Yes, I Really Do Have An Evil Side by Satan Worshipper

Writer: Satan Worshipper

Subject: Yes, I Really Do Have An Evil Side

Link: LS666 Email / 02.12.2023

Yes, I Really Do Have An Evil Side

So many dabblers in Satanism like to boast about how “Totally Evil” they’ve become. Does that mean they would murder their parents execute a stranger on the street with a handgun or become a child molester? Of course not. They are pretend evil. I on the other hand, truly do have an evil side (I’m not completely evil, and do have a kind, loving “Good Side” too).

My evil side is contained in my thoughts and fantasies, not my actions (with an exception or two, as you’ll read later), but it’s evil nonetheless. I like to think that those evil thoughts manifest themselves into evil energy that winds up hurting people on the physical plain. It’s said that evil is purposely hurting someone else. I plead guilty.

I love hurting others in my thoughts when masturbating. I can’t cum unless I’m fantasizing about the agony I’m inflicting on someone. That includes, of course, Jesus Christ up there on the cross.

I like to fantasize that me and my fellow fetish BDSM friends, dressed to the nines in our finest leather and latex, are having a sick, nasty drug, and sex orgy in front of him, occasionally flogging his already bloody back more, laughing at his suffering, while we cum and cum and cum in ecstasy — I suppose that makes me a sadist.

For example, I’m a former hardcore porn addict who used to have an account on xHamster called “Porn Widows” – who are wives and girlfriends whose porn-addicted husbands and boyfriends never touch them anymore because they much prefer masturbating to porn.

I mocked those fat ugly bitches mercilessly, laughing at their tearful accounts of losing their self-esteem, how they could never compare physically to perfect ten porn goddesses, how they had contemplated suicide, blah blah blah. The more painful their accounts, the harder I squirted while masturbating all over their whiny accounts which I had printed out.

My favorite such post was from one particular “Porn Widow” who wrote …

“Wives of porn addicts suffer from PTSD. How lonely an affliction. Death of the soul. Burdened down by shame, lack of self-esteem, and betrayal.”

Fuck, I’ve cum all over that one so many times, I’ve lost count. I even have an altar in my worship space where I celebrate those Porn Widows’ misery. I’ve inserted about twenty of their posts in between a stack of individual porn DVDs reaching halfway to the ceiling. On top are shredded bible pages and inverted crucifixes.

Quite an evil sight to see. I like to think I’ve trapped those bitches’ souls in Porn Hell, so they can suffer for eternity in their Porn Widow misery. How dare they complain about Lord Satan’s creation “Porn” which gives so much lustful pleasure while destroying marriages and families, especially Christian ones?

Here’s another example. An old friend of mine recently tracked me down and reached out to me after about ten years. His name is Ennis Steele (his real name), and he is a complete loser, always one step away from being homeless, always alone, always without friends, always with a girlfriend, and always with little or no self-esteem.

We met for dinner a few weeks ago and he is disgusting to look at. Brown teeth and bad breath that could kill a buffalo at one hundred yards. I almost vomited. As usual, he whined, like he has his whole life, about how his fucked up Catholic upbringing is the cause of all his problems — I’m so sick of hearing about that.

Anyway, while I am posing as his friend, I am working to betray him and collect his damaged soul for Satan. There is a very evil essay I’ve had for years from an old Tumblr page called Religious Fetish. I’ve been wanting to follow its instructions for years and now I finally have the perfect someone to prey on. Ennis the weakling.

“You want to make sure you stay close to those people so you can serve as a stumbling block in their lives,” the essay instructs, “It’s your job to find what weaknesses they have and figure out how to use them to cause them to fall.”

Fuck, that makes me so hot. It excites me no end to be pretending to be his friend while being his enemy who will destroy his life even more than it already is. If that results in Ennis committing suicide – the total loser that he is, I’m sure he’s come close already — all the better as his soul will instantly go to Satan and I’ll score points with the Big Guy.

He’s already guilt-wracked over me not replying to his email invitation weeks ago to meet again for another dinner. Desperate as he is, he’s even offering to pay for it. Ennis of course blames himself for my non-reply.

“I hope I wasn’t too boring,” he said in an email.

I purposely haven’t answered him to increase his guilt and self-loathing. Intensifying his guilt is a good thing. The same Religious Fetish essay instructs …

“Convince them every time they make a mistake that it’s their fault, and they’re unredeemable. Increasing their guilt is another way of creating an opening for an unclean spirit to manifest in them.”

I hope Ennis stumbles upon this story (highly unlikely since he’s not a Satanist). I’ll deny I wrote it. Just lie straight to his face — What fun that would be? — Moving on from that loser, here’s another Tumblr post — this one from DarkOccult666 — which also gets me off really good.

“We are creating the darkest rituals of the Black Mass: we draw out souls slowly with much suffering to send them to Satan in a state of torment and distress.”

Mmmmmmm, suffering, torment, distress. Are you detecting a pattern here? Their misery, my pleasure. So yes, while not completely evil, I do have a very real evil side nurtured by my Lord Satan, praise Him. And the deeper my love for Him grows, the more sick and twisted and perverse and evil I become. For as another Tumblr post, this one from someone named Son of Satan notes …

“The deeper and darker our Dark Lord Satan takes you, you will start thinking things you never thought you would ever think.”

Isn’t that the truth?

3 thoughts on “Yes, I Really Do Have An Evil Side by Satan Worshipper”

  1. Oh my sweet little holy fuck! What a delicious and delightful writing! I often feel so evil when communicating with Satan. I wondered how this all fit in with my side. I have been so conditioned to be kind and sweet. To not rock the boat so to speak. Since I have dedicated my life to my Dark Lord, I have made a deliberate effort to not let myself be used or butt hurt by others. To stick up for myself more. This is how I felt at first. But now this time is gone on, it has become more. I truly feel a sense of evil and wickedness in my so and heart and mind. I have never thought of using masturbation as a way to relieve that. How wonderful to take your things to Satan while you bring yourself pleasure. To touch myself and cum to the evilness and wickedness that is so much part of my life now. Hail Satan. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Kat.
      I’m glad you can relate.
      I will think of you in a few hours – Sinday early morning – when I masturbate all over a bible while thinking of how I’m deceiving my longtime friend and destroying him for Lord Satan in the process.
      My cock and balls just filled with His lust as I write this.

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