Reject Them – Non-Fiction

Writer: Deathsexy6

Subject: Reject Them

Link: Tumblr / 21.10.2021 / Posted by Satanicrebel666

Reject Them

Hate Jesus Christ with every last breath and hate Allah the God of lies … Reject them! I convulse in my hatred of Christ and his holy cunt spirit! Cunt whore Holy Ghost! I lock you in unforgivable sin! May I forever be cast from your lies into the heart of Satan! Pray with me, and know, cunt whore Christ, be gone from me and May you soak in the piss of man! The pedophile Mohammed is of filth and May he know the wrath of Hades and be fucked by a thousand demons. May Christ watch as the demons of the pit insert their cocks into his ass! Sodom reborn! Hail Satan!

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