Cackling Over My Cauldron – Non-Fiction

Writer:Voice from the Shadows

Subject: One of the “Usual” Questions

Link: Tumblr / 21.10.2021 / Posted by Maidintheshadows

Cackling Over My Cauldron

The “New Look” in Witchcraft and Witchery.

The above may invoke a smile but the fact is its “for real”. An example of the latest in modern “art” for the modern witch. Travel through tumblr and you will wonder at the pictures and artwork revealing the extended world of witches beyond women. I already predict that there will be an increase in the number of women who will be wanting to join the craft or an opportunity to dance around the fire naked or ride a broom with a male witch, especially if he looks like the guy in the artwork. When one reads about what is expected when a new want-to-be-a-witch wishes to join the craft, it is advised they have a mentor to guide them and teach them the “secrets of the guild” so to speak;   With an ever growing number of older eligible women not being able to find the man of their dreams  (a common groan often shared in articles and on youtube now that women outnumber men (don’t know if that is true) and feminism has suddenly turned men off when it comes to women and its the guys at the bar saying no by simply not putting up with our shit and the games we women play, Maybe stirring the cauldron together is a way for girls and guys to get together and get it on … swapping spells, etc.

And it just maybe that MEN WHO ARE LOOKING FOR THAT SATANIC COVEN OR GROUP OF PERSONS WHO BELIEVE IN THE SUPERNATURAL MAY FIND THAT JOINING THE GROWING NUMBER OF WITCHERY GROUPS SUCH AS WICCA  A PLACE TO CALL HOME, at least for a while. Of course, they aren’t satanists but they believe in all the deities and profess to be tolerant and all-inclusive. Then, again, guys on their personal journeys may be looking for a way to engage the supernatural within a place where everyone is into doing so.   And, kinks and sexual desires aside, if that is what you want … then maybe witchcraft is for you. Think about it.

No doubt I will encourage the wrath of the witches for inviting guys to invade the sacred sanctuary of those women who don’t want their coven invaded  by a bunch of horny guys because women have a tendency to share secrets and “talk female” in groups like those. I’ve already called my root doctor in case there are efforts to “punish” me for my insolence. But it is the family of the craft who has brought this on themselves. Think about it again. Women in the circle observing the “hands on ass” or “hands on belly” fertility ceremony and there in the circle is some huge hairy “dude” with large pentacle tattooed on his arm or some more private place, his cock and balls swinging and hardening in the cold air, as they chant a kum-ba-yah type incantation together. Look onlne and see what these ceremonies look like and then picture you in the midst in your mind.

While the above may invoke a smile from some, male witches are real and the females are having trouble with the age old issue of separation of the sexes which goes against what they say about being open to all. Sexual interaction happens even in same sex situations so there is no reason male and female witches shouldn’t interact on all levels especially when it comes to fertility rites and such. Equal access and equal rights can be a bitch especially when the argument against inclusion ends up with them advancing a separate but equal argument and that won’t fly today.

I’m going to stop at this point because I know I will be hearing from several angry “sisters of the cowl” who are going to call me to account for my what? Honesty? Besides, there may be a number of the female witches who welcome some male “spice” in their circle although they probably won’t admit it openly.

So, you guys that are seeking to know and get involved with the supernatural, go for it. You never know what might cum when all of you are conjuring around the cauldron.

Ave Dominum Tenebris.

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