Feature Writer: AndrewCummings

Feature Title: Halloween in the New Neighborhood

Published: 08.10.2021

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: A simple Halloween night turns into the night from Hell.

Halloween in the New Neighborhood

I had finally finished unpacking in my new small condo when I realized it was Halloween. You have no idea how many times I’ve had to move lately for this reason or that.

Last time I had an asshole of a landlord that came onto me one too many times. Before that was a psycho ex-boyfriend who began stalking me. Cornered me in an alley once. I had to change my name so he wouldn’t find me. People think being a sexy girl makes life easy. If only.

Anyway, this unpacking thing is just getting old. Let’s hope this is the place and I don’t have to move again.

Now that things were in order, I began setting out my costume for tonight on the back of a chair in the room. Hardly been here in this town a week and a guy already asked me out to this Halloween party.

I wanted to go as a witch, so he says he’ll be Frankenstein’s monster.

When I asked Brad why Frankenstein to pair with a witch, he just said, “They’re both green.”

Why do cute boys always come in stupid?

Whatever, it’s an excuse to get out and look around the town. At least he’s not hard on the eyes.

A draft came in through the window, so I went to shut it. The thing was one of those old wooden ones that you had to swing close from the outside. It always took a good yank.

I started pulling hard. It was especially stuck tight this time. With a hard yank it came loose, but so did my balance. I stumbled back onto the bed.

Frustrated, I looked up and blew my hair out of my face. Then I noticed the cat in the window.

That damn black cat! It loved coming inside every night, even though I constantly chased it away with a broom.

I jumped off the bed and tried to close the window the rest of the way, but it was too late. I nearly caught its tail in the windowsill as I completely shut it.

“Damn cat!”

It ran out of the room and into the living room.

I sighed as there was no point in chasing the damn thing. I can’t ever get my hands on it.

I went to the bathroom to shower and get ready for the night. As the hot water hit me, I started to think about all the other places I lived.

My ex came to mind and for some reason the chase from him still gave me goosebumps, but in a hot way. Feeling crazy for going there, I shook it off and got out of the shower.

Having worked in cosmetics, I was pretty good at Halloween makeup. I began covering my body in green. I decided against the warts this time because this was technically a first date and I’m sure he’s expecting some tonight.

I walked back into the bedroom and looked at myself in the mirror. Damn I’m good. I looked hot. I was even tickled by the fact that I made my pussy green. Talk about overkill.

Looking at my naked green body in the mirror, I started feeling hot again. Almost like gawking at someone else. I could feel myself getting wet. Well, there’s the bed and I have time. Who says I can’t enjoy myself a little?

I hopped on top of the sheets and went to work with my hand. I pulled the juices from my cunt and massaged my figures all around.

Damn I was horny.

I slid my finger inside and gently began to rock back and forth.

Chances were that this Brad was going to be sub-par, so I may as well cum now. I could feel my head swimming as I ached for a climax.

Then I felt something warm and rough to the side of my pussy.

I hesitated. Then there it was again, and again.

I pulled my finger out and looked down between my legs. The fucking cat was on the bed licking my juices. What a disgusting animal.

“Get down you little perv,” I said trying to shoe it away.

As I went to kick the little fucker, he shifted over and licked my cunt dead center. Either he was lucky or he knew what he was doing because I started to shake and go stiff as a small orgasm rushed through my body.

My leg dropped. I laid there paralyzed as this damn cat kept licking in just the perfect spots.

What was happening?

I managed to lift my head and look down. As the cat worked, its eyes were locked on mine. I could have sworn I saw literal fire burning in its eyes.

Was this cat about to try and fuck me?

I felt a big orgasm coming on and my head dropped. I couldn’t help but lift my hips in the air, but the cat stayed with me.

I was just about to explode when I felt warm pain on the inside of my thigh. The cat had stopped licking me and turned to claw at me.

That mother fucker!

The window flew open and the cat jumped out. Putting pressure on my thigh to stop the bleeding, I tried to comprehend what just happened.

I guess it got over stimulated?

Why is that my take away? I practically just fucked a cat.

Let’s keep that one to ourselves, shall we?

The bleeding finally stopped and I got cleaned up, deciding to move on with my night. Best I forget that ever happened.

I wore extra high striped stockings to hide the scratch. My skirt would do the rest.

Brad picked me up at 7 and we headed out. He was in a crappy Frankenstein costume. Glad I put so much effort into mine.

Brad was quite the chatty camper. Telling me about this and that and how he’s never been beaten at beer pong.

Sounds like I got a real winner tonight.

We pulled down a street near a nightclub with a line out the door. I was excited to see that everyone in this town was in some kind of costume. Looking around, we quickly realized that there was no street parking.

“Well this is fantastic,” I blurted out.

He tried to reassure me, “I’m sure something will open up soon.”

I watched a guy in a dapper looking costume get out of his car and start to run across the street. He had clearly just arrived.

“It’s too bad we can’t just make him leave,” I said as I waved my hand wishfully in his direction.

Then the guy suddenly stopped mid street. He looked down at his phone concerned.

Brad squinted at him, “What is he doing?”

I waved my hands annoyed, “Come on guy, are we coming or going?”

The guy turned around and ran back to his car. Turning it on, he quickly drove off.

“Hu…” was all I could say.

Brad didn’t hesitate to pull into the spot, “almost like you put a spell on him.”

“Ya, weird,” I said.

We got out and looked around. Brad didn’t wait for me as he started down the sidewalk. Apparently chivalry is dead.

I looked up across the street and noticed someone in a black hooded cloak. I could swear they were staring right at me. I really hope that’s not who I think it is.

I looked down the sidewalk after Brad. Maybe this guy would come in handy after all. I rushed after him.

When I looked back after catching up to Brad, the cloaked person was gone.

We got to the club and I just stared at the long line, ” You have got to be kidding me.”

Brad took my hand and led me to the front, “It’s OK. Don’t worry.”

The bouncer smiled as we approached, “Brad! Come on in!”

He unlatched the rope and we walked right in without skipping a beat, “Thanks Vic!”

The bouncer looked me up and down as we passed, “Nice date!”

He slapped my ass. I couldn’t help but jump. Quite the friendly town isn’t this?

The music was loud inside, but the vibrations felt good. Couldn’t much talk at this point, so we just started to dance.

Brad seemed to know a lot of people here because he had a lot of friends come up to him. They all enjoyed checking me out. I thought I was dressed as a witch, but apparently I was eye candy tonight.

The array of costumes were a lot of fun. I enjoyed scanning the room to see the various dancing creatures and eccentric people.

That is until I saw a ghost in the back. Nothing special. Just a white sheet with holes. You could see his jeans and shoes below. The disturbing part was the werewolf legs on its knees sticking out from under the sheet. The sheet was bobbing in and out of the ghost and the guy’s legs were wobbly. I wonder what’s going on under there?

Rolling my eyes, I went back to dancing.

About two hours in, Brad seemed to have had enough and grabbed me by the wrist. He led me to a door in the back.

We stepped inside some small backroom and Brad immediately starts to kiss me on the neck.

I pushed him off gently, “Brad.”

He pulled me back in, “Come on baby.”

Apparently this was happening now. Impatient much? He removed his shirt without a word.

Pulling me in close he whispered into my ear, “Don’t you want to play with Frankenstein’s monster?”

I really hope he wasn’t just calling his dick that.

On second thought, “I kind of wish you were Frankenstein’s monster. Then I might get a real fuck with a big dick.”

He didn’t seem to like my comment because his grip on my arm became very firm.

“Brad, you’re hurting me.”

He started to grunt.

I looked up at him and I don’t know what it was, but the dark lighting in that room made his makeup look really good. Almost like the real thing.


He grabbed my hair and forced me down.

I hit my knees hard, ” Fuck!”

He pulled the fabric aside from his shorts and a giant green dick popped out.

“Holy shit,” I said.

He had taken this costume very seriously. I guess I spoke too soon about his dick size. I really hope he was smart enough to not use toxic paint.

“Brad, I’m sorry for calling…”

He pulled my head forward and shoved his giant cock down my throat.

I immediately started to cough and tried to pull back. He just shoved me back on and fucked my skull. No matter what I did, I couldn’t pull my head off. Damn this guy was strong. Inhuman almost.

I began to gag violently which only seemed to egg him on.

I was starting to suffocate.

Finally, he released me and threw me to the floor. I coughed and gagged on the floor almost throwing up.

Then I felt my skirt flip up and my panties pulled aside. I tried to speak in protest, but couldn’t get out a word.

He shoved his dick into me dry.


Without any hesitation he began pounding me into the floor while I continued to cough and gag. This fucking thing hurt inside of me.

He started to moan in a Frankenstein voice, “MMMMM!”

My red and white stockings were starting to ride up my thighs.

Ready to scream in pain, he finally stopped moving.

I could feel him fidgeting inside me. That fucker was cumming inside!

He pulled out and collapsed to the ground.

I rolled over and pulled my panties back into place. What the fuck?

I reached over and grabbed his shirt to clean myself up with. Why should he care? It’s his cum.

I did what I could to get up and looked over at him. He was still moaning like an idiot. I guess be careful what you wish for.

I was done with this guy. I made my way to the door.

“Ass hole,” I said as I slammed the door behind me.

Back in the club I looked around for the exit. Looking across the room my heart stopped. The cloaked person was just standing there staring at me.

Fuck, my ex found me, I just knew it. I turned and made my way to the side exit.

Outside I ended up in an alley. It wasn’t clear which way was the street so I started down to the left.

Bad move. I found myself cornered against a wall. I turned to quickly backtrack.

My stomach dropped as the cloaked person was standing right behind me.

I put my fists up, “Listen fucker! I’m not taking your shit right now. This is turning out to very a long night!”

He took a step toward me so I swung. He reached out and grabbed my wrist mid swing.



His arm was green. And he wasn’t a he.

Removing the hood, a woman in green makeup looked back at me with a smile. With her other hand she gave me the hush symbol with her finger.

She began to pull my wrist, “Follow me. We’re running late.”

“Follow you where?”

This was so weird. She just ignored me and lead me down the alley.

I followed her down the street and into another alley.

We entered a room that kind of looked like a dance studio.

She opened a door hidden behind a mirror and walked down some dark stairs. This night was already weird as hell, so I owe it to myself to see where this thing goes.

I followed her down and found myself in a room lit by candles. Several other cloaked women were standing around also wearing makeup, but not all the same color. Some were red and some blue.

In the center of the room was a pentagram.

Oh fuck my life.

“Is this some kind of séance?” I asked.

The one I followed turned around, “No. It’s our annual black mass.”

She removed her cloak and let it drop to the floor.

She had nothing on underneath, “We’re here to welcome our newest sister.”

The other women dropped their cloaks to the ground too.

Surrounded by naked women, I turned to go, “I think I’m good, but thanks.”

“He has chosen you.”

I hesitated, “Chosen me?”

The woman opened her leg, “Blessed you with magic.”

Inside her thigh was a healed scar that looked like cat scratches. I rubbed my own scratch under my stocking.

She looked at me and smiled, ” Haven’t you noticed your ability to cause strange things to happen tonight?”

I didn’t know what to say. Two women walked to the pentagram and dropped a pile of wood into it. The other dropped gasoline. Both cut their hands and let the blood drip into it. Then one lit and match and dropped it. A flame shot up and began to burn in the circle.

Distracted, I didn’t notice the other women surrounding me.

Then the main one whispered into my ear, “It’s time to purify you.”

I jumped. The others grabbed me and began ripping off my cloths.

I screamed, ” No stop!”

They tore it all off, “Stop!”

Completely nude, I dropped to the ground shaking.

The women went back to their corners, “Bring them in.”

I looked around scared. From a door on the other side of the room, a group of nude muscular men entered and walked to their individual girls.

I shook my head, “I’m not being a part of some orgy!”

They just laughed at me, “They’re not for you. He wants you for himself.”

I stood up with my arms crossed to hide my breasts, “He?”

She turned and looked at the door. My stomach dropped.

The black cat came strolling through the door, “Oh fuck no. I’m not fucking that cat.”

The woman just smiled.

The cat bounded forward and into the flames of the pentagram. The flames shot up and consumed the cat. Then they died and disappeared.

In It’s place was what looked like a man. A fucking hot man at that. Sexy as hell, but red.

My eyes gawked at his muscular red body, “That’s one he’ll of a sunburn man.”

I could feel myself getting wet just looking at him. So much so that it almost felt like I was peeing on the floor.

He started toward me as my eyes began to scan bellow. My jaw dropped.

Two dicks. This guy had two fucking dicks swinging between his legs. And giant red balls!

He reached me and just smiled, “Are you pleased with your gift?”

I didn’t know what to say. I looked around. The other woman had already started fucking like animals around me. I looked back at the demon.. cat.. man?


He smiled, “I’ve made you a witch, but for one night a year only. Halloween night.”

I stepped back, “Why? What do you want?”

He raised his fingers and my body lifted off of the ground. I was levitating in front of him. His two clocks became erect. This can’t be good.

Gently, he pressed his top cock against my pussy. Damn I wanted it inside me.

“Fuck me,” I said under my breath.

I don’t know what came over me, but I wanted this.

He entered with just the head of his dick. It sent a wave of pleasure throughout my body. My back became ridged.

Then I felt my legs lifting hire. I looked down as he placed his lower cock on my butthole.

Oh no.

I tried to squirm away or grab at it, “No no. Not the ass. I’ve never…”

“Shhh,” he whispered.

My eyes locked with his. His second cooked put pressure on my asshole. I didn’t know what to do.

I clenched. Then his top cock slid deeper into my pussy and I felt a wave of pleasure again. This distraction allowed me to relaxed and his lower cock popped into my butthole.

Holy shit! I had two cocks in me.

I wanted to wriggle away, but couldn’t mid air.

He slid in further with both cocks causing conflicting feelings of pleasure and pain.

Pushing harder, his giant cocks slid all the way in. I could feel my vaginal and anal cavities pressing against each other.

A devious smile crossed his face.

“Oh shit!”

He began to fuck me. In and out, in and out. My holes were on fire with pleasure and pain.

Slowly, my ass began to enjoy his cock and this fuck was nothing but insane pleasure.

My back arched as far as it would go in the air. I was about to lose it.

I started to hear Screams in my head. Was that me?

An orgasm was coming. My mind began to swim and I wasn’t seeing the room anymore.

Then it happened. It felt like my head and body exploded as I started to seizure on his cocks. It was the best thing I’ve ever felt.

Then he began to cum too. I could feel my entire body fill up with what felt like hot honey. My insides began to harden and fidget. It was like I was being fossilized from the inside out.

All sound and sight disappeared. I was now floating in pure darkness as if nothing existed.

I was gone.

Then I sat up screaming. I opened my eyes and realized I was back in my room naked. I caught my breath and looked around. My costume was on my chair. I guess I never left.

I began to laugh.

“What the fuck,” I said out loud.

What a weird dream. A draft came in and I looked up at the open window.

Getting up, I walked to the windowsill and started to close it when I looked down and saw scratch marks. Something was written there.

Scratched in the wood frame with what looked like cat claws it said, “LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU NEXT YEAR.”

Well fuck. Now I need to move again.



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