Turning to Satan – Non- Fiction

Writer: Guardianwolff-666

Subject: Turning to Satan

Link: Tumblr / 20,07.2021 / Posted by Guardianwolff-666

Turning to Satan

Hail Satan who corrupts xristians to follow lustfull desires. For men and women of the false God Jehovah that can’t absolutely obey the ten commandments are finding that to do so is unreasonable, unachieveable, are sad and pathetic people. They are turning to Satan mentally, emotionally, and physically because they realize … It is freedom from a vengeful God.

3 thoughts on “Turning to Satan – Non- Fiction”

  1. Hail the Dark Gods! They free us from the chains of a stifling “morality” upheld by a hateful god and bid us be free to choose our own moral code, or none at all.

    “Sin” is a scare word to frighten you of freedom. Embrace it as the virtue it is. Nothing you want is wrong.

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