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Feature Writer: Regis


Published: 02.12.2023

Story Codes: Erotic Horror, Snuff

Serial Schoolgirl Killer

Jack had been on the film set for three days doing the series of hamburger commercials, and the kids they’d hired from a grade three class at least the little girls, were very sexy in their brief tops and short shorts, driving him wild. Those sexy young cuntlets running around in their skimpy little cut-offs and T-shirts had his cock jerking in his pants.

The eight-year-old kids were from a class at a school, especially for training professional actors and dancers, but they were nothing to Jack but a bunch of stuck-up little twats, cuter than hell in their make-up and special hairstyles, who he found were all enormously exciting to look at, but out of reach.

He had seen past the narrow misaligned crotch of one of the young girl’s tiny jean shorts when she raised a leg to put her deck shoe on the low coffee table. The impudent little mini-bitch was sitting just a few feet from him when he noticed that her panties were a loose fit.

Giving her closer inspection, his eyes followed the narrow crotch of denim shorts as she wagged her knee back and forth so that he had several long glimpses of her naked little twat. Only because he wore dark glasses on the brightly lit set could he get away with casting his eyes on the precocious child’s frequently exposed cuntlet.

The shoot was over, and he had four days to kill before his next assignment. The little cunt that had flashed her pussy at him was with her chaperone, and untouchable. He was incredibly horny, and wanted action, but realized his best chance was to get out of the city. There was nothing to keep him from taking the time off for himself, so that was what he did.

He drove up the coast, but couldn’t get the image of the little piss-cunts out of his pounding brain. His cock swelled in his pants, and he pulled it out to stroke it as he drove up the coast highway. It felt good in his fist, responding with firm swelling as he moved the outer flesh of his penis up and down.

Coming up on the small coastal town, Jack realized that on average, there was a little cunt who lived in every second one of those houses, and the lusting drive to have one of them for himself became overwhelming. This was achievable, and all he had to do was identify and take charge of one.

It was approaching eleven on Saturday morning as Jack passed by the elementary school and spotted a group of eight- and nine-year-old girls crossing the school playground, and then going into the gymnasium, dressed in tight form fitting body suits, and little else.

Jack was so turned on at the sight of the pretty forms of the young girls with their bare limbs that again he pulled his cock out of his pants as he drove by in the car, and began to jerk on the thick sensitive organ, pulling himself steadily toward orgasm, until he shot his load of dense gooey spunk into a napkin.

This was only temporary relief, and as he was ejaculating his sperm, he decided he was going to take his pick of those good-looking little cunts, probably the taller blonde girl with the body suit that was too small for her lean figure and was sensuously pinching her tender pubic flesh, producing a prominent slit.

He would have his way with a real little bitch instead of just relying on his fantasy. He realized that the little ladies would probably be coming out again at noon, so Jack grabbed an early lunch at a nearby Burger King to kill some time, then returned to patiently wait at the school.

He entered the school building, and at five minutes before twelve, several of the girls came out of the gym into the hallway. His chosen target was among them. He caught their banter and heard them call the athletic little bitch he’d chosen as his prize by the name of Cally.

She was tall for her age, but too young for her tiny titties to start to bud, and probably because of recent growth, her tight body suit was a full size too small, so that it pinched the split mound of her pouting cunnie, and her soft fresh ass buns bulged out around the high cut leg holes.

The thin material gathered into the slot between her firm bum mounds, leaving their roundness bare. The arch on the sides rose right up nearly to her rib cage. This was a hot costume the sexy little cuntlet wore. She was barefoot but carried a pair of dirty white gym socks and pink sneakers, and she had her light brown hair done up casually in a stylish ponytail.

“Excuse me, girls, which one of you is Cally?”

As expected, she immediately raised her hand.

“There’s been an accident, your mother, and I’m supposed to take you to the hospital right away.”

All of the girls gasped.

“Come on, we’ll have to hurry,” he said, and without any special effort, he had her.


When he pulled onto the highway, Cally recognized that she was being abducted. Jack whipped out his erect cock, and grabbing her behind the head, thrust her face down over the stiff prick. When she opened her pretty little mouth to scream, he rammed it down over his pulsing prick and forced the thick long organ deep into the child’s slender throat.

With his fingers locked in her light brown hair, Jack jerked the child’s head up and down on his raging cock, thrusting it deeply into her little throat as he drove the car with one hand on the wheel, splitting his attention between the traffic and the child’s remarkable ass. She was fantastic. Her great little body was ripe for the picking, and he was ready to take her.

“If you bite me, cunt, you’re nothing but dead meat!” he shouted at her as he jerked his cock in her mouth.

He wanted to give her a full mouthful, intending to shoot a full load of semen down her throat and to get as much sensation and sexual stimulation as possible from her forced oral servicing of his thick prick.

He wanted to make sure the pretty little cunt was going to make this brutal escapade worth his while. At the moment the delightful little cunt was too frightened to fight him, and Jack took full advantage of her reluctant compliance. The pretty little bitch was smothering from being throat-fucked.

She was unable to cope with the monstrous male organ being brutally thrust into her throat, completely blocking her sole air passage. He knew with satisfaction that his penis blocking her air passage gave her remarkable pain in her lungs, when quite suddenly, out of desperation, she shifted gears.

In self-defense, ignoring his severe warning, she clamped her teeth tightly on the thick fleshy shaft in her mouth, biting him with all her might. This was extremely painful. Jack squeezed the back of her neck, with the sharp pain of her teeth in his cock searing through his groin.

When this didn’t work, he quickly moved his fingers up beneath her ears and squeezed with all his might, easing the pain of the slender but fit and feisty little captive cuntlet’s powerful bite, by dislocating her jawbone. This was a practiced move, and he found it to always be effective.

Cally was proving to be a gutsy little bitch. Now with her jaw out of commission, the face fuck was less risky, and he reached down her back, running his hand along the thin material of her skimpy body suit, until he reached the mounds of her smooth ass. Jack was an ass man, which was why he found the round but tight asses of young girls so attractive.

He also loved the perky little hairless cunts of pre-pubescent girls. The quivering little sex-slot of a girl between nine and eleven was his favorite fruit. It was also his favorite vegetable and his favorite meat. Thrusting his tongue into the bare sex meat of a young girl’s cunt was his favorite sport.

He was in good practice. He loved the way they squeezed his head with their slender legs, struggling uselessly to push his head away from their tender virgin genitals. The young girls from nine to eleven were strong enough to put up an interesting struggle, yet without the strength to succeed.

He grabbed the fabric of Cally’s body suit and pulled hard. The material was stronger than he thought. Instead of ripping, the material cinched deep into her ass crack, and painfully mashed her little pussy, cutting deeply into it. This action pulled her head farther onto his prick, and by jerking the suit through her crotch he found he could control the pneumatic action of her head on his penis.

At last, the rush of orgasm came, and with a snapping jerk, Jack ripped the material, splitting the tight body suit and freeing the young girl’s tight asshole and cuntlet. He quickly grabbed the back of her head to send pulsing jets of his thick sperm spurting deep down into her stomach.

At that moment he was passing a Greyhound bus, and the people on the left side of the bus saw the material ripped away from the child’s raised ass, revealing her bare pre-adolescent cunt and asshole to them. It was at that instant that the shock of what was happening to her hit the child, and she sent a fear spray of her warm piss arching to splash on the passenger window of the car.

Jack got lucky because the passengers on the bus were so shocked at the unexpected sight they were witnessing that they didn’t think to take note of his license tag. He doubted if any of them had ever even dreamed of witnessing a violent sexual attack by a man on a young girl.

Seeing that bare ass of hers, and her naked piss-spraying little pussy probably sent some of them into convulsions. He pulled quickly in front of the big bus, knowing that from behind him the driver could not see the sexual violence taking place in the car he was now following.

Jack sped away from the big SceniCruiser and grabbed a quick right at the next exit before the bus driver could hear from a disgruntled prude about the sexual fun he was having at the expense of the pretty little girl being throat-fucked while being ripped out of her sexy tights.

This new route he’d taken was a secondary highway that took him inland from the ocean, and soon he was driving through wooded hills. Jack was pleased at how remote the area was, with no sign of human habitation. This kind of place was ideal for his plans because there was little chance he would be disturbed by passers-by in this kind of country.

Jack realized that he couldn’t continue to drive the car and still fully appreciate what the delightful youngster he had captured had to offer, so he pulled off the highway into the trees on a small side road that hadn’t been used in months. This would be as safe a spot to brutally molest her as anything he was likely to find.


He stopped in a small clearing, removed what was left of her ruined gym suit, and dragged the small naked girl out of the car.

“Listen, kid,” Jack said, jerking her head back by one ear, “I want you to make me satisfied, and I’m talking really dirty sex, do you understand? You have to do everything I tell you, then I’ll let you go.”

He could see the pretty youngster beginning to sweat and he knew it was not from her workout at the school gym. He leered at her nakedness, enjoying the look of horror on her face as he thought about how he might best enjoy his fresh catch before he eventually killed her.

Jack chuckled to himself, realizing that killing the pretty little cunt would definitely be the biggest rush. The rest of it was just foreplay. What would he do with her, and how would she die? He had some interesting ideas.

“Do you know how to sexually satisfy a man?” he asked her with a straight face, knowing the answer.

Cally shook her head, a move that hurt her painful slack jaw.

“Don’t worry, kid, I’ll show you how it’s done.”

Jack got a length of nylon rope and a big knife out of the car’s trunk, and cut four lengths from the rope that he used to lash her, standing spread eagle between a pair of stout trees. He pulled off his belt, and walked around her, admiring his catch.

The naked little bitch was perfectly displayed with her arms and legs wide spread, showing her slender but well-developed muscles rippling under her sleek skin. The slender girl was also ideally exposed for a total body and sex organ whipping. He loved whipping young girls, particularly their pretty little cunts.

Before he started, he balled up one of her dirty gym socks stuffed it into her mouth, and used the other one to tie it in place, so that when she started screaming Jack alone would enjoy the beautiful sound of her reaction to her beating and the sexual abuse he had planned for her.

He knew that the last thing he needed was to be unexpectedly interrupted by some do-gooder that responded to the little bitch’s vocal protests at the incredible horrors she faced. Being gagged, she would not be heard at a distance by anyone in the region, although he thought this was far away from any pathway that might be used.

There was no way he was going to make good on his promise and let this little bitch survive her capture. That would do nothing to further his delightfully evil plans. He knew that his final orgasm would come only as she gave in to the fatal horrors to which he planned to subject her.

Jack planned to blow his final blasts of cum onto her only as he heard the little girl’s death rattle. He had decided when he first saw her and before he had taken her captive that he was going to kill her. That was always how he finished his brutal sex sessions with tattily little girls.

He began her flogging with the belt by laying down a few individual strokes, working over her back, shoulders, and buttocks. She lurched and jerked at her bonds deliciously as she tasted the whip on her tender young flesh, unable to anticipate the blows as he worked from behind her.

As the hard leather belt loudly smacked her and raised searing welts on her delicate naked flesh, he began to deliver the harsh, violent blows in a series of ten, rapidly alternating in a hail of lashes from her neck down across the small of her back and her round buttocks, savoring her screams as he carefully explored her nakedness with the stiff leather.

He missed nothing and continued working downward her entire length until the belt had marked the back of her legs right down to her heels. He even managed to flog the soles of her bare feet as she arched high up onto her dainty tiptoes. This was proving to be a wonderful cuntlet to fully batter. For him, this naked little captive was something special.

Cally took the violent beating as he expected she would. She threw her body around as much as the confining bindings allowed, and his penis rose to full firmness watching her obscene dance of fear and pain. The young athlete was surprisingly flexible. Her gymnastic training had prepared her well for this ruthless physical abuse session.

He fully appreciated her erotic gyrations and twisting to the brutal lash of his flailing whip. He was a master of making naked little girls make remarkably erotic moves in reaction to the lash of his flailing belt. Little Cally was proving to be a very tantalizing dancer.

After a long pause, during which she slumped and sobbed, he suddenly brought the lash up between her slender legs, crisply popping the leather against her exposed and gaping young pussy! In reaction, she jerked violently against the ropes, and for the first time, Jack noticed how chaffed her wrists and ankles were becoming.

Another snappy blow to her little cunt brought a delicious explosion of pain to the child, causing her to jerk severely in her bindings. He had found her most delicate and sensitive spot, and he decided to use that information to make his new sexy little captive bitch sweat.

Trickles of her blood were starting to appear on the welts across her back, at the intersection of the angry raised welts. He then moved around in front of her to give her a balanced treatment. He found the buckle in his hand uncomfortable, so he turned the belt around so that from now on she would be the one to feel the hard metal buckle with each blow.

This use of the belt was much more interesting because the buckle not only sliced her flesh as it struck her, but it also left big bruises around each strike point. Rivulets of her blood trickled from first a gash across her cheek, then from where rising welts crossed.

He delivered a crisp popping blow that split open the hard bud of one of her nipples, then a vicious tearing slash across the other budding little titty. Then Jack treated her rib cage and her tummy with the same enthusiasm, raising bleeding welts on the pretty naked girl’s pale flesh.

By the time he had worked down to her bare little cunny and had stung that tender organ with several violent blows, he was too excited to stay at whip length from her, needing to feel the resilience of her supple naked body, so he untied her and sat down on the end of a log, his legs spread and his penis out.

“I want you to sit on my lap,” Jack said as he sat on the end of the log, with his legs spread wide.

He pulled Cally by the nape of her neck down onto his lap, facing him, with her ass over the gap between his spread legs. She was now positioned for both anal and vaginal abuse.

He put a hand under her, feeling her tight ass crack, then he thrust first his middle finger, then two more thick digits up into her stretched asshole. He gave the pretty child a slap on the back of her head to position her, then grabbing her slender waist, pulled her torso down so that his erection plunged deep into her ready rectum.

Jack fucked her anally, bouncing the naked child on his lap, but before he reached orgasm, he lifted her off moved her a couple of inches forward, and dropped her again, this time plunging his rigid cock into the vestibule of her vagina. The pressure of the natural resisting cock-blocker that her hymen was, as he expected, intact.

Again he bounced her up and down and continued until after several minutes he ejaculated into her uterus, flooding her maturing ovaries with his spurting cum. At last, he pulled her off him and flipped her upside down, her lean spread legs revealing her swelling cum-soaked anus and vagina.

He slid the thick digit along the edge of the moist warm flesh lips, found the ideal point of entry, and then violently thrust his thumb through it, brutally rupturing her maidenhood. He then squeezed the invading thumb against the fingers inside Cally’s colon, working them together powerfully.

He continued the invasive and hurtful scraping, at last slicing the inner flesh of her groin with his sharp nails until Jack had cut through her colon and vagina muscle. Now his finger and thumb met inside her. He stood up, lifting her by the firm meat between the cunt and asshole.

He swung her around, finding he had a good hole-hold on her. He swung her harder, using his enormous strength to full advantage. She was like a human sling, grasped by the firm muscles in her crotch. He now became even more violent, swinging the slender naked girl with malicious intent.

Without warning, he smashed the screaming naked girl’s face against a large tree. He knew that this hammering of her head against the big tree would soon crush her skull, as worked so well for the Viet Kong in the Killing Fields. Not yet ready for the kill, he paused to see what would be the best way to get his rocks off first.

He pulled out his pocket knife and opened it. He watched her for a reaction and saw that she was able to see what he was doing through the blood running from her ruined face. The sock tied around her head had slipped down from the violent action, and she managed to spit out her soggy gym sock and get out a babbling scream as she saw the blade.

It was not until that moment that Cally realized her violent pitiless captor was really going to kill her. He thrust the knife into her upper belly, just under her rib cage. Then the monster pulled the blade out and quickly thrust his stiff prick up into the new fuck hole he had cut in her bare bacon.

The rigid penis rammed up between her lungs beside her heart, and Jack pumped viciously into her, thrusting with such rough fucking force that his raging prick actually was enlarging the artificial cunt he had cut in her tight stomach muscle. Suddenly he was cumming, and he bellowed his wild mating call as he shot his load against her vital organs instead of sex organs.

The ruined little bitch was starting to fade from the brutal internal tummy fuck, so Jack grabbed her again by thrusting his thumb and fingers through her asshole and cunt, and again swung her against the tree, smashing her face and skull into the rough bark of the heavy trunk. Swinging her also made his big cock swing,

She tried to grasp him with her bare slender legs and managed to wrap them tightly around his muscular body. This proved to put her at a disadvantage, as it held her young torso still and permitted Jack to batter his big fists into her lovely and slender young torso at will.

Suddenly the bizarre beating triggered a strange reaction. Cally’s whole naked body began to spasm and thrash as if she were having an epileptic fit. Her body arched severely and her legs and arms thrashed as if she were fighting off a barrage of swarming hornets.

She was a delightful sight, and Jack could feel his big prick throbbing as he watched the pretty little cuntlet writhe and flail. To finish the bullshit, he wrapped an arm around her waist and held her thrashing body while he one-handed his jackknife, flipping it open and ready for use again.

He got the tip of it into one of her little titties, which were just beginning to show the very beginning of growth. The child was growing a pair of lovely premature breasts, and he wanted to give her pain there before she was too far gone to appreciate his efforts.

With a practiced twisting of his wrist, and with a single motion, he carved the gentle buttoned swelling off the child’s little chest. He repeated the incision on the other side, and in seconds there were two thin nipples, one of them split, on slim wafers of her flesh on the ground at his feet, each with a tight raisin of a pink nipple standing up in the center.

Jack noticed that the game little bitch’s pretty round mouth was now wide open, and that her tongue was rolled back. It looked as if she was going to swallow it. The bitch was really in shock at the attention Jack was lavishing on her. He laughed as he saw that she was still alert and was suffering greatly from his work on her.

That was all Jack needed to know to keep going. He stuck the tip of the knife blade into the hole below her chest he had cut to fuck her and began slicing down toward her navel. He was surprised at how easy it was to slice through the tender female flesh with his sharp knife.

He loved the feel of his carefully honed blade in his fist, cleanly dissecting fresh live bitch meat. Particularly naked little girl meat. Girls at this age made such fine subjects for his knife. He loved to reveal the clean pink snake of their intestine, which narrowed as it connected to the pouch of their stomach.

He loved how it twisted and folded through a consistent maze in the confines of the abdominal cavity, wrapping and protecting the liver, ovaries, uterus, and bladder, then tucking through a fold into the much thicker lower bowel which folded once more to become the colon.

They were all constructed the same, yet each time he opened a young girl he found her to be somehow unique inside. Jack found his erection pounding as he worked his knife in the bacon meat of the pretty young female athlete. With no difficulty, he cut into and through the depression at the center of her belly.

This split through her distended navel, then he continued slicing down to her pubic mound with its pre-puberty light peach fuzz which was so thin that Jack had to look hard to see it. With the sleek flesh of her tender tummy now parted, Cally’s inner pack of viscera was now fully exposed, and with nothing to contain them, the warm pink and white tubes began to slide out of her young form in slow motion.

Jack thought of eviscerating her as cleaning the living carcass. He stuck his hand into the moist warmth and began pulling the young girl’s soft intestines out of her. They were squiggly and responsive to his touch and reacted so well to the gentle milking-action squeeze of his fists.

He loved the soft moist warm feel of fresh girlie guts in a live child, and the gentle sensation of them pulsing, the action that moved the food along them so that he could accelerate what they had eaten while it moved as it was digested. Doing so gave him a feeling of controlling a living organism in a way others did not experience.

He kept tugging her intestines out of her belly cavity until he had at last completely eviscerated her. He stuck the fingers of both hands into her little cunt again and managed to pull the pretty little twat wide open, breaking the pubic bone and ripping the flesh up to the incision in her belly.

She was wide open now and reminded him of a little piglet he had once seen being prepared for a barbecue. Cally was now a human piglet at slaughter. He was surprised at how still the young girl’s form was. Even the intestines had halted their gentle pulsing.

That was when Jack noticed that the little bitch had indeed swallowed her tongue and had suffocated to death. He wasn’t sure that would hold up under a coroner’s inquest as the cause if death, but he was sure that was an academic question because nobody would ever find the little cunt up here.

Like the gutted piglet he had seen, this sexy little twat that had been Cally was now nothing more than a carcass, dead meat, and as such she was no longer of any sexual interest to him. He much preferred them to be alive, squirming and screaming as he tortured them.

Killing the little twats always gave him an orgasm, because of how desperately they fought it, and how much power he felt over them as he overcame their struggles and mastered them. However, once they went limp, posed, and shit out their last, he lost interest fast.

Just fifty feet from the clearing was a dense thicket that had a small opening in it. He carried the light little nude carcass of the dead schoolgirl over to it and threw it up over the front of the thorny brush. It hung up for a moment with her beautiful rounded ass and gorgeous slender legs mocking him, then settled onto the thorns, on full display.

With bad luck, a hunter might come across it and would be able to see it from several yards away. Jack found a long pole, and thrashed the brush and the limp body of the dead girl, causing her to bounce erotically, but she would not drop. He thrust the end of the stick into her rectum and drove it with all his might into her.

The pole buried itself deep inside her carcass, impaling her, and as Jack thrust it even deeper, the girl’s body dropped out of sight, well hidden in the dense thicket. Only the end of the long pole sticking up out of the thorn bush identified where she was, but only Jack knew what kind of delight was skewered on the other end of it.

“Shit,” he thought, “That little Cally cunt got me really horny, and I still am. I’m going back to that school for another fresh little preteen mini-bitch, maybe that smaller one, the little redhead, a cuntlet that I can ass-fuck while I slit open her bare belly and extract her pretty little girlie guts while she screams her fucking lungs out.”

And that is exactly what Jack did.


8 thoughts on “SERIAL SCHOOLGIRL KILLER by Regis”

  1. Revolting, disgusting, awful, immoral, tantalizing and arousing. Kudos for writing such a delicious fantasy!

  2. HELL YESSSS, Regis! One of the most beautiful stories in a long time! So well written, so descriptive, so sweet! Nothing as beautiful as a good description of the rape, torture, excruciating pain, and snuff of a young, innocent body. My evil hardon was like steel from the moment of the beautiful throat rape and jaw snapping to the exhilarating end! I started spewing prefuck like crazy. Thank you for writing such beautiful tale.


    1. Hail Torvald, Jack, and Kim — just wanted to echo the thanks for taking the time to comment — sometimes, we write stories and never get any feedback … I wrote this (below) on (drumming up interest on “The Emperor”) about a week ago as I was so frustrated with getting “nada”

      Any thoughts? Any words of praise? Are there any fans out there? It’s just that it takes over a month to write something like this. I share it — at no cost or effort to anyone — and get … nada … it’s so discouraging and disappointing, to say the least … I guess you guys don’t like my stuff, right? And I am just wasting my time? Let me know. And I won’t post here anymore.

      1. Hail XP , please don’t be discouraged by the apathy of readers , i too think your readers should tell you when they enjoy your stories , after all as far as i’m concerned , you’re the reason we’re all on this site , because we are great admirers of yours , and it’s only courteous to let you know how much we enjoy your writings , your damn amazing imagination , and your ability to come up with very imaginative storylines , i love your stories , i always think give credit where it’s due , so please dear readers , considering how much effort and work goes into each story , show some appreciation .

  3. XP – your Emperor take is exquisite! I have not finished it yet but I don’t want you to think no one will respond to your message. Your story trapped me when you say “sex without inflicting pain [is] no sex at all.” That’s been my philosophy for 50 years since I discovered as a preteen that hurting other kids made me hard as rock.
    You are a master story teller, XP, and I hope you will continue.
    When I dismiss the story I’ll give you more input.

    1. Thanks, Jack — Appreciate your comments and encouragement. It was a story that came together rather quickly (for its relative complexity). I enjoyed writing it (orgasmed many times too). My other fav at the moment is “The World” — which I uploaded in November. I am currently writing “The World 2” — which will push the story further … after that, I may return to “The Emperor”. Thanks, again. XP.

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