THE TWELVE COMMANDMENTS 2  – Thou Shalt Not Pass Up Thy Sister

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Feature Title: THE TWELVE COMMANDMENTS 2  – Thou Shalt Not Pass Up Thy Sister

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Story Codes: Young, Religious, NC, Rape, Incest

Synopsis: Things aren’t quite right with Kieran Laker, he seemed like the all American kid, but he had a deep dark secret itching to get out.

Author’s Notes: The author does not condone child abuse, this story is meant as an erotic fantasy not real life. Anyone acting out such scenarios in “real life” can look forward to many unproductive years getting it up the butt by a fellow convict in their local prison.

The Twelve Commandments 2

Chapter Two: Thou Shalt Not Pass Up Thy Sister

Kieran Laker looked alright … it was on the inside, that not all his dogs were barking!

Wasn’t his school work — his grades were pleasing enough. Wasn’t his attitude – that was all any parent could ask of a seventeen year old at High School. Couldn’t even complain that he did drugs or hung out with the wrong crowd. No, his problem was diabolically simple — he wanted to fuck his little sister and nothing, come Hell or high water was going to thwart that master plan.

Naturally, no-one knew about this little aberration, most especially young Julie. Just thirteen, you couldn’t really blame Kieran for his wannabe incestuous shortcomings. Like so many developing thirteen-year olds, she was curvy in all the right places now, soft shoulder-length brown hair that sparkled with gingery flecks in bright sunlight. So fresh-faced and naive with regard to the ways of the world, it quadrupled her appeal.

The ultra short-skirts and little t-shirts she would wear around the house were doing little to keep Kieran’s lust in check. Never in a million years could you ever have said she “put out.” So child-like and innocent was she, she would smile and give a little yelp if he ever caught her coming out of the bathroom after a shower with just a towel around her or perhaps zipping her school-dress up first thing in the morning as she got herself ready and he had caught a momentary flash of her undies.

He was looking at her right that moment as she chatted on her cell to a friend near the pool. Her warm animated expressions as she would laugh and giggle. Tossing her hair back in the way that girls do so prettily, when they are acting subconsciously, their body language betraying the yawning gulf still between adult and child. His eyes strayed to her firm little rear-end, contained nattily as it was in the lower half of her pink bikini. What he would give to be able to pull that skimpy piece of satin down and gaze unhindered on the sculptured contents beneath.

Her breasts were coming along even better. Small but so beautifully shaped and filling-out her small but tight bikini bra to utter perfection. Never for another moment in time he realized, could she ever be more attractive and more desirable.

It was killing him!

Worse, she loved her older brother and always took whatever opportunity came-up to spend time with him. Smiling up at him from her desk whenever he would help her with identifying “equal angles,” it would never have occurred to her he was actually taking in the view down her top and wishing to Hell he could free-up, even for a few seconds, those hot little brown nipples skulking just out of sight there, beneath the edge of her frilly bra. They would rag around the pool together, she seemingly never having noticed just how many times he would have his hands on her bottom as he pushed her in. Even if she had realized, she would simply have thought it just close brotherly teasing.

How then to accomplish his fantasy, was something that Kieran found occupying his mind to an unhealthy degree. Opportunity, rather than planning however was to prove Kieran’s ultimate benefactor.

Just a couple of weeks later and at the beginning of the summer vacation, the two siblings were left to their own devices, both parents taking an extended two- week break with in-laws in California.

“No wild parties, no alcohol and when I get back I want to see the house in the exact same condition it’s in now kids. In a word  “behave!” were their mom’s parting words.

Grant Laker surreptitiously slipped his son a folded wad of notes. “Just a little something to help with expenses Kieran,” he grinned. “Oh, and look after your baby sister till we get back, right? …counting on you!”

“Sure dad… and thanks,” he replied.

As the Blazer reversed out, taking the first left at Brooklyn Way headed for the Interstate, Kieran put his arms round Julie’s shoulders, the natural warmth of the young girl addling his already fractured sense of relational normality.

Opportunity is one thing — actually making that trip across to the dark side he found, to be quite another. The first few days of the holidays, both siblings had their own circle of friends to occupy their time and minds. Julie had several school-friends over, either splashing around the pool or up in her room listening to Usher, Jesse McCartney or at a pinch, Avril Lavigne.

Had not Kieran had his own friends around, he may have been tempted to check-out in greater detail not only his sister’s skimpy pool-wear but that of her equally nubile and transient young friends. As it was, the ongoing parade of hot little bikini tops and bottoms each displaying delightful clefts at all points of the compass, caused more than a few muttered obscenities amongst the youthful male contingent.

The fact that a few of Julie’s friends stayed over the first few nights, further dented whatever embryonic plans Kieran may have been formulating. One thirteen- year old, barely tipping the scales at a hundred pounds and not even five-four on tip-toes was a manageable quantity… sister or not, but four on-site was pushing the boundaries of any reasonable handling expectation.

Following Julie’s later acceptance of offers to sleep over at her friends’ homes, it was the following Tuesday before circumstances saw brother and sister finally alone in the family home. Julie had even offered to cook her brother his favorite dish — stir-fry supreme. Kieran had gotten his sister a “special treat,” a four-pack of Vodka Cruiser, assuming her limited to zero experience with any sort of alcohol.

She had been a little apprehensive. “Mom and dad said no alcohol Kieran,” she giggled.

“Yeah, well what they don’t know isn’t going to hurt anyone is it sis?” he replied, hoping against hope she would relent and at least try it.

Fact is, Julie had taken her first few sips of both wine and bourbon at a couple of earlier sleepovers and had found the experience anything but unpleasant.

“Well I won’t be telling them anything,” she smiled at him, her expression one of sisterly affection. His, one of rampant desperation if the truth be known

The stir fry hit the spot while the vodka leveled the playing field. At the point Kieran proposed a toast “To the most beautiful sister any brother ever had,” Julie was making ready to cross that line which wends its way between giggly, flirty and just plain uninhibited. He leaned across the table and kissed her lightly on the lips which if nothing else, cut short the giggles.

“Kieran,” she looked at him all wide-eyed, “I’m your sister.”

“Don’t I know it,” he muttered, aware that even now she wasn’t far enough “out of it” for him to implement any plan.

Dinner was cleared away and at the point they settled comfortably into the high-backed leather lounge to watch Troy, Kieran had ensured that Julie was on to her fourth Cruiser. He noted with not a little satisfaction, that she was now beginning to slur the odd word.

“I’ve had enough Kieran,” she giggled, as he topped-up her glass. Whilst watching Brad Pitt dispatch the seven-foot giant Boagrius, Julie cast her brother a furtive glance as he sat down beside her — unnecessarily close, on so large a lounge.

At the point Kieran’s hand descended to her right leg, but inches below the hemline of her skirt, she let out a shocked gasp of “Kieran!”

“C’mon Jules,” he pleaded, “Let’s see your panties, just a quick look — no-one’s going to know.” He began pushing her skirt up fractionally.

“What’s wrong with you Kieran?” she giggled, pushing his hand away. “I’m only thirteen and your sister. You shouldn’t be saying or even thinking things like that!”

The effect of the Cruisers was radically impacting on her own judgment and she was unable to prevent a flush of excitement from coloring her cheeks at that second.

“I’m sorry Julie,” he said, putting his own drink on the small coffee table. “You are just so pretty and sexy … well, I just can’t help wanting to do stuff with you.”

He took a hold of her hand as he spoke. She made little or no attempt to disengage it.

“Do stuff?” she queried. “You mean like messing around, feeling me up?” she asked incredulously, whilst blushing even further.

“Can we Jules?” Even if she didn’t acquiesce, he knew he was way past the point of no return and whatever her reaction — he was going to have her this night. His hand return to the warmth of her thigh, his fingers inching up beneath the tight skirt.

Mesmerised, she watched him pushing her hem upwards but at the point her blue cotton panties were exposed, she gasped and the reality of what was happening, returned her a modicum of sobriety.

“Stop it Kieran,” she pleaded — as much with her own conscience as anything else, “We can’t do this.”

The physiological changes being wreaked between her brother’s thighs were not about to be denied however and pinning his sister against the arm of the lounge, he had her skirt up around her waist in seconds.

“No Kieran,” she begged, “Let me go.”

She tried to pull the skirt down to cover her fully exposed panties that by dint of her struggling, were doing no more than highlighting the cleft of her virginal labia. The back of her hand in passing brushed across the front of her brother’s jeans and she was rendered palpably aware of the caged serpent within.

Julie’s choice of a low-cut top had not been a good one. Lying almost on top of her now, he noted her small breasts as they curved down out of sight and the developing cleavage, clearly evidenced as she wriggled beneath him.

He put a hand on her right breast and began fondling the delicate mound that for so long had been the focus of his left-brain’s activity center. Whatever pleasures such illicit behavior might have generated in fantasy were magnified ten times over in the real-time. He barely noticed her struggles and pleas.

“I’ll scream Kieran,” she threatened, as he switched hands to her other breast, slipping well inside her bra and finding there such softness as he could barely comprehend. One knee up between the girl’s legs now, her futile squirming was causing her pussy substantial friction against her brother’s knee, an eventuality the significance of which, had not escaped Kieran.

As he fumbled with her breasts and drew his knee up harder between her legs, she did indeed cry out in both mortified shock and embarrassment. He quelled her rising cries by kissing her hard on the lips. Needing to breathe understandably, she had no option but to switch to her nasal channels which from Kieran’s viewpoint at least was a major plus – the yelling stopped.

Whether being kissed, actually lessened her fears of being imminently raped or it was simply a case of being exhausted and resigned to whatever her brother had planned for her from this point onwards, the young girl began struggling less.

Perhaps viewing this as a preliminary indication of compliance on his little sister’s part, he continued to fondle and abuse the girl’s breasts. It took but a moment to free-up both from her bra and top and Julie was then further shocked to see just how erect her nipples had become. Kieran had already discovered this particular physiological actuality.

“Not all bad news sis is it?” he teased her, flicking her right breast dead center, whilst backing off from her lips momentarily. She gasped at his insensitivity.

“Let me up Kieran,” she whimpered, “I promise I won’t tell mom or dad if you get off me right now.”

He looked down at her and something welling up in his brain closed-out any remnants of fraternal compassion that may yet have lingered. Most likely his rising lust.

Thrusting his right hand up between his sister’s legs suddenly, he began rubbing her intimately through the thin material. As she screamed out in abject shock, he delivered a stinging backhand to the side of her cheek. The blow stunned her and she lay almost inert across the curved lounge arm. Draped there with her skirt now pushed up around her hips, both breasts free of her top and her legs quite some way apart, her pussy highlighted by the taut material, the scene presented itself as temptation incarnate and in less time than it would have taken to dial 911, he had his erection out.

Julie was sobbing and barely able to grasp how the brother she had always loved and respected could be doing this to her. She watched helplessly as he guided his weapon of mass destruction between her legs.

As his right hand slipped between the inside leg of her panties she gave a renewed gasp of disbelief. For his part, contact now with his sister’s most private area … the soft hair that he now encountered, merely heightened his criminal intent. He slipped a finger into her tight and moderately wet cleft.

“Noooo Kieran,” she begged, still sobbing intermittently, “Please don’t.”

He could put it off no longer and forcing her legs apart, simply tugged the panties to one side and presented the head of his erection right at the pearly gates. Brother and sister both stared downwards. She, at her sibling’s inflamed genitals and he, at his little sister’s virginal slit, protected as it was on all sides by a soft inward slope of tight curly brown hair.

He pushed … she screamed.

“That hurts Kieran,” she sobbed, “I’m a virgin and you’re way too big for me!”

“Jules,” he muttered, withdrawing slightly, “I’m going to fuck you … may as well get used to that. We either do this the hard way or the easy way.”

Unfortunately for the teenage girl, there was no easy way!

Hymens usually are not comfortably detached from their owners at thirteen and Julie’s was no exception. Whilst it is quite possible for girls to insert a finger — in fact Julie was no stranger to this particular branch of self-therapy — an engorged penis demands rather more leeway and Kieran’s unfortunately, was at the wrong end of the comfort scale.

After a few tentative thrusts and shrieks of pain from Julie, Kieran was tiring of social niceties. He had a job to do, sexual needs to acquit and many years of brotherly lusting to satisfy.

He rammed home his eight inches of an unforgiving penile drill-bit and her maidenhead was vaporised. She screamed, only to incur yet another backhander. Inside her now, blood mixed with what limited lubrication there was on site — far less than was necessary to make the experience even partially bearable. So tight was she, Kieran groaned from the ecstasy. Nothing he had imagined came close to this — finally fucking the sexy little pussy that had been teasing him all these years.

With less than no control, he spurted what seemed to be white-hot lava up inside her. Despite her tears, she felt it.

“I’m going to get pregnant Kieran,” she gasped out involuntarily. Just that word impelled him on to greater thrusting. That’s what he had to do … get her pregnant. His penis was running on auto-pilot!

Afterwards she just lay there — raped and without feeling or dignity. Even as he tugged her panties off her, pulling her top from her, ripping her flimsy little bra free in his need to get her naked, she could muster no resistance.

His testosterone in hyper-drive now, he unzipped her skirt and tossing it away looked down at his naked little sister. Slim hips and legs, blemish-free skin and curves to spare. He pulled her off the lounge and on to the carpet.

“No more Kieran, please,” she begged.

Mother Teresa could not have softened his heart. Forcing her on to all fours, he knelt behind her, giving that wondrously sculptured little rear-end a few exploratory smacks. She whimpered, but all this achieved was to arouse him further. One hand on her bottom, he used the other to guide his scalding erection up between her legs through which he could see filmy strings of white semen dripping out of her young pussy. He sighed with pleasure as he sank it deep into her again — seemingly tighter than ever this time. She gasped but recognized the futility of resistance — he was going to fuck her as hard and as often as he wanted.

And fuck her he most certainly did. Reaching under and roughly fondling her breasts, she watched his fingers pulling at her nipples violently as he thrust into her with impunity. She closed her eyes, crying silently as he took her without mercy.

Again she felt the hot spurts and sadly, clutched instinctively at her swollen labia as he withdrew from her temporarily. Six months after the onset of menstruation, this was she knew, her fertile period.

As she knelt there, shamed, hurt and violated, she felt his fingers thrusting crudely up into her vagina.

“Just stay there … don’t move,” he ordered her. The fingers delved deeper and the sound of erratic breathing close behind her suggested he was now masturbating ferociously as he fingered her.

“Not that Kieran,” she cried out suddenly. It was too late though. She had felt his fingers bid retreat from the intimacies of her vagina, taking the short route, following the line of her crack north. Even as he pushed one finger into her forbidden channel, she begged him to stop.

The sight was simply too much for him. Seeing his finger disappear up to the first joint inside her hot little bottom was more than his sanity could hold on to, and whatever stock of white lightning he had left, arced its way across her curvy little backside.

He would have rubbed it in to her, but for the key turning the lock in the front door.


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