Feature Writer: Nuit du Loup

Feature Title: Broken Monster 7

Published: 20.07.2015 / Published on Juicy Secrets Club / Originally posted on Lesbian Lolita in 2009

Story Codes: Religious Fetish, Lesbian

Broken Monster 7

“Hello, Grandmother.”

Danni felt mental antennae quivering at the toneless, emotion deprived voice in which Aina addressed the woman who had invaded their midst. Like Aina, this old woman was on the short side and she was dressed like she wanted to fit the stereotype of an angry, uptight old lady. Her skirt of a dull, washed-out blue went to her ankles and her drab sweater looked worn and tired. And even now she stared out at them through an ancient looking pair of glasses with bloodshot eyes.

“Are you going to be leaving that door open all night!” the woman snapped, turning to glare at Danni again.

“I wouldn’t be open if you hadn’t left it that way,” Danni responded coolly. “Close it yourself.”

The woman’s face paled in growing anger and from the stricken look on Aina’s face Danni wondered what there was to fear from this person. So what if she was her grandmother? There was no call to let a person like this get away with such ridiculous behavior.

“Show some respect,” the grandmother growled out. “I’m four times your age.”

“Which means jack shit to me,” Danni answered calmly. “Not until you show respect and courtesy to me as well.” She would not let herself be plowed under. Not by anyone.

For a long, tension filled moment, they traded hard stares. Neither of them was willing to budge an inch. All the while the door hung open and the foyer filled with the winter cold. Janet and Krista looked on uncomfortably and Aina looked ready to have a heart attack. But it was Aina who ended the standoff by closing the door herself. As she did so she cast a look at Danni that pleaded for her to calm down.

So she sighed and bottled her anger back up a little and calmed herself down. When she felt she could speak normally again she looked at the old woman, who was standing there looking at her in an odd manner. “Is there something we can help you with?” she asked. “Family or not, this isn’t your house and I’m responsible for it and the girls at the moment.” She let a little hardness reenter her voice near the end.

“I need to stay here for several days,” the woman answered, sounding like she shouldn’t have to explain herself at all. “The power is out at my place so I can’t stay there until it’s fixed. The power company said it would be a few days. And you’re wrong, this is my house. I own it and my daughter rents it from me.”

Raina rents her house from her own mother? Danni wondered what kind of situation had resulted in that unfortunate outcome. She knew that she would never tie herself down like that, or a least not to someone as horrible as this. And even the slightest thought of giving a woman like this power over her was repugnant.

The old woman looked at the girls with a distasteful air. “Aina, I don’t feel like having company, your friends are going to have to leave and go back to their own homes. And you,” she pointed at Danni. “You say that you’re responsible for them, so you can drive them.”

“That’s not an option,” Danni said even before she saw the shock on Janet and Krista’s faces. “Their parents have plans while they are here. So they are staying the night. And what is your name; I can’t just call you ‘you’ or ‘old woman’?”

“Humph, my name is Irena,” she looked around the entry area and the den critically. “This house is still so drab.” She let out a long sigh and looked at the girls yet again. “I need at least one of you girls to go out and get my bags. I’m too old to be carrying my own stuff!”

Danni had to try very hard to not grind her teeth at the woman’s words. She had never met a more unpleasant person in her entire life. But Janet tapped Krista on the arm and the two of them slipped outside. A moment later they returned, each carrying a bag that was big and heavy enough to require both arms.

“Put them in Raina’s room!” Irena instructed. “I’m not about to sleep on the old bed. And Aina, you will be sleeping with me tonight.”

Aina, who had been turning to help Krista carry the bag that was in her hands, whirled around. “What?! Why?”

Irena rolled her eyes as if the answer was obvious. “Because, three young girls like you, can not be trusted not to get into mischief if they’re left unsupervised by a competent adult.” This last was said with a pointed glance at Danni. Danni felt an urge to strike her. “And you…”

“Danni,” she supplied.

“Yes, Danni, you will sleep with the other two. I should think that they should be easy enough for you to handle.”

Aina looked furious, but she didn’t say anything. Instead she turned back with a snap and helped the other two with the luggage. Danni heard her talking to them in low tones as they walked back into the house. When they were gone, Irena started poking around the den, rearranging the furniture and moving things around seemingly at random.

All Danni could really do was watch. She didn’t trust herself enough to speak. So she stood in silence and wondered how in the hell such a nice woman as Raina could have been raised by this walking demoness. Their personalities were about as far apart as they could go.

Aina and the other two girls returned shortly and all three sets of eyes narrowed in displeasure when they saw that Irena was idly rearranging the house.

“I don’t know what Raina is thinking with this place,” Irena said, sounding disappointed. “Nothing is where it should be.” She cast a look at Aina. “Aina, I’ve been driving for the last couple hours to get here, so we are going to bed. So say goodnight to your friends. You can see them again in the morning.”

Again anger surfaced and was then suppressed from Aina’s features. In the corner of the room, a stand lamp flickered unnaturally and a few odd shadows twitched. But Aina turned to Krista and gave her a long hug. Danni saw her whisper something and then she went to Janet and did the same. As Aina followed grudgingly after her grandmother back to the bedroom, Janet and Krista watched her go with nearly identical worried frowns on their faces.

When she was out of sight and they heard the door down the hall shut, they both turned to Danni. The pleading looks from them made her heart ache a little.

“Look, girls, I know you’re unhappy right now, and that you had planned to spend the weekend with Aina, but we can’t do anything about this right now. What did Aina tell you before she left?”

“That it’ll be fine and that this won’t last very long,” Janet said in depressed tones. Danni knew she was wondering how truthful Aina had been about that statement.

“Then trust that she knows what she is doing,” Danni told them calmly. “This is family problem that she obviously knows about and can’t solve on her own so she’s going along with it. Her mother will probably be home in the morning and she can get help when she gets here.”

“I suppose,” Janet said, not sounding at all happy.

“But what do we do now?” Krista asked plaintively.

Danni shrugged. “Not much we can do Krista. Our best bet is to just go ahead and go to bed ourselves. There’s no point in aggravating that woman just yet. Sound good?”

They both nodded their agreement.

“Good, so go and get changed into something more comfortable to sleep in. We’ll just sleep in Aina’s bed tonight and see what happens tomorrow.”

Again both girls agreed, and they grabbed their bags off of the floor and walked back with them. Danni hadn’t really put any thought into staying the night before she’d come, so figured she was stuck sleeping in her clothes, or maybe just her shirt if the girls were comfortable with her that. She gave them ten minutes to change and then walked down to Aina’s room.

When she entered the room, Krista was crawling onto the bed in just a long shirt that hung to her knees, and Janet stood to one side of the room, folding the clothes she had taken off and setting them on top of her bag. Krista’s position exposed a pair of white panties briefly. Janet was wearing a loose pair of cotton shorts and a loose t-shirt. She stood and turned when Danni closed the door.

“Uhm…Danni, is it alright if Krista and I sleep next to each other? We don’t want to sleep apart” Janet said.

Danni smiled and actually gave a small laugh. “Janet, I had no plans at all to keep you two apart. I feel no desire to do anything that crazy old woman says. And I have no problems with anything you three choose to do together. So you two just settle in how you want and I’ll adjust to you. Sound good?”

Janet and Krista both smiled in appreciation. “Tonight would have so much better if it was just you here with us,” Krista said. “You’re really nice.”

“I try to be,” Danni returned with a friendly smile. “Now I have a question for you two. Do you mind if I sleep in just my shirt? I’d rather not wear pants if I don’t have to.”

This time the girls exchanged a humorous look. “Of course not!” Janet smiled. “Aina’s told us how hot you are, so we don’t mind getting a chance to see things for ourselves.” Krista smiled and nodded her agreement.

“I’m not stripping naked!” Danni laughed, already unbuckling her belt and then undoing her pant’s snap. She slid the pants off and kicked them out of the way. “This is as far as I plan to go.”

“Awww,” Krista said in mock disappointment.

Janet just chuckled and climbed up beside Krista. Then they both shuffled under the covers. Danni flipped the light off and then climbed in on the opposite side from the preteens. As she got her self comfortable in the strange bed, she saw in the moonlight coming in from the window that Krista and Janet were moving so that they lay facing each other with their faces close together. Their arms wrapped around and then their faces came together slowly so that their foreheads touched lightly. She saw lips touch once tenderly.

“Hey Danni?” Janet said quietly in the dark.

“What?” Danni answered, still adjusting to being in a bed other than her own.

“What do we do about feeding Aina in the morning?”

Danni’s eyes opened wide at the question. She’d forgotten all about that little detail. Aina started getting thirsty after about twelve hours, so she should be getting to that point at about six in the morning. But with the grandmother here, having sex in this house was very much out of the question.

“I’m not sure,” Danni answered truthfully. “But between me, the two of you and her, I think we should be able to come up with something that will work. We’ll just have to be creative.”

“Okay,” Janet said, ending in a yawn.

After that they just laid there in silence. It took a while, but eventually they each slipped into sleep. Danni was the last, but that was only because her mind kept racing about what was happening. But she too tired down eventually and sleep took her.

The cheerful morning sun fit Raina’s mood perfectly as made her way home. In fact, she found it very hard to keep from smiling like an idiot. The only thing that was the least bit disappointing at the moment was the fact that it was time to go home already. Not that she didn’t want to see Aina and the others again, of course, but this last night had been one of the most wonderful she had ever had.

Her right hand slipped through the slit in the dress she was now wearing again and stopped over her exposed womanhood. Her panties were missing because Tina had wanted to keep them as a reminder of this past night and Raina had been more than willing to let her have them. She felt her juices leaking out profusely as she remembered Tina smelling them right in front of her. Her wetness was running down toward her feet.

She was also still soaked down between her legs from their last minute lovemaking. They had awoken this morning in each others arms and then made love for almost two hours in bed, then again in the shower. After that Tina had made them breakfast, and like herself Tina was an excellent cook. They had talked a little about their future and Raina had gathered up the courage to ask Tina to come to the dinner party she was hosting for all the friends she had made recently and their families.

This coming Friday was when the government was making their big announcement about all the non-human and other supernatural creatures that existed amongst everyone else. So she had proposed that they should all see it together while enjoying a nice dinner and she had cheerfully volunteered for that duty. Janet’s parents had already agreed and so had Danni and Casey. She would have invited Krista’s parents, but Tina said that it was unlikely they would attend. But Tina had gleefully agreed to come and also to try and bring her family along to meet her and everyone else.

But after breakfast she hadn’t even made to the front door before she found herself pressed back against a wall and with Tina kneeling and burying her face in her pussy. Again they dropped to the floor and had very hot sex, right there in the foyer for another hour. Raina had cum at least four separate times and had made quite a large puddle that Tina claimed that she would enjoy cleaning up. Her own lips still tasted of Tina from that last session.

“Oohh,” she moaned as she slid a finger into her still dripping pussy while she drove. She wished she could turn back around and make love to Tina all day long, but Danni and the others were waiting for her. She’d have to be content with her fingers for now.

She didn’t think any of them would be overly miffed if she decided to change her plans, but there was also a need to try and take things slowly with Tina. Though she knew that as soon as she walked through the front door she’d get that nose crinkling smile from Aina. There was no way her daughter wouldn’t be able to smell and sense her heavy arousal. Actually, she was seriously considering getting herself off in the driveway once she stopped the car regardless of that the others might think of her.

She turned into the cul-de-sac in which her home lay and almost slammed on the brakes as she saw what was in her driveway. An ancient looking car the size of a small boat was parked there and the sight of it drove the sexual arousal from her body and she withdrew her finger. It left her feeling sticky and uncomfortable.

She parked behind the behemoth automobile and almost as soon as she stepped out into the morning cold, the front door opened quietly and Aina slipped outside. Raina watched her daughter’s approach with trepidation.

“Did she say why she’s here?” Raina asked when Aina was close enough.

“Says her power is out,” Aina’s brows furrowed in displeasure. “She says she’s going to be here for a few days.”

“Oh damn,” she heard the front door open again and they both turned to watch as Danni also came outside, except that she was wearing a coat while Aina was not. “Where are Janet and Krista?”

“Keeping that crazy mother of yours occupied,” Danni said, a low simmering anger was bleeding into her words.

“I’m sorry,” Raina said sincerely, even though she knew she didn’t really have anything to apologize for. “Maybe I should have warned you about my mother.”

Danni waved away the apology as unnecessary. “I just want to know what kind of hold she has over you that lets her treat you and Aina like crap.”

Raina sighed and leaned back against her car. “She owns this house, which I rent from her. She can kick us out whenever she wants to.”

“She told me about that, but how did it end up that way?”

“Well, when I was pregnant with Aina I was just a freshman in college. I had no money so I ended up using credit cards in my desperation to get everything I would need in order to care for a baby. I didn’t tell my parents anything it. They quickly figured things out when I started to show and also because a whole room of my college apartment was filled with baby stuff when they visited unannounced.”

“They were both livid at me of course, but my father decided that if I wanted to keep my child, then he would help me. But he didn’t get a chance. He had a lethal stroke when I was eight moths along and left everything to my mother. By that time though, she was already more than a little senile and on her way to crazy.”

“She had been a mostly normal mother until she got up into her late forties and no one is sure what changed her, but she started turning sour and angry and controlling, yelling at anything and everything that crossed her. But for me it was bad because she inherited everything from dad. This included some rather successful investments my father had made so my mother found herself with quite a large sum of money.”

“I knew there was a hook in her offer to sign the mortgage of this place in her name, but I let her anyway because by that time my credit rating was about as bad as it was possible for it to be. The idea I was told was that she would sign the initial mortgage and then transfer it into my name afterwards because with the job I managed to get, paying for it wouldn’t be a problem. But she has refused to do so.”

“She knows my credit hasn’t improved very much, it never has, and that I could never get a decent home on my own despite my good income. She holds it over me to make sure that I am “behaving” and raising Aina right.” Her mouth twisted at that. “That’s why she gets away with so much when she shows up at seemingly random moments. I’d love nothing more than to throw her out, but I can’t.”

Danni frowned at her in unhappiness and Raina was touched by her concern. “Well… shit, Raina, this isn’t right. No one should have to put up with that woman for any length of time. The only reason I’m still staying cool is because the girls are triple teaming me.”

Aina smiled at this. “It’s not so hard to do Danni, and I think Janet and Krista have been enjoying kicking you under the breakfast table.”

Danni snorted her amusement at that as well and Raina couldn’t help but smile a little herself. “But how bad is it?” she asked Aina.

“Not as bad as some of her visits have been, but it doesn’t look like she has any intention of moving on any time soon. But she’s restrained herself from making in overly stupid demands. So far she’s kept to the usual petty ones.”

Raina heard the resignation in Aina’s voice but something about the way Aina’s body language and her tone touched on something. “Aina, have you had a chance to feed this morning?”

“No,” Aina grimaced. “I’m not feeling it too bad at all yet, but she doesn’t leave me alone for more than five minutes at a time. It’s like she knows that I want to be alone with one of the others and is actively making that impossible.”

As if on cue, the front door opened again, but this time her mother was framed in it. “Raina?!” she called out. “So this is where those two went off too. I thought for a moment that those other two girls were trying to cover up for something untoward.”

Raina saw Aina smother a wince at that.

“But you all come inside this instant! I want to talk to you and I’m not coming out there in the cold like some idiot,” her mother continued. She turned around and closed the door hard as she went back inside.

“See?” Aina said with a shrug. “It’s like she has some kind of instinct to make life hard for everyone else around her.”

“But Janet, Krista and I came up with an idea that might work to help Aina out,” Danni said. “They all have those standardized exams coming up, right?”

“Yes,” Raina answered slowly. “But how does that help us?”

“Well, just tell your mother that you are bringing Aina to see a tutor to make sure she does well and that it has already been arranged. But then you actually bring her over to my place or to the house of one of the girls. She can then spend a few hours there to feed and get away from that woman.”

“That might work as long as she doesn’t insist on meeting that tutor,” Raina said.

“Just tell her it’s me,” Danni smiled. “She’s already met me and has decided she hates me. She wouldn’t want to meet me again or spend any length of time in my company.”

“But we could only do that once, maybe twice, since the tests start this Monday.”

“It’s better than nothing,” Aina said with a shrug and a calm maturity that was at odds with her age. “We can work something else out if she keeps on staying here. But I think I can last for a little while if I really need to.”

“Well, okay, but Danni, you should probably leave for today and drop the other girls off. There’s no need for the three of you to suffer along with us.”

“You sure?” Danni said with raised eyebrow. “There’s strength in numbers and all that.”

“We’re sure,” Aina said seriously. “I’ve already talked to Janet and Krista and they’ve already agreed, though they don’t like it much either. I think Krista might have a few words with me about it later.” Aina’s smile told how much she was touched by her girlfriend’s concern.

“Alright, but make sure you give one of us a call when you can to set something up for Aina.”


Raina and Danni both looked at Aina in question.

She smiled thinly. “I think I can last until then with no problems other than some discomfort. I will endeavor to restrain myself from using my powers in any way until then.”

“Okay, tomorrow then,” Danni agreed. “I guess I’ll go and rescue the other two and head out.”

“Thanks for your help Danni,” Raina said with feeling.

“Heh, no problem Raina, we’re friends right? So just make sure to feed us good next weekend at the dinner party, deal?”

“Deal!” Raina laughed.

“Good! Then I’ll just be about it now and grab the girls.”

Aina fidgeted in the passenger seat of her mother’s car. She was on the way to Krista’s house, but the claim the day before that she could hold out for an entire day had almost turned out to be a lie. She could feel that she was running a bit ragged and as they drove, the lights on the dashboard displays and the radio flickered from her leaking powers. They were a lot harder to hold back when she was really thirsty.

From her experience in the last day or so, she hypothesized that maybe she fed on blood to give her her powers and her immortality, but she fed on pussy fluids in order to control her powers. Danni had said that her power was far above the average so she thought that maybe she needed her extra food source in order to control that strength. Which was why now, when she was running low and was very thirsty; her power leaked out and affected the world around her in small spurts.

“Will three hours be long enough?” mom asked from the driver’s seat. Her cheeks only tinged a slight pink now at discussing whether or not it was enough time for her to have sex with Krista. Aina wondered amusedly for a second about how many other girls were driven by their mothers so they could have sex.

“Mom, I’d love to spend more than three hours with Krista, but we’ll be fine. Just relax and enjoy going shopping with Danni. We need a lot of stuff for Friday right?”

“Yes,” her mom confirmed with a grin. They could do that now that they were out of the oppressive influence of her grandmother. “You’d be surprised by how much food nine people can manage to consume and I’ve only been buying enough for myself lately. Which mother noticed by the way. She chastised me for not feeding you enough and wondered why you only picked at your food at dinner.”

“We could tell her the truth and see how she takes it,” Aina said with a wicked smile.

“Phht, no way!” Mom laughed heartily. “She’d probably run screaming to the nearest Catholic Church and beg them to kill you. And while I wouldn’t mind seeing my mother being arrested for being crazy and violent, she’d still probably have us kicked out of the house.”

“Are you sure we can’t just get our own place?” Aina asked. “Not even an apartment?”

“Aina, anything like that requires a credit check these days. I’ve paid off all of my debt, but I would still come up as someone they wouldn’t want to trust to pay their bills. The only places we could get into would be ones we wouldn’t ever want to live in. And the only loans I could get would have ruinously huge interest rates.”

Aina frowned down at the floor in thought. This was something she and her mom had discussed before, but she still thought there had to be a way for mom to get them out from under grandmother’s heel. And she would love to live in a house that was untainted by that woman as well. A momentary daydream in her mind pictured such a house.

“We’re here!” Raina suddenly announced.

Aina looked up as they pulled up the long front drive of a huge house. It sprawled over almost an acre of land and shouted that its owners were clearly upper class people. Aina had known intellectually that Krista’s parents were filthy rich, but this was like having it smack her in the face. Next to it was an equally large, modern structure that was all in white.

“Is that one Tina’s place?” she asked.

“Yes it is,” Raina confirmed with a slight blush. Her mother hadn’t said exactly what had gone on during the night of their date, but the happiness that bloomed at reminders said enough. And she had smelled the copious evidence of the sex her mother must have had. Aina was happy for her mother and she had liked Tina well enough. “Oh my!”

Aina heard the wondering happiness in her mothers tone and followed her gaze. There, standing next to Krista on the front porch was Tina who was wearing a coat like she was ready to go somewhere and a wide smile. Mom rolled to a stop and with almost indecent haste for an adult woman her age, she unbuckled herself and exited the vehicle.

“Tina! Why are you here?!” Raina said excitedly, walking quickly to Tina and kissing her before she had a chance to answer. Aina shared a grin with Krista as she also got out of the car. The two adults didn’t separate for several minutes. But that was alright; Aina just gave Krista a tight hug in greeting and enjoyed the scent of Krista’s heavy arousal. It filled her with a wonderful feeling of anticipation and she nuzzled Krista’s cheeks as she inhaled deeply.

“I heard you were planning on a shopping trip for the dinner party,” Tina said, when her mouth was finally free. Her eyes were only an inch or two from mom’s and they were very heated. “I was hoping that I would be able to tag along.”

“Of course you can,” Raina agreed immediately. “Aina, do you need anything before we leave?”

“Nope, so go have your fun,” Aina said, slipping a hand down onto Krista’s back as she spoke. She felt the girl shiver and grinned. “I think Krista and I will be just fine on our own.”

“I bet you will,” Tina laughed. “You have fun too Krista!”

With that Tina and mom got into the car and pulled away. When they were out of sight, Aina turned to Krista with a happy smile. She saw the anticipatory heat in the girl’s eyes and licked her own lips. For a long moment they just stood and stared, but Krista ended it by moving forward to kiss her hard.

The kiss was just as wonderful as they all were. Krista’s lips were soft against her own and the girl moaned nicely as her saliva had its effect. Aina knew it was probably not a good thing for them to be making out like animals on Krista’s doorstep in full view of the street, but nothing was going to stop them. And it just felt so good. Aina could happily kiss like this all day. Krista even sucked on her tongue a little and that sensation made her panties flood. She returned the favor and Krista’s response was loudly vocal.

“It’s too bad Janet couldn’t come too,” Krista said a bit sadly, when they finally managed to pry their lips apart. Krista’s breathing was heavy and a tinge of pink graced her cheeks.

“I know,” Aina agreed firmly, nuzzling her cheek against Krista’s again and smiled at the girls sigh from the touching.. “But she said her family already has something planned for today, errands I think. We’ll just have to love on her extra hard the next time she’s with either of us. And you and she are going to be hanging out tomorrow after school to study; you can love on her really good then.” Aina would have been there too, except that grandmother had declared that going to a tutor during the week of the tests was foolish and pointless.

“I most definitely will,” Krista said with a matching smile to her own. Krista moved a little and their hardened nipples rubbed together through their respective shirts. Neither needed a coat so neither wore one. Aina liked the sensation a great deal and did it again. “Oooh, maybe we should go inside now Aina. I don’t want the neighbors to see me cum on my porch. And that will be really soon if we stay.”

“Alright,” Aina said, smiling at the thought of Krista doing just that. She wouldn’t do something that mean, but it was kind of a hot image.

“Don’t even think about it!” Krista admonished severely and with a small smile, obviously guessing what had been running happily through her mind. “I can see that you are!”

“Okay, okay,” Aina laughed. She kissed Krista lightly to emphasize her apology. “Sorry, I’m just kind of worked up right now and I think it would be fun to have sex with you out in the open or outside somewhere at least.”

“I can tell you’re really worked up,” Krista’s smile now made her mouth water. “I’ve been feeling you for a while and I think I could almost get off just from you touching me like this. And I can see it in your eyes too; it’s very nice to know how much you want me. That’s why I said we should go inside, I’m more than willing to let you have at me, as Janet would probably say.”

“Then lead on, this is your house so I don’t know where anything is.” Aina said with smile that was filled with both her arousal and her love for Krista.

Krista smiled widely and did just that. But to call it a house tour would have been a blatant lie. Krista only explained what they passed on the way to the bedroom destination as it was obvious that they both craved each other badly. But as they walked down the upstairs hallway toward the bedroom, Aina paused when they passed by a framed picture mounted on the wall and saw the two people that stood in it..

The first was a tallish man with dark red hair wearing a custom fitted suit. A red chrysanthemum sat poised in his breast pocket and a wide, friendly smile creased his face. Next to him stood a woman that made Aina’s eyes widen out a little. She was just as tall as the man, but her flame-red hair, identical to Krista’s, flowed down to her waist. She was an obviously fit woman and her generous womanly endowments were shown off in a white dress. She too wore a smile.

“Are these your parents?” Aina asked. She looked at Krista and saw that she was indeed taking after her mother. That would be a very interesting thing to see in the years to come.

“Yeah, those are them,” Krista confirmed, her smile said that she knew where Aina’s thoughts had gone and that she didn’t mind. “If you’re lucky, you might even meet them one day.”

Aina pulled out her cell phone, snapped a picture of the other picture and sent the image to Janet. She knew that her other love would greatly enjoy seeing it. Krista grinned at the act but let her do it anyway. She also knew how Janet would likely react.

“Are you done now?” Krista said, impatience leaking into her voice. She stood now with her hand on a cocked hip. It was the first time Aina had seen this expression and stance and she thought it was adorably cute. Aina could also smell that Krista was even more turned on than before. And from the look in her eyes and her flushed skin, she was craving some physical attention badly.

Aina smiled, took a step toward Krista and smoothly slid her hand over the crotch of Krista’s jeans. They were slightly damp and she could feel warmth. Krista shuddered visibly and moaned deep and long. “Sounds like somebody wants this even more than I do,” she teased. She rubbed her hand up and down, getting the jeans even wetter.

“Or course I want you, Aina,” Krista said with a low moan at the end. “You and Janet are…amazing. And I haven’t had a real chance to be with either of you since last week. Getting Janet off yesterday was a lot of fun, and I’d love to do it again and again but…”

“It got you all worked up and then nothing else happened?” Aina supplied with a knowing smile and a quick passionate kiss.

“Yeah,” Krista sighed, just enjoying the hand rubbing and kissing. Aina slowly started to speed it up. “I know it’s probably selfish, but I was really looking forward to getting off with you guys. I really wanted to feel Janet on me since she hasn’t yet. And you too. I love you two so much and I’ve been craving something badly.”

“It is selfish,” Aina said teasingly again. She moved very close and licked at Krista’s right ear. She felt a violent shiver run through Krista’s body and the girl let out a trembling breath. “But we both love that about you. Janet called me earlier today and wanted to make sure that I gave you her share of loving too. She really wanted to come and make love to you too since she hasn’t been able to yet, but she had to face reality for now. And she promised to get with you at the soonest opportunities at which time you are to be prepared for a very thorough expression of her love for you.” Aina found Krista’s clit through the clothes and rubbed in a circle over it. “She’s quite a nice person you know.”

“I know,” Krista said softly, turning her head to the side to let Aina work on her ear. “Ooooaaaaah. She called me too and said she missed and loved me and to enjoy my time with you. I think I really lucked out with you two. She sounded really sad that she couldn’t come but she said to enjoy it extra for her.”

Aina felt that Krista was getting very close, so she increased the pace of her rubbing and soon Krista was breathing hard. “Aina, I…I’m really close” Krista said heavily. “Don’t you need to…Aahhhhh!”

Krista shivered hard in her arms again and Aina knew that this orgasm had been a very nice one. Krista sagged against her and soon she was easily supporting all of Krista’s weight as her girlfriend went slack from the temporary overload to her system. It only lasted a moment though and Krista got her legs back under control as her eyes fluttered back open while breathing hard. Aina continued to kiss at her neck for a short while.

“I thought you needed to feed?” Krista asked. Not necessarily complaining, but sounding confused. “That felt awesome, but…”

“I still can,” Aina answered with a smile. She dropped down to her knees and undid the front of Krista’s jeans. As she did so she used her power to draw out the heavy dose of liquid soaking the front of that garment. It flowed into her mouth and she savored the heavenly flavor of Krista’s girl juices. “See?” she said with a smile. “I can always get what I need. It just doesn’t matter though if you aren’t enjoying it too. Your pleasure is as important as mine, probably more so.”

She pulled down Krista’s jeans to the ankles and smiled at the pair of soaked purple panties. These were a heavily worn pair and were thin enough that the wet material left nothing to the imagination. She traced a finger lovingly down Krista’s slit before pulling them down. Krista stepped out of both and Aina again used her power to draw the deliciousness from those panties. But then her eyes fixed between Krista’s legs and she saw the main target of her thirst.

Krista’s pussy was still soaked and aroused, her lips slightly spread as if in invitation. Her orgasm had only stoked her flames higher and she was far from satisfied. This suited Aina just fine because she planned on using the entire three hours she was given to give and receive love. She stood back up and took Krista’s hand in hers. Krista took that opportunity to kiss her hard again. Aina smiled when Krista licked her lips after tasting herself on the kiss.

“I did enjoy that,” Krista said with sigh. “And you know it. Now can I please get you into my bed now?”

“Still impatient I see, even after that?” Aina laughed. She grinned at Krista’s sudden frown. “Sorry, I’m in a teasing mood today it seems. You really do want me in your bed, don’t you? It’s important?”

“Kind of,” Krista admitted with a small smile. “It’s just that it’s something I’ve been fantasizing about almost as long as I’ve known you and had a crush on you. Janet has been included in it too since last week. And now you’re here but you won’t let me get you there! That’s a tad bit frustrating I’ll have you know.”

“I can imagine,” Aina said, feeling loving warmth from Krista’s statement. “Then I won’t put you off any more. Take me to your bed.”

Aina knew something of her words must have gelled with Krista’s fantasy somehow, because Krista went beet red and stammered something to low to hear. But the smile on her face said it all. Krista pulled her by the hand down the hall to a door. Krista stopped in front of it in an obvious case of sudden nerves.

“You’ve already seen me and Janet’s rooms,” Aina assured her softly. “No matter what it looks like I won’t make fun of you or even laugh.”

“Okay,” Krista said, seemingly mollified. She turned the knob and opened the door. Like Krista herself, the room was much more feminine and girly than hers or Janet’s. The walls were painted a soft purple and the thick carpeting was an unblemished white. Like in her own room there was a desk and a dresser, but Krista’s were painted white. There was a closed door to a closet, another to a bathroom, and two large windows. But in the corner was a very big bed. And it was very absolutely crowded with stuffed animals.

“I love your room,” Aina said truthfully after a moment to look it over. “I don’t know what you were so worried about, but there’s nothing to make fun of you about. Not that I would.”

She let Krista lead her deeper into the room, closing the door behind her out of reflex. She kicked her shoes off and the thick carpet felt wonderful between her toes. Krista smiled and she did the same.

“It wasn’t necessarily the room I was worried about,” Krista said as she led them over to the bed. “It was this. Some people would make fun of me for still having so many stuffed animals at our age. But they always made me feel better when I didn’t have very many friends. And I still like the feel of them sometimes.”

“Well I sure won’t make fun of you, and I don’t think Janet would either,” Aina said with feeling. She picked up a stuffed penguin. “It’s all kind of cute and it fits you. Which one is your favorite? I know you have one.”

Krista blushed again, but this time she smiled and pulled a big lion out of the pile. She hugged it to her chest. “This one, it was kind of my best friend when Tina wasn’t around.”

“Very cool,” Aina said. But then gave Krista a laughing smile. “But are you sure you want them watching us? We’re about to get a bit…messy.”

“Well, they’ve already seen me…” Krista cut off and her face turned red again. She also looked down in embarrassment.

“Krista!” Aina laughed. Krista looked up to meet her eyes, embarrassment radiating from her. Aina hugged her so that she couldn’t look anywhere else. “If you were trying to say that they’ve seen you masturbate in this bed then there is nothing to be embarrassed about with me. Heck, I used to masturbate two or three times a day in my bed, sometimes even more than that.”

“But I do it a lot,” Krista said. Aina noted the present tense on that. “I’ve always done it a lot, ever since I figured out how when I was eight. I get excited really easily and before I know it I’m in the bed touching myself. I think I did it fourteen times in one day once.”

“Damn!” Aina laughed again. “You’ve been at it a year longer than me. But I don’t care how much you do it as long as I get my share of you!” Suddenly Aina smelled something familiar coming from the stuffed lion that was crushed between them. It smelled heavily of Krista’s love juices. “Now I know why you like the lion so much!”

Krista looked stunned. “How do you know about that?!”

“Krista, I can smell you all over him,” Aina smiled. “Can you show me how you do it?”

“But, Aina…that’s really embarrassing.”

“Worse than me getting you off on your porch or in the hallway? Or in the bathroom that one day or when I was playing with you in the school library?” she asked. “Does it feel good?”

“Yes,” Krista admitted. “It feels really good.”

“Then show me how you like to feel good,” Aina said, stroking Krista’s back. She didn’t know why she wanted to see this, but it sounded like fun.

“Okay,” Krista’s acquiescence was grudging. “I guess I can do it.”

“Good, so let me get you all the way undressed.” As Krista set the lion on the bed, Aina grabbed at her shirt and pulled it off. As expected, Krista wasn’t wearing a bra and her pink nipples were still excitedly hard.

Then Aina stood back and took her own shirt off. She saw Krista watching her undress very closely. Aina loved how much Krista and Janet enjoyed seeing her body. “Do you want to do the rest?” she asked seeing a look in her girlfriends face.

“Yes, I do,” Krista smiled. “Undressing you and Janet excites me for some reason.”

Krista’s hands found the clasp to Aina’s jeans and opened it. Next her jeans were drawn downward where she helped by kicking them off from her feet. Then the panties went. When she was naked, Krista slid a hand between her legs and Aina spread them to give her room.

“I really like touching you and Janet,” Krista said in a quiet voice. “I don’t know why, but it’s just really wonderful to touch you in any way.” Aina shivered as a finger found her very tight hole and slipped inside a little. “Do you really want to want me get off with the lion?”

“Yeah, I think it sounds fun,” Aina said. “And it sounds like something you enjoy doing on your own. I just want you to share it with me.”

“I do enjoy it,” Krista admitted. “I use it a lot. Tina offered to buy me a real toy of some kind when she caught me at it once, but I’ve always liked using this.”

“Tina offered to buy you a toy?!” Aina said incredulously. “Wow. But I do want to watch and maybe help.”

Krista sighed heavily, “Then I guess I’ll do it, but no laughing okay, because I might get a little worked up?”

“Why would I laugh?” Aina asked. “So how do you do it?”

“Like this,” Krista took the lion and lay it in the middle of the bed. She spread its front legs out wide. Then she straddled the thing with her pussy over its belly facing toward its head. Her knees were on top of the arms. She turned and gave Aina a red faced smile. “I just rub back and forth on it until I get off, like this.”

Krista began to thrust her hips against the stuffed animal and Aina moved to watch closely from the front. It was obvious how good it felt because Krista was starting to breath harder again and Aina smelled her in the air and felt her with her power. Krista gave her a small smile but she didn’t move to stop. In fact she increased her tempo.

Aina smiled wider when she saw that at the end of each forward thrust, the lion’s rougher nose ground against Krista’s excited clit. But she wanted in on this too. She knelt on the bed in front of Krista and captured a nipple into her mouth. Krista moaned aloud from the feeling of her sucking on the nub and from her saliva doing its usual thing. She released the nipple with a soft pop and began kissing and licking all over Krista’s front. She even went up and went over her face. As she did so Krista’s thrusting pace increased a great deal.

Again she felt Krista was about to cum. But this time she crouched down, pushed Krista back a little, flattened the lion with one hand and then buried her face into Krista’s pussy. Since she was already on the very brink of a climax, Aina’s tongue slithering inside her pussy sent Krista rocketing into another powerful orgasm. This time she exploded directly into Aina’s waiting mouth and she slurped down all the juices lovingly. And she didn’t let Krista calm down. She captured the clit with her mouth and sucked on it hard to send yet another orgasm pulse through her Krista’s body. Krista fell back and off the stuffed animal and then lay panting for breath. Aina followed her down and rained small kisses and licks on her face like Krista liked.

“Wasn’t that fun?” Aina said in a happy tone after a minute or so.

“Okay, so you were right,” Krista smiled. “I did enjoy doing that in front of you and it felt amazing with you helping. I might even do it again sometime.”

“Just shows that my ideas are good ideas,” Aina laughed. “But guess what?”

“What?” Krista asked.

“It just so happens that you have me in your bed right now. What did you want to happen when we are like this? How did that fantasy of yours go?”

“I wanted to make love to you and Janet for an entire night straight,” Krista smiled back at her. “I know that isn’t possible right now, and it’s a really simple fantasy, but I can at least get a trial run in. I can do you too right?”

“Of course, why would I say no?” Aina answered and then kissed Krista hard. “I just fed a lot from you love, so if you want, we can do anything you want to do now. In fact, the remainder of the three hours is yours to do with as you want. You have control.”

“Really?!” Krista giggled. “I can do what I want?”

“Yes, I know I tend to take the lead, but what you want is important to me too,” Aina said. “I like seeing that you two are happy.”

“Then I know what I want to do,” Krista replied, an excited light coming into her eyes. “Can you kneel down facing away from me?”

“Sure,” Aina lifted off of Krista and turned around. This had her facing toward the wall and Krista’s pillows along with part of the collection of stuffed animals. She knelt there on all fours. “Like this?”

“You can lay your head down if it’s more comfortable,” Krista said from behind her. Aina felt a small hand touch onto her right ass cheek and stroke it. “I just wanted to have your butt like this so I can get at it.”

Aina’s brows shot up at that. “You mean you want to lick my butt?” She felt an excited twinge in her pussy.

“Yes, I do,” Krista said, and Aina heard the excited laughter in it. “I know that you really like having it done to you and that Janet isn’t exactly enthusiastic about doing it, but to me it sounds very exciting and I want to try doing it to you. And you look really hot to me like this; your butthole is really cute, it keeps winking at me. I think I know why you like doing it.”

Aina grinned at the words. She really had corrupted Krista. “As long as it’s what you want to do than I’m definitely game.”

She felt herself being spread with one small hand and then a shock of pleasure shot through her as Krista’s tongue touched up onto her pussy. It worked at the edges of her tightly closed lips and teased her slowly. It didn’t go anywhere near her clit or try to penetrate her. She was tempted to wiggle her ass to center that tongue. But this was Krista’s turn. She was just a passenger, enjoying the ride.

A hand stroked her thigh and Krista’s tongue still only touched her around the edges and near her legs. It was driving her a little crazy because it felt amazing and tickled at the same time. And she could feel her own wetness dripping down legs.

Then the tongue traveled upwards. It tickled her perineum for a torturous few seconds and then skipped over her asshole. Krista bathed the entire crack of her ass and kissed her cheeks and the sensations were making her pussy a sopping mess. It felt good when Danni sometimes played back there, but this was…so much more than that. It was both soothing and arousing at the same time. It was like Krista was bathing her entire ass with her mouth.

The hand on her thigh stroked harder and caressed her leg. The thumb of that hand came dangerously close to her very excited clit, but yet never quite touched it. Krista and learned from the teasing love they had given Janet the day before and was using that new knowledge to good effect on her body. It seemed her girlfriend learning quickly. Aina definitely approved.

She never knew when it was that she laid her head down into her arms with her ass still stuck into the air, but it came as almost a surprise when Krista’s tongue finally grazed over her asshole. It was just a quick flick of the tip of the tongue, but it sent a severe tremor through her entire body. Again that tongue flicked and another tremor passed.

Krista had raised the level of teasing up a notch and her pussy was quivering and clenching in a desire to climax, but she knew Krista wasn’t nearly done with her yet. The tongue finally stopped on her asshole and she felt it try to push in past her muscles. She relaxed them and shivered hard when that wet organ wormed its way insider her. Krista seemed to be enjoying the play too because she heard a lot of moaning coming from her as well

Now she couldn’t help but move her hips. They gyrated in time to the tongue swirling and squirming into her ass. She was so worked up and concentrated on those sensations and the spasms of her desperate pussy, that when Krista’s slim finger suddenly rammed into her extremely tight vagina her orgasm was like a physical blow to the head. It hit her hard and she almost collapsed straight to the bed. But Krista followed her ass downwards and that finger kept thrusting inside her. She heard a loud squelching sound from her own juices, but tuned it out.

For an indeterminable amount of time, she was lost to that world. She would peak to a mind shattering orgasm and then Krista would ease her back down just long enough to drive her right back up again. She had no idea how long it lasted but she lost count of her orgasms after seven because her mind couldn’t think about numbers by that point. But when the last once finished, and it passed through her tortured nervous system, she felt Krista lie against her back and kiss against the back of her neck while feeling up her ass with one hand.

She slowly turned over and faced her girlfriend and kissed her, tasting a little of herself there. The kisses were tender and long and they eased her back down from the cloudy plateau she’d been stuck on, back to the lovely feeling of Krista’s body against her own. Aina felt loved and warm.

“Your pretty amazing Aina,” Krista said after a few minutes. Her face was still flushed with excitement, but her smile was proud.

“Hehe,” Aina laughed softly. “I’m thinking of a saying about pots and kettles right about now.” She hugged Krista harder and kissed her again. She felt a residual tremors run through her body like an aftershocks. “But it sounded like you were enjoying it too.”

“I did,” Krista said with a grin. “It’s just really enjoyable to be able to make you feel as good as you a make me feel. And it turns out that I really, really liked licking your butt.”

Aina looked over at an alarm clock sitting on Krista’s desk. Her eyes widened in shock and she heard Krista’s giggling laughter. Krista had been making loved to her body for over an hour. She looked up and Krista just laughed harder.

“You lost some time right?” Krista said humorously. Aina nodded. “You were cumming for almost half an hour straight of that time at the end. I told you that you were amazing. I probably would have passed out like Janet did yesterday before I got anywhere near that long, but it seems like you can just keep on going almost nonstop.”

“But half an hour!” Aina gasped out. “I knew you had me going for a while, and it felt incredible, but….wow.” Another tiny mini-orgasm rumbled through her.

“Wow is right,” Krista giggled again. “I’m going to have to tell Janet about this. Maybe between the two of us, we really can keep you going for an entire night.”

Aina shivered and her pussy throbbed wantonly at the thought of that. This body of hers just kept on getting stranger, but at least this sounded like something nice, even if she did lose track of time completely during marathon orgasms. But who could say they wouldn’t want that kind of ability?

She kissed Krista again. “Maybe someday we’ll have a chance for you two to try,” she conceded. “But I like pleasuring you two too much to just lie here too often.”

“And we definitely appreciate that!” Krista laughed and then she bit her lip a little. “Speaking of that…um…”

Aina, who could smell Krista’s arousal in the air and feel it with her powers, knew what she was asking for. “You got all worked up and want to know if I’m interested in giving you another go?”

Krista nodded.

Aina laughed. “I told you Krista, the remaining time is yours. If you want to spend some of it getting pleasured by me, then that is exactly what I am going to do!”

She rolled them over so that Krista was now on the bottom and then slid down Krista’s body, planting kisses along the way. She went between Krista’s legs and pushed them up toward Krista’s chest. She knew Krista was dying to get off so she didn’t tease her at all this time.

She dove right in and licked into Krista’s asshole, returning the favor. It squeezed onto her tongue at first but Krista relaxed and let her work. She made sure to get as much of her saliva as she could into Krista and it did its work like she wanted it to. As she licked harder and faster she went to slide her own finger into Krista, but she found a barrier in there. Krista still had a hymen!

She quickly retreated from it and instead strummed Krista’s clit. This time Krista’s orgasm was fairly explosive. Fluid erupted out of the girl and it coated her face faster than she could swallow. The quantity of it was a bit spectacular. But eventually she got it all and cleaned Krista up with her mouth before climbing back up her body.

“How was that?” Aina asked with a kiss. Krista returned it lovingly.

“Great,” Krista said with a pleased sigh and a smile. “But why did you stop with your finger?”

“Because, I thought it would be more appropriate for Janet to be here too for that kinda thing. It’s special.” Aina shrugged. “I think she’d want to be here for that.”

“Oh,” Krista thought about it for a moment and then nodded. “You’re right. I’d be really upset if things were reversed. How come yours is already gone, I was doing you pretty hard a little bit ago?”

Aina smiled and shrugged again. “I got a little to vigorous in my masturbating one day and oops, there it went. Hehe, I was quite upset afterwards, I wanted to have someone I loved do it. It took my mom quite a while to calm me down. Now let me ask you a question. Where’d you learn to tease me like that? It felt pretty awesome.”

Krista giggled lightly and snuggled deeper into the bed sheets and into Aina. “I just paid attention to what you were doing to Janet, and then added things I thought would feel good if it was done to me. It was really exciting being able to watch your face while I did it.”

She felt two familiar people move into range of her senses and smiled apologetically at Krista. “Looks like out time is up now. Tina and my mom just pulled up.”

“Awww,” Krista frowned prettily with her hair splayed out around her head against the bed. “It feels like we were only just getting started. I want to make you cum again. And again after that.”

“Same here,” Aina smiled. Then they both turned as they heard a bark of laughter come from hallway outside. Then a knock came at the door. Aina saw embarrassment start to bloom on Krista’s face, so she quickly got them under the coves before she yelled out. “What?”

“You know exactly what Aina!” her mom called back in a laughing tone. Aina wanted to know what was so funny.

The door opened a crack and an arm stuck through with Krista’s jeans and panties in hand. “I think you lost these Krista,” said Tina’s voice. She sounded a heartbeat away from cracking up.

“Oh god, I forgot about those!” Krista cried out in mortification and hid her face under the sheets. More laughter came from the adults and Tina and tossed the clothes a little ways inside and then shut the door again.

“You have ten minutes to dress and come back downstairs,” her mom instructed through the door. “So get started, I know it will take that long for the two of you to pry yourselves apart.” After that Aina felt and heard them both head back downstairs.

“Tina’s going to tease me for weeks about my clothes in the hallway,” Krista sighed.

“So?” Aina smiled at her. “I for one think it was worth the fun I got to have. I don’t regret taking your pants off where I did.”

“Maybe,” Krista said with a smile. She poked Aina gently in the ribs. “But your mom is right too, you need to get dressed to leave. Your crazy grandmother is watching the clock. And if you stay where you are I’ll be tempted to try something again.”

“Don’t remind me,” Aina responded, dismounting the bed and gathering up her clothing. Her legs felt like noodles from her massive orgasms. She saw Krista’s eyes watching her closely as she dressed.. “We may have gotten today by her, but tomorrow is a school day and we have those tests. I don’t know when I’ll have a chance to feed again.” They both smiled at the unsaid innuendo in that.

“We’ll figure something else out,” Krista said, sounding confident. Then she grinned with a laugh “If nothing else I can just masturbate in the bathroom for you again and this time you can be there with me.”

“Except that they won’t send us both at the same time,” Aina said, laughing along with Krista as she pulled her shirt on. “They wouldn’t want us to compare test answers and all that. And we can’t do anything during lunch because you and Janet need to eat so that you can stay concentrated on your tests.”

Krista started getting dressed as well and two minutes later they were walking downstairs. Aina took the steps a little heavily when she heard the wet sounds of passionate kissing coming from where she felt her mom and Tina to be. By the time they got there they were both mostly composed. Except for the fact that her mother was very flushed and Tina was sucking the finger of one hand.

“You didn’t have to stop for us,” Aina teased when she saw her mom. “It’s not like it’s a secret.”

“Maybe,” Raina said with a smile. “But we do need to get back.”

“I still can’t believe that woman!” Tina groused. “I only met her long enough to help unload groceries, but…she’s impossible to live with!”

“I don’t have a choice right now,” Raina said patiently. “I explained it all to you.”

“I know,” Tina answered, not looking happy. “I just wish there was something I could do to help.”

“I know, and I really appreciate that you want to help,” Raina acknowledged. “But for now, this is the way things are. So let’s go Aina, its time to head back.”

Aina turned and gave Krista a loving hug and last parting kiss. “See you tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow,” Krista agreed.

And back home they went.

After Aina was gone Krista stood in the foyer alone with Tina.

“So,” Tina said with a knowing smirk. “Did you two have fun while we were gone? It seems that you lost some clothing early.”

“Yes, we did enjoy ourselves,” Krista told her older friend. “I just wish we had more time. We were only just getting started I think.”

“Getting started?” Tina laughed. “That must have been some start. When I opened the door to throw your shorts in your room, the air practically dripped with the smell of sex. That was what got me and Raina going.”

This time it was Krista who smiled. “How is it going with Aina’s mom?”

“Great I think,” Tina said with a wide grin. “We are very much enjoying things at the moment. And I really think that I’m falling in love with her.”

A sudden sound of her phone ringing upstairs drew both their gazes in its direction.

“Go ahead and get that,” Tina said. “I can see my way out.”

Krista smiled her thanks and bounded up her stairs. She swept into her room and picked up her phone from the floor where it had fallen out of her jeans and answered it.

“Janet?” Krista asked, having seen the caller ID.

“Yep, its me,” Janet said in a cheerful tone. “How did things go.

“Wonderful,” Krista said with a smile. She sat down onto her bed and then flopped onto her back. With one hand she worked her jeans back off along with her panties. “Aina just left. We missed you though.”

“Thanks,” Janet replied, sounding pleased. “I can’t wait for tomorrow so I can see you guys again. My mom has had to yell at me twice for zoning out today because I keep thinking about you two being together and imagining what it must look like.”

Krista giggled as she idly ran her fingers over her already remoistened pussy. “I doubt it was anything like the reality though. I found out something nice about Aina that’s really fun.”

“What is it?” Janet asked curiously.

“It would be a lot better to show you,” Krista giggled again. “It would be a lot better to show you the next time we’re together.”

“Ugh, now you got me wondering and thinking about it,” Janet moaned in good humor. “But I gotta go, I just wanted to call you and Aina again since I can’t see you.”

“And I appreciate it,” Krista said. “Bye now.”

They both hung up and Krista’s rubbing started to go a little faster and smile bloomed on her face. She was still very much aroused from earlier. Ever since that first time with Aina her body seemed to remember Aina’s presence and touch long after the girl left. She lifted her hand up and looked at it. Her fingers were liberally coated in her secretions.

That was new too. She kept getting wetter and wetter now. She didn’t mind it at all, but it was a physical sign of her new relationship. One she actually enjoyed.

She turned her head as she resumed her self pleasuring, at the large wet spot on her bed. That wetness was from Aina since her girlfriend didn’t consume her own fluids. She inhaled deeply and rubbed her clit faster. The smell and the sensations between her legs kicked her into an orgasm and she felt her own juices pouring out onto the bed as well.

And with that she turned, pulled her sheets over her body, and settled down to take a small nap.


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