8 thoughts on “DARK INSPIRATION 172”

  1. Hi any fellow creatures like fucking little girls and boys I’m into incest and raping little girls and boys especially baby cunt hail Lucifer my dark lord hail Lilith my mistress of the night 🌃 hail xp hail my fellow creatures

    1. You are asking about criminal activities in a place open to all and sundry. That raises some obvious questions. I just asked one. You might want to answer it.

      You might also want to ask XP about the public authorities in his jurisdiction. They are known for their distinct lack of humor.

      1. Hail George – thank you – as you know I am a liberalist and as such encouragement open mindedness … but for the sake of all … please keep explicit stuff on private channels ..
        Wickr is great or private email platforms like protonmail

        1. The alternative is that we get shut down … I know there some 570,000 new websites everyday and the following here is relatively tight … but I put in three to four hours a day … every day to upkeep the site; answering every email; pushing content to tumblr, bdsmlr, religious fetish; writing new material; editing your stories and comments; sourcing and photoshopping images; curating relevant and interest articles … get the picture … help me stay online

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