Call out to them – Non-Fiction

Writer: Evilgodfucker

Subject: Call out to them

Link: Tumblr / 10.10.2021 / Reposted by Theistic Satanist

Call out to them

Don’t be afraid. Summon them. Invite them in to possess your cock and overwhelmed it in burning lust. They desire to revel their secrets to you and lead you down the path to the blissful ecstasy of the forbidden fruit — Call out to Satan and the demons of lust. Invite them to possess you and lead your cock or cunt to demonic pleasures that only they can give you. Allow them to lead you into the darkest pleasures that you can only imagine. Summon them and do not be afraid. Hail Satan! Fuck Jesus!

3 thoughts on “Call out to them – Non-Fiction”

  1. I call of them, I want to be possessed and led into the dark paradise of forbidden fruits, burning in lust. Come Lord Satan, take my cock!

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