always orgasm. Sometimes multiple times from them. I was raised Christian though I admit that i was sexually abused and started a VERY early interest in sex and was fairly obsessed with it. I became so obsessed that as a young child I prayed to Satan to have long good orgasms. I have sense into adult hood had a lot of dreams involving sex. The more involved in church I was and their cult like beliefs in spiritual warfare, the more I had these dreams and always woke orgasming. Do you think it is my own personal religious rebellion?

Thank god this is totally confidential. This is why I haven’t ever mentioned this to anyone before! LMAO! attention? Yeah OK… I feel like a total freak who is mentally messed up. Ever had someone try and cast demons out of you as a child? Yeah great fun. Anyone else with actual experience? Otherwise… Please.. Don’t respond. Most people on here are real people with real feelings and real lives. Some have really hidden fears as well.



I have had these experiences… You are not starving for attention. There is a real world of spirits out there. As humans we are foolish to believe we are the only spirits in the world. When I gave my life to God my attacks got worse. The only thing that really works is to call on Jesus… Then they stopped, I kid you not. Also, knowledge is power. Remember those locked up in rooms with padded walls are actually the ones who have experienced truth… It’s the ones who are ignorant that are crazy!

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